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chapter 13 Angel and the little girl


* * * Maze troll/ Troll king * * *

"Whew! that was a close call, if you hadn't warned me, those two would have completed my maze in a few minutes" (troll KIng/ maze troll)

"I know right, but I wonder, just how did these two fellows managed to figure out the location of your maze core so quickly" (Melinda)

"Hm! I thought of that as well, their devices shouldn't work, and they couldn't have possibly climbed the walls which are 100 feet high, and will also electricute you. I should go there and investigate and kill them, otherwise they might really clear one of my mazes, and then my reputation will go up in ashes" (maze troll/ Troll king)

"Wouldn't your reputation go up in shambles if you killed somebody just because you're afraid that they might clear one of your mazes in a few minutes. (Melinda)

"That's why I will kill them secretly, If their cultivation is higher than mine then I will poison them, or sneak attack them. It doesn't matter as long as they're dead'' (maze troll/ Troll king)

"They could be system users, like you." (Melinda)

"That's impossible, the odds of encountering another system user is lower than winning the lottery. Huh! wait, where did one of them go"

I looked at my tablet in shock, I was clearly looking at the map, and then suddenly one of the two red dots that almost cleared my maze, vanished?

"What happened" (Melinda)

"One of the two guys that almost cleared my maze, vanished" (troll king/ maze troll)

"Hm! then that proves my theory" (Melinda)

"What theory" (maze troll/ Troll king)

"Think about it, these guys managed to find the location of the maze core in a few minutes, only with the help of a system can they find it in such a short amount of time. And now one of them dissapeared, he/she probably either teleported out of the maze, or went straight to the system world." (Melinda)

"I think you're right as well, well sh*t, I guess I can't kill them, but maybe I can make a deal with them, so that they won't interfere with my mazes anymore." (Maze troll/ troll king) I put down my tablet and scratched my chin, and thought how to deal with these guys.

* * * Angel POV * * *

"The hell just happened" I just don't get it, the whole maze just moved by itself, this has never happened before. I can guess that the maze troll had something to do with this, but why?" Well I better find Loki, or else someone might ambush Loki, and I cannot let someone in our team be killed like that.


I heard a little girl crying a bit far from where I was standing, she looked very familiar, but I don't remember where I saw her, as I got closer I said "KId, what's wrong" (Angel)

"Huh! 'sniff' I lost my daddy 'sniff' and Victoria 'sniff' I have no idea where anybody is 'sniff'' (little girl)

"Well that's too bad, well see ya around kid, and try not to get kidnapped by human traffickers and/or killed" (Angel) I don't like helping strangers, and it's not like I have the time either, I need to quickly find Loki before anything bad happens to him."

"WAIT!" (little girl)

"What" I asked somewhat annoyed, doesn't this girl know that I have better things to do.

"You're not gonna help me" (little girl)

"No!" (Angel)

"Why" (little girl)

"Because, someone else needs my help. And I don't have time to sit around and babysit a little kid" (Angel)

"But, if you help me, my daddy can pay you. please" (little girl)

"Hmm! give me a second to think about it... NO!" (Angel) Then I ran away quickly to the opposite direction of the little girl.

"wait you, WAAHH! DADDY" (little girl)

Goddamit it, she's crying again. I never actually left, I am actually floating above the girls head, even though I have killed hundreds of people, I just can't leave a little girl to die here. I want to help, but I can tell by her clothes that she is not an ordinary person. She must be from a rich and powerful family, and if I were to help her, I would possibly attract the attention of the J-man or even worse, my uncle.

That's why me and my dad need to lay low in this city, until we are strong enough to kill my uncle. But I will feel guilty about leaving this girl here, so it's definetely a hard choice for me to make. Either I help the little girl but possibly be exposed, or leave her here to die, but I will carry this burden for the rest of my life.

AH! Which one do I choose!

