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As our MC faded into her host her body grew into a healthy fetus.

On the inside everything was okay. A fine young woman being created, however, on the outside of the fleshy tummy there was a fire burning.


"Who told you to go off and fuck that bitchy boy! I always said that you could have done more with your life!" 


A family argument... 

The story behind the child in the womb is the mother decided to sleep with a guy in the same village and got pregnant. Simple and stupid, yet so common. 

As the girls family became aware of the child they were furious. They were going to be shamed by the child's father! 

The soon-to-be-dad was a smart but weak man in his early teens, yet the mother was a 22-year-old woman who had never had a single hardship in her life.

The soon to be mother's side had a lineage of merchants with a family name of Jin. This family owned the local tavern and the only store in town whilst the soon-to-be-father was some bastard born boy who had worked hard labor and long hours since he was 6 years old. The boy's family name was Cheng. 

They had met at a celebration where the girl got drunk and fucked the boy(She raped him... an 11-year-old boy cannot really overpower a 22-year-old woman...).

Learning of the account from the guards, he bribed them and convinced them it was not rape nor was it wrong of her to sleep with a boy before his coming of age ceremony.

Dealing with the backlash stopped any rumors as people realized that there wasn't much of a point in angering the Jin clan. After a while, people had completely forgotten the poisonous actions and moved on with their life.

Discovering the young madam had gotten pregnant from the deed the Patriarch was forced into yet another awkward position. Abortions usually caused the mother to become infertile hence the only action was to hide the pregnancy and send out the child with the father.

As the child grew the Father had also grown. He was told of his unborn child and how he would be sent out of the village with it. Only after begging for three days and nights did they 'grace' him with a hundred Silver Taels this would allow him money to raise the child and start out in a new village.

In actuality the Jin family was planning to kill them both when they left the village boundaries, however, they had attracted the ire of the local martial clan and was staying as low-key as possible.


After a quick labor, the little girl was born. Sending for the father and a pregnant slave they sent them off in the dark night. The Jin family had ignored the light rays clearing the skies above their mansion and had completely missed the Heavenly Dragons flying in the open sky in the mansion. 

Though the Jin family had missed the auspicious signs many nearby cultivators had not missed the signs rushing to find the treasure blessed by the heavens. Needlessly to say even though they had combed through the entire village they remained empty-handed. 

As the clanless rouges had left many large sects appeared next. After sweeping through the rouge cultivators they moved on finding nothing but a woman with supreme talent and no blockage.

Discovering her talent a large sect took her back to serve their young masters breeding tool. With such a great body it would surely birth a supreme talent!

But this is surely a story for another time.


As I felt my birth coming I awoke fully and prepared myself for my birth. I wonder if my new mother will be beautiful. I wonder if my family will treat me well.



Fuck! That hurts way more than anticipated! My entire being was compressed and squished through a slimy tube...

As I was recovering I noticed the aura of hatred in the air. Imagine a smokey room filled with people who want you dead.

The incense in the air did not help either, in fact, after I noticed it I started coughing and crying.

"Is that thing out of me?" Wait... That was definitely the person who birthed me.

"Yes, young Miss. Shall we send it on its way?" What the fuck is happening? I thought I was going to have a pretty normal childhood...

"Yes! Get it out of here! I don't want to see that leech ever again!"

Huh? Am I really going to be an abandoned child? Why the fuck would a mother care so little about her daughter!

"Is that my baby?" A man's voice? It must be my father! God fucking damn it I wanna see that bitches face! I'll beat her after my body grows!

"Yes. Take it and leave. I shouldn't have to remind you what will happen if word gets out."

"I will never tell another soul." 

It seems that my father and I are both getting kicked out of a large family. I bet that lady is a fucking whore that bought my dad. I hope I don't end up in a brothel! 


I felt a blanket wrap around me tightly and heard a door open with a brisk breeze quickly chilling my bones. 

Feeling some pressure around me, and the need for sleep as I start heading out into the world my father's arms holding me softly and giving me a haven from the cold.


After some time I awoke to voices. 

"I'm sorry that you are in this mess too" My dad(?) said.

"No, I'm actually quite happy. I was able to free myself by coming with. That family is evil but I know that they cannot make a move against us while we are here. The nearby Stone clan is looking for a reason to take over."

"I was worried" Hearing a sigh I instinctively made a noise in relief. "Oh, my little girl woke up?"

"She's probably hungry, let me see her while we rest." Is this woman lactating? Women usually have a difficult time feeding kids without birthing one themselves.

"Obwahhbwa" Ahh there is another baby here.

"What are you naming your daughter? I'm naming my son Chao. Chao Hai." 

Lifting me I could feel the tenderness of the woman in front of me. I felt I could trust her.

"I'm going to name her something western. I decided on Alexandria."

"After the conquerer?" Are they talking about Alexander the Great? What the hell! This isn't fucking earth you twats!

"Yeah, He took to the heavens. I hope with this name she will too."

Of course, I will. 

I am going to take this world by force!


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