The system games (6)



Chapter 5 Pain, regrets, and now this


It's been about a month since Loki started his new life in this world, but after five minutes when Loki started his adventure he immediately started regretting it.

At first Loki had an idea to solve his money problems by joining a guild. He learned that when someone successfully joins a guild they would be awarded 500 cyo. When Loki heard this he immediately applied for the first guild he saw, which was the Warrior's guild, but they quickly rejected Loki because his cutivation level was very low as well as his potential.

Loki didn't expect the guild to posses a machine that can tell a persons potential, and Loki's potential was infact the lowest they had ever seen in their lives. They laughed at Loki's potential then proceeded to throw him off the guilds building.

Loki also had a bit of doubt that he was gonna join the warrior's guild, but he was desperate for money. Then he applied for the Hunters guild and came out with the same results.

it was the same result for 5 other guilds that Loki apllied for, Loki almost cried after that, he needed to live in this place for the rest of his live and he only had 100 Cyo in his possesion

(100 Cyo has the same value as 100 canadian dollars)

He realized that it was pointless to join another guild as he would only be wasting his time, he then traveled a bit further into the city and apllied for a job as a waiter in a bar. Good thing you don't need to have any potential as a waiter or Loki probably would've have been rejected as well.

He found the job thanks to his 'Map' app that he was using earlier, Loki took the advantage earlier and used his Map app to travel the city. Loki was also very curious to see what would happen if he were to travel 100% of the city, and right now he had travelled 15% of the city.

And back on topic, the job Loki applied for paid very little but it was enough to keep him from dying of hunger. The only problem that Loki faced in his job was the gazes of the men. It doesn't need a genius to figure out that those men were 'that' type. Loki didn't want to get near them, but his boss threatened Loki to wait those people as well, or Loki will get fired from his job. Loki had no choice and waited these people as well

Infact Loki back on earth was considered to be a very handsome guy, he also was a bit of a celebrity in his old school, but in this world his looks were cosidered a bit above average. The reason being is that in this world there are creams and potions that can make anyone look more younger and more beautiful or handsom, the creams affects are actually 100x more effective that the ones on earth, it's no wonder that Loki's looks were pale in comparison to these people.

He heard all this from people he waited in the bar, this job unexpectedley gave Loki a lot of information about this world. Now the second part of his master plan was complete, right now Loki needed is to get stronger and get money.

Loki also unlocked a new app called the Information app, this app was unlocked because Loki gained a lot of information this past month. What this new app does is that it can show you a persons strengths, weakness, and other? This new app could only scan a persons information if their cultivation level is Spirit 5 or less. This can also identify most treasures out there as well.This new app had a unique way of levelling up , and that's by gaining new information.

The worlds cultivation level in order is:

Spirit, fantasma, reincarnation, Mortal, transformation, elder, hero, and soul

Loki thinks that there were people who have acheived a higher cultivation level than soul, but for some reason there is no records of anyone having a higher cultivation level than Soul 8.

((Authors note: There are also rank names for items but that will be mentioned in the near future))

Loki right now was on break from his job, he was eating a sandwhich that he prepared beforehand while using his phone, he accidentally spilled some mustard on his clothes and held the phones home button for too long.

Now the screen showed 49 boxes that had the words 'empty' only one box wasn't labelled 'empty' because this box had his {Noobs Dagger} inside. Loki had totally forgotten about his dagger, if it wasn't for this dagger then Loki wouldn't had passed the test back on Gentle Forest.

Loki also learned something very interesting about these boxes, they are 15x15x15x meters in height, length, width. All he needs to do is to take a picture of an item and it would be stored inside his phone, When Loki learned about this new power his phone had, he thought up of an evil idea to steal very expensive things and sell them, if he did then his money problems would be solved.

But Loki couldn't risk stealing from others, because this world's technology was way more advanced than Earth's technology. Meaning that it's security must be very advanced as well, and if Loki was caught, then he would be sent to prison or killed. So Loki gave up on the idea of stealing and decided to earn his money the hard way.

Loki also asked alot of questions to 'unknown user' and he asked how to get stronger. As it turns out, system users like Loki have a much bigger advantage of achieving breakthroughs than normal people.

The reason is that regular people have only 2 ways to achieve breakthroughs

1. seclude yourself from the world and cultivate patiently

2. consume cultivation pills

However System users have 4 ways to achieve breakthrughs


2 Level up the system

3 Cultivate

4 Cultivation pills

After hearing this Loki felt really lucky to have the system, but the only thing that Loki was pondering about is how to level up the system. But as always 'unknown user' would always respond to Loki "Figure it out yourself" when Loki asked him how to level up the system. Loki had tried everything he could think of to level up his system but there was no signs of it levelling it up.

He also though that if he were to raise his cultivation level, then maybe his system will also level up. So he wanted to kill monsters and raise his cultivation level, but he soon learned that outside lived Moon wolfs. They're known for being vicous and very agile, even the newborn babies have a cultivation level of spirit 2. Loki was only at Spirit 1 so killing these animals at his current level would be no different from suicide

And back on topic again, when Loki was cleaning up the mustard stain from his clothes, then someone barged in the door very angrily and yelled at Loki


A man who was very fat, bald, and reeked of alcohol yelled at Loki while he handed Loki a plastic bag, he had very loose clothing and has alot of food stains on it. At first glance anyone would think that he was a bum on the streets, but that's Loki's boss

"I'm still on break for another 5 minutes, and since when do we do deliveries, this is a bar not a fast food restaurant"


Loki was already accustomed to his boss's constant yelling and screaming, Loki then took the bag and followed the address on the bag

Loki arrived at the house which looked a little bit worn out but it still looked 100 times better than the house when he first arrived here.

