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V1: Chapter 34 Starbelt Conglomerate.


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Several minutes had passed since then, inside the main capital city within Amaranth's home,  Lyrim was seated on a couch with an exquisite jewel that was sown into the creature from which it was made; surprisingly, the couch itself seemed comfortable enough for even a god to admire and relax on.

Seated in front of Lyrim were Amaranth and 2 other individuals standing to his side, the three of them seemed nervous as Lyrim remained quiet. “-these buffoons look as if they want to piss themselves, and they call themselves gods?-” Ethe  silently berated them in thought.

“-why are we just sitting here, let's tear this place apart I'm sure this greedy bastard Amaranth has quite a few treasures I want to know where he got that primordial energy from in the first place, ask him .. hey boy can you hear me?-”

While Ethe and Qil continued speaking, Lyrim simply glanced around silently, in front of him was a table filled with delicacies that a mortal could only dream of yet he had not touched any, “-I can hear the both of you, my main interest is to know how far along the progress for the device is, but I'm sure it will take some time-”

Amaranth seeing that Lyrim was quiet and glancing around cleared his throat and decided to speak with courage. “L..Lord Lyrim....regarding the device, primordial energy is quite unique and new to us, I believe it is a matter of simply increasing the capacity of the devices energy storage, maybe then it will be able to transport lord Lyrim where he wishes”

Amaranth was quite straight forward as he had truly guessed right with what Lyrim wanted to know, Lyrim soon spoke up. “Oh really? Well, that's fine, it can't be helped, actually I’m also wondering why there are 6 gods pacing back and forth outside of this room. please elaborate?”

As he expanded his own divine sense, Amaranths expression paled as noticed  the gods outside were not only Yui and Kazin but also the other gods who had been watching the battle.

“My lord...please forgive them, compared to you we gods are truly low, they are merely interested, after all there has never been a god within our knowledge who has advanced to the primordial level, they most likely seek to curry favor in hopes of lord Lyrim sharing some of his wisdo-” “of course” Amaranth was suddenly interrupted then as Lyrim stood up and curiously walked around.

“Share how to advance to a primordial?. You all are already so rash and big headed, if you reach the primordial level it will only serve your egos,” Lyrim spoke trying to sound a bit intelligent regarding this aspect

“-hahaha you tell them boy, these dumb bastards think they deserve to reach our level!?-” Qil roared out in their mind as Ethe soon followed. “-look who’s talking to me you are no different from them, you almost got yourself killed by lightning, hehehe-”

Qils figure within the inner dimension twisted a little as his face also reddened. “-t..that was not my one progresses without risk,-” Amaranth felt his hands shaking as he tried to make light of the situation, ofcourse the gods outside heard this and all felt their hearts drop as they grew nervous.

“Lord Lyrim, then i will send them on their way if their presence disturbs you..” Lyrim grunted slightly and then smirked before speaking. “It’s fine, anyway moving on, this is the first time I’m within the presence of so many gods, I’m sure this galaxy has its secrets, though for now...” With a though a ripple surrounded the room as it was cut off from outside, not even the divine sense of the gods outside could enter through, clearly, Lyrim wanted this matter to be kept hidden.

“Have you found the planet I was after?.” Lyrim's voice sounded somewhat eager, though looking at Amaranths expression Lyrim had a good feeling.

Amaranth smiled slightly and cleared his throat. “Though my lord we have good news and bad news....the bad news is, we have not exactly found the planet you were after..” At this Lyrim frowned immediately Qil spoke “-good news and bad news?. What could the damn good news be? This guy is as dumb as a chicken!-”

“-quiet...-” Lyrim muttered in his mind as Amaranth continued to speak “the good news is... we recently made an advancement with our technology and I’m confident in finding the planet you are after quite quickly, it's simply a matter of finding a habitable world within the outer reaches of the universe, we can ignore many of the non-habitable ones!”

Amaranth clearly seemed to try and gain favor from Lyrim, though Lyrim simply sighed as he thought quietly, “It can’t be helped, I’m going to explore for a bit...” Lyrim stood up but Amaranth quickly spoke up.

