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Knowledge, what is its true worth, power, wealth or maybe pride. Ben may find the answer in Royal Road
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Tec Mage Prologue ago
Tec Mage Chapter One: Knowledge Is Power But So Is The Fist ago
Tec Mage Chapter Two: Boots, Books And Helping Hands ago
Tec Mage Chapter Three: Upgrades And Home, Sweet Home ago
Tec Mage Chapter Four: Magic And Blacksmithing ago
Tec Mage Chapter Five: Pain And Magical Gain ago
Tec Mage Chapter Six: A Winning Moment ago
Tec Mage Chapter Seven: Winners, Losers And Comebacks ago
Tec Mage Chapter Eight: A Strange Voice ago
Tec Mage Chapter Nine: The 4th Apprentices ago
Tec Mage Chapter Ten: Teenage Adventures ago
Tec Mage Chapter Eleven: Class And Goodbyes ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twelve: Enchanting And Interrogation ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirteen: Two Months Later ago
stats and skills after the 13th chapter ago
Tec Mage Chapter Fourteen: Beasts And Priest ago
Tec Mage Chapter Fifteen: Home Sweet Gnoll ago
Tec Mage Chapter Sixteen: Shooting Fish In A Barrel ago
Tec Mage Chapter Seventeen: Deals, Upgrades and 2 vs 1 ago
Atlas gear after chapter seventeen ago
Tec Mage Chapter Eighteen: Water And Bosses ago
Tec Mage Chapter Nineteen:A Student, A Teacher And A Master ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty: Moonstone ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty One: Friendly Fight ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty Two: Fending Off A Monster ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty Three: Debts Between A Man And Dwarf ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty Four: Light After The Fire ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty Five: Exam and Dungeon Diving ago
7 Rules Of Enchanting ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty Six: Crypt-ic ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty Seven: Harken ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty Eight: Pride And Shrine ago
Tec Mage Chapter Twenty Nine: Bad Day To Be The Boss ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty: Quartermaster's Trail ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty One: Consequences Of The Information Network ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty Two: A Cut Above The Rest ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty Three: Elemental Blacksmith ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty Four: The Four Jacks ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty Five: Rainbow Baby ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty Six: The Journey To Baran Village ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty Seven: Duke Crowfeather ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty Eight: The Problems With Intimacy ago
Tec Mage Chapter Thirty Nine: Florem Lucis ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty: Heaven's Core ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty One: Past The Black Roots ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty Two: The Original Three ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty Three: First Creation, Adam ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty Four: That Magnificent Flying Machine ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty Five: War, Defence ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty Six: War, Resources ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty Seven: War, Attack ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty Eight: War, Negotiation ago
Tec Mage Chapter Forty Nine: Love, Respect And Gold ago
Tec Mage Chapter Fifty: The Down Fall Of Lord Bolt ago
Tec Mage Chapter Fifty One: Not With A Bang Or A Whimper But A .... ago
Tec Mage Chapter Fifty Two: Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder ago
Tec Mage Chapter Fifty Three: When It Rains, It Pours ago

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Forays off the beaten path

Don’t get fooled by the synopsis. This is an amazing story.   Rather than take the common path of throwing someone into a world, giving him OP powers and having all events ‘coincidentally’ go his way (read plot-no-jutsu), Tec Mage has woven an intricate and heartwarming story of a sensible, hardworking protagonist who thinks, plans, and makes things happen. Does he end up powerful? Yes. Not in the normal way though. Does he have influential friends and powerful allies? Yes. He created them himself, and holds true to the mantra that nothing is for free, and that things come to you only if you make them happen. The MC is an inspirational and serving character who sacrifices for others yet never gets run over. Boy he can stand up for himself. And he gets some really cool tricks along the way.   Well written, engaging, and extremely realistic. Tec mage is much more than meets the eye.   Recommend people read it. It will pleasantly surprise you! (or your money back. If you can find me wahaha.)

One of the Top 5 Stories on this Site

Tec Mage is by far one of the best stories on this site. Plot, world building, character building are all on point. Some authors love to give the MC's random power ups that turn you off from a story but this author does not. The MC worked for all of his abilities and every power up is justifiable and more importantly believable. 

Some people would want to lead you to believe the story is dull and boring and the MC does  random and seemingly meaningless task, but that is far from the truth. Every action is calculated and the "boring" parts of the story are actually interesting bits of world building and character development. 

