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“-This bastard... Is out of his mind?-” Qil spoke in a serious yet curious manner, unsure if Amaranth was joking or not. “-I don't think he is kidding. He has the guts to gamble like this, especially after what he did.

This ‘Primordial Fruit’ does indeed have some power, but it's of no use to us. I'm sure it's origin is of more value. He is hiding something. Let's search his mind and find out what it is-”

Lyrim kept silent while listening to the two then placed the fruit back into the chest. “There are 3 things I want to let you know, Amaranth. 1, is you expect me to forgive you so quickly after nearly killing someone so close to me? You're lucky I didn't rip you to shreds.

2. This fruit, although interesting, is of no use to me other than filling my stomach when I'm hungry. And there are other foods that can do that. And finally 3. What makes you think that in this unknown universe I would ever tell someone like you how to be a Primordial?”

Lyrim kept a calm look as he waited for Amaranth’s response. Amaranth tensed up, as beads of sweat ran down his forehead. “-W...Was this wasted effort? Damnit, I acted too quickly… This impulse of mine...-”

Lyrim closed the chest before making it hover towards Amaranth’s side. “Did you come here just to bargain with me?” Amaranth gave a soft chuckle before looking up at Lyrim. “My Lord, forgive me. You are the first true Primordial I have seen, and I acted on impulse.

I do hope you can forgive me regarding the past issue. My actions were only because there is no such thing as a T.Gear with 2 so called ‘aspects’. It is truly a treasure.”

“-Hmm... I believe him. No doubt Astra’s T.Gear would be valued considerably. Imagine a God with 2 ability sets-” Qil chuckled softly. “-This bastard is just greedy-” Ethe gave a snort and replied. “-Reminds me of a certain someone who almost got himself killed-”

Qil remained silent, before Lyrim’s voice resounded to Amaranth. “I’ve no care for that anymore. What's done is done. If you're done, you may leave” Amaranth nodded, bowing respectfully, before turning to leave. Lyrim also did the same, before Qil spoke.

“-Hey, in the memories we got from the whelp, he has tracking technology. Wouldn't it be good to use him to find Archia?-”

“.....” Both Ethe and Lyrim remained silent, and Lyrim froze his movements. And just as Amaranth was about to leave, he spoke. “Wait!” Amaranth’s body soon froze. Not in hopes of getting a deal, but in fear that he would lose his life if he tried to retreat from fear.

“-Oh, the mule does have a good idea. Why didn't I think of that-” Ethe gave soft words of praise. “-Hmph!-” Qil snorted, just as Ethe did before. Amaranth carefully turned around, gazing at Lyrim. “M...My Lord?”

Lyrim wasted no time. “You're good at finding planets, correct? There's one I want you to find for me.” Amaranth’s eyes widened with hope as he nodded while laughing happily. “Of course my Lord, of course! If you come with me and tell me the details about it, such as the sector, I can easily track it.”

Lyrim frowned. Even he had no idea. “-We don't have much information about our system since there wasn't much research put into it…. Annoying...-” Lyrim grumbled softly. “-What's 100 or a million years to us? I'm sure we can find it if we just get him to track it-”

To Lyrim, every second counted, because to him, it was a second he could use to save his father, or in the worst case, discover his fate. “-We are close to making a breakthrough and being able to utilize 10% of our established power. Let’s wait a little more and give him time to search-” Qil spoke with choice words.

Lyrim took a faint breath. “-You're right. I have an idea-” Making his way over to Amaranth, who was frozen still, Lyrim raised his left hand then extended his index finger, and a trail of white smoke left it and transferred into Amaranth’s head.

While doing so, Lyrim spoke. “I'll give you a bit of what I know regarding the planet Archia. Use this to find it.” Hearing those words, Amaranth relaxed a bit, as fragments of memories scattered to his head. Only enough to give him looks of the night sky and the planets, as well as the knowledge of research regarding space that Archia had achieved.

“My Lord, this… It won't be easy… You want me to look at points of interest on a blank map, and that map is infinity large...”  Amaranth’s words were correct. Lyrim had no reason to feel irritated. “Indeed. Do your best to find it, take as long as you need. But try your best.”

Amaranth sighed softly in relief, as there was no set date. I meant he had all the time in the world. “Thank you, my Lord. Ahh, for finding this planet...” Amaranth had shown extra intentions and the 3 of them picked up on this immediately.