“My lord you musn..i mean please won’t you stay on Reten until this task is accomplished?...” Amaranth clearly showed signs of being nervous, for a god like him to stutter there was something definitely up.

“Amaranth your quite eager to keep me here, I will let you know that any trap you try and pull will be useless, but I’m sure you know that much, so why should I remain?..” Lyrim himself was interested in the situation.

“Lord Lyrim I am currently a member of an alliance, if these god filled planets discover that a true primordial is about I am not sure how they will react, though I do not doubt they will scramble about to you as for their intentions I am also not sure if they are good or bad...”

Lyrim simply smiled, “-this Amaranth is quite dumb, he thinks we wouldn't be able to handle a few thousand gods, it would be simple if you ask me-” Ethe spoke, Qil also seemed to want to chime in. “-why don't we go massacre a few of these ‘god filled planets’ that will teach them not to even think of messing with us-” his choice of words were simply a more violent version of Ethe’s. Both of which implying that killing so many gods would be incredibly easy for a primordial.

“Don’t get me wrong Amaranth I trust no one other than those close to me, but if the gods are at your level, even if the sky was blocked out with all of them, I could still sit down and dispatch you all easily”

Those very words spoken by Lyrim caused Amaranths legs to tremble, he felt that a primordial a true primordial truly was a force to be reckoned with. He wondered just how powerful Lyrim was, the difference between a primordial and god was like heaven and earth, he knew that at this moment Lyrim was the strongest being known to them all.

“I understand lord Lyrim, I will not inquire further...if I happen to stumble upon the planet you are after shall I simply wait for your return?” Amaranth curiously uttered.

Lyrim nodded. “That would be best, in the meantime keep looking.” Lyrim's body flickered before he vanished with his speed not even Amaranth was able to see him disappear. One of the individuals who was beside Amaranth sweating bullets nervously spoke. “My lord...I have never felt such pressure before in my life....that lord Lyrim...he truly is a monster...”

Amaranth sighed as he wiped his forehead. “Monster is an understatement. If he wanted he could cause his very own galaxy-wide extinction and it would not be a big deal...whoever is unfortunate enough to get on his bad side would truly be facing a catastrophe.”

Lyrim was currently exploring the streets of a city several hundred kilometers away from the main capital. He was currently cloaked and hidden, he wanted to be sure he would return to see the others he had just left, but he also needed to focus on himself, right now he, Qil and Ethe all felt like children who held a device capable of launching a super weapon, if they did not understand themselves and the body perfectly then it would cause issues later on.

“-what's the plan boss?-” Ethe casually spoke as he was interested in Lyrim’s next move. “-I’m not really sure, I could find a place and train but I feel I would be missing out on quite a bit, as I am now if I was to face another true primordial  like myself I don't think we could win-”

Though hearing Lyrim speak Qil wanted to bolster his ego a bit. “-another primordial? This is ridiculous, why are you worrying about that I'm sure there aren't anymore in this universe!-” hearing Qil's statement Ethe simply snorted disdainfully as it ignored the creature.

“-there may or may not be more, in the meantime we need to better understand the society we’re in as to avoid unnecessary troubles, I don't want to kill anyone but if forced I won't show any mercy, that being said lets go eat!-”

Lyrim truly wanted to experience the cuisine of such high people, he had previously held disdain for eating food in his former mortal self, but the current him could be said to be as ravenous as a  gourmet.

Lyrim made his way across the bustling streets, there were individuals of all sorts of shapes and sizes, some looked human others were obviously beast like creatures, they all had similar or different looking attire, some looked like merchants others street performers Lyrim felt his heart ache slightly, he truly felt homesick as he watched these people tend to their duties, the saying that “you don't know what you have until it’s gone” was true for him, as he remembered Archia he also remembered his brothers betrayal for his father, he remembered how his father was handled by the current emperor, all this made Lyrim feel a surge of blood lust, that he held in. Despite it though a little insignificant sliver was let out, this was enough for those who passed by him on the street to glance at him with some fear and walk around him.

