Glorious Morning

Glorious Morning

by LawfulWaffle

Original HIATUS
Crown was never very good at anything. Bottom of his class in academics, and consistently last pick in sports. He had no real hobbies, and didn't even possess any real motivation do anything with his life.

He believed it to be a godsend when he decided to start playing Steel Arena, a widely popular RPG-esque fighting game that pit teams of players against each other on the same battlefield.

What he wanted was to feel useful. He wanted that feeling of success. He toiled day and night until he mastered the most difficult (yet rewarding) character, Legion.

Crown's inexplicable skills on Legion carried him straight to the top. He won tournaments, gained fans and even earned sponsors.

It was a sad day for Crown when they announced the discontinuation of Steel Arena. He wanted to play his favorite character once more.

That was when he was offered something new. Not to play Legion, but to become Legion. To embody his character in the world's first VRMMORPG, Glorious Morning.
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