After Loki left the building he saw a person that was clocking Loki's way, he was a head shorter than Loki but his whole body was covered in a green robe. Only his face was half covered. But Loki recognized this person, he is the kid that Loki sold the drugs to earlier today

"so you actually joined, good I had a feeling that you would join us"

said the kid

'Of course I did join, my boss threatened me so I had no other choice but to join'

"Follow me it's to dangerous if we talk about 'work' here, we'll talk while we walk to the address"

The kid started walking, and Loki followed him. After a few minutes of walking, the kid said

"You must have alot of questions right, it's okay, don't hesitate and ask away''

"well I don't know what to say"

Loki said

"well for beginners my name is Angel. And starting today you are working for my fathers organization"

"your father?"

"Well he's not my real father, he picked me off the streets and took me in as his own son, he's actually a good guy so ignore the yelling and screaming and angry look on his face. But first tell me something, did he tell you about what happened to his organization.''

Loki's boss never mentioned anything about his organization, aside that he is in charge of a huge underground drug organization

"No I don't think he mentioned anything about his organization"

"I see, well then I guess i'll tell you. Two years ago my father was in charge of one of the biggest underground organizations, but he was betrayed by his own brother. Both of us almost got killed, fortunately father broke thorugh the Reincarnation level 2 and we were able to escape. After that we decided to stay low and begin a small business, and wait to grow strong enough to kill my uncle and reclaim my father's organization"

Said angel

"I see but I have another question, why would you guys pick me out of all people, there must be hundreds of people whom are better candidates than me"

Loki said

"Yes you're right, in fact we have tested 7 other people before you. But they all failed the test and I had to take 'care' of them. And right now we need people we can trust, especially after my uncle's betrayal, father has been more cautious around people. Although you might have passed father's test we still don't fully trust you, and don't say this to father but he's desperate for power as well. Because everyday my uncle grows richer and more powerful everyday, so it's getting more and more difficult to come up with a plan to kill my uncle"

Loki finally understoof why they needed him, because they are desperate

"Don't worry I won't double cross you guys, you can count on me''

What Loki said was the true, Loki hated it when people would take advantage of others

"Okay then, and remember this, I will be watching you from the shadows, and if I even get suspicous of you for a second, I will kill you and feed your body to the wolfs"

Angel said to Loki while glaring at him

"Okay okay sheesh, no need to be so hostile"

Loki never took death threats seriously, back on Earth he was always recieving death threats from boys at school, cause of his good looks and also because the girls they liked actually had a small crush on Loki. So they were filled with jealousy, fortunately no one seriously took action against Loki.

Angel then disappeared from Loki's sight, then Loki continued to walk towards the address that was written on the paper. Loki also used this time to use his Map app while walking towards the address. Loki never travelled this far into the city, because this city was very dangerous, even on the day it was as still as dangerous as in the middle of the night.

Loki arrived at the address and he was also able to raise his Map app from 15%-17%.of jay city. The building he arrived was a house. It looked better than Angel's house but it was to plain looking.

Thump! Thump!

Loki knocked twice on the wooden door, several seconds later the door opened and a person that was taller than Loki by almost 2 heads answered the door. He was wearing a short black sleeved shirt, short green shorts, and had a mustach on his face. He had a very serious look on his face.

"Are you the one they sent"

Said the man

Loki nodded

"Good the money's in the house, follow me"

Loki knew it was dangerous to walk inside the house but he still went inside, even if this man had plans on killing him, Loki actually had a plan to escape before the man can do anything to him.

The man led Loki to the kitchen, he bent down and removed a lid that was very well hidden on the floor. He took out a briefcase and opened it, inside was a whole bunch of Cyo bills neatly stacked up on top of each other.

"there is 50,000 thousand Cyo in this briefcase, first show me the stuff and if it's good then the money is yours"

Loki showed the man the 'stuff' inside the breifcase, the man let out a satisfied smile and reached out to his waist and took out a small dagger.

"Okay kid get out of here and leave the money and stardust behind, of course if you tell your boss that I stole his money then I will track you down and tear you limb by limb. Just tell your boss that someone else took your money on your way to his place, and you probably won't get in trouble"

Loki frowned upon hearing this man's threat

'Seriously that's the third threat this day, if there is another 2 threats today then that would be a new record'

A long time ago Loki was once threatened by 4 people on the same day, so if there was 2 more threats today then this would be a new record for Loki. Why is Loki always recieving death threats why.

"just give me the money and I'll make sure nothing happens to you"

said Loki, he needed to act tough, after all if one doesn't at least act tough in this world then he will be known as a pushover. And he won't make it very far if he looked innocent in front of his enemies.

"hahahahaha you're very funny kid, tell me, what can a kid like you do to a man like me who has cultivated to the Spirit 5 level"

The man mockingly said to Loki, he then pointed his knife to Loke then said

"why don't you just do what I told you to do and run"

Loki knew that this wasn't gonna be solved with words alone, but luckily he came up with a plan. Loki took out his phone and used his phones {Flash} ability on the man, blinding him on the spot.