Lyrim laughed softly. “Reward, I take it? Well, letting you live after what you have done is enough payment, so after this we’ll consider it even.” Amaranth wanted to laugh and cry, as he was right, but it was also a bit unfair since he may very well spend millions or billions of years scouring the universe for this.

But with that, an idea popped into his head. “Lord Lyrim, is finding this planet too difficult for a Primordial like you?” Lyrim raised a brow. He had no intention of showing a hint of weakness or inability. “I just can't be bothered. It may take 100 years or so, but having you do that dirty work is much easier.”

Of course, Lyrim, Qil and Ethe knew they would be worse off without mastering their power. Their Divine Sense was about on par with a mid level God, as opposed to their current raw power. Amaranth frowned silently at being used as a tool for such a matter, but he dared not retort Lyrim’s words. He felt Lyrim was lying as a primordials strength was incredible, and if he wanted to hunt him down, than he feared his planet would vanish with him if he angered Lyrim.

“Indeed… I will take my leave then...” Lyrim spoke out before he left. “Before I leave, how do you travel back and forth to your planet? That's quite an interesting device.” Amaranth began to explain it.

“My Lord. The translocator is definitely a great invention. Following the trail of my granddaughters, I used this translocator to pick up on their coordinates and open a small rift that is stable for 10 seconds before shutting. A mini wormhole so to speak.”

Lyrim casually rubbed his chin as he began to think. “I want one. If I get bored of waiting, I'll just go pay you a visit and see how you are progressing.” Amaranth knew that tracking his planet may take years, but if he gave Lyrim one, it would be as if he were next door. But yet again, he didn't dare anger him.

“Of course…my Lord. I'll give you my one after I open the rift. Is there anything else?” Lyrim gazed carefully. “-Damn, I'm too eager. I want to see this Chaos bastard...-” Qil called out with ill intentions. “-Who cares about that. I'm more interested in the origin of the Primordial Fruit, so stop wasting time and search his mind-”

Lyrim frowned outwardly, which made Amaranth’s heart beat faster. “-I'm not searching his mind completely. One is entitled to privacy. As for Chaos... I’ve no doubt that he may kill innocent lives before we could stop him, and we are unsure if we even can, so for now just bare with it-”

Gazing to look at Amaranth he called out. “That's all.” Amaranth nodded with a soft smile and reached up with a spherical crystalline device before pushing his energy through it. The device began to glow, before the space near Amaranth twisted and ripped open. He quickly used his ability to let the device float to Lyrim before bowing.

“I'll take my leave, my Lord. “ With that said and done, he quickly entered the rift, and a few seconds later it had shut. Lyrim, holding the spherical translocator, looked at it curiously. “Hmm, all I need to do is feed it a bit of energy and it will open up to those coordinates, huh?” He had seen Amaranth’s easy attempt, and it was simple enough.

Before long, Lyrim’s body turned to a glowing ash, before it transitioned through space and reappeared inside his temple home. Within moments, Qil and Ethe’s spiritual bodies left Lyrim’s physical body as they began to wonder to their temples.

“I'm sealing this place off. Within 100 years, we will be leaving.” These words caused Qil and Ethe to freeze before they had gone too far. “Leave? Weren't you intending to stay and spend time with those people?” Qil was curious and a little shocked.

“He’s right. What's this all of a sudden? At most, a year will be enough for that 10% breakthrough.” Lyrim was quiet before speaking. “Chaos is a synthetic Primordial, and that Primordial Fruit is mysterious.

I am not comfortable with our strength as it is. We may not know if there are hidden Primordials out there. 100 years. I would like to at least achieve 20%. Thankfully it isn't a matter of ideas, but of getting melded with that power.

This isn't my home. It is for the people who live here. Sooner or later, I will leave, and I can't baby them forever. The best I can do is remembering this planet’s location to visit every now and then in the future. But this is not my home. Even now, I'm still uncomfortable.

Ethe grinned silently before giving a soft laugh. “Ha! Boy, you're homesick. That's it, right?” Qil snorted and laughed in return before leaving to tend to his part of the training. “Homesick? Hmm, maybe, but whatever it's called it won't change anything. 100 years. We need to try our best.”