Now a big issue a lot of people have is with the grammar and I will say yes it was pretty bad in the beginning, but even at it's worst it is still better than 95 percent of the authors on this site at their best. While i have not gone back to re-read previous chapters, I am currently up to date with this story ( Chapter 47) and I can say the grammar has improved tremendously. With the improved grammar I can say with full confidence this is one of the best stories on this site and you would not regret reading it. 


So to this story i can only start with the bad stuff and that ist:

Grammar....... thats it.


The story is increadibly good writtin in my opinion, an MC that is not stupidly OP from the beginning and Killing everything on sight. Many Good Inventions and different aspekt how to overcome the Problem or alternative ways to end the Quests. So now the Pros:

- Many Crafting ideas

- a system that shows leveling is not everything

- Alternative Possiblitys to end quest without just Killing

- Hidden jobs and alternative possibilitys in a Gameworld.


Also for people that want to just an Battle novel with an OP MC and many many Harem members, sorry that story is not for you.


Second Best royalroad fan fiction next to "the fool" series

Great story, awesome character and very neat development

Shitty grammar mistakes that gives me headache

This is the only story that i cant binge read due to headache induced by your grammar mistakes

I would love to PR your work but i'm not very proficient in PRing.

So please! somebody! PR this awesome story!!


It's a great story, but the spelling is weird pretty often

All the rides instead of rids, slaves instead of salves, forgetting the s and 's and occasionally mistaking one for the other, quite instead of quiet and many similar cases are kind of annoying.


Aside from that it's a really good, inventive story. Definitely not some kind of copycat fanfic but a whole new story that happens to take place in the same world and game. You really miss out if you don't try this.


 it strikes a great balance between being OP and not so OP for the MC.making it just right for my taste


Unique and very interesting

Right from the start incorporating the real world money to gold exchange system and the realistic story of the MC and practical use of VR (for studying). These were elements i very much welcomed. However, i suggest reading through what you have written before posting. There are words like "currant sate" when you meant current state or "severed"  for served. I know through time you can improve on that.  Very witty at incorporating science in battles like the rapid cooling of a very hot surface to make it brittle. Though keep in mind this is Royal Road so stuff like that should be a critical strike and not just easily shatter something like a giant skeleton's head. Otherwise every mage with a fire-ice attribute would shatter almost anything with the same concept. Although they are minor mistakes, I love where you're going with the story and the strong pacifist MC is awesome.

I like where the story is going so far, but I think you can add a little more about his life outside the game. You have the back story, what happened after he was replaced, but what now? Is he going to go back to his old job, how far along is he with his school? Is he going to leave that country and by his own piece of land, will he start his own merchant company trading to other kingdoms? Will he kill his mentor’s son-in-law or will he try to reform him and make him repent for his past crimes? Will the apprentices and all the people he has helped move if he builds his own land outside the reach of those power hungry outlanders?


Good story, abysmal grammar

I really want to give this story a better rating.  I honestly do.  But the sheer amount of grammatical and spelling mistakes makes this an impossibility.  I would not have read this fiction without the story being engaging.


The good:

The main character, while "perfect", is interesting.  The fight scenes could use some more detail, but there are some inventive ways to defeat powerful foes.  It isn't just the MC fighting alone.  He has some help with a few NPCs that have their own personality and motivation, albeit shallow and simple.  The chapters are long, which is great.


The bad:

Grammar.  How do you have such a grasp of the English language to tell an engaging story and not know the difference between their, there, and they're?  I honestly cannot think of a SINGLE TIME that you have used one of those 3 words correctly.  "There" is used instead of "their" in every single chapter and the one time the correct word was "their", you used "there".  "Quite" is very different from "quiet".  "With held" is one word.  Viscous is not vicious.  Etc.  The list is nearly endless with the wrong words being used.  I'm talking multiple words per chapter.

Do you not know what a period ( . ) and a comma ( , ) are used for?  They are not interchangeable.  You use massive run-on sentences that last for hundreds of words.  Looking at a few chapters, I do not think you use one period outside of ( ... ).

You also need to figure out tenses of words.  I cannot count the number of times I saw the wrong tense.  Ran/run, , hand/hung, swim/swam, etc.  These are different words and need to be treated as such.


When I read a story and catch a spelling or grammatical error, I will usually comment about it so the author can make the change to the correct word or fix the grammar.  In this story, I would be unable to do so because I would exceed the character limit. 

I have really enjoyed the ingenuity of the plot twists and developments that you have incorporated into the story. All the characters seem well built, though I’m a little greedy and want to hear more about all their progress as well from their POV like we did with the mage apprentice that left. I dearly hope you keep on writing! Eager for more!