“-you need to relax, your scaring everyone-” Ethe laughed as he replied, Lyrim then realized his mistake and eased up, at the same time he stopped outside of a busy establishment, the buildings of this city were beautifully designed, there was not even a speck of trash on the street and although the buildings seemed aged they still gave a dignified look as if they were culturally important, it only added to the awe of the atmosphere.
Lyrim glanced at the front of a large building where a small crowd was  being held back by armored guards who were shouting at them to keep back. Behind the guards, a path had been cleared and several elaborate carriages were nearing. Lyrim, of course, was the cat that was killed by curiosity and couldn't help but approach the crowd and glanced over to see what was going on.

“I cant believe it!! It's really them !!” a teenage boy looked as if he were going to pull his hair out as his mouth was opened, he seemed to show a fanatic look towards whatever it was that interested him.

“Friend, can you tell me what's going on?” Lyrim spoke in a curious tone towards the boy, the boy himself twitched and looked at Lyrim, he couldn't see beneath the hood but was amazed that there was a person who didn't know what was going on. “You must be an outsider, damn it, fine! The more that know, the more that can admire these people! Those are carriages for the Highest tier members of the Starbelt Conglomerate.” the boy glanced at Lyrim quietly as if he felt he would know who they are by the title of the organization, but he soon frowned as he saw that Lyrim didn't speak. “you must be more of an outsider than I thought! The Starbelt Conglomerate are composed of some of the greatest powerhouses and geniuses of this damned universe matched only by Event Horizon who are another group of powerhouses and geniuses.”

As the boy had just finished speaking the crowd spanning nearly a few hundred had now grown to nearly a few thousand as many people had gathered, roaring and cheering, for in the eyes of these people the Starbelt conglomerate was a great existence. As the carriages opened, several young individuals who seemed no older than Lyrim when he left Archia, suddenly came down, each one wore attire that was amazingly elegant, full white clothing with pants with small capes attached just above to make it seem as if they were floating just above the floor with each step taken.

The white attire itself was interesting as it emitted a mystic glow with the pattern of stars twinkling every now and then becoming visible. Strangely, these dozen or so individuals all had one thing in common, they were all disgustingly handsome or beautiful, both boys and girls were astonishingly appealing to the eye as if they were angels that had descended from another realm.

“Damn you to hell, you made me miss the first glance! Oh shit its Lady Vienna,” the boy had cursed Lyrim then quickly seemed to forget about him as the crowd grew crazy again, the front carriage had opened up and from that carriage a girl seemingly in her 20’s with skin that seemed perfectly set like jade with a small mouth with lips colored like blooming cherry blossom petals suddenly stepped down, she wore something more casual, a light blue dress that seemed to match the color of the sky, yet the dress could not hide her perfectly slender legs that made the males in the crowd drool with greedy eyes, each one wanted her for himself, of course those features she held were not the only ones that caught interest, Vienna had white eyes that seemed perfectly fit for her as they shined almost like full moons, her hair was a perfect light silvery white, it was hard to distinguish her from an angel, even her face made one want to gaze away with embarrassment.

Lyrim was somewhat impressed by how a girl like this could appear he didn't underplay her beauty at all but he didn't really care either, he was more interested in the organization. Meanwhile, the men in the crowd suddenly grew silent with fear while the girls in the crowd grew crazed, this time following Vienna a young male with a small goatee stepped down, he was adorned in a tight attire that was formed by a mix of a strange leathery material as well as plate, the outfit had a jet black  appearance with hints of silver. This gave him the appearance of a dashing and mysterious knight who would kill anyone who got in his way while he destroyed the wicked. On his back was a large two-pronged greatsword that emitted an enigmatic transparent faint blue aura, the sword itself seemed to have been made with the rarest materials money could buy,

The youth was also quite handsome but he had eyes with two slits on them almost like a beast that could pierce into one's soul, he glanced around causing his long blonde hair formed into a large ponytail to swerve around slightly, he was glancing at the crowd and as he heard the cheers he couldn't help but smile crudely and wave, he was eyeing these people one could see he enjoyed the fame.

