It’s a lie.

It’s a lie.

It’s a lie.

It’s a lie.

It’s a lie.


“HAHAHAHAHA…..”, the sound of laughter echoed in my ears, even after I have enclosed my ears shut with hands.


It’s a lie.

It has to be a lie!


“What an idiot? Hahahaha..”, the blondie exclaimed continued to laugh while bending over his stomach and tapping his knees.

“Shut up, You pigeon brained shit! You are a liar.”, I protested.

“WAHAHAHAHAHA...uh… I have lived almost for eight centuries but I haven’t seen such lunatic person ever in my life!”, the blondie turns towards the black haired one, "Have you? Darius? Hahaha...”

"You are a terrible liar! You are the incarnation of evil who insults the dead! Shame on you!”, I exclaimed.


He is messing with me! Such shitty klutz people are popular in manga and novels. Stupid bird brain.


“Well, I am not lying tho, here see for yourself.”, said the blondie.

And suddenly a monitor screen with a huge display popped out of nowhere.

“What the…”, I mumbled upon seeing the screen.


News channel?

Even people of the heaven watch news from earth? Well, I knew that technology was growing rapidly but this is crazy!

I don’t get why don't the angels wear a decent pair of jeans in such advanced technology?


『“Today’s breaking news, a pervert failed miserably and dies inside the toilet“?said the news reporter on TV.』


Well, that isn’t me. I was stabbed.


Wait, what the….

The girl that I tried to rescue, was on TV as well. 

『“Yeah, he fell on the tap and even while dying he panted heavily like a pervert and drooled after he entered the ladies lavatory. He even wept. I was so scared that I screamed and fainted than when I was awake, he was already dead.”』

, the girl who I tried to rescue said to the reporter.


I can’t believe this! THIS HAS TO BE FAKE!


Then the scene shift to the same guy, the first one to hit on the girl.

『“Yeah, I heard her scream and meh bro’s came to her rescue. It was a terrible site, man! I am gonna have nightmares. He had an evil grin, even in his death. Meh got my shit scared, man!. For a while, I had these feeling somebody was following us. He was a bonafide pervert right till the end of time.”』

, he said while the other boys behind  him nodded in an agreement.


I don’t know what is going on, anymore!

Now the scene turned towards, Mr. Toby. Who always greeted me in the park, when I was cleaning the park. He will be some of help, I am sure about it. 

『“Well let’s talk with the spectator who was present near the spot. Hello Mr. Toby. I heard you sighted that man lurking around the park often? So what really did happen that day?”』

, questioned the news reporter.


I know I can count on you, Mr. Toby.


『“ Well I have seen this man often around. He used to pick garbage and stared at passerby people with an evil grin. At that instant, I knew he was a pervert with a weird fetish. That Sunday afternoon, I came to feed the birds when this man had already sighted a target. I saw him hiding in the bushes and pursuing the girl. He wasn’t able to attack that girl because she was accompanied by the kind boys. Then when she went to the lavatory, he stormed inside like a hungry ape. His eyes rolled white and dashed inside like crazy when the four boys weren’t watching. I rushed to the scene but that man already died. Such is karma. He deserved it.”』 replied Mr. Toby.


『“Thank you very much, Mr. Toby. So back again to the topic. He was a very dangerous person, it’s also speculated that he is a member of the gang who has targeted many girls. Our investigation is in process. He was the heir to the one of the top global powerhouse of Tygar family. We are waiting for a comment from the CEO whose the mother of the accused…"』 the news was cut before the reporter could finish.

The blondie had a smirk on his face, I didn’t even have an ounce of energy to fight back or throw tantrums. I don’t have anything to defend myself.


The black haired angel watched me with a pity like I am a roadside homeless starving puppy.


I fell on my knees and looked on the ground, feeling ashamed. I lost any strength to stand up anymore. I don’t even care what blondie says anymore. I just wanted one friend, but now I even shamed my mom.

I really do wanna die. I am dead already but I wanna die once again and disappear.


The huge gates opened up.

“Let’s go Mr. wanna be Hero.” , said the blondie.

I followed behind, although I don’t want to.


As soon I entered there was an enormous city which was built on clouds.

There isn’t land at all. Everything was built on the clouds. There was lake over cloud and mountain made of clouds. The river stream used to flow through the clouds and there were many people living in the cloudy regions.

The sun shined brightly and everyone seems very happy here.


I hate this place!