Ethe nodded, no longer talking, before he left for his own part of the training. Lyrim turned around, before a pulse of energy left his body encircling the entire mountain area before blending in with it. From all around the temple, a shield of gravity would push anyone who tried to enter out. It was powerful enough that it blocked sound from the outside, as well as some light.

Lyrim then made his way over to his room and wasted no more time before sitting down cross legged. From there, it seemed as if he were a living statue. His breath was quiet and smooth enough that his heart rate slowed fairly quickly.

Entering his inner dimension, he headed towards the coliseum he had created years back. “There are many issues. Our sync level mirrors our strength. Currently it’s at 9%. It's going to take a thousand years, if I'm lucky, to get 50%. Before that, I'll try my best to develop ways to make the best out of every drop of power…”

Entering the coliseum, he had learned how to manifest Gods like Qil and Ethe did. With traces of energy within the dimension gathering together, it formed a creature from his past. The creature's body was the same endless, void black, with the skeletal head and body engulfed in a raging inferno.

This creature was an Inferno Walker, but Lyrim felt it was too weak for him to train himself properly. He began to strengthen it, and the skeletal body of the inferno walker increased in size, with spikes portraying from all over. Its head began to change in shape before forming into a devil-like skull.

It had 3 large horns. 2 in the shape of a ram, while one was glowing hot red. Parts of the skeletal body became so consumed in fire that they were no longer visible. It was as if a spirit of fire had possessed the bones of a powerful tyrant.

“Much better. You should be a peak God with the abilities I remember. I'm not sure what they call something like you, or even if you would look like that if one ever got to this level, so don't hate me for not giving you a name“With that said, Lyrim also limited himself greatly. The flames of the God level Inferno Walker began to increase in strength, before blasting out, causing a typhoon of fire to shoot towards Lyrim.

Using the strength of his feet, he pushed from the ground, dashing to the side. He had fought a peak God with abilities during his training, but never had he fought one while giving himself the strength of a starter level God, relying only on attacks he would think of on the spot.

Being put in the heat of combat and creating new abilities would increase the rate at which he and the others would sync. The Inferno Walker, seeing its attack was avoided, roared out, causing the very air to change to a reddish glow before it charged towards Lyrim madly.

Wincing a bit at the change of heat in the area, Lyrim softly laughed. “Maybe I overestimated this guy…” Training increasingly, Qil, at his upper spire, was examining the inner dimension, watching the energy stream that couldn't be compared to it's prior state years ago. It was as if a river was flowing smoothly, but instead of fish in a lake, miniature galaxy shaped energy masses circulated around.

Looking carefully at this, Qil had truly wanted to tamper with it all. But Lyrim’s restrictions made it impossible. All he could do was the casual fusing and refining. That was until he spotted something interesting.

In the past, single colored galaxies were being replaced by 2 colored galaxies, and even 3 colored galaxies were starting to naturally from. By now, the single colored galaxies no longer existed. But what caught Qil’s attention, was that 1 of the 3 colored galaxies that had been one of the first created was changing and shifting, combining into the center.

The 3 energies all shifted into the center, causing the spiral of the galaxy to vanish, with only a globe of energy that soon cracked open to reveal a glowing milky stream of light that soon melded with the natural stream.

The originally healthy glow began to glow even brighter and healthier, as if it had been purified a bit. “Oh!!” Qil couldn't help but feel excited, as this had caused Lyrim’s body and their power to increase exponentially. Although they were far from using this power, he could still tell it gave a nice boost.

“Incredible...” Qil was ecstatic, as he began to look around more. He urged a few of the older 3 colored galaxies to repeat it. While he did so, Ethe was currently going over the knowledge of life and death, as well as reincarnation.

“-This system is indeed interesting. It doesn't try to force me out. I feel like I'm learning more every second I spend here. When a being perishes, its soul is weighed and valued. A kind and pure soul would be valued as the same of a God's, while an unkind and evil soul would be considered trash. Is this a system of karma? Why are the souls valued as such...? Hmm... Maybe it is a karma system-”

Ethe had only a blurry look in an open, endless space, with what seemed to be a donut shaped object that spanned billions of kilometers across. He also saw the faint blurs of different shaded colors of light.

Some were glowing white, and others were a reddish black, while the usual were a grayish color. Ethe had judged the white ones to be souls of the good, the reddish black were those of the bad, and the greyish ones were neither good nor bad souls.

