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writing spectral regalia i once reached the point where my ideas and writing ended up bieng blocked. which when i started to write ethereal sovereign i ended up taking a small few weeks hiatus to refresh my mind and the end result was me going from #9 on the best rated to #4 >.> super effective hiatus i'd say.

that being said right now for ES i feel i have reached the point where i need to tread carefully at this stage. i have basic concepts for how i want to progress things but not fluid ideas on how to do so in otherwords a little writers block which is a word i hate because i have a lot of ideas just none i can use for es XD

so im planning to take a small hiatus from ES. some of you may be worrying and flipping tables but my long time readers will tell you i keep my word i may be late in some aspects but i keep my word. i plan to return to ES after i think things through and get some ideas.

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some of you may be saying you knew this would happen or 3 storys is to much let me clarify a little.

1-Writing ES has helped me become a better author with how i can do battle scenes.

2-it has helped my main story advance several ranks.

3-it keeps my mind at ease when i have ideas that wont work for SR.

4-mancers grimoire doesent take up writing time for es i write chs for mg when i feel like it in otherwords when ideas are fresh :)

i eagerly await when i can come back to this story and continue writing it. both SR and ES have special places in my heart. i would never abandon either nor half ass things without a very very good reason


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With a faint feeling of displacement that was familiar to Lyrim, his body seemed to traverse down a glowing wormhole, with only the faint rushing sounds of energy passing around him. The feeling itself was similar to how his teleport would work, but he could tell this was currently more effective to travel long and precise distances.

Lyrim gazed at the orb he held in his hand. The Primordial Energy he had fed it caused it to crack slightly, with energy rippling around it.  “-Not good..-” Lyrim uttered under his breath. The wormhole itself began to distort slightly, as if it were unable to keep itself together.

“Shit.” Lyrim uttered under his breath, before turning into a blur of light, using his strength to reach the end of the wormhole. And for good reason, as the wormhole began to collapse in on itself from behind him bit by bit.

“-Did that bastard set us up?-” Qil mumbled angrily. But Lyrim didn't answer for the moment. Several seconds passed, as he had managed to outrun the collapsing wormhole and reached the exit that led to the other side. But as he was about to enter, the wormhole could no longer sustain itself and imploded.

At this point, Lyrim’s body shined a dark green, before it seemed to shoot towards the entrance that was being torn apart. And in a time faster than the blink of an eye, he dashed with the energy of the wormhole and the space chasing after him.

Exiting the entrance, he rolled onto the grassy surface with his cloak on fire, with a white transparent flame. Lyrim immediately willed Ethe’s gravity ability to condense over the flame, before crushing it until it no longer existed.

Gazing at his somewhat burnt clothing, Lyrim frowned while dusting himself off. “-No. It's not Amaranth’s fault. More so, it's ours, hehehe-” Ethe seemed to speak out; as if he had a hunch regarding what had happened.

Lyrim looked around carefully, seeing that he had exited into a grassy plain. His eyes widened with nostalgia, as he let a soft sigh out of his lips. “This reminds me of Archia…” He uttered happily. “-Far from it, boy. Anyway. Lizard, what do you mean our fault? I bet that bastard rigged that device-”

Lyrim remained quiet as he looked into the sky, seeing this planet had 1 moon with what seemed to be an enormous city on its surface, to the degree that even a human would be capable of seeing such a marvel.

The system itself seemed to have 1 sun, which meant that the day night cycle may be even. “Ethe’s right. That device wasn't meant to take Primordial Energy. We miscalculated. Let's be thankful we even made it out of the other end.” Lyrim spoke, before emitting his Divine Sense around the planet.

While he focused on the details, Qil spoke. “-Hmm, if that's the case, how will we get back to Avil?-” Ethe responded to his question. “-No big deal. Let’s consider this a holiday. We bought some time for ourselves, and when we need to go back, we will have Amaranth just tinker with the device to suit our energy-”

Qil, cautious of this, spoke. “-Wouldn't that give him the idea that the device is unstable? He may use it to further his own goal or even sabotage us himself-” As Lyrim released his Divine Sense, he smiled. “No need to worry. The first time we go, I'll bring him with us. He wouldn't dare risk his own life, or even risk making me an enemy.”