But as he gazed in Lyrim's direction he suddenly quivered with fright that was barely discernible, he stopped for a moment before a middle-aged voice spoke out, “Cernin, What’s wrong?” The middle-aged man wearing a full body robe that also seemed to twinkle with stars stepped out of the carriage. His outfit was not all white but pitch black like Cernin's. The middle-aged man having seen Cernin quiver, wondered what had happened. He knew that Cernin despite being 29 years of age had become a Demigod. In the entire known universe this was a talent at the top, many people took it as a fact that if Cernin reached the level of a god he had a better chance of breaking into the primordial level meaning those who helped him may receive guidance if this ever came to fruition.

“Nothing...” Cernin spoke in a cold heavy voice before turning around and walking off, of course, he couldn't help but steal one more glance towards Lyrim's direction, but by then Lyrim was already gone and had wandered off to a smaller restaurant next door. Following the lavish carriages were some other less noticeable carriages where normal looking individuals came out, of course, the crowd didn't pay them much mind as they knew they were really important. Lyrim meanwhile was off exploring.

“-genius? What sort of bastard geniuses are they, fuck them! Look at little Lyrim here, how old are you again? Shit! regardless you can't be older than 15 before you became a primordial right?-” Qil began yelling and cursing as it was frustrated that the people were worshiping those so called geniuses instead of Lyrim or to be more precise him!.

“-what does it matter, geniuses or not as long as we knew our capabilities then there is no need to feel any frustration-” Ethe, of course, took a more logical approach stating, "we know we are better than them. What use is it to let them know? It's not as if they have anything we need."

“-I agree with Ethe, besides I don't want any trouble-” Lyrim spoke with a simple answer before walking past several restaurants, these all seemed to lavish and eye-catching, it made him a little surprised, he also didn't have anything of real value, it was when he spotted a smaller cafe sized eatery with an oriental and western design did he feel at ease, he walked inside and glanced around, he spotted several lesser members of society eating some casual meals such as meat on the bone or some noodles as well as stew and soup.

No one seemed to pay him any attention as he entered apart from the few cooks who greeted him like a customer as he walked in, a young female waitress who had several scars on her face walked over and cheerfully welcomed Lyrim. “Good afternoon sir! Table for one?” Lyrim nodded and the waitress then ushered him over towards a simple wooden table that seemed to be several planks put together.

As Lyrim glanced around, he was amazed at how such shops were not too far from high-class restaurants, the city gave him a good impression that no one was picked on. “Sir may I recommend our famous Lugdo Barbecue set with some home brewed Twinkle mint beer?” she then went on to explain the food and before Lyrim knew it he had just gone along with what she recommended.

Lyrim glanced around and let a soft sigh out as he relaxed, he had read stories of how people in such situations would face drama and conflict but looking at everyone here everyone seemed to mind their own business and look civilized, it left Lyrim with a sort of subconscious disappointment. “- ha ha haha! Were you expecting a fight with someone? Your out of your mind, who here would be able to put up a fight with you?-” Qil couldn't help but laugh at Lyrim who frowned a little. “-I couldn't help the thought, you should know of the stories of taverns and inns where fights occur for the new guy right?-” Lyrim reluctantly responded.

“-how could I not, You read too many stories when you were back on Archia, but this place is a simple eat out and not a tavern or an inn hahaha-” Qil continued to tease Lyrim who soon simply ignored the creature,

Before long his meal arrived, the table was filled with all sorts of food ranging from roasted meat that seemed to melt like butter and a wide variety of food including,  steamed vegetables, burgers, and even alcoholic beverages. Looking at it all Lyrim could see that the food was well made and smelled amazing.

