Painting the Mists

by redmirage

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Supernatural Wuxia

Du Cha Ming was a normal person. Going with the flow, never making any real decisions. But then as Cha Ming begins to question his place in the universe, a fateful encounter gives him another chance at life. A chance that takes him to a place where he can make his own destiny.

Reborn in an ancient land filled with demons, devils, and angels, Cha Ming finds himself facing challenges he never imagined. He soon discovers that only the powerful get to make choices, and the rest don’t get a say at all.

Prior to his mysterious rebirth, he was left with a riddle, one that will change his life, for better or for worse. But who left this riddle? And why was he sent here?

Cha Ming sets out to find the answers, because if he doesn’t, he may lose himself and everything he holds dear.

Note: This is an Eastern Fantasy series, and the precise genre is Xianxia. It contains martial arts, cultivation, immortals, demons, Chinese culture, and elements of Buddhism and Daoism. The story will be split between several character view points, but the focus will be on the main character and his journey towards immortality.

Now I will tell you what this story isn’t about:

  1. Harems.
  2. Excessive face slapping.
  3. One unreasonable young master after another.
  4. Unreasonable villains. Therefore, don’t expect the MC to have his provoke skill activated at all times.
  5. Constantly underestimated MC.
  6. A morally questionable MC.


If all of these things about typical Xianxia novels bother you, you’ve come to the right place.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1 - Prologue (Clear Sky) ago
Book 1 - Chapter 1: Green Leaf City ago
Book 1 - Chapter 2: Green Leaf Academy ago
Book 1 - Chapter 3: Zhou Li ago
Book 1 - Chapter 4: Cultivation Technique ago
Book 1 - Chapter 5: The White Brush ago
Book 1 - Chapter 6: Qi Condensation ago
Book 1- Chapter 7: One Man's Trash ago
Book 1- Chapter 8: Monthly Arena Battle ago
Book 1 - Chapter 9: Second Level, First Place ago
Book 1- Chapter 10: Five Fingers ago
Book 1 - Chapter 11: Seventy-Two Transformations ago
Book 1 - Chapter 12: The Power of Names ago
Book 1 - Chapter 13: Wang Jun ago
Book 1 - Chapter 14: Soul Pearl Manifestation Technique ago
Book 1 - Chapter 15: The Bloody Rosary ago
Book 1 - Chapter 16: Visions in the Dark ago
Book 1 - Chapter 17: Learning to Paint ago
Book 1 - Chapter 18: The Burning House ago
Book 1 - Chapter 19: Blood and Ashes ago
Book 1 - Chapter 20: The Black Dog ago
Book 1 - Chapter 21: Do Not Let Worry Color the Landscape! ago
Book 1 - Chapter 22: Obscuring Fate ago
Book 1 - Chapter 23: The Battle on Greatwood Bridge ago
Book 1 - Chapter 24: The Silver Lining ago
Book 1 - Chapter 25: Painting the Heavens! ago
Book 1 - Chapter 26: The Deal ago
Book 1 - Chapter 27: Dark Memories, Cruel Fate ago
Book 1 - Chapter 28: Schoolmates ago
Book 1 - Chapter 29: Brotherhood ago
Book 1 - Chapter 30: Clear Sky (Book 1 End) ago
Book 2: Blood Moon - Synopsis ago
Book 2 - Prologue: Blood Moon ago
Book 2 - Chapter 1: Full Recovery ago
Book 2 - Chapter 2: Fire Body Refining ago
Book 2 - Chapter 3: An Ambitious Goal ago
Book 2 - Chapter 4: The Arena ago
Book 2 - Chapter 5: Murder Most Fowl ago
Book 2 - Chapter 6: The Power of Creation ago
Book 2 - Chapter 7: War on the Horizon ago
Book 2 - Chapter 8: A Clue ago
Book 2 - Chapter 9: Guidance ago
Book 2 - Chapter 10: Gong Lan Returns ago
Book 2 - Chapter 11: Fairweather City ago
Book 2 - Chapter 12: An Introduction to Weaponsmithing ago
Book 2 - Chapter 13: Trade Meet ago
Book 2 - Chapter 14: The Auction ago
Book 2 - Chapter 15: Main Auction ago
Book 2 - Chapter 16: Master Smith Bei Ling ago
Book 2 - Chapter 17: Planning ago