Lyrim transmitted the results of the Divine Sense towards Qil and Ethe. Going through the information, they noticed this planet had 1 gigantic city that encompassed a large amount of land. Not too far from the giant kingdom-like city, 6 smaller cities encircled it.

Although they were small in comparison, they were by no means small in size, spanning at least 1500-2000Km each, while the largest main city in the center spanned a crazy 5000KM, dwarfing the rest.

“There are several Gods on this planet. I counted at least 10. I'm going to assume this is our destination.” As Lyrim softly spoke this, Ethe seemed to agree. “-Indeed. I think we were supposed to arrive somewhere else, but let's just also assume our energy made the device’s course change a little.”

Qil laughed quietly “Hahaha... Well, it could be worse. We could have ended up in a star. Than we would be in trouble” They all somewhat shivered at the thought. A star has an incredible amount of energy. Although he himself would have the capacity to destroy one, if he tried at this stage, he didn’t doubt he would be injured or that he might get caught in the supernova.

As they pondered this, his Divine Sense remaining scanned around with the power of a peak stage God sensory ability. 1 minute prior to Lyrim finishing his scouting, a man wearing oriental attire with plates of metal detailed perfectly in some sections, giving a nice eastern warrior sort of look. The man’s face was covered by a demon shaped mask, with his helmet emitting a blue flame.

The man, who was sitting cross legged in a dark interior, with only one torch in front of him, twitched slightly. The dark eye sockets of his mask began to glow red, as a voice quietly filled the room, the source coming from him. “Who would dare spy on me...? Breaking the treaty by daring to sense my city!”

The figure soon vanished from the room, causing the air inside to swivel like a quiet hurricane, causing the torch to blow out. Lyrim glanced around as he focused on the central city where he felt the most familiar sources of energy. “Amaranth is definitely in the central city. I can also see those individuals who were with him on Avil here on this planet as well, but they’re spread out somewhat”

Qil uttered, as if he was annoyed. “-Bah! Who cares about them? What are we here for again?-” Speaking with a lack of interest, Ethe of course replied to the clueless Qilin. “-To see how Amaranth is progressing and explore a bit. It can't do any harm. Right, Lyrim?-”

Lyrim’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed in the direction of the closest city. “Seems like we will be having a guest.” Lyrim then linked his Divine Sense to them so they could see what he could, no longer keeping them in the dark.

“-Coincidence that he can sense us?-” Qil spoke curiously. “-Maybe he detected us as we sensed him-” Ethe responded. “We’ll just ask him ourselves. He is a mid stage God from the looks of it. If Gods can detect us, it would be troublesome.”

Right as he finished speaking, a blur appeared 20 meters from Lyrim, and as a second passed by, the wind in the area rushed towards them, as if trying to catch up and fill the gaps that the individual's speed had torn through.

The flow caused Lyrim’s cloak to flutter faintly as he eyed the figure. And by no surprise, it turned out to be the man wearing the oriental armor with the demon mask and the helmet of fire. Qil, seeing this, couldn't help but laugh. “-Hahahahahaha! This is a God? Who taught him how to dress up? He looks like one of those performers on Archia! This freak is crazy!-” He spoke, causing Lyrim to frown a little. “-Oh? Even going through my memories to find a fact like that? Well, I guess it can't be helped-”

As Lyrim spoke to Qil, the man wasted no time and pointed towards Lyrim. “You! Which clan are you from?! How dare you break the treaty! Do you not know that emitting Divine Sense to scan another clan’s city is forbidden without permission from the King himself!?”

Lyrim tilted his head as Ethe spoke. “-It seems he did find out somehow. Hey, Lyrim, ask him how. I wonder if he is just proficient with it-” Lyrim nodded slightly and spoke out. “I apologize, I'm not from this sector, I didn't know. Although, I'm curious, how did you discover that I used Divine Sense?”

The man remained quiet for a moment, before a monstrous energy, by God standards, emitted around him, causing the planet itself to shake slightly. This disturbance caused the Gods of this world to feel it, and understand something was off.