"Hey look at that, a little girl, judging from her clothes shemust be from a prestigious family. Not only that but her looks aren't half bad, how about we kidnap her and ask her family for a ransom" (thug 1#)

"Yeah, you're right, and she's all alone, she probably lost her family when the maze moved earlier today." (thug 2#)

I looked down and noticed that these thugs were eyeing at the crying girl, just how bad must her luck be to ran into these thugs so fast. I can't let anything heppen to her, but if I help her then my identity might be exposed, but If i don't she'll die. Gah! why is it hard for me to pick one of these two choices.

"WAH! DADDY HELP ME!" (little girl)

"I finally found you, we have been looking everywhere for you" (thug 1#)

''Huh who are you" (little girl)

"Your daddy sent us to look after you" (thug 1#)

"He did?" (thug 2#)

Then thug 1# elbowed thug 2# on the stomach, mentally telling him to follow his act."

"Umph! er I mean yeah he did, your father sent us to protect you if anything bad happened to you" (thug 2#)

Oh come on!, anyone with half a brain could see that these two idiots are clearly lying, I mean look at them, it looks like they lived their whole lives in a dump.

"My daddy really did sent you" (little girl)

'SHE ACTUALLY BELIEVED THEM, GOD SHE'S SO STUPID. maybe it isn't a bad idea to leave her here alone with these thugs.

"Absolutely" (thug 1#)

"Liar, my daddy will never sent such low life thugs to look after me, that's why Victoria is always by my side" (little girl)

*facepalms* well, she certainly knows how to piss off people.

"What did you say brat, I will kill you" (thug 2#)

"AAAHHH DADDY! HELP ME" (little girl) The little girl's face turns pale from fear, and even more tears started falling from her eyes. She then tries to run away but trips and falls to the ground.

" 'sigh' you should'nt have made Bob angry, he has a bit of an angry personality" (thug 1#)

Shing (sound of a sword unsheathing sFx) Before the thug could kill the girl, I took out my sword that was I was hiding under my robe and sliced the thug in two, I decided that I will help this girl, I don't know why. But I can't stand to watch this man killing a stupid innocent girl.

"Huh" the little girl looks up "you're back" (little girl) she says that while she stands up and hugs me tightly, I guess that this is her first time experiencing something like this.

"NOOO! BOB, you bastard, Bob still owes 30 cyo from last night's poker game, now you owe me 30 cyo, pay up or die." (thug 1#)

He doesn't care about the fact that I just killed his friend, instead. He's more worried about the money his friend owed him, he surely deserves to die.

"Did you hear me, I said give me-" Before he could finish his sentence, I threw my small blade at his chest, I want to see someone like him die a slow and painful death, rather than a quick death like his friend that I killed earlier.

I then reach for my sword and pulled it out from the man's chest, and then proceed to walk away. I then remembered about the small girl, she was still holding onto my cloak, there were tears and snot stains all over my cloak.

"Gross! little girl, don't wipe your snot on my favourite cloak." (Angel) I said that while I pulled the cloak from the girl's face.

"Sorry 'sniff' " (little girl) She was wiping her tears and snot with her sleeve

"And stop crying, if you keep crying, I will leave you here alone for good" (Angel)

"NO I'll stop crying" (little girl)

I looked at the little girl who was trying her best to stop crying.

"You done" (Angel)

" 'sniff' Yes" (Little girl)

"Good, now get on my back, I need to find my friend as quick as possible." (Angel) I still need to find Loki as fast as possible, and if I carry her on my back then things will be much faster.

"Aren't you gonna help me find my daddy" (little girl)

"listen kid, my friend could possibly be in danger, and I need to get to him before anything happens to him. And once I find him, I promise I will bring you to your daddy." (Angel)

''Really, you promise" (little girl)

"Yes i promise, now get on my back" (Angel) When I crouch down so she can get on my back, the little extends her pinky finger to me

"What's wrong" (Angel) I ask, somewhat confused

"You gotta pinky promise me that you will bring me to my daddy" (little girl)

"Ugh! fine." (Angel) I then extend my pinky finger to her pinky finger, and wrapped it around her finger.

'chuckle' the little girls chuckles lightly

"You happy now, quickly get on my back" (Angel)

"Okay" (little girl)

Then the little girl climbs on my back and then I ran at full speed.















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