Now knowing that Loki actually had a chance to survive he started to climb that 50 meter tall tree with all his might.

10 minutes later

Loki was already tired from the poisons effect earlier, so climbing a tree is would make him even more tired than he already was and it would also affect his climbing speed. He had managed to climb only 7 meters this was barely enough to keep him away from the poisons aroma

Loki is currently lying on a really thick branch, it is actually so resistant that is it able to hold Loki's weight without showing any signs of breaking. He took a minute break and attempted to climb again but this time it was much easier, because he was now using the {Noobs Dagger} which surprisingly had good durability that it could even support his body weight and lifting him up as well.

30 minutes later

He had only managed to climb up 24 meters, he had only managed to get this far because of the dagger, it actually helped Loki increase his climbing speed. In fact he could already feel the poison weakening but unfortunately the tree also had the ability to absorb Loki's vitality as well. Loki's skin was changing into a gray colour this is a secondary effect from the poison, it means that the poison has almost fully absorbed the energy from Loki

Using his energy to climb this tree actually speeds the poisons effect, this means that Loki could die sooner than he thought. Loki still took a few minutes of break lying on this durable branches, it might not be a wise move to keep wasting time but if he were to keep going non stop then his arms might slip and he will fall. Although this height might not kill him, but if he were to restart from the beginning then he won't have enough time to climb the whole tree.

50 minutes later

Loki had barely managed to climb to the top of the tree, right now he was loudly gasping for air, his throat was extremely dry and his hands had gone numb from the climbing. Even his whole body had started turning gray. But that still wasn't the end, right now he needs to use his clothes and lie on them so he won't contact the poison anymore.

He quickly took off his clothes and even his underwear wasn't an exception, he set them down and lied on them

And it actually worked, He could already feel his energy coming to him. Even his body that was gray earlier had also started to change back to it's original colour. Loki couldn't take it anymore and fell unconscious,


After quite some time had passed Loki finally woke up to a familiar sound

"Gongratulation User 1751, you have managed to barely pass the test. You will be teleported to a safe zone in a few moments. So please stay calm and don't move"

When Loki read this he felt that he was struck by lightning and almost fell from the tree from the huge shock he recieved

"What the hell I almost died and you could have teleported me to a safe zone all this time, did you really enjoy watching me suffer so much, is that why you didn't help me, come here and face me like a man and I will beat you death"


"Like I said, it was your bad luck that got you here. Also this mission was never about you escaping Gentle Forest, it was all about how you would avoid death. And also if I were to help you, I would have recieved the death penalty, and did you really think that we would have let you died. The moment you would almost die is the moment I would have teleported you back home safely and you would have thought that this was all just a bad dream. Now shut up and stop moving"


Loki didn't know how to respond to that. Soon a blue light surrounded Loki and he disappeared, the only thing that was left was his clothes that he used to protect himself from the trees poison

Loki was now in a room that looked so futuristic, but the first thing Loki saw were 3 individuals. One looked like a 2-3 meter tall giant. and it looked like his body was made out of stone, not only that but he was wearing a white scientists coat. The other two looked more like humans except that they are connected, literally these two are actually conjoined twins, they are both connected from the hips and legs.

It was a little bit of a shock to Loki, but he got used to it fast. Especially after what he's been through, this scene was like heaven compared to Gentle Forest,


Loki's stomach let out a huge rumbling noise, He is very hungry and thirsty, his throat was so dry that it would even hurt just by talking. And he was so hungry that he could feel his stomach acids trying to eat his stomach.

Soon after the giant offered Loki a tray of food, the food actually smelled good and Loki stuffed the food in his mouth like a pig. He didn't care if he looked like a pig all he wanted to do was eat something. Of course climbing a 50 meter tall tree and almost dying, would make anybody go hungry.

After eating everything and not leaving a single grain of rice, he was satisfied. He turned to the giant and said

"Who are you and wher_"

The giant interrupted him by waving his hand and said

"I am not allowed to talk to you, all I can say is that your suprervisor will be here in a few moments so sit still and wait"

Loki understood and just stood there and waited for his supervisor 'wait am i naked' Loki forgot that he just used his clothes to avoid contacting the poison from the tree. And for some reason Loki was actually fully dressed. It wasn't his clothes but it was just plain white clothes.

"sigh" seeing that he wasn't naked he let out a sigh of relieve

A few seconds later a normal looking guy came inside the room, he was tall and he has short black pointy hair, and for some reason he kept looking at Loki sizing him up then he took out a notebook and wrote something. Loki was confused by this guys actions but Loki continued to sit there.

"Loki Luz" (Author: 'Luz' is Loki's last name)

The guy said Loki's name with a serious face while he kept writing at his notebook

"Yes that's me"

"follow me"

Loki got up and followed the weird guy

After a few minutes of walking, they stopped in the front of a metal door, it had the number '21' on top. The metal door then opened automatically. It was a medium sized room, it looked pretty normal

The weird guy sat on a couch while writing on his notebook

"Loki Luz gongratulations on passing the test. You are now to true owner of the phone system, if you have any questions let me know tomorrow. Because tomorrow your new life begins"

He took out aa small red booklet with the title 'the basic guide through the new world for dummies' and gave it to Loki

"This book will give you a brief explenation of what you'll be facing tomorrow and possibly for the rest of your life. Read it, and have a good rest"

The weird guy left the room while he kept writing on that booklet.


Chapter 3 Making it out alive






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