Book 2 - Chapter 18: Legacy Weapon ago
Book 2 - Chapter 19: The Wounded Soldier ago
Book 2 - Chapter 20: Soldier of Fortune ago
Book 2 - Chapter 21: Setting Out ago
Book 2 - Chapter 22: The Girl's Story ago
Book 2 - Chapter 23: Unforgiveable ago
Book 2 - Chapter 24: Breaking the Formation ago
Book 2 - Chapter 25: Caravan ago
Book 2 - Chapter 26: Jade Spring ago
Book 2 - Chapter 27: Escaping the Trap ago
Book 2 - Chapter 28: The End Goal ago
Book 2 - Chapter 29: Blood and Gold ago
Book 2 - Chapter 30: Coordinated Strike ago
Book 2 - Chapter 31: Fated Battle ago
Book 2 - Chapter 32: Mutual Destruction ago
Book 2 - Chapter 33: Calamity ago
Book 2 - Chapter 34: Survival ago
Book 2 - Epilogue ago
Book 3 - Synopsis: Light in the Darkness ago
Book 3 - Prologue: Light in the Darkness ago
Book 3 - Chapter 1: Washed Up ago
Book 3 - Chapter 2: Crystal Falls ago
Book 3 - Chapter 3: Bloody Mary ago
Book 3 - Chapter 4: The Bar Maid and the Lord ago
Book 3 - Chapter 5: Fracture ago
Book 3 - Chapter 6: Hope ago
Book 3 - Chapter 7: Arrest ago
Book 3 - Chapter 8: Regret ago
Book 3 - Chapter 9: Dominion ago
Book 3 - Chapter 10: Path to Life ago
Book 3 - Chapter 11: A Kinder Way ago
Book 3 - Chapter 12: Lost in Obscurity ago
Book 3 - Chapter 13: Human Tide ago
Book 3 - Chapter 14: A Debt Renegged ago
Book 3 - Chapter 15: Slave ago
Book 3 - Chapter 16: The Mines ago
Book 3 - Chapter 17: Improvement ago
Book 3 - Chapter 18: Rebellion ago
Book 3 - Chapter 19: Incandescence ago
Book 3 - Chapter 20: Escape ago
Book 3 - Chapter 21: Fuxi's Library ago
Book 3 - Chapter 22: Yu Wen ago
Book 3 - Chapter 23: Truth ago
Book 3 - Chapter 24: Sovereign ago
Book 3 - Chapter 25: Sigil ago
Book 3 - Chapter 26: First Cycle ago
Book 3 - Chapter 27: Foundation Establishment ago
Book 3 - Chapter 28: Life is a Dance ago
Book 3 - Chapter 29: Beast Tide ago
Book 3 - Chapter 30: Theft ago
Book 3 - Chapter 31: Luring the Tiger from the Mountain ago
Book 3 - Chapter 32: Freedom ago
Book 3 - Epilogue ago
Book 4: Pure Jade - Synopsis ago
Book 4- Prologue: Pure Jade ago
Book 4 - Chapter 1: Crumbling and Hardening ago
Book 4 - Chapter 2: Resistance ago
Book 4 - Chapter 3: Momentum ago
Book 4 - Chapter 4: Cash Cow ago
Book 4 - Chapter 5: Departure ago
Book 4 - Chapter 6: Eyes of Pure Jade ago
Book 4 - Interlude: Bhuddas and Evil Spirits ago
Book 4 - Chapter 7: Quicksilver City ago
Book 4 - Chapter 8: Status ago
Book 4 - Chapter 9: Catching Up ago
Book 4 - Release Post ago
Book 4 - Chapter 10: Adventure ago
Book 4 - Chapter 11: Brush Maker ago
Book 4 - Chapter 12: Colleague ago
Book 4 - Chapter 13: State of Mind ago
Book 4 - Chapter 14: Examination ago
Book 4 - Chapter 15: The Final Hurdle ago
Book 4 - Interlude: A Meeting on the Mountain ago
Book 4 - Chapter 16: Competition ago
Book 4 - Chapter 17: Obstruction ago
Book 4 - Chapter 18: A Familiar Face ago
Book 4 - Chapter 19: Blowing Off Steam ago
Book 4 - Chapter 20: A Devil's Alignment ago
Book 4 - Interlude: Filial Piety ago
Book 4 - Chapter 21: Invitation ago
Book 4 - Chapter 22: Interview ago
Book 4 - Chapter 23: Formations ago
Book 4 - Chapter 24: Mo Tianshen ago
Book 4 - Chapter 25: Sigilcraft ago
Book 4 - Chapter 26: Stormchaser ago
Book 4 - Chapter 27: Hidden Agenda ago
Book 4 - Chapter 28: Formation Battles ago
Book 4 - Chapter 29: Hunting ago
Book 4 - Chapter 30: Parallel Arts ago
Book 4 - Chapter 31: Tooth and Nail ago
Book 4 - Interlude: Fanning the Flames ago
Book 4 - Chapter 32: Beast Tamer ago
Book 4 - Chapter 33: Fusion ago
Book 4 - Chapter 34: Friendship ago
Book 4 - Chapter 35: Alabaster Corps ago
Book 4 - Chapter 36: Monarch ago
Book 4 - Chapter 37: Between Light and Darkness ago
Book 4 - Chapter 38: Gambit ago
Book 4 - Epilogue ago
Not a Chapter - Book 5 Announcement Post ago

