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Life is hard for an orphan on the streets of Tyine, Capitol of the "Glorious Empire" of Haj, thirteen year old Cass knows this well and has managed to survive ever since her parents abadoned her five years ago.  She thought her life was as terrible as it could be, but now that she has been grabbed off the street and thrown into a dark cell with many other street children, Cass worries that life may get even worse.

Join Cass on her journey through blood and magic as she learns the power in the ink tattooed into her back and the horror of the worst kinds of people.

(please take the content warnings seriously, this wont be a happy one folks)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
At least a jail cell is a roof over your head ago
It could be worse, but not by much. ago
Look at the bright side, at least its not my problem. ago
Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. ago
Misery and happiness are the lot of human existence. ago
And thus we give thanks for this meal ago
A dream and a nightmare. ago
The beginning ago
To experience pain requires no intelligence, no maturity, no wisdom. ago
It might not be so bad, but it will be. ago
Daring to dream. ago
There is never any good news. ago
Some times life is unpredictable. ago
I think I may be losing my mind. ago
I guess being broken is not so bad. ago
Inspiration and innovation lead to joy and pain ago
I am me, but who is that? ago
A walk to clear the mind. ago
A glimpse of possibilities. ago
Fragments of the past. ago
Rewards, touches, and glyphs. ago
Testing the waters and being measured. ago
Pain, Pleasure, and Disapointment. ago
Ambush. ago
A Mountain Breeze. ago
A New City ago
A walk around town. ago
Where there is smoke, there is fire. ago
The smell of oil. ago
Side Story - Cass and the Church ago
Side Story - Cass and the Reds ago
The Day Before ago
Flint to steel. ago
The deal. ago
Misleading and discovering. ago
The first act of creation. ago
A Conversation over dinner. ago
My neighbors might be crazier than I am... ago
An interrogation. ago
Assault on the brothel. ago
Embers on the wind. ago
A deal with Natalie ago
Side Story - Cass and the Orphanage ago
It is all coming together. ago
A second meeting. ago
A Nagging Conscious ago
A burst of temper ago
Natalie's View ago
Wheels begining to spin ago
Inferno ago
Conflagration ago
Stories on the Road ago
A Conversation ago
Vaila ago
Watchers in the Dark ago
Desire ago
A New Start ago
Humiliation ago
The Hunt Begins ago
Family ago
Master's Hand ago
Revelations ago
A Gift ago
Unpleasant Meetings ago
Lessons ago
New Glyphs ago
A Piece of Advice ago
Begining to Travel ago
Stand and Deliver ago
Rence Barony ago
Rabbit Hole ago
Beast Slayer ago
A Mad Plan ago
The Truth is Cruelty ago

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Blue Crow

Stockholm syndrome fetish

I keept reading looking forward to something akin to a revenge story. But rapidly become a full blown stockholm romance fetish.

Kudos for you if you are into it. But the novel beign of the traditional non erotic kind, the plot feels dry and the characters unappealing at least for a reader outside the niche into mindbreak/mindcontroll side of D/S M/S.

If  you like the genre, the novel it's written with effort and worth reading. 


This story is interresting and until now (ch 11) pretty realistic.

Almost everyone is a sadist in this story.

Let´s see how this continues...(it gets only better)


Well written and a pleasure to read.

One of the best stories I have read on this website by far. The author has created a very unique feeling world in just 8 chapters and I am looking ofrward to reading more. Great use of hooks, a lot of mystery, the more you read the more questions you have. Overall a very interesting take on the hero's journey. 


The only real feed back I can give is some of the characters feel similar so far and the main character feels a little generic. However the story is still in its infancy and the author still has time to develop them further. 


so well-written it's scary.

truly a dark story, with a psychological aspect that is almost scary in how far you go with it. beautifully written but horrifyingly dark...


i love it, but it gives me goodebumps reading it. i don't' know wether to call you genius or madman, maybe both would be best, though neither seems to do you justice.  thanks for the great story! 


p.s. i feel like i have to elaborate and tell you that i am a very emotional reader who "connects" with the mc of the stories he (i) reads. so i really really really want to see her escape that slave mindset and grow and blossom as a person with a strong and rich personality... and this is killing me inside!! i want to read as quickly as possible to see it happen, but i want to stop reading altogether because... what if it doesn't happen?? i'd feel soooo bad about it, even if rationally, it isn't real, i'd still go through every fucking thing that happened a gazillion times and change scenarios in such a way that it does happen, and then discard them to find a more plausible one, and then realize it's a futile effort because it's fiction, and then do it all over again...

welp, this little rant is over...


This story is heavily focused on world building, character development and the exploration of a not fully understood magic system; Which ultimately leaves the plot progression unto many branching paths that make you stay for the ride.

The author draws you with the battle of morality and the psycological effects of enviroment; The resulting catastrophy is a splendid mixture of horror and compassion. 

The story is well written; though there are some overall gaps between mini arcs (nothing drastic enough to distract you) as with all serial format stories.

The grammar, spelling and punctuation are about as profressional as you're going to find without an editor.

While the themes early on suggest this to be a shock factor story, it is so much more than that. 

Check it out !

p.s. sorry vlad thought I reviewed this weeks ago. XD


A little dark, but very well written

This is a very well written story. Everything from the worldbuilding, pacing, character portrayals, and plot is great.  The characterization especially is very well done, and fairly accurate as to how someone mistreated as the protagonist was, and with those life experiences, might act and react (though she is perhaps a tad too self-aware, though that's debatable).

If anything, my complaint for this story is that it is too well written.  As my title says, this story is fairly dark, and when a grim reality is addressed maturely and so well portrayed, it can be difficult for the reader.  The protagonist is damaged psychologically by her master's training, and my own personal preference is for indomitable (though often pragmatic) protagonists.  A lasting complex is something I find difficult to enjoy, even if I appreciate why the character is that way.  I should note, the story is not yet long enough to tell whether it is, in fact, a lasting complex and the character's internal conflict over being psychologically messed up is quite enjoyable.

Still, well worth the read, and something I'd recommend other authors to give a good perusal if they're interested in writing harsher realities and those effects on characters in their own stories.


Well written, but...

A well written story, no spelling or grammar issues that I could see. However, the throwaway rape and physical abuse of children is disgusting. A master writer can make it work, the act having dramatic impact and as a part of character development (see Jorg in the Prince of Nothing), but here it's very poorly done.