What interested him most was that the donut shaped object had no markings or anything on it. It was a stone like color and slowly rotated clockwise. Whenever a soul passed it, the space inside the object would ripple as the soul vanished.

As for where these souls originated from, they just appeared out of what seemed like thin air. Ethe wouldn't even dare to count their amount. They varied in sizes, some as large as fists, others the size of a thumb. They were so many that it was as if an endless wave of water flooding into the object.

Ethe felt these souls had no control or memory, other than that they were attracted to enter the object. “Doesn't take a genius to know that is the circle of reincarnation. Interesting... I wonder who created it and how long it has been there. Hmm, maybe I'm wrong; maybe it has always been there”

With the 3 of them tending to their own training, the years soon passed, and Nephis and Tyra soon came under Krouse’s control. Despite some rebel opposition, Krouse found it easy to obtain information.

Astra also accompanied him, and even battled some of these rebels. Over the years, she had earned the respect and fear from friends and foes alike, and was greatly treasured by Krouse. Amaranth, after returning to his home, wasted neither time nor effort to search for Archia.

But to him, it was incredibly difficult, to the point where even though a Primordial requested it, he had a lack of motivation. Those who were tasked with helping him felt the same. Finding a needle in a haystack would be an understatement with the vast expanse of the universe. It would be as if one was searching for that needle that could be anywhere on a planet with many obstacles.

Of course, the only bit of relief was that he had all the time in the world, and with people working on this matter, he tended to his own duty as a king, as well as one in a universal alliance. To Lyrim, Qil and Ethe, 100 years soon passed, as they would occasionally help Lyrim train or swap between each other.

Ethe was left to tend to the matters of life and death, but Qil and Lyrim swapping meant Qil also saw interest in fighting manifested creatures. Of course, Lyrim had managed to pull through after combating the Inferno Walker at a peak God level. Despite many failures, it soon got to the point where his success rate was 100%.

Whenever he created an ability, he would test it out a few times to get the hang of it, then after doing so, he would combat the Inferno Walker to develop a new ability, and repeat. Of course, for each ability he developed, it gave him an understanding in how melding them worked, and this understanding made it easier to think of ideas.

He long discovered that God level combatants had no limit to how many abilities they could develop, as long as the concept and logic made it work. Lyrim was overjoyed at this, as he had not only developed many new and unique abilities, but he was able to torment Qil a bit, who was training in that coliseum.

As the 100 years passed, not a second too soon or too late, it was as if their body’s internal clock let them know. Lyrim soon opened his eyes, looking in the damp cold space where the brazers on the side had been lit for 100 years.

The air in the room had gotten incredibly cold. So much so that his breath turned white. He stood up slowly and stretched. “We made many great discoveries and improvements. In fact, the globe of energy melding with the stream is the best, as it helped us surpass our goal. Good work Qil”

Lyrim uttered, before Qil laughed in a smug manner. Ethe decided to bring him back to earth. “Don't spoil the mule too much. It isn't as if he did much, considering the limits you imposed on that stream.” Qil grunted. “Lizard, you can talk big when you only look at souls being reincarnated.”

Ethe snickered. “Examining is key to making breakthroughs.” From there, they went back and forth, arguing. Lyrim gave a soft smile before breaking it up. “26% Sync level. This is incredibly good.” Ethe nodded and spoke. “Was it wise to set this gravity barrier? What if that Amaranth found Archia?”

Lyrim shook his head. “I doubt it. He would need more than a miracle to do it within 100 years. For now, let's head out. I want to grab a bite to eat.” The both of them agreed. Although they didn't need food, they couldn't resist the habit of tasting good food.

Making his way out of the temple, Lyrim had bothered to emit his Divine Sense, as he had just finished his training. Making his way towards the entrance that was covered by a thick purple energy that seemed as if it were alive, with a thought, it dissipated, to reveal something behind that caused him to freeze in his tracks with a curious expression.

The entrance was littered with many things, from food to flowers, both withered and withering, as well as many other things, as if it were given in tribute. Lyrim made his way over to one of the withering flowers and picked it up. It resembled a rose, but the petals were green and gave a sour yet lemony fragrance.

“-The hell is this?-” Qil uttered in curiosity. Of course, Ethe and Lyrim were just as baffled. “-Maybe someone thought this was a shrine? I thought Krouse hid it well...-” Lyrim emitted his Divine Sense across the flower, as well as the other objects.

