Ethereal Sovereign

by Zephon

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy Martial Arts Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Currently on temporary hiatus----

Lyrim Hytio, a boy who lives in a world of Talisman, uses a suit of armor that magically infuses itself into the body of its wielder. He had always wanted one since he was young and now that dream had been fulfilled. Although such things seem happy, Lyrim's father had been exiled on grounds of being a traitor. His father started a rebellion for a noble cause only to be routed by one of his own family members. Lyrim's older brother betrayed him, only to take control of the Hytio clan his father once led. Join lyrim in his goal to gain more power and inflict vengeance upon his brother.
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I miss this story, Zephon. I wish I could find the inspiration that you have for all of your fictions. You have a talent (?) that I wish I had. If you could, please bring this story back, and mancer too, or just one of them. I miss this stuff.

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Kindly start the NOVEL as soon as possible.

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My first and only review

 Dear Broheim,

This fiction is absolutely amazing and always my go to reference for any of my friends that are new to this site. What makes this great to me is the sort of coming of age the main character experiences as he develops and refines his new found power. The story and plot line has a lot to offer and all the characters are unique and developed well. Regardless of how long you take a hiatus and what direction this novel goes in, you'll have my support.


A Man Who Likes to Read 


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MC is so OP its amazing

I think the title of the review says enough, but keep writing!!

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Why do people like this?

Why? I read the history lesson and the prologue, but it's just bad. The story has potential, but the way things are described just destroys any interest I'd have in it. Your grammar is terrible, and you say THIS HAS BEEN PROOF READ!? Your grammar was better in Spectral Regalia, until you started writing walls of text and badly written combat scenes inside those walls of text. 

The way the little kid thinks does make sense, so props for that. Decent characters won't make me force myself through engrish though.

Honestly, how can people handle reading this? Then again, I am thankful to people who can understand google translate.

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It's got me checking for updates every couple hours, love the OP MC and can wait for him to get some more action. Keep up the good work!

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Getting better and better

From the start I really couldn't stand this FF and was even thinking of dropping it. But I've started to really enjoy it ^^ Love the MC now 

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quite like the power that u give to the MC.. sent shiverss to my spine

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I don't want to sound as if I'm a professional critic or something, but this series is way better than SR

Let me start off nice and simple for you. I don’t do reviews much, so I’m just going to leave this as a wall of text most likely.


To start it off, this series is fantastic, the background of the universe is laid out and the characters are developed. I don’t however like how shallow some of the secondary characters are. I hope there be some more background and story behind most of the characters. So far it’s being center around the main character and his companions. 


Let me end this with a word to the author in hopes he reads this.


Please pick up on ES instead of SR, in which in my opinion is way better than SR. SR is too typical and follow suite after every other FF on this site.

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I like your work. It's really thought out. And really, if I made this character like you did, I would make him a wimp too. It's pretty darn funny to read about lyrim.

On a side note: Lyrim is similar to Skyrim haha