Loki had checked his phone, and he had discovered more apps but they were locked, he probably needed to be a higher level to unlock them. On the top left corner on his screen he saw a {Spirit level 1} This showed his current level. although he doesn't know what {Spirit} means. it must be a cultivation level name

Loki had to go to the nearest city and find ways to get stronger, after all in the cultivation world only the strong live, while the weak die.

But then he noticed that there wasn't anything living here, you couldn't even hear a bird chirp. Aside from the strong winds hitting the leaves, you couldn't hear anything else

Loki thought

'this is weird there should be animals living here'

Loki had a bad feeling about this, he wanted to get out of this forest but it was to big to escape, Loki had no idea where to go. And 'unknown user' wasn't gonna help him at all.

After carefully thinking Loki had a couple of ideas

1. Stay and wait for help but possibly die from starving

2. Use this opportunity and use the [Map] app on his phone, and have a higher chance of escaping this forest. But also have a higher chance of encountering something dangerous on the way

Loki only had only two choices. The first one was easier as he could stay here and hide from anything dangerous, but Loki didn't know if help was ever gonna arrive. Nobody even knew that Loki is in this forest.

The second one was more dangerous but it also raised his chances on escaping this forest. He was especially afraid because if there is something living here that could make all the living things in this forest disappear, then that thing could easily kill Loki.

Loki went with the second option. He opened his {Map] app and he only had explored 0% of this place. And thus started walking in a random direction

2 hours later

After 2 hours of walking non-stop Loki only had only managed to explore 3% of this forest, but for some reason he felt a bit tired. He didn't walk fast or run but for some reason he was tired. 'it must be the sun' Loki thought. He still kept walking without taking a break, after all the [Map] app could potentially save his life

4 hours later

After walking for another 4 hours he felt extremely tired, it felt like he was walking through a hot dessert for days. And he only managed to clear 9%, right now all he wanted was water but he didn't have anything on him. Not only that but there wasn't any fruit growing on the trees, even if there was fruit frowing out of the trees he wouldn't be able to reach them because the trees are at least 50 meters high.

Loki didn't stop at all to take a break and just kept walking hoping to get that 1%. If he could get it then he might be able to escape from this hell hole.


Loki heard a familiar sound and looked at his phone

"You have explored 10% of this area, You are now able to check information about this place"

Loki's fatique disappeared and he immediately clicked on the place he was currently in

"You have explored 10% of Gentle Forest. Gentle Forest is known for not having any life residing here because of the soil. It has a special type of poison that absorbs energy from living things, it is estimated that an ordinary person can last for 7-8 hours before the soil can fully absorb a persons vitality. It is said that a million years ago a huge alien crashed into this forest, it trampled and killed anything that lived here. Fortunately a group of elites managed to kill the monster but they didn't expect the blood from the beast to be absorbed by the soil. After the soil managed to fully absorb the blood from the alien it had gained terrible ability to absorb a living things energy upon contact. Even the trees have longed since adapted to this power as well, ever since that day this area has been off limits. Only the brave and stupid ever break into this place"

Loki didn't read anything after it said that he will die in 7-8 hours, he then yelled angrily at the phone

"Hey why the hell did you sent me to this god forsaken place. I only have about 2 hours to live, get me out of here quick"


"User 1751 it is your bad luck for ending up in this place, if you hadn't chosen to enter the white light in the first place then you might have found a better or worse place than this. And I am not able to get you out of here, I am only here to answer some of your questions"

"then tell me how to I get out of here"

"like I said I am not your tour guide, try figuring it out yourself, Oh I almost forgot to mention, if you die here you will die for real so best of luck to you User 1751"

Loki was so mad that he threw the phone away, then the phone came back like a boomerang and hit the back of Loki's head knocking Loki to the ground and giving him a huge bump on his head

"Is this how the phone magically returns to me, like a boomerang, are you serious"

He rubbed the place where his phone hit him, and he could clearly feel a huge bump on this head

"dammit how can my luck be so bad, aren't I the main character of this story. I should have been teleported near a god like treasure and become OP already, or have a super powerful unique spell that will give me the power to dominate the heavens. And instead all i got was a huge bump on my head and 2 hours left to live"

Loki was crying from his misfortune and worst of all this 'unknown user' wasn't gonna help him even though he knows that Loki was already at deaths door

Loki remained on the floor he was to tired to stand up, and even if he did stand up the poison from the soil will continue to drain his vitality

Loki grabbed his phone to see if there was anything here that could protect him.

Loki held the home button for to long and his screen showed 50 boxes, 49 of them had the words 'empty' on them, but one looked a lot like a christmas present. It was a yellow box with a red ribbon tied to it. He clicked on the present


"User has opened a gift from the systems team, according to them they must give you an item to protect yourself when you begin your new life"

{Noobs Dagger}: This dagger isn't meant for fighting, it has really good durability but it's sharpness can barely cut butter

{special ability}: It can make a small fire only 3 times. After you have used it's ability then the dagger will break apart

Loki was furious again and he wanted to throw this dagger, he hesitated because after thinking when he threw his phone, he decided to let it stay inside his phone and he continued to lie there. He didn't want to walk anymore because with all this bad luck happening to him he felt that if he continued to walk he still won't be able to get out of this forest before the poison kills him.

Loki was already tired that his eyes were starting to close, but he didn't resist and just continued to lie there.

"Before I die, can you please tell my family that I love them"


"Even if you didn't ask, the system team will have done that, and also they would have given your family money to live a better life"

"Thanks I just wished I could've lived a longer live, but never did I expect to die in another world so quickly"


"If you don't want to die then I would suggest to avoid contact with the soil"

Loki was a bit confused by this question

"what do you mean"


"The poison will only continue to drain your vitality as long you continue to touch it"

When Loki read this message all the laziness that was wearing him down just now disappeared

"wait so if I were to use my clothes to avoid the contact with the soil, will the posion stop draining my vitality"


"NO it had just rained a couple of hours ago before you arrived, so the soil will continue to exhume the poison. Meaning that if you keep breathing it it will also continue to drain your vitality"

Loki had a serious look on his face while thinking of a way to avoid the poison,

"what if I were to burn this forest, will that work"


"No this forest also has the ability to drain energy from fire as well"

"Then what if I were to cut the trees roots, will the posion from the tree disappear"


"Yes but it will need ten years before the poison fades away"


He thought that at least one of his two plans of his would work, but turns out none were good. He kept looking at the huge tree in front of him, then he thought of another idea

"If I were to climb this tree all the way, then would the poisons aroma still affect me"


"If User 1751 has climbed to the top of the tree then the poisons aroma won't be able to reach you but if you continue to physically touch the tree. Then the poison will continue draining your vitality"

"Okay one last question, if I were to use my clothes as a mattress on the tree and avoid physically touching the tree. Will the poisons effect keep draining my vitality"

"No the poisons effect won't be able to keep draining your vitality."












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