Dream of the Abyss

by StartingLine

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Magic Mythos Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Elisa Mary Grant died in a hospital bed after being stuck in it for six months, and like any other, her soul drifted away from her husk when she passed.

For her, death was a release. It merely meant that she no longer have to wake up in pain, breathing through tubes and have doctors flood her veins with dubious chemicals for “experimental treatment”. Free from her mortal constraints and useless body, she felt… at peace, serene, even.

Death is bliss, after all, when objectively living sucked to the point of extreme. Therefore, there was no reason to mourn at all and she knew she definitely didn't.


That was until, on her way for a proper reincarnation, she found herself rudely interrupted and left stranded in the great NoWhere.

Wonderful,” she remarked as she floated in the [Beyond], “Just when I thought that suicide is the answer.”

Author's note: 

Updates every Tuesday-Wednesday, probably some time in between.


P.S Notes: Contains existential questions and nihilistic themes. Will be rather sluggish until the MC gets her shit together.

P.SS Notes: Story takes time to develop. And maybe uncomfortable. It's not gonna be action-packed or filled with battles, I think. Anyway, it is kinda unusual.

P. SS Notes: It is not LitRpg. Don't be fooled.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1 Beginning: Unplugged. ago
2 Beginning: The Grey Blob in Nowhere ago
3 Beginning: The Red Menace ago
4 Beginning: Wriggly Greens ago
5 Beginning: A reason to be ago
6 Unnatural Nature: Playing with Fire ago
7 Unnatural Nature: Exodus ago
8 Unnatural Nature: The Monster in the Woods ago
9 Unnatural Nature: To Devour ago
10 Unnatural Nature: The Holy Trinity ago
11 Unnatural Nature: Me Scary Beastie ago
12 Unnatural Nature: The Art of Running Away ago
13 Strange Currents: Royal Flushed ago
14 Strange Currents: Pin Prick ago
15 Strange Currents: Food and Prejudice ago
16 Strange Currents: Starvation ago
17 Strange Currents: The Mad Hunt ago
18 Strange Currents: Hubris ago
19 Strange Currents: Of Minds and Body ago
20 Strange Currents: The Essence of the Matter ago
21 Strange Currents: Soul Searching for an Answer ago
22 Strange Currents: New Arrangements ago
23 New Reign: Regency in the Making ago
24 New Reign: Soul bound ago
25 New Reign: Waking Dreams ago
26 New Reign: Back to the Drawing Board ago
27 New Reign: Second Opinion ago
28 New Reign: Gardens of Rebirth ago
29 New Reign: Dream Catcher ago
30 New Reign: Usurper ago
31 Safe Harbour: First Snow of Winter ago
32 Safe Harbour: The Corners ago
33 Safe Harbour: Ashore ago
34 Safe Harbour: The Creightons ago
35 Safe Harbour: Education in Many Ways ago
36 Safe Harbour: Monstrous ago
37 Safe Harbour: New Pairs of Eyes ago
38 Safe Harbour: Prospecting ago
39 Safe Harbour: Reconfiguration ago
40 Safe Harbour: Surgical Removal ago
41 Safe Harbour: In Pursuit ago
42 Safe Harbour: The Question ago
43 Deep Winter: What once Was ago

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The Cthulhu Eel Arises

A synopsis of the chapters so far:

A perfectly good ecosystem: "Boy, this sure is a lovely day, absolutely nothing can go wrong in this perfect enviroment with it's lovely critters!"

The MC: "Evilly talks to herself will planning how to annihilate everything good in this world"

Overall, a very good story!

  • Overall Score

a high quality story with a slight tinge of mystery

This story does not have many chapters for now but i am on the tip of my seat for more updates and has been expertly written with no errors in spelling or sentence composition.

This story has an unusual twist on the reincarnation trope and the descriptions are accurate enough but not too much to not leave anything over to the imagination.

Overall i find this fiction to be very interesting and i will continue following it until its (hopefully complete) end.

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An story of the descent to madness of a dead human

Our mc is a normal girl that is withering away in a hospital, then release comes, but with it not oblivion as she would have expected, but a strange place, there something weird happens, and she is stranded.

The story follows her fall, from being a normal human girl who is dying, to becoming a supernatural spirit monster that feeds on other spirits. She tries to have some sanity,  but the changes are just too great and she gives in to primal instincts, predating on others, and scaring the life out of them.

The author is good at writing this weird setting, with doing a decent attempt to describe the afterlife. One thing that i feel like the author has captured very well, is the supernatural setting of the story, and all the mysteries surrounding the situation of the MC. Theres also a decent pacing, although it switches in speed between arcs, with some being very fast paced, and others being slow paced.

This is certainly one of the most unique stories i have read so far on Royalroad, and i will keep following it, even through the uncertain release schedule of the author. And i do recommend others to read this also, even if just to get a view of how this story really is.

  • Overall Score

Unique and thought provoking

A unique take on reincarnation and afterlife tropes. A bit slow paced, but very much intriguing and thought provoking.

Elisa is slowly being stripped down and made bare. A lingering human remnant transitioning into a monster. Her journey so far is one I recommend, especially for those fans of re: stories.

Thanks for the hard work, and please keep at it, Author!

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


Up until now it kinda feels like a prologue 

Few if any errors(dont remember them)

The story and style were pretty good in my opinion 

I'm goin to enjoy reading this

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Very unique story...every part of this GEM is crystal and clear because of how good it was written... this book is one of the best originals ive read...it is worth trying...sadly ive stop reading this at chapter 9 because the MC is Female...i actually dont read anything that has a Female Lead story unless its NOT humanoide... i tried this one and im NOT that dessapointed...my only problem is the MCs gender ...especially when she 'transform' into humanoid being which i dont know cause i stop reading it... what i hate bout female lead was their KOREAN LIKE DRAMA of contemplation or dialogue ... this GEM actually has dialogues which in surprise that ive reach this far... it is a good read... and i would RECOMMEND this to YOU..go read this..