Loki realized as soon as he fell asleep that he was standing in a dark place. It's so dark that one couldn't even see his own hands or anything else. He kept walking slowly while he put his hands in front of him while touching the air just so he won't hit his face if he came into an object or something and then it heads his head.

After what felt like 12 hours of walking in the dark his hands finally touched something, it was so smooth yet soft and flat, it clearly was a wall but he couldn"t see it since it was still so dark


He clearly felt something just now and it make a clicking sound most likely a button. Then suddenly in front of him a bright light hit his face, he covered his eyes with his hands while looking the other way. since it was so dark and to be hit by a bright light all of a sudden would make anyone go blind.

After a few minutes of rubbing his eyes he slowly turned to face the white light, and slowly getting accustomed to it.

All he could see is that there was a huge white light formed like a huge door on the wall.

He decided to take this chance and step into this white light. It was better than walking in the darkness, who knows hat he might encounter if he kept walking in the dark. And besides it was scary and lonely.

After entering the white light he was standing in the middle of a forest. The view was beautiful, it looked like it came out of a picture. The trees were green and big, the sun was shining

He stopped admiring the scene as he recalled the white light. He turned back and there wasn't anything behind him. The light vanished as if it has never existed in the first place

Not knowing what to do, just when he was about to yell to see if anyone was there.


He heard a Ding sound coming from his pocket. He took out what looked like a phone, it wasn't his phone in fact this phone looked more expensive and better than his old phone. Even though it looked like an iPhone, the logo sign wasn't on it. And it clearly looked more high tech than any iPhone on the store.

The screen showed an message from an 'unknown user'

"Hello user 1751. Welcome to the system games. I will get straight to the point. You are no longer living the peaceful life you've always lived. because as of now you will fight to live. So you better get used to it because this is your new home. Any questions"


"I see it's all a nightmare because in a few seconds I will wake up in my room. After all this stuff only happens in light novels and manga"

Loki chuckled


"User 1751 I can clearly assure you that this is no dream and you will not be able to go back to your world. because you decided to join the system games remember."

After reading the mesage Loki pinched his cheek to make sure this wasn't a dream. And there was pain, but just to make sure he pinched himself again and again everytime harder than the last time, hoping that it will wake him up from this nightmare. Loki pinched himself so much that you could see a red mark from his cheek

"OH HELL NO why did you bring me here this is clearly a lie, this stuff only happens to people in fiction stories now get me out of here"

Loki was screaming, yelling, running around like crazy also hitting the trees and even digging the dirt with his bare hands to see if there was an exit.


"user 1751 I am sorry to tell you but this is not a 'fiction story' we brought you because you wanted to come here for a long time so just relax and chill"

After Loki read the message, and he did calm a little but he still was very scared and confused.

"I didn't want to come here, I just walked through a white light because I didn't want to be in the dark anymore"


"User 1751 you've always wanted a way out of reality because you would always say 'it's so boring I wish something happens to me like in the light novel stories and it I would be teleported away from this world' and everyday for years and years you would say the same thing over and over again. And now you got what you've wished for. So I would recommend getting used to this world as you are gonna be living here from now on"

Loki got a huge slap on the face from reading this message. It's true that he would always say 'it's so boring I wished something would happen to me like in the light novels' and he just said those same words earlier. so he got a huge slap on the face and with the pain earlier from his pinching it felt really painful

After rubbing his cheek for a while he realized that indeed his wish had been fulfilled. After all the real world can be boring compared to the fiction world

after he calmed down he asked his Phone "can i ask some questions about this world since I don't know anything"


"yes but I can only answer the basic stuff of this world' because as you grow stonger and explore this world. you will find the answers for your questions"

"okay then where am I and what should I do in this world"


"you are in another world far way from Earth. You will struggle to survive this world as you will need to fight for your life everyday. What i recommend you is to grow stonger and level up your system. Your phone should have an app that tells you your strengths, levels, etc"

"what should I do to get stronger"


"would you like to know the guide to your powers and this world, it would be much faster than asking a bunch of useless random questions"

Even though Loki knew the messges were being a bit irritating, he decided to suck it up and agree



"you have a system called 'the phone system' you live in a world where cultivation does exist. As well as mythical creatues and such. And that's about as much as I can say about your powers and this world, the rest you will have to figure it out yourself"

Loki still needed some answers and he said

"can I at least know where the nearest town or city is"


"what am I a map, figure it out yourself"


Loki knew it was useless to ask anything else, he examined his phone and when he clicked the home button and he saw two apps

One of them is called [map] and the other is called [user 1751]

Loki checked the [map] button and all the showed was a black screen. Only the part where his location is, had a bit of colour. He clicked the place where he was and apparently he needs to explore 10% of the map before he can information about this place

He clicked the [user 1751] button, and he saw an avatar of himself wearing the exact same clothes that he's wearing right now. And on the right side of the screen he saw two other buttons

He clicked on one and a message appeared


{Phone system}

[you have the phone system, your phone will never run out of battery and it will never break. And it will never get lost, even if you lose it, it will magically return to you. It can do a lot of stuff you can't even imagine but you'll need to figure it out yourself"

Loki was shocked to see this aesome ability he looked so happy that it looked like he was just confessed by a girl he likes. But the bad news is that he needs to figure out is how to use the phone system by himself. This brought his joyous mood down a lot, because he clearly knows nothing abouy the phones systems powers. But anyways he clicked the second ability he had


{Blinds enemies with your phones flashlight for 10 seconds}

Loki had a complicated look on his face because he has seen in animes that some fighters don't always rely on there eyes to fight. Some rely on their hearing, smell, sense but it was still a useful ability for him, since he's a newb he needed all the abilities he can get

He then 'unknown user'

"is it possible to make my system stronger"



"Then how do I make it stronger"


"There are a lot of ways to level up a system, but your system is a bit unique so I recommend going to the system world"

"System world? what is that place"


"user 1751 system's level is only level one, your system needs to reach level 2 to get to the system world."

"okay then how am I supposed to go to the system world when I don't even have a clue to levelling up my system"


"figure it out yourself"






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