It seems like it’s been months have passed while I float inside this darkness.

Am I alive or am I asleep?

How did I die?

The last thing I remember that someone stabbed me from the back.

Yeah, I tried to be a hero and I died. In the end, I did nothing.


I always used to run away from classes whenever I could.

I would stroll around places and picked up garbage, along the roadside and the riverside. People look me with astonishment, which I liked. They were impressed by my work. I loved the way they looked at me, thinking that I am a nice and honest kid cleaning my city.


Than after the end of day I used to run back to school with my sullied and filthy clothes. The students again circulated rumors that I went to settle a score with other kids. The distance increased between us, but I know one day they would know the truth. They would feel a bit, ashamed and their perspective for me would change.


Hence I continued my task without worrying about people. I hid the truth from my butler because he won’t allow me to continue my work.


It was a sunday morning and I bunked my extra classes for maths and science.

I strolled around the park when I saw a four boys who seemed very shady. So I followed them. I concealed my presence. Normally, I never seen such bunch of people before, near this park.

“Wow, she such a babe right? How about you hang with us, instead?”, cried out a dude who wore a cap and sunglasses with a goatee beard. May be he was a college student.

“Hey don’t ignore us! We are great people. Come on, at least tell me your name?”, squealed a short and thin person with dark skin who looked like hipster. He looked like middle school student because of his height but he had beard.

They could be a college classmates, but they were not from near the town tho.

They were hitting over a girl walking in-front of them. The girl seems pissed but she kept ignoring them.


If I rescue these girl from the clutches of these horn dogs, I will become a hero. I shall wipe out my reputation, like a clean slate in one swoop.

But what if she fall for me? Yeah she would fell in love with me after I rescue her.

She looks cute, and It won’t be that bad if she was my girlfriend. She seems older than me but I won’t mind.


Suddenly, a shriek came from the toilet.

I had already pursued them near the toilet and was hiding behind a bush near it.

I was so lost in thought that I forgot to keep track of those boys.
The scream was of the same girl I guess. What happened?

Now that I think about it, those boys are not around either.

Don’t tell me that…?

Is she in trouble?

Is this the boys doing?!

I looked around, but no one came after the scream.

Is she fine? What should I do?

But how could a middle school boy defeat a college students? For making matter even worse, I will also be outnumbered.

Lately on news, there were a gang who would assault and rape girls.

What if they are that gang members and their next target is this girl?

Should I call the police?

I can’t save her alone.

Should I ask for help from other people? But most people do ignore me and I’m not good with communicating with people either.

But there is not much time. I have to do something. I am a nice person, an honest, hardworking student.

God showered me with this opportunity to be a hero, instead.
Yes! God is testing my resolve. If I save her, I would become famous and people will respect me. If I do nothing, I would be alone forever.

I will save her. I don’t know how, but I will save her, no matter how!

I dashed out from the bush like an athlete and headed to the female lavatory.
It should be embarrassing but at that time my mind was blank.

I need to save her! That’s all was in my head.

I stormed inside and tried to look around where she was.

Then suddenly someone stabbed me from behind. My mind went blank and next thing I remember that I was inside this room of darkness.
I died and my death had no meaning at all.

But thinking back. their were people looking at me suspiciously as well.

Some people did saw me break inside the female lavatory. So I might have alarmed the people indirectly and they would rush to the sight.

So guess the girl was saved and those evil thugs were caught red-handed.

My death wasn’t in vain after all. I would be a brave hero who was killed during the act of saving a girl. I would make the headlines of the newspaper in the front page, and it would also clear the misunderstanding inside my school. I did make my mom proud.

I have no regrets, at least I became a hero for someone.
Thank you for the opportunity, lord.

When I was in a deep thought.
A light, appeared. Like a single star inside this enormous sea of darkness.

That star slowly and slowly grew bigger and bigger until the darkness disappeared totally.

The room was now full bright and white; I thought it was now time to float in such bright room like before I did in the darkroom.

But suddenly a Giant, humongous gate appeared from thin air.


I was startled for a second.

I think the gate is made from bronze. It has beautiful carvings all over. Something like the hieroglyphs from the pyramids. To viking symbols, even Japanese and Sanskrit. All most all human language is carved in it. There was a huge sun carving as well.

I started to approach the gate, then suddenly.

