I was on a mission, to tell the story of me and my close group of friends, in the most fantastical way possible.

So, I created a world.

So I created creatures to fill that world.

I made twists and turns, plots and sub plots.

And like frankenstein, I gave life into this monster, and it breathed back.

At first, I was skeptical, my first two stories were doing terribly, but then the feed back started coming in... People were...Liking it?

The positive comments fuelled me to write more, even the negative ones, they told me I could be better.

So I wrote on, I built a storyline with side-events, I raised characters for that storyline, some using my close friends as a reference. I made that monster stand, as I had made it breath, and it spoke.

Many could not understand it, but it spoke.

And before I knew it...I was half a million words in.

Over 500,000 words, in a single fiction. Even to me, that was insane. Some chapters even went up to 12,000 words alone.

The passion I put into that story is something I only felt once more, it was while writing this story, The Dragon Within.

Today, I present you all with a passion project of mine I've been contemplating for the past months.

The rebirth of that monster.

A New Breath, for Our Chaoz ; Our Reality.

And I would highly appreciate anyone that at the very least gave it a shot ^ ^


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Bio: Amateur author with non-mother tongue English who loves disturbing backstories and...Mmmm....cliffhangers....

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