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A Refreshing xianxia. Imperfect, but Good.

Mish-mashing the more western style of story-telling with xianxia, though one that is very close to xuanhuan (fantasy), I might argue, is what made this story good, even with the many imperfections it had. 

While there are some inconsistencies in the characters' choice/actions that makes it seems forced, some obvious plot-hole patchings, and some places where conversations seems a bit odd (maybe due to the way this story is a xross between two cultures), the well–though some may argue not–thought out plot makes up for many of these things. I'm pretty sure the author at least put his thoughts into it though. (And seeing a xianxia that takes up the good points of other genres is just great.)

The author also seems to be improving as it goes. 

(As to why my score averaged to 5 stars, don't ask me. The ratings on thus site is severely bloated, in my opinion at least. This is how I'm trying to make up for it.)

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Awesome story and my criticism of it

Hello there, I'm a new reader of the story. If you are simply reading this to get a review of whether the story is good or not, I'll just say right from the get go that it is an excellent story with a very good pace, very interesting characters, and an intriguing plot. You should definitely go ahead and read it. Now if you are still reading this, then know that the criticism I am about to give does not mean that I think it's a bad story, not in any way at all, it is only given because I hope the readers and the author understands the type of impact certain aspects of this story can have. I think one of the fundamental aspects of the story, the concept of "true choice" seems a bit misguided. I mean, I won't go into philosophical or physics based debate on whether choice could or couldn't exist (there are very valid arguments on both sides) since this is a work of fiction, and as such obviously a degree of suspension of disbelief is required. But, I have a major issue with the way the concept is portrayed in the story.

True choice in the story seems to be portrayed as a way of choosing the "path less trodden" so to speak. The main character seems to think that the suggestions that society have, both on earth and on the cultivation world, are not the right paths to follow, simply since it would be "going with the flow" and conforming to the norm. The thing is, more often than not, those suggestions are there because of a collective wisdom of the society. Now, I would be the first in line to question societal norms, since I never accept anything without putting it through sufficient scrutiny. For instance, slavery and accepting that the sun went around the earth were societal norms at one point, and obviously those were not the right way to do things.

But, even then, most of the societal norms at the time, were effective for living in that time. Disobey the church in the medieval times in europe and you wouldn't live very long. Instead of following the traffic rules, carve your own path through the city, walk through alleyways and cross roads disregarding the suggestions of the traffic lights, and while there is a small chance that you will get to your destination faster, there is a much higher chance that you will end up dead. It is alright to deviate slightly from the well trodden path, that's what caused humans to progress so far so quickly. It's what caused us to find the new edible fruits, what caused the societal rules to evolve slowly for the better, what could get you to your destination faster if you cross the road at a green light but only after checking that there are no cars on the road.

Calculated small risk, arisen from taking a slight deviation away from the path well trodden, is what causes progress. The mc, on the other hand, seems to consistently keep taking the path right through the wilderness, well away from any path well trodden, and oftentimes while knowing why the path he is taking is wrong, and yet still forcing himself to take it, simply because doing otherwise would make him become one of those who only went with the flow, and we obviously couldn't have that! That'd make him too much like a mindless sheep that only knew how to follow with the pack! And yet even after consistently taking the path through the wilderness, it never seems to come back to bite him in any significant way and so he keeps on trodding on the path through the wilderness, with no consequences whatsoever.

People may say, "Well this is just a story, why do you have to be such a party pooper?" and I understand their criticism, I really do. But the reason I have such a big issue with this, honestly speaking, is because it is at the core of what has caused quite a few of the largest problems in modern society. The drive to be unique has become rampant in modern society, and understandably so, since in cities (where the majority of humans in modern societies live) there are simply so many other humans in such confined small areas that it is very easy to feel as though you are just one among many, severely insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

This couldn't be farther from the truth, since the reason you matter is not because you have to be unique to have an impact on society, but rather because you have a constant impact on those close to you. The effect you have on your friends and family ripple into having an impact on their friends and family, and this is at the root of individualism, the core of western democracies. You matter because you have a direct and significant impact on society at all times. All your actions matter and that's why you matter. There is no reason to constantly force yourself to strive to be different and unique at all times in all things, because being unique and taking the path through the wilderness is not what is required to have a significant impact on your or other peoples' fate.