“You dare lie! The only way to come to this planet is by using the proper teleportation methods!! And upon arriving, people are examined to determine rank!! Not even a God can avoid the sensory technology, and in the case a God is discovered, it would cause the others to know of his existence!! And even then, the rules would be taught to them by force!! This means you are from a current clan!!”

Lyrim frowned a little. “-Damn, I he’s onto us-” Ethe laughed out at the God's measly energy. “Please...calm down… I only just broke through to becoming a God.” Lyrim tried to reason with a white lie. “-This bastard wants to fight? Let's just flatten him and be done with it-” Qil seemed to respond harshly.

The figure emitting the energy roared out. “Lies! How dare you try to fool me!! I would have felt if a Demigod had made a breakthrough!! You dare to trick me, Kazin Genbu!?! Head of the Genbu Clan!?!” Lyrim couldn't help but laugh quietly. It was like an ant picking a fight with a human. The difference was too much.

Kazin roared out, as the flame on his helmet seemed to turn into a mini inferno before he appeared with astounding speed in front of Lyrim, punching towards him, causing the air to ripple. Lyrim, who had his hands up, as if gesturing for calm, let a sigh out before softly moving his hand towards Kazin, who moved in slow motion compared to him.

As Lyrim’s hand gently met Kazin’s fist, that neared him, the fist stopped dead in its tracks, before the force of the blow caused the earth behind Lyrim to split and explode outward, creating a small canyon, showing how powerful this man was.

Kazin was stunned, as he saw that his attack was stopped effortlessly. “W...What…?” He knew his strength was considered top class on Reten (A.N Planet’s name). The 5 great cities were ruled by only the strongest of Gods, and here he was, his punch stopped so easily.

Lyrim glanced at Kazin, but didn't move his hand. As the air and dust settled, revealing the canyon in the grassy plains, Lyrim tilted his head. “I don't want to fight. I just arrived, and I don’t want to cause trouble” Kazin remained quiet for a moment, before laughing. “I see, I see… You're using an illusion type T.Gear… A good one if you managed to trick me for a moment.. Ha! I'll show you trouble..”

Jumping away, he clapped his hands together, before a stream of fire began to emit from them, shooting into the sky like a pillar as it blocked his head from view. The flame pillar shot up, piercing through the clouds, and disintegrating some, as it shot into space, changing the light in an area for several kilometers into a reddish color.

The heat for 2 kilometers increased several degrees, while intensifying the closer one got to the source. “-This nut is out of his mind. Does he intend to destroy this planet?-” Ethe curiously asked. “-Crazy? He is also dumb as hell. Illusion T.Gear, ha! I bet he couldn't stand the fact that we blocked his attack and made such a dirty lie-”

Lyrim frowned, before gazing from the corners of both eyes, seeing that several figures had landed not too far from them as they watched from a distance. “-Seems like we have some spectators. I'll have to finish this up quickly-” Lyrim uttered to himself.

“SUN SEEKER!!” The pillar of flame seemed to solidify into a pillar of burning light that smashed downwards towards Lyrim. “This guy is a nut…” Lyrim uttered, knowing this attack would damage the planet’s terrain if he didn't get rid of it.

As the pillar came down towards him, a roar echoed out from one of the spectators. “Azure Wave!!” Within moments, the air seemed to lower in temperature, as frost began to form on the ground. A tidal wave of blue, liquid light rushed toward the crashing Sun Seeker attack, managing to collide with it.

As the two forces crashed against each other, a large amount of steam shot into the sky. With the forces of hot and cold colliding, clouds began to form, as storms also followed. The attacks soon cancelled each other out, leaving only the dark clouds and warm atmosphere with frosted ground. Lyrim gazed toward the individual who appeared. Wearing a sky blue full jerkin of sorts, the young individual had a righteous air about him, gazing worriedly at his surroundings.

Rushing over, he stepped between Lyrim and Kazin. “Kazin, are you out of your mind?!... You know Gods are forbidden to fight on Reten…” Kazin glanced at the young man in front of him and seemed to calm down quietly.