With his own advancement and the sync level nearly tripling, it allowed his Divine Sense to exceed that of a peak God, and give him a fair look into being a Primordial. Despite its current weak nature, it let him pick up small details.

“No, not a shrine. These are from Astra and Lizna.” He spoke with his face twisting a little. In 100 years, he hadn't seen them nor contacted them. He knew Astra would be grown up, as well as the others. It made him nervous to meet them. But despite this, they always came and placed things down, maybe wondering if he would ever take them.

“Mmm…” Lyrim mumbled to himself. “-Don't tell me you're turning soft?-” Qil called to him. “No… Such nonsense… Besides, if I go soft, is it not ok? They are people I care for, after all. For someone like me, I should hope they understand that I can't always sit around doing nothing, which is why I have to train a lot.”

Lyrim spoke softly. He then re-emitted his Divine sense across the planet, getting a clear glimpse. In one go, it had taken him an instant, where in the past he would need much more time to get this clear a look.

“Good, they’re all fine. All of them seem to be alive and well.” Lyrim gave a smile. He could see them all in his mind as figures made from energy, as if he were only a few feet away, despite them being soundless figures.

He kept silent, as he realized something was off. He bit his lip as he gazed at Astra’s figure. He didn't utter a word, as he realized something about her was different, and it wasn't just that she was an adult now. “T...This… When did this…?” Qil and Ethe could also see what Lyrim did as clearly as him.

It was then that Qil laughed, as he realized what Lyrim froze about. “Hahahahahaha! Hey Lyrim, your little sister is pregnant!” Qil was not wrong. Astra was sitting down, and beside her were many people Lyrim knew. From Lizna to Astra’s father and Hyun, as well as a grown up Cayden, and many others, both female and male, gathering around her.

Ethe spoke, as if to make the scene more logical. “Don't make it seem like it's not good. She is, what, 114 years old now? I would be surprised if love wasn't on her list. So, when are we leaving to visit them?” Ethe responded.

Lyrim narrowed his eyes and smiled. “We aren't.” Qil spoke with a little of surprise. “Huh? You angry at her? Hahaha” Lyrim shook his head. “Not at all. It's good that they are all happy. I do want to see them, but it will make things harder. So, for now. “

Raising his hand, the gravity barrier around the temple reactivated, to show it was as if it had never left. “We’ll make it seem like I haven't come out. I may seem a little cruel… But I won't continue to let myself remain here on 1 planet.”

Ethe was the first to speak with a proper voice. “You don’t want them to come with you? Hmm” Lyrim shook his head, before his body transitioned. His figure turned to ash, before reforming on the planet’s moon. “It's safer on my own, and I probably won't return for many years. It's best if they remained.”

Qil laughed and also spoke with a voice. Despite being on the atmosphere-less moon, their voices were clear. “Thank you! Just us and the universe! This is going to be fun!!

So, now that we can finally leave, where are we headed?”

Although Lyrim truly wanted to congratulate Astra, he would gamble that as she grew stronger, she would understand his circumstance and reason for training indoors, as well as mature some more.

He also knew Lizna felt love for him, but he couldn't return that love to her. It was as if his mind and body were currently closed from that sort of romance for the meantime. He hopes she would find someone worthy of her love. The way he is now, a child of the universe, he didn't want to be tied down. Especially with the goal of finding his father.

“Where are we headed? Good question. Let's go see how Amaranth is doing, and explore around that part of the universe” Ethe and Qil showed signs of excitement. To Ethe, he would be able to see many civilizations and Gods, as well as gain some knowledge. But to Qil, it was that he may have a chance to show off his abilities.

Within a few moments of opening his hand, the spherical device seemed to from out of thin air. This was a natural ability Lyrim had developed. He’s able to store and bring things into his inner dimension, so he uses it like a storage system.

Without wasting any more time, he pushed his energy into the spherical device. It began to glow incredibly bright, and static emitted from it, as it was overwhelmed by the energy. A large rip in space tore open forcefully, twisting from the energy used to open it.

Wasting no more time, Lyrim entered it, and seconds later, it closed, leaving only the faint ripple in space to signify that Lyrim had left the system to journey on.

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21/07/2015 08:50:17DeltaWolf Wrote: [ -> ]What's the chance that she would be pregnant the year that he exited.

il put a little clue for you regarding that.

Spoiler :
that may or may not be her first child :)

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