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sorry for the long wait but life hit me hard and I found it tough to find time to write my LN, but luckily I will post chapters a few times a week, well it depends how much free time I have. Meaning that the chapter updates are random, so don't expect many updates from me.

In another place in Jay city.

In the middle of the left side of Jay city was a huge mansion, it might even be called a castle. Inside were 3 men dressed in black cloaks, sitting while having a conversation.

"Are we seriously doing this, even though we might not get caught but there is still a chance that we might have to leave Jay city, not only that but we also will be wanted man, and I certainly wouldn't want those annoying J-man persuing me. (from now on, the guards are being re-named to J-man. J stands for justice not Jay city. I know it's a stupid name but I didn't have any better ideas, if you have some ideas type them in the comments below and I might add them) said cloaked man #1

"I know it's risky but we must act, everyday our half of the city is getting worse and worse by the minute, if we don't act now we might as well live in the slums and eat mud everyday for the rest of our lives" said cloaked man #2 in an angry tone.

In Jay city it is actually ruled by 2 kingdoms, one has the left side and the other has the right side, one side is called 'the evil part of the city,' the reason is because this city suffering from economic crisis because of the war that just ended not to long ago, and as a result a lot of people kill, steal, rape almost every half an hour. It tells you that this side of the city is in dire need of help,

Even the J-man cannot do anything about the crime since there is to much crime happening in the city, even if they could arrest a few people it wouldn't lower the crime rate at all.

On the other half of the city is called the 'good side' of the city, although the war has also affected their economy, there situation is a 1000x better than the evil side of the city

These 3 cloaked figures are the rulers of the bad side of the city and they are currently plotting something.

"Then tell me this, if we are gonna take over the entire city of Jay why must it be now, why couldn't we had done it a few years back when the war started, then we would have never suffered this crisis" cloaked figure 1# said while frowning

"Because today Borcaleno, I have met with a certain individual who fits in my plan perfectly. He is very imprtant to my plan." cloaked figure 3# said with a sinister smile while drinking a cup of hot tea.

"Hm!" hearing his boss say something like that surprised Borcaleno and the other cloaked individual as well, their boss is extremely stubborn and always referred to himself as unstopabble or an immortal, meaning that he doesn't place anyone on top of him as he would always see himself as 1# in the whole planet. Althought he isn't strong but he isn't weak either, his cultivation level is actually fantasma 5, but himself and the other cloaked figure have also reach fantasma 3.

But hearing his boss praise someone like that is definetely a first, even himself and the other cloaked figure never recieved such praise from their boss. They couldn't help but feel envy towards this person, despite never meeting him before.

"heh-heh although this person's cultivation is weak but he has an unnatural ability that fits perfectly in my plan. And when I met him by chance he actually agreed to my plan, but the price is to get a high rank in our city, which is not a bad deal if you ask me" the black cloaked figure 3# said while chuckling

"so what's his name and what is his ability" cloaked figure 2# couldn't help but ask after his boss mentioned that this person has an unnatural ability

''his name is Max, and as for his ability, well i'm afraid that's a surprise for the both of you to witness. But he should be here in a day or two as he had some stuff to take care of first'' said cloaked figure 3# then drinked his tea again

"well since we have a person that was recommended by boss he should be very outstanding, but I still have a question, how are we gonna execute this plan, when and how are we gonna do it" said cloaked figure 2#

claoked figure 3# put down his tea then lightly scratched his chin as he was thinking of something, then he said in a carefree manner

"I don't know" :p

Borcalino and cloaked figure number 2# fell down from there chair and hit their head after hearing their boss's plan.

"Boss with all due respect we cannot take a city without some plan, it's not like taking candy from a baby, this is a genuine city we are talking about" said Borcalino in an impassive manner, hearing his boss terrible plan in taking over a city made him and cloaked figure number 2# look at his boss like he was some sort of idiot, in all their years being together with him, they never would've thought their boss was a huge idiot.

''Oh I know, it's just that I'm still working on the last part of my plan, we just need a couple of treasures, do we by any chance have some valuable treasures with us"

"erm?" the dou looked at each other with a gloomy look, they used to have some treasures left, but it was all taken away by the kingdom of the good city of Jay, not because it was stolen or anything but because they needed money and they traded it for atleast 1.2m Cyo. They were in desperate need of money and had to eat as well.

"what, don't tell me we still don't have any" Cloaked figure number 3# said

'' 'sigh' sadly boss we don't have anything left of value, the only thing of value we have is probably some common and uncommon ranked swords'' said Borcalino in a depressed tone

In this world there are rank names for items

In order:

common, umcommon, bronze, silver, gold, ruby, diamond, legend, and god

common was the lowest rank because it doesn't have any magical abilities, even a useless pebble on the street can be considered a common rank item, only items like {Noobs dagger} can be considered an unranked item. And naturally the higher the rank the more powerful the item is.

"hm! that's allright, in fact I need the both of you to bring me some things that are essential to my plan"

Then cloaked figure 3# said in a low voice his 'amazing' plan to his subbordinates, the dou were skeptical at first, but after hearing what their boss needed, their faces turned even gloomier.

"Boss, even you should know that these items are extremely useless, infact I don't think anybody on their right minds are even willing to sell these stuff, much less buy it" said Cloaked figure 2# with a confused look

"I know that these things are trash, but they are essential to my plan, trust me guys when I say that I will show you my awesome plan in the near future" said cloaked figure number 3# with a coy smile








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