“Step aside Yui… This man broke the treaty rule that states Gods shall not use Divine Sense to spy on a great city…” Lyrim frowned and spoke out. “I told you, I'm new here. I don't know this law..” Yui, the young man with the full jerkin outfit, turned towards Lyrim.

“If this is true, than you will not argue if we give you a fair trial to explain things.”

“-Trial? Who do these punks think they are to judge us?-” Qil uttered, clearly irritated. “-Oho? A trial? This may be fun. Let's play their little game-”

Lyrim frowned at both Qil and Ethe’s responses. “I did nothing wrong and you want to take me to trial? I'm only here to meet with someone and be on my way.. The laws of your planet are none of my concern”

Yui’s eyes widened with shock. “Y..You!... Do you know that this planet is one of four that lead the Pantheon Alliance!?! How dare you state that you are not bound by our laws after making such a scene!!”

“-Uhh?..-” Qil and Ethe’s response were the same, as they wondered why Lyrim was being blamed for such a thing when it was Kazin who had made this an issue. Lyrim gazed at them both. “I'm not going…” He spoke in a harsh tone.

Kazin laughed. “HAHA! I told you, Yui. You fool, now you see! I bet he’s a spy from one of the other founding planets… Lets capture and interrogate him… Help me out..” Yui turned to Kazin and frowned, as he felt conflicted.

“I do not do this because I am agreeing with you….but he is breaking our he must be subjugated and held accountable in front of King Amaranth.” Yui’s energy surged up, emitting a blue aura, while Kazin did the same, emitting a red aura.

They both turned into blurs at the same time, rushing from both of Lyrim’s sides. Yui kicked towards him, while Kazin wanted another go and punched at him with his fist. “This won't do…” Lyrim uttered out, softly placing his palms in front of both attacks, easily blocking them both, but using a slight movement of the hand to deflect the force of their attacks upward.

Doing so caused the dark clouds that had formed to disperse, revealing the radiant sun that had began to softly embrace the area with warmth again, melting the frost that covered the grass.

“Impossible…” Kazin uttered. “This easily?” Yui remarked, and Kazin spoke. “Yui...I assume he is using an illusion T.Gear. Even a starter God tier one is annoying… We will simply outmatch him with our own…”

Saying this, Kazin’s body shined brightly, like a star, as a pillar of flame shot up towards the sky again. But this lasted for only a moment before revealing his T.Gear underneath. His back carried a turtle-like shell with molten lava around it, giving off a devastating aura, while his armor seemed to bulk him up in many places.

After examining Kazin’s T.Gear, Lyrim turned to Yui, who also emitted a similar aura that froze the nearby ground solid, as well as his pillar of energy changing the color of the sky to a metallic blue for a moment.

As he entered his armored state, it showed he was wearing a T.Gear with a light blue glowing mane around his neck, while his body was covered in a similar colored light blue armor that shined like a diamond.

His helmet was in the shape of a creature with its jaws open, exposing his face underneath. Without waiting, the two vanished, causing the ground they were on to shatter, before both punching towards Lyrim.

The spectator Gods, who hid themselves, didn't interfere, as they watched with amusement. As the attacks neared Lyrim, he again effortlessly blocked both with only his palms. “These attacks won't work… In fact, none of your attacks will… Just give up and leave… In fact, go get Amaranth for me, I need to talk to him”

With shocked expressions from both Kazin and Yui, they jumped back with caution. “ did you…. Our energy should overwhelm your illusion… If you're not using a T.Gear…” Yui remarked. Kazin frowned. “Agreed…. And go fetch King Amaranth for you?... How dare you…. Not only are you making us your enemy, but also one of the founders of the Pantheon Alliance!! I’ve had enough!!”

Kazin’s body seemed to emit a powerful energy, before he opened his hand. A surge of lava from his shell flowed up it, as a molten mace with its core floating off the hilt formed. It shined like the core of a dying star.

“Solar Mace…” He uttered, and within moments the mace emitted an aura of destruction, causing the ground itself under Kazin to burn bright red, scorching it completely. Rushing towards Lyrim, he smashed the mace down towards him, causing the wind to split apart and heat up violently.