Broader societal reasons aside, there are concrete issues that now happen on a regular basis that impact the lives of many youths today because media such as movies, games, and tv shows have decided to portray the mentality of the mc, the mentality of choosing the path less trodden and being unique, as the right mentality, and portray it without showing any consequences of such actions, as is similarly done in this story. There are many youths who get tattoos that they severely regret later in life because it hampers their ability to get a good job, there are many youths who try to do dangerous acts and record them to post online but instead end up in jail or severely wounded or dead, there are many youths who take majors like gender studies or religious studies in university and later severely regret it because they find that those majors do not help them find any jobs and instead only cripple them with debt, all because they want to be unique, because they want to be different, because they want to not follow advice, because they want to not follow societal norms, because they want to follow the path less trodden, because the media around them has constantly told them that being unique is the only way to have any impact on society and on their own lives. This is why I have an issue with the way "true choice" is portrayed in this story.

Now, I am in no way, shape, or form, saying that this is a bad story. Neither am I even saying that the author should stop portraying taking the path less trodden as being the right path and the path without any significant consequences. Not at all. I'm enjoying the story immensely as is and I once again recommend it to everyone. But, I think that both the readers and the author should be aware of the broader implications their actions have, because as I have already said, all of your actions have a direct impact on society, regardless of whether you are unique or not, and it is imperative to be aware of that before taking any action, because it is both a great power and a great responsibility at the same time. Anyways, I wish the author the best of luck and hope they keep up the awesome work! And if for some weird reason you are still reading this, I hope you have an excellent day! :)

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One of the best xianxia stories.

One of the best xianxia storyes i have ever read. The abilieties are cool and different . The story has a lot of potencial ,the higher realms seem cool . I like the characters and i can remember them easily beacuse of their distinct personaleties and i feel like the villains have a reason for their actions .  So overall the story has a lot of potencial and i hope the author can finish it.

 P.s : English is not my native tounge so sorry if I made any mistakes


  • Overall Score

Good story, a must read!

A good mix between western manerism and eastern cultivation culture.

The author writes a continuous story without obvious plot-holes. Of course the MC has tremendous Luck on more than one occasion, but he doesnt get everything for free as in other Xianxia novels.

I really want to know how the story developes, as the authors style of writing improves with every book.

Futhark the Elder
  • Overall Score

Xianxia the way it should be

Like many on RRL, I read a lot of xianxia and wuxia. I must also admit that I give up on almost all of them because of the repeated use of idiot plot. (Idiot plot — when the protagonist does something stupid and the plot is then driven by his attempts to dig himself out of the hole he’s dug for himself.)

To my pleasant satisfaction, this xianxia story has a protagonist who is consistently sensible. He’s also loyal to his friends and doesn’t take advantage of the kindness of others. You’d think this is the way it should be. I also reckon it’s the way it should be, but it so seldom is in xianxia.

So far I’ve read book 1, which was excellent, and have begun book 2, for which I have high hopes. It is just so bloody nice to have a main character who doesn’t frustrate and disappoint you with attacks of utter imbecility.

The author also deserves a compliment for a good mastery of language and attention to detail. It appears he takes comments seriously and has edited text in response to feedback. This makes the man a treasure. Hats off, sirrah.

Finally, the cultivation system is a novel variation on familiar systems, and has the priceless advantage of being explained clearly to the reader. This is rare in xianxia, either because the original Chinese/Korean author was making it up as he went along or because the translator was incompetent or both. So once again, respects to the author of this story.

  • Overall Score

First book was binged like crazy! 

I liked the good editing, the grammar usage and the idioms. 

MC was likable and not too overbearing. He does have a small slight cheat ability. But the writer does well enough to build up his powers and skills. So it's not like wham! bam! op ta dah! 


Support Characters may need some more work. But still different and distinct enough to stand out. 

World building is like most xianxia or cultivator worlds. So the writer didn't try to be too different from the genre. So if you like cultivator stories its still that. 

You will still have your arrogant people and good people. Like any world. 

