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With the single law remaining, human civilization took a turn to the worst. The few remaining societies still remaining to have to kill thousands just to keep there own food. They became police states and governed the citizens with an iron fist.

Even throughout this chaos, there were small bastions of light battling off the encroaching night.

Inside one of these communities, a wail could be heard, an agonous woman in a difficult labor. This noise was cut short without any forewarning leaving a still eerie aura over the compound.

As the child entered this bleak world her mother left it.

Knowing the impossibility of raising the daughter left behind without access to any milk the elders took her out in the nearby woods to leave her.

They only hoped the child would not suffer.

After returning to the compound, they attended the mother's funeral and soon forgot all of the parentless new-born.


As the baby was emersed in the beauty of the forest she began to cry.

This wasn't because she was moved or she liked the pretty animals zooming in and out of the brush, She simply began crying as though an instinct deep inside her was controlling her.

The snivels traveled throughout the air and found their way to a keen ear.


As the cries quieted down a silence drew over the trees.

"*Sniff* Ah?"

The small girl raised her arm and let out a giggle. As her eyes began to focus for the first time she saw a beautiful face. Seeing this face the baby let out a smile of purity.


 As it happened a small group of mercenaries was nearby and heard the cries of the newborn. They took her from the cold and brought her with them feeding her sheep milk, and goats milk for the remainder of their journey. 

After spending six months with the child the group had become attached to the smiling girl and couldn't simply give her up upon returning to the base. After giving the report to their boss they smuggled her inside the base and started to care for her there, bringing her along any mission after.

By the time she was two years old she had become accustomed to the smell of blood and life on the move. She ate solids much before she was supposed to since the group had no idea how to raise a kid. 

Only when she turned five did she end up leaving the family she had grown up with, a rival mercenary company lead an ambush on the group and nearly wiped them out.

After experiencing the loss of loved ones from an early age she had become immune to death. The young girl and the woman who had nearly single-handedly controlled the toddler were the only survivors. They fled to a newly growing country built from the ruins of a city called Calgary. 

After arriving they built a life on teaching fighting techniques to the military. 

As the years passed the young girl grew into a tall slender woman that seemed to brighten any room she entered. despite the aura of a pure woman, this lady was instead a ruthless slaughterer.

She had been going on assassination missions since the age of nine and in five years had amounted quite the reputation in her country. 

After receiving multiple medals and prizes for her duties she had gathered a following of scientists to create the next step in human evolution.

She nearly spent all of her time building influence and researching biology becoming not only one of the most feared killers but one of the more influential researchers as well. At the age of twenty, she had progressed beyond anything before the governments collapsed and had even begun an experiment to create a species of her own design.

After she had reached the age of thirty she had become so learned on DNA that she could create viruses to do her bidding and she had even created an advanced human that had ascended beyond human capabilities.

On the eve of her thirty-second birthday, she finished her latest creation. A human that was immortal. A body without age.


'Finally done!' As the sun was setting below the horizon, a bizarre laugh erupted from the womans throat.

'This is going to be perfect! I can't wait to test out the power of this one!'

As she grinned, she opened a bottle of Bordeaux. As she started pouring the liquid in her glass she dropped the wine spilling the million dollar liquid on the hardwood floor.

She looked at the window and sighed. 'I should have guessed that the government wouldn't want me to create a perfect soldier they couldn't control.' As a spotlight began shining on the building she was in she began to see the dozens of shadows sprinting towards her.

Then a loud voice was projected in the air. "Dr. Cherub please exit the house and surrender the research to us. You should know that you can't disobey us."

As she snickered she reached for her keyboard, after typing in a couple of commands she laughed. Grasping the nearby mic she spoke into it, "Do you honestly think your puny troops can deal with me? I have absolute control over every being I made, the agents assigned to protect you would kill you and your family as soon as I told them to. Your actions toppled yourself today. Good luck surviving till sundown."

As the woman stopped talking she bent back down for her wine sparing a sideways glance at the corpses outside her window. 

She smiled and sat in her seat grinning at the sweet aroma drifting off the bloody battlefield.



Then is suddenly stopped. 

As she noticed time stop she stood testing her senses by dropping her bottle once more only to find it sat there motionlessly as though she had lagged out of life.

Then it stopped and her motionless body collapsed to the floor and she became an empty husk.

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