Lyrim raised his hand before grabbing the mace, as if it were nothing. As he did, he felt the heat from the mace was significant, as if he were placing his hand on a warm sheet of metal. “This weapon is indeed strong. But if this is all you have, than it still won't do.”

Kazin glared under his demon-like mask, as his energy shook, causing flames to shoot from the mask’s mouth and eye sockets. “Well about this.” Before he could use his attack, Yui dashed forward, behind Lyrim, raising his hands upward before a freezing energy engulfed into both of them. As this happened, he called out. “Kazin, don't! It will be too much for Reten!” After speaking his words, a large, diamond-like halberd formed in his hand that he used to slash downward, towards Lyrim.

The bladed edge of the halberd smashed down towards Lyrim’s right shoulder, before it shuddered slightly, causing Yui’s fingers to go numb, which made him, as well as Kazin, widen their eyes.

“I you won't listen to words… You think I'm playing around? Causing trouble for me as soon as I arrive... I told you it was unintentional!..” As Lyrim uttered these words, he raised his hand, causing a monstrous gravity pressure to form within 500 meters.

This pressure made a circular disk shape of land press into the ground, as if it were made out of mud. It violently pressed down on not only Kazin and Yui’s bodies, but the observing Gods’ as well. The force was enough to keep them bound, barely able to move.

The two who were at the epicenter of the gravity attack couldn't cough blood even if they wanted to, as their organs rippled. “Urgh!..” They both tried to move and emit their own energy to counter Lyrim’s, but the best they could do is nullify an insignificant portion to let them breath a little better.

Lyrim was quick to release the pressure, as he only wanted to let them understand the difference. “Do you understand now?... If I wanted to kill you, it's as simple as me lifting a finger…” Lyrim himself spoke these words, but he was also a bit surprised at his own strength. He had advanced quite a bit, and extended the range of the attack. Anything caught in it that wasn't a Primordial would find it nearly impossible to escape without a miracle.

“-Ha! My ability is indeed the strongest-” Ethe boasted. “-Nonsense… I'm sure if he used mine, he would have turned them to ash. But since yours is less violent, he used it instead, to show them the difference-” Qil uttered to refute Ethe. But as soon as he did, the two started to bicker, only stopping when the sound of clapping echoed across the area.

As it turned out, it was King Amaranth, who seemed to be bloodied and injured, having been a spectator that arrived after everyone. As he was finished his own matters, he had felt the force of the attack, and felt Kazin and Yui’s energies. He felt that they were fighting again, and left to see what was happening, only to be caught in Lyrim’s gravity press.

“M..My Lord… Truly remarkable… Your power is as astounding as ever…” Lyrim glanced at Amaranth, who seemed to hold his hands together. While this happened, Yui and Kazin weakly tried to get up, their T.Gears somewhat dented and broken in some places. They dared not utter a word, but only kneeled down in front of Amaranth and said in unison. “My King..” Amaranth approached and gazed at the two.

“Ho ho! Both of you are in worse shape than me… Don't let it get you down… Lord Lyrim is someone far stronger than you...and an honored guest..” Lyrim glanced at Amaranth and wasted no time before speaking as he threw the device he gave him onto the ground. “Your toy broke on me… I need a new one to work with my energy..”

Amaranth’s face twisted slightly, with wonder and surprise. “-Indeed… He is a Primordial. I only remembered that the device needed a God to activate, I would have no clue how it would react to his energy. Maybe it couldn't handle it and malfunctioned-”

Amaranth wondered to himself and then spoke. “I..Indeed… We can work together and make a suitable one for you. I take it that is the reason why you arrived here and not in my palace. But that's fine. I'm more curious as to why you have arrived, Lord Lyrim. Is something wrong?”

Lyrim glanced around, seeing the Gods that were observing keep their distance, not daring to interfere in the conversation between their king and the being that almost killed them on the side.


Authors Note.

when writing this chapter i wanted to show the extent of lyrims power in a subtle way i also wanted to show that despite how powerful he is. gods are still a force to be reckoned with capable of destroying a planet and such.

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