My only pet peeve, maybe personal, the MC still retains his memories of old Earth, BUT he doesn't share any of the innovations or changes to the new world. If he doesn't, what's the point of keeping his memories?  In reincarnation transmigration stories, the purpose of keeping old memories is to offer perspective to innovate and allow for change in the new environment. Or at the least, some meaningful impact of the old vs new. Etc. Perhaps I will see that in book 2?...


Sure, I'll still give this a 5 star rating. Even in light of that glaring issue. Since the overall story is still very enjoyable. 




  • Overall Score

Read the first book. it's about the mc setting his first step on the path of culitvation. it's basically the school arc where he meets his friends, teacher and became a cultivator, making his first life and death experience. it's the fundament for the ongoing series.

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People differ in many things, starting from the type of coffee they prefer and ending by the type of LNs they think are the most awesome. Still, I think this LN is a cut above most LNs that exist till this day. My subconscious has a lot of (very complicated) criteria when he rates a LN. However, Originality, Fluidity and Fleshed out characters always have the highest weights. I love this novel (for those who didn't get my message clearly: I LOVE this novel xD). The reincarnation thing is a bit cliche but apart from that this is new material that I bet will be plagiarised by (sorry: will be the source of inspiration for) many other authors.

The things I most liked about this LN:
- There is an engineering feel/taste that only engineers will feel. For instance, the part where the king of the underworld (I forgot his name, I never was good with names xD) meets an expert in the human management field and how they discuss things: you will never get to read about this in other novels, perhaps most of you won't like this type of filler but as an engineer I like it a lot. Another scene is of how the MC became an apprentice doctor (I dare say most engineers in the world question themselves at least once in their lives about choosing engineering over the medical field..xD)
- I like how the MC isn't the bloodthirsty type, he is a reasonable person in an unreasonable world and he won't let the world taint him. I like this setting, most LNs will tell us of how the MC suffered because of his naivety as an explanation for the future massacres he will be committing wherever he goes
- I like how the side characters are not overshadowed by the MC (some of them are even luckier in some weird way compared to the MC).
- I especially like reading the Huxian scenes. Usually, the pet of a MC is always a loyal dog/dragon/phoenix/qilin and nothing more. Apart from being loyal to the MC, the pet does not have any special character tendencies or something he strives to achieve. Well, not in this LN, Huxian is on equal footing with the MC and is even starting to form his own (small) kingdom
- The humour isn't clearly felt at first, but in later chapters, in particular the scenes corresponding to Huxian, you will find yourself smiling a lot (I think the author is improving by the day..^^)
- The character of Wang by itself deserves a full lengthy paragraph but I ll try to be brief. The guy is a cool seer of some kind, he has some agenda that we don't know of (yet) and sometimes I think he should have been the MC but when I saw how smitten he became with .... (I forgot her name -_-) I thanked God he wasnt the MC. I don't like reading drama. Still I have high hopes for him and I like how calculating and honest he was (usually a person is either calculating or honest, but Wang is both and that is what makes him awesome)
- did I mention how awesome and mysterious the MC's master is ? the guy is a talisman maker and unlike Tang's master (in the Douluo Continent world), he is married. Well, he happens to be trying to escape the clutches of his wife but you know it is good to have a master that is (actually and officially) married .. lol
-The way karma/ sin energy are explained gradually through the story reflects how much thought and time was invested in writing this story. (those details are what make a LN stand out above the rest of LNs)
- the hardships the MC keeps facing and overcoming. I am, simply, tired of MCs who get to saunter around the place and beat everyone into submission. For once, there is a MC who needs to work harder in his cultivation than other characters. Yes, he will eventually ascend above all other characters, but for now he is still making the first step into the cultivation world and life should be unfair (especially for him).

The things I didn't quite like:
- the girls. yeah the girls .. they are just .. annoying .. in the same way the girls of the wheel of time series were annoying .. xD I don't mind reading about the occasional stupid / bloodthirsty / psycopathic girl but if all of them are divorced from reality and keep having the wrong conclusions .. well that will diminish slightly the overall quality of the novel. >>>>>>>> The good news is that the author is taking serious measures to rehabilitate them (at least one of them was sent to a budhist monk to get some psychological treatment. a wise choise there xD)
- Transition problem: I found myself jumping from an important scene to another. It is good to have action and it is really good to see how life is progressing for everyone. But as I said in some comments, I think using filler chapters to write some humour scenes or even some other random thing is relaxing and good in its own way (especially if it is a bonus chapter above the usual quota xD).


  • Overall Score

Excellent story. Better than most of the xianxia stories out there.

  • Overall Score

I'm always very picky about grammar.  I have to say, this story has some of the best grammar of any on this website.  The story is very good too, and the update schedule is nice.