“Hey you there? How did a demon like you run away from the gates of Hell?”, a voice boomed.

After tracking the owner of the voice. I froze.

This man had wings like swan much larger tho. He had beautiful blonde curly hair, and he was shirtless and just wore a clothing like a bath towel below till the knees. He had very muscular built and also pretty face.

There was another guy with same attire and wings, but he had long black silky hair.
They both stood before me and were way much taller than me. My head reached their waist length.
So these are what we call, Angels.

“Eh, hh..hii”, I stuttered. I am pretty nervous after all.

“How did you escape from the gates of hell? I shall now, slaughter you! You evil filth,", And the blonde angel raises his arm, and a trident appears out of nowhere.

“He...hey hold on second? What you mean by a demon?.. Hey don’t kill me again!”, I closed my eyes and my arms came in front of face as a reflex.

“Hold on Rhamiel,”, the black-haired angel grabs the arm of the blonde one,"Can’t you see the nimbus ring above his head?”

I don’t know what is going on but the black-haired dude is nicer.

The blonde one seems confused and lowered his trident.
“Now that you say it, he does have the nimbus ring. He looks completely evil tho. Well, what if he is an infiltrator from Hell? He would have disguised himself as a fellow light soul.”

I am really pissed! Even the angel judging me by looks? ,

“Hey you, Blondie. Don’t judge me by my face! I died for a noble cause. You yourself looks like a pervert with just a towel hanging around your crotch, So don’t you dare to call other people names?”
I blew my top! I don’t care if he kills me or eat me. They are handsome angel dudes but they have a brain like a pigeon.

“Oh, you do got tongue, like those heinous demons, don’t you?”, replied the Blondie, while his eyebrows twitched.

“Now. now. Don’t get ahead of yourself, human.”, interrupts the black-haired angel. He seems a very calm and a very intelligent person unlike the blonde one.

The black-haired turns toward the blonde,

“He has been summoned by lord himself. So behave yourself. You don’t want to be exiled for another decade again, do you?”

Listening so, the blonde turns alarming, “This demon in the skin of light soul? Are you kidding me?”

I felt like punching him in his face, but our height difference was vast. So I ignored as if I didn’t hear his statement and pouted my face while crossing my arms looking the other way.

The black haired one mumbled in the other one’s ear.

I couldn't hear anything. He whispered for a second or three.

“SO HE IS THAT GUY?!! I see”, exclaimed the Blondie and stared me with astonishment.

Well, it’s not shocking but the black angel must have told him about my heroic deed when I was on my last legs.
Well, at least he shut his mouth for good.

This is my moment to shine.

So I turned towards the blonde and looked him in the eye.

A smile appeared on my face, and one arm rested on my waist while the other arm in the air, pointing upwards.

My legs were spread, and I tilted toward my back.

This is a cool look that I thought I would pose for photo shoot for newspaper after saving that girl. But I never succeed so at least I shall utilize it here.

They were stunned, and they ran out words and just continue to stare.

It was pretty awkward; they did not say anything, but I did not let lose my composure.

I stepped forward to claim my thunder,
“Yeah, I gave up my life while in the act to save a girl. I don’t have any regrets. I am proud of myself. So the world would never judge me by my looks, and my name would be recorded in history of the hero's.”, I said with a bright smile and rested both my arms around waist. Stood proudly like a hero from a manga.




They didn’t utter a word.

I waited for a comment.

Then suddenly, the Blondie, interrupts,

“The girl shrieked because she saw a spider. That’s all,"

Wait, a second?


“What are you talking about?”


The blonde angel continues,

“The gang of boys left when she entered the lavatory while you were lost in thought. The girl shrieked because she saw a spider. That’s when you came sprinting and busted inside the female lavatory. You were in a panic and didn’t notice that you by mistakenly stepped on a wet broom and slipped and went flying. Then your butt landed on the water tap of the wash basin which was 18 centimeters wide. It penetrated your anus, and you  fractured your tailbone, and you bled to death. In your death moments, you moaned with ecstasy and had a lewd face. You even shat your pants. The girl screamed when she saw you and the four boys that you thought were the rapist, called the police. Then when officers came to arrest, you were already pronounced dead. Well, your wish to become famous came true. But instead of hero, the newspaper printed - A pervert assault fails miserably and dies” (lol)


What the Fuck?!


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