Dead Dragon's Combat Manual

by Love4NovelGuy

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Psychological Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

After dying by his master’s hand, Alex crosses the void and finds himself in the body of the young master of the Fang Clan, also known as the waste of the Clan born without Spiritual Channels. Realising that the only reason he was able to survive was due to his extremely strong soul, he creates his own cultivation technique and decides to marry his fiancé despite how countless enemies lurk in the shadows.

In this mystical world of cultivation and martial arts, Fang Yun will have to learn the ways of the different Weapons in order to grow as a Heaven Combating Martial Artist and explore the Azure Sky Continent.

(I do not own the cover image. The story will be centred more about his journey as a martial artist instead of the protagonist’s romance and it will be about the MC’s growth.)

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Its good don't delete it. Infact keep working on it has pontential also this is an old bookmark of mine you need to update more but its really good.

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I like the way you build the theories of cultivation much better and with more complexity than most Chinese soap operas and you always get a very good mix about the physical links about magic. keep on writing more I will always follow