This place looks as if it is laughing at my existence. I feel like puking. This place is so bright that I would be blinded.

We started to walk on the streets that lead to the massive castle on the mountain of clouds. Many villagers started to gather around the street.


They started waving at us.


Blondie and the black haired guy started waving towards the people in response. They cheered up even more.

They sure are popular, but why isn't anyone else bothered with their attire?


“Well now hold on tight!” said the black-haired angel.


What is he talking about?

Then both the angels grabbed me by my shoulder on both sides and flapped their wings.

We soared on the high sky which had no clouds above.


“Wow, many people get scared when we take them to flight like this. You sure got guts human!”, teased, the blondie.

Wait did he praise me? Nah that can’t be.


“Yeah, I don’t care if you drop me and bash my head to the ground and die. I am prepared for it.”,I replied.


We reached the castle door in a jiffy.

There were lots of pervy angels guards posted outside the castle.

We stood right in front castle gate.


The castle is beautiful like it was made all out of white marble. It dazzled because of the sunrays. It was so huge that it can occupy the whole Disneyland inside it, easily.


One of the guards knocked on the door and returned back to his post, beside the gate.


The door started to open up, slowly.

I peeked through the gap, in curiosity.

Did I saw BOOBS?


The door opened and there we were greeted by a female angel whos wearing a raunchy clothing!

Well, king of this place sure does have good taste. Except for the boys uniform. Is he bisexual?


The female angel had green curly hair and green eyes. She had fair skin and she wore a mini-skirt and a bikini like a sports bra.

Now, this is what I call a real angel.

Thank you, god. I thought I would turn gay any second with this pervy exhibitionist angel guys.


“Welcome sire Rahmiel and sire Darius. Lord Yahweh has been waiting for you, eagerly.”,welcomed the female angel, after bowing her head gracefully.


I continued to stare at her bosom. I have even better perspective, thanks to her bowing down.


Our eyes met and she stood up back again. She saw me when I was ogling at her Tata’s.

I smiled at her, with an innocent smile.


She looked me like I am a filth; A chewing gum stuck on a seat of a crowded bus, that no one wants to occupy. I know she hates me, deja vu.


After looking closely she has a huge spear behind her back, as well. I just remembered the incident when the blondie attacked me.

Don’t wanna go through that phase again, so I lowered my head. Well, I wanted to die a second ago, tho. Guess those tits gave me the will to live on! That's why people say that every man has women behind his success.


Suddenly a portal opened magically and we three; Me, blondie and black haired angels stepped inside.

We went into a trance with many colorful lights, similar like those in fantasy anime shit, and came out into a meeting room.


This looked like a quarter of king right out of a fantasy world. The room smelled like timber. It had a variety of paintings and carvings.

There was an old man standing out on the balcony, gazing outside.


Suddenly, both the angel dudes kneeled on the ground.

“Lord Yahweh, we bought him as you commanded.”, said the black-haired angel.


The old man on the balcony turns towards us and enters the room.


He's in his pajamas and a nightcap,  and has a long beard.

So he is the king of these angels. Well, he doesn't look like one but he also is horny in the end, who makes their servants wear such revealing clothes.


“Welcome, young one. I waited for so long. Make yourself comfortable, will you”, welcomed the old man.

“Well, then I shall take upon your offer.”, I replied.


I took a stroll inside the room. The angels stared me worriedly. I liked that look on their face. My shoulders were aching after they kept on holding, as I was prisoner.

“Well you shall be a little puzzled that why did I summon you, right?”, asked the geezer.

I continued to wander into the room and replied.

“Well, I don’t know a thing that is happening, right now. So Nah, I don't know.”


I went to the balcony and gazed out.

LO! Female warriors having a combat drill with each other.
They were practing unarmed combat like wrestling. It's a bit intense and hot at the same time.
The boobies are jiggling and being gropped by each other. 

So this is his majesty's daily entertainment, damn!


“Nice view, right grandpa?”, I smirked evil grin.

“Eh, yeah...yes indeed. I can clearly view the city and it's people and beautiful lakes and mountains as well. Breathtaking, right?”, replied old man, hesitantly.

“Yeah, lovely huge mountains you got there, wanna go trekking...right? ”, I asked.

“You impudent brat!”, interrupted the blondie,”Watch your tongue, he is the creator of the world, Lord Yahweh. He is the god that you humans worship.”

Well, I am not surprised. Not at all.

It was true that someone told that world is about to end- ARMAGEDDON bitch!


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