Tale of a Knight


king of spades

Volume 1: Chapter 15: Sword of Wrath (Part 1)


‘I guess now I have a party member, a girly looking guy…I guess that is not the weirdest thing that has happened to me so far’

As far as his life goes, Bakit could only remember the last six months of it.

In a way, he suspected that someone hit him in the head so hard that he lost the memories of his past.

‘That might by why the family of Sword Saints is obsessed with playing matchmaker with me, I must have done something during the time before I lost my memories’

Removing the gauntlet on his right arm, he gazed at the stump of what was left of his right hand.

‘Before I lost my hand’

The stump’s surface had already healed completely, but during the same time he lost his hand, he ended up being infected by monsters called Crystal Elementals.

Crystal elemental’s shards infect any living being that makes physical contact with them, and by draining the mana of the victim, the shard ends up quickly growing from the inside the body; skewering the victim to death in the process.

Luckily, Bakit somehow managed to avoid that grisly outcome.

According to Bakit’s trusted friend Rolgo, the reason he was still alive is because Bakit had an unusually low mana reserves in his body, almost none in fact, which is why the crystal shards could not develop properly and had to adapt instead.

It resulted in crystal shards entering into a symbiotic relationship with Bakit’s body, essentially using his as a nest to grow while the shards would absorb mana from the atmosphere or nearby people.

Usually, the stump of his right arm is covered in crystals, but now only skin and flesh were there. It was truly strange.

A couple of months after he ended up being infected, Bakit started to hear the voice of the crystal symbiote within his mind, but ever since he acquired the Sword of Wrath, the he could no longer hear that voice.

“If you are wondering about the pesky parasite within your blood, I suppressed him. Though, regretfully, I cannot remove it. I am afraid the bond it had forged with your body is too strong. But at the very least I can keep it from growing any further”

By now, Bakit had gotten used to hearing that voice within his head, a soft and melodic voice of the Sword of Wrath.

“Well, thanks for that, uhm, Sword of Wrath, I guess?”

“Wrath is fine” the sword nonchalantly answered.


“You are not exactly a heroic type, are you, Bakit?”

“Nope, not even close. If anything, I like to think of myself as a free spirit, a guy who does whatever he wants. A lovable rogue, if you will. Just a guy who wants to have a happy and long life”

“And if anyone stands in the way of your happiness?”

“Then I will cut them into pieces, as simple as that”

“Wow, I thought I was a cruel one…but you are something else, aren’t you? Usually most swordsmen aspire to be a hero or the ultimate villain, but you seem to not care for either”

“It does not matter whether I end up painted as a hero or a villain or nobody, but I will live my life by my own rules.”

“A rather brave resolve for someone so shameless”

“Wrath, if the two of us are going to be partners from now on, we need to know each other better”

“Agreed” the feminine voice answered. “But to do that, I need your help”

“If it is within my power, by all means”

“Command me to <Manifest>”

“All right”


As soon as Bakit said that, countless flame-like sparks emerged from the blade, gathering together into a single spot, and forming into a humanoid being.

Within a few seconds, the process was done, and now there was a white haired woman in a torn up red dress before him.

Her eyes were colored blood red and slitted; she was at least a head taller than Bakit. Upon her head were two sharp horns. Without a doubt she was a demon.

“Wow” Bakit was not sure what to say, a hottie just appeared before him. And she looked like she was in her twenties, making a seventeen year old Bakit feel a little smitten. He saw a lot of women and a very attractive guy, but this lady put them all to shame.

“It is your first time seeing me like this. But now we can finally converse. My name is Ikari; I am the demon soul trapped within the Sword of Wrath.”


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