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The calm lands capital- Rhadon- the shining city

The royal palace

King Charles II. leader of the house Carapax sat inside his study surrounded bookshelfs which seemed to have grown tired of carrying all the knowledge of the calm lands on their shoulders but still unwilling to break under the weight of their fate, just like the one who owned those books and was leaning back in his chair while stroking his grey beard that contained a few red sprinkles of his beloved wine which he treasured most in this world. He looked down at the empty golden chalice in his hand with a frown on his old face wondering if there was a way to keep the chalice full at all times so he didn't have to run down to his wine cellar again and again. But were he to ask that question he knew that the Archmage who sat in the chair on his opposite wouldn't even waste a single thought on his question while still keeper that fake smile plastered over his white face deeming that proposal to be beyond his position to fullfill.

"It really is a pain in the ass to deal with these arrogant mages thinking they are almighty and everlasting. How can it be beneath them to cast some kind of simple spell to answer my call when they should be honored to be asked a simple question by change. How could it possibly be unhonorable to serve your king for mothers love?!"
King Charles started to grumble into his beard when he finished with his thought somehow seeming to be displeased with his empty chalice.

He looked up and started to muster the man opposite him who wore a wide red robe and pointed red shoes and same as the king stroked his beard that was even longer than King Charles beard and had reached a considerable length reaching his solar plexus with a little hairband ending in a small bell which sounded with every swaying step the old man took. If an outsider were to look at this bizarre scene he may wonder if they tride to lengthen their beards by stroking them in order to contest who could make them grow longer.

"So Eredur, what did you wanted to talk to me about?" Charles asked the Archmage who seemed to awake from a trance at the calling of the king opening his mouth with a pleasing smile to answer the kings question.

"Your majesty, I beg to pardon this sudden intrusion on your excellency but the matter I wish to discuss is of outmost importance and may very well affect the future of our kingdom which is exactly why I did not dare to decide this matter only with my fellow Archmages." As Eredur finished is short speech the kings frown started to grow even more distinct as he thought: "Since when does your order of the oh so high and mighty mages care for us mere mortals? Well, might as well keep on listening..."

"And what exactly is this important matter all about?" He asked while keeping his sharp eyes locked on Eredur to keep even the slightest lie from escaping his proficient eyes.
The Archmage shifted slightly under the eagle eyes of King Charles as he seemingly could never get used to those all observent eyes of his.
"We, the order of the savant, have conducted many experiments over the years to research the most miniscule structure of magic by noting and observing the Nexus that are popping up all over the land without a scheme they follow so it was hard to find them in time. Anyway, we conducted this research in the hopes to find out how magic is put together and understand its components. But we did not only research for the sake of gathering and accumulating more knowledge about magic to deepen our control. No. We started our research with the agenda to do something which had never be done in the whole of history as far as we know. We tried to understand the parts of magic and change it so we could completely absord and create everything we wished to our hearts content. You could say we tried to recreate Genesis.
Over the years we reached a point where our knowledge could not be deepened any further with practical research meaning someone had to actually try and absorb magic and change it by his will alone."

King Charles listened attentively but at some point couldn't completely follow the Archmage anymore since his knowledge over magic was kind of limited.
"Wait, wait, wait. I can't follow you through with your thoughts. How does magic being confined in a person is something knew? I thought that's what being a magician is all about." He said with a bit of ennoyance in his voice having to expose his lack of knowledge to the Archmage.

"Forgive this old man your majesty, I got to excited about this topic and forgot that you are not a mage yourself." In his mind gloating for the old man opposite him who thought to be wise and all knowing yet knowing nothing at all.
"Maybe it would be wise to explain the concept of magic from the beginning so you can fully grasp our goal and make a decision accordingly."

"Yes, that would be good. If you may enlighten me then." the king said with a bit of ennoyence in his voice suppressing the urge to call for his guards and let this old dodderer have thrown out of his office if only to heal his wounded pride of having lost this contest of knowledge.