Thump!!! Thump!!! Thump!!!

Loki Knocked on the door three times, several seconds later there was rattling on the door, it sounded like the person was unlocking a bunch of locked locks on his door.

the door opened very slowly and only a bit of the persons face could be seen on the small opening. It was pretty hard to make out if the person is a man or woman. The person was scared, you can even see the fear he has in his eyes.

"Di-did yu-you bring te-the drugs er I mean te-the stuff"

The person couldn't even speak properly because for some reason he was scared, although the voice sounded a lot like a boys voice

'God, my boss is even selling drugs to kids, I knew that there was drugs in this bag but to sell them to a kid that sounds like he still hasn't went through puberty yet. How low must you be to do such a thing' (very low)

"Yes the drugs are right here"

Loki never considered himself to be a good man, so he handed the drugs to the kid, back on earth the only things that mattered to Loki were two things

1st Family

2nd Loki

Other than these two, nothing else mattered to Loki. Although it goes against his own principles to hurt a kid, but this kid must already be addicted to these drugs, so if Loki were to take the drugs away from the kid it would only do more harm than good. And besides if he doesn't hand the stuff to the kid, his boss will reduce Loki's paycheck

"Tha-than-thank you sir heh-here is yu-your money and tip"

He handed hom the money for the stuff and a huge 50 cyo tip, the kid actually gave Loki a much bigger tip than the price for the drugs.

Loki's face lit up, after all this is the amount he could earn in a day

"Thank you very much for your generosity"

Loki stuffed the money in his pocket and started carefully jogging back to the bar. Jay City recently suffered from a war that ended a few months ago, so the economy here was very bad. Infact there have been cases of people killing others only to steal items that were worth no more than 5 cyo. So now that Loki had 50 cyo in his possesion he would be targeted by a bunch of hooligans if they were to learn about this. And if someone were to attack Loki he would have no way to protect himself, because he is to weak and the only thing he had to protect himself was with his {Noobs dagger}

After Loki left the worn out house, the kid took out a phone and dialed a number.


"So what do you think of him"

said the mysterious voice from the phone

"I think he's perfect for the job"

The kid said

Loki was totally unaware that the kid had plans for him, Loki was able to go inside the door without any problems. Then an angry voice shouted to Loki


Loki quickly ran to his boss's office afraid the he will take his bonus away.

"Sit down boy I need to tell you something"

Loki was so shocked that his mouth was so open you could even fit a fist in there, The reason he was so shocked is because this is the first time his boss hasn't yelled at him since he started working here.

But Loki overcame the shock and sat the on a chair that was beside him, honestly Loki is also very afraid of his boss. Not because he can take away his paycheck or anything, but because his cultivation level has reached up to Reincarnation level 2 That is over two realms more than Loki's Cultivation level. He can clealy kill Loki without even raising a finger.

"Boss the customer recieved the 'stuff' without any proble-"

"Don't worry kid you're not in trouble"

Loki's boss interrupted Loki, then he added

"The delivery I sent you was a test, to see what you would do when you noticed you were selling drugs"


Loki was confused by his boss's words but the guy continued and said

"I am in the drug business, and I am the boss of a huge organization (well not anymore) I have been observing you lately, and I noticed thay you are poor and in need of money, well then again who isn't. But the point here is that if you were to double cross me when you figured out that you were selling drugs, then I would have send the kid and take 'care' of you. He would've been able to easily kill you, his cultivation level has reached up to Spirit 9 "

Loki shuddered in fear, knowing that he was this close to being killed. Good thing he didn't do anything Like snitching on his boss

"So why are you telling me this

Loki said

"I need new blood on my team, my men and I are to well known to the guards. So I need someone new to deliver my drugs to customers, this job could get you more money than you could ever dream. But unfortunately this ctiy's economy isn't good especially on this side of the city. So I need you deliver the stuff to the other side of the city"

Loki's boss then added

"Of course if you dont want to join us that's fine, but I will have to kill you, just to be sure you don't tell another living soul about us, So then Loki tell me are you in or not"

Loki didn't want to enter the drug business, he learned that if anyone that is even related to drug dealers will get killed by a drug overdose, the guards do this to show the drug dealers that if they wanna continue doing drugs, then the thing they love most will get them killed.

This method was ingenious because it actually affected many people in the drug business to give up doing drugs, but there are still those who stil don't abide by the rules and continue on with their business.

But now Loki had two choices

1. Decline but get killed on the spot

2. Agree but have the guards chase you around, but also have a chance to make a lot of money quick

Loki had no other choice but to join his boss's organization

"okay I'll join"

"Good choice boy, I think I'm starting to like you, and not in a gay way"


Loki had no idea how to respond to that

"Loki starting from now on you are one of us, your first job is to take these 5 Kilograms of stardust* to a buyer on the other side of the city, The address is on this paper"

Loki recieved a briefcase that was a little heavy and a small paper with an address on it, the he left

seeing Loki leave his boss said to himself

"Don't let me down boy, I am betting on you to make me rich and powerful again, and also to exact revenge to that bastard"

Stardust* is a name of a drug, I am not sure if this drug exists in our world.







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