{The Dragon Within} (Completed)



The World So Far (Map! And 'Who's your favourite character? :D')

Who's your favourite character so far? :D
Erik Fireborn (Erikathyr)
42.22% 42.22% of votes
Thea Selene
6.39% 6.39% of votes
Kayle Selene
0.56% 0.56% of votes
0.28% 0.28% of votes
1.11% 1.11% of votes
Makaela Xilfir
11.67% 11.67% of votes
Pyra Xilfir
1.11% 1.11% of votes
Zentha Xilfir
0% 0% of votes
Ascal Xilfir
0.28% 0.28% of votes
12.5% 12.5% of votes
Drew Kell (Arch-Duke)
0% 0% of votes
Sol Druvia (King of Druvia)
2.22% 2.22% of votes
Henry Kolbert (Druvian High General)
0% 0% of votes
Your boy Grim, the reaper of death
21.67% 21.67% of votes
Total: 360 vote(s)

A note from SlyOkami

Surprisingly it only took me two hours Very Happy, generators ftw!

Here's the map ^ ^


And here's the map with known regions/cities so far Very Happy

Mind you that this is Not the full map, obviously, there are many kingdoms gone unmarked and much more land unmapped ^ ^

I also seem to have made a mistake in Chapter 15 - My way, messed up the directions of the fortresses mentioned which have now been fixed ^ ^

Oh and,

This map will be updated as the story goes, unsure how frequently I will post it...maybe when a new continent like Sinroz is being explored? Or maybe every dozen or so chapters? Not sure...could use some suggestions on that :S


A note from SlyOkami

Chapter 20 still in the works, shouldn't be too long from now ^ ^

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Bio: Amateur author with non-mother tongue English who loves disturbing backstories and...Mmmm....cliffhangers....

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