Clearing his throat Eredur took a sipp of wine from the chalice in front of him which he hadn't even touched once yet seemingly preparing himself for a long speech.
"As your majesty may know, magic is a force which surrounds all things. A stone, a wall made of wood, bread, water and even the air. It is all encompassing, yet why that is so no human knows. Even the Elfs seem to have no knowledge of it.
When you become a magician your first task is to clear your mind so you may commence with the second task to feel the magic within yourself. It is a melody which is unique to only yourself and differs from person to person. It is comprised of your character, your nature and affinity. Many people though confuse affinity with talent when looked at a certain element or school of magic but that is utter rubbish if I may say so. Affinity only means that you like a certain element more than the others which goes in accordance with your character and human nature and may help you to comprehend it faster when learning magic for the first time but after you are studying magic for some years you will come to like the other elements just as much as you may have liked your first one.
But I have lost track of my original theme.
After you have comprehended the melody within yourself you begin to observe your surroundings and start to feel the magic within them as well. Here again a melody can be found, unique to every thing. After you have perceived those melodies for some time you have to try and merge your own melody and the melody of a fire for example to create a song. In the process of merging you serve as a medium through which the magic/song of the fire flows and merges with your own. Now if you add a certain intention or emotion into the song and change it you reach the point where the song is categorised into the schools of magic. If you have ill intentions of harming someone or something the song falls under the category of the destruction magic. If you only which to use the song of the fire to use it for forging a weapon for example than there will be no ill intention and it falls under the category of transformation magic. There are of course other schools of magic but I don't think they are needed in this example or would you like me to continue?"
Eredur took a sipp of the wine which he found to be fantastic and took a second one not wanting to wasted the fine drink.

The king had a pondering expression on his face while thinking about the Archmages words. Seeming to have woken up from his pondering state he looked at the Archmage and said: "No thank you, I think this should suffice."

"So, what me and my collegues have tried to achieve is to overcome the state of being a mere medium and increasing the intensity of our own song by fully absorbing the magic of our surroundings and change it into our own magic while erasing the natures mark on it. Sadly, as we first tried our first experiment on a living being the mans own song got somehow changed so drastically as he was trying to change the song of the object he was trying to merge with his own magic that he died on the spot, simply because he was had changed his own basic structure that his body couldn't sustain the energy level needed to do so and shut his system down." Eredur sighed, a little too obvious of his disappointment.
"Afterwards we started to think differently and chose another approach on the matter to not endanger ourselfs. We thought that if a human being can't stand the change to the human body why not simply let an object take our place?
So we speculated what would be needed to accomplish our goal but have yet to find an answer to this question.
Furthermore we thought it may be a good idea to inform your majesty of our plans since if we were to be successful than it may become quite possible that every human, mage or not could use the power of a mage one day."

The kings eyes widened as he went over the possibilities this opened to mankind and couldn't keep himself from thinking about the wretched Elfs. What would happen if they were to be confronted with such a massive power of magic? Simple, they would be utterly eredicated from this world and humankind could finally reign suppreme over the lands.

King Charles looked over his desk at the Archmage with a chilling glimmer in his eyes indicative of his greed for this power Eredur was talking of. "You have my full support on this matter Eredur. How long will it take for you to finish the first prototype? Of course only if we assume that you are able to find a way to catalyse and save the magic first to use as fuel."

"A few years from now should suffice your majesty. At the very least two and for the max four if I'm not completely wrong in my thinking." Eredur theorised as he stroked his beard again with a thoughtfull expression.

"Than get to work already, we have no time to loose. Send a message if you need further financial assistence or what ever may be necessary." Charles said with a pressing tone making sure the Archmage had understood how urgently he wanted those machines.

"As you wish your majesty. We shall start immediately upon my return to the necropolis."
Eredur stood up, bowed lightly in the kings direction and left the kings office.

As Eredur left his office the king still sat silently in his chair unable to contain the savage anticipation of crushing those Elfs beneath his feet once and for all glimmering in his eyes.
He started to sort out the paperrolls on his desk and was beginning to think about the preparations needed to be made in order to assemble the royal army and to gather war supplies for the upcoming stormy days.

War was brewing and Charles couldn't stop himself from looking forward to the days to come.

A note from cubex404

Magic could be compared to a glass of water and the song would be the label to describe the characteristics of the water

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