The man was blinded by a bright light that emmited from Loki's phone, he tripped on a chair and let go of his knife while he put his hands on his face. Loki immediately stored the money and drugs inside his phone and ran towards the door.


Loki slammed the door on his way while he fled for his life. The man was still covering his eyes while lying on the ground. He doesn't know that the phones {flash} ability lasts for 10 seconds. After a few seconds has paseed the man got up while he opened his eyes and looked at the direction Loki ran. He was so anrgy, never in his life has he been so humiliated, a kid actually managed to escape from someone like him.

He simply couldn't tolerate it, he grabbed his knife and yelled while chasing after Loki.


He sprinted like a cheetah and ran after Loki at an incredible speed

"hehehehehe good luck finding me outside dumbass"

Loki never left the house in the first place, he only made it looked like he ran outside the house by slamming the door, he really wanted to run away but he secretly used his new {Information} app on the man and this is what he got

[Metal head] (that's his name)

[He specializes in speed to flee from enemies, he is as fast as a someone who has cultivated at the spirit level 7. He is wanted in 21 different cities, for killing, stealing, and scamming people}

[He knows an ability called {ground rush} which increases his speed by 100% but drains his stamina by 200%}

{HIs weakness is his strength, he is as strong as someone who has cultivated at the spirit level 3. And he can't sense people despite already achieving spirit level 5}

{He also has a bundle of treasures he keeps hidden under his basement, the treasures are from the people he has robbed over the years. It is estimated that he has about one million cyo worth of treaures hidden under his basement}

When Loki read this he clearly knew that if he were to run outside, then Metal head will without a doubt catch up to him, so using the advantage that Metal head was blind, he secretly hid himself in the house and waited patiently until Metal head ran outside. At first Loki thought this plan wouldn't work, but it did.

Loki used his time wisely and searched for the basement door where metal head hid his treasures, he found a door that had several locks but for some reason they were all unlocked. Metal head probably forgot to lock them, Loki opened the door and it lead to downstairs.

The room was dark but Loki used his phones flashlight and now he could see everything on the room, there was spiderwebs hanging from the ceiling, and also a bunch old broken furniture and trash was lying everywhere. Then he noticed a little space on the midde of the basment floor was too clean, it was definetely a hidden door.

Loki kneeled down and slowly opened the hidden door, and inside was a bunch of jewellery, gold, Cyo and even more stardust, about 20k of stardust. a single gram of of stardust is worth 10,000 Cyo. So 20 kilograms of stardust is worth over 200,000 Cyo, and if you add it with the other treasures it would be worth possible over a million Cyo.

Loki was a happy and bit dissapointed, he wanted rare weapons or something that could help him protect himself from Metal head, if Metal head ever noticed that Loki never left his house then Loki would be in trouble. But with this amount he could buy himself some potions, weapons, etc. But first he needed to get out of here before metal head comes back.



Loki thought,

The door slammed shut and heavy footsteps could be heard above Loki's head, clearly metal head had returned home and must have noticed that Loki never left the house. Loki quickly left the treasure in the trap door, closed the lid and hid himself behind the broken pieces of furniture.


The basments door was opened so forecfully that it almost broke apart in two, metal head had an extremely ugly look on his face and ran towards the trap door that Loki had just opened. Metal head kneeled down and opened the trap doors lid, upon seeing that his treasures were still there he let out a small sigh of relieve

"sigh, the kid isn't in the house, otherwise he would have already stolen my treasures"

Metal head closed the lid and headed to another part of the room that was a little bit further from where Loki was hiding. Metal head kneeled down and took out a brick from the brick wall of the basement, then he stretched his hand inside the hole and took out a ball of clothes. He unravelled it and it showed a small black cube that was no bigger than a hand.

He held it carefully and even caressed it gently, as if it were his preciou- er I mean his wife that it was carressing.

"My most priced possession is still here, once I find the cave of ehyptamos I will be the richest man alive"

The Ugly look Metal head had earlier had disappeared alot upon seeing that Loki didn't break into his house, but what Metal head didn;t know is that Loki is inside the room with him, and he had just shown Loki his most priced possession's location. And now Loki was looking at the small black box with eyes filled with greed.

"Hm once I find that kid I am gonna make him spill out where my money and the drugs are, and then I'll make him suffer a slow painful death. And I'll take that phone from him, that blinding ability can clearly raise my chances in escaping"

metal head lightly chuckled with a mocking face, he wrapped his black box and stored it inside the hole in the wall. Metal head then left the room and decided to take a nap, he was very tired because earlier, because he had used his {Ground Rush} ability to look for Loki. He decided to rest then he could bribe Loki's boss to tell him where Loki is.

And so Metal head left the room, completely unaware that Loki was there.






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