He soon began to eat after being left alone by the waitress and waiters who brought the meal over, the more Lyrim ate the more he wanted to eat, the food was simply amazing, he finally understood why such a place could remain, it was because the food was too good and whoever wanted to kick them out if this had ever happened must have been coerced by how good it tasted.

“-Ethe what are you looking for?-” Lyrim spoke, this was because he felt Ethe use his divine sense to scan around certain places, Ethe, of course, ignored him and seemed focused on his own task so Lyrim simply let him be, Qil, of course, was handling the maintenance of Lyrim's body as well as the stream of energy that he focused on as if he were a groundskeeper.

After 20 minutes of finishing everything and ordering some more, the waitress and a waiter returned with a bill for Lyrim, at this stage, Lyrim's face paled a little as he took the bill and looked over it, he didn't have any money and had just realized his blunder, before things could become quietly awkward, Lyrim felt a form of energy fill his pockets as it materialized into several objects.

“-you owe me!-” Ethe's voice uttered out, it was then that Lyrim felt relieved as he reached down into his pockets and pulled out several round silver colored coins with intricate engravings, he understood now Ethe seemed to be looking for coins to examine, with their mastery of power Lyrim no longer needed to absorb a simple coin to understand it, though their ability was limited and couldn't create many things it was enough to allow them sustainability.

Lyrim happily handed 8 of these coins to the waitress who took them gratefully. “Thank you, esteemed customer, is there anything else you would like to order or need?” Lyrim thought about things for a moment before he soon pulled out a golden coin from his pocket and spoke. “What can you tell me about the Starbelt Conglomerate?”

The girl, of course, was confused she felt her hard tug as she didn't really know much she paled a little. “Well ummm..” before she could answer a man from a table nearby who was eating a simple meal of soup and bread suddenly felt his ears perk up from this, he glanced at Lyrim and saw the gold coin, the man trembled before standing up and quickly walked over towards Lyrim's table and sat down in an uninvited manner. “Haha! Mr please don't worry about asking her, I just arrived in town not too long ago, but for a shiny gold coin I can tell you all the general information about the Starbelt Conglomerate.” of course he was sure to speak in a hushed manner not too loud or too quiet.

Seeing his enthusiasm Lyrim threw the gold coin to the girl anyway before pulling out another and placing it onto the table towards the man. Meanwhile, the girl looked at Lyrim strangely wondering why he still gave it to her. “Get some drinks for me and my friend here. You can keep the rest” hearing this the girl was overwhelmed as she rushed off, and before long several dozen jugs of wine and beer as well as two large mugs were left in their presence.

After seeing this, the short grey-haired man with an aged face and several old wounds looked at Lyrim and cleared his throat. As Lyrim looked at him, he noticed that the man was missing a leg and an arm, The leg had a wooden stump that was attached to it, while the missing arm was covered by a tied up sleeve.

“Well Mr., you know it's rare for someone not to know about the Starbelt Conglomerate, I'm honest and I won't trick you at all!” hearing this man's words Lyrim truly was stunned, what did he mean by being honest, Lyrim simply expressed his willingness to learn and offered a gold coin. He knew that the old man lost his chance to swindle him and pretended, to be honest, that way he wouldn't lose business.

“Speak..” Lyrim replied soundly, this made the old man laugh again and nod. “Ok let me tell you, let's start with why they are here. as I'm sure this is why you're interested. On every major alliance planet the Starbelt conglomerate has a city under their control with a large HQ, this just so happens to be one such city!, the people that arrived today are truly several of the top of the batch of geniuses within the Starbelt Conglomerate, and are highly looked after because of their talent, even more so because many major powerhouses think that if a primordial is born from these geniuses then because they treated them well then they may be given guidance, this is common knowledge really”

Listening to this man speak this part of information Lyrim nodded slightly, it was somewhat obvious that this was the reason, after all, who would care about a genius god level expert that was at the peak of the level, there are several peak level god experts but if they were to fight with each other it would be an equal battle, and no one wanted to start a future conflict because of the potential losses. This meant that the only thing left for them, was the prospect of one of them becoming a primordial.


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