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Qil gazed ferociously at Cayden from behind Lyrim. Cayden then froze and fell on his butt in fear, his body trembling as he looked at the transparent figure of Qil, who showed a look of annoyance towards him.

“Qil, what are you doing trying to give him, a heart attack?” Lyrim frowned, gazing behind himself at Qil, who settled down. “Ahh, this boy annoyed me before… I couldn't help it…”

Lyrim folded his arms. “He was just defending Astra… Go tend to your matters” Lyrim spoke, laughing softly. He also knew Cayden’s intentions, so he couldn't get angry. Qil scoffed quietly, before shrinking and vanishing.

As Lyrim turned around, he spotted the shocked look on all their faces. They were also trembling with fear. More so Krouse, who knew that Qil, even though a spirit, was a being not to be trifled with! Astra wiped her tears nervously. She had heard Lyrim tell her about Ethe and Qil, calling them uncles to her, but she had never met them before.

“Nn… Qil?” She blurted out, trying to suppress the emotion in her voice. “Sorry boy, Qil is easily angered.” Lyrim knelt down beside him, trying to calm him as well Astra, who lifted him up slowly.

“Ahh…” Cayden’s eyes teared up a little as his heart trembled. He had never felt so frightened in his life. It was as if he were going to die, had it not been for Lyrim, who told him to stop. Cayden didn't utter a word as he gazed at Lyrim, fearful of him.

He ran back and hid behind Lizna who was still recovering from shock. “Astra…. Did you really just come here to apologize?” Lyrim gazed at her curiously. He could read her mind, but he wouldn't do that to someone he cared for, unless the need arises.

“Mmm…” She let a cute thinking sound leave her lips. “Please forgive me….” She spoke, as if she had wronged Lyrim greatly. Pursing his lips, Lyrim was in a difficult situation. She had indeed assumed and wronged him.

“Forgive you? Hmmm” Lyrim began to ponder carefully. He felt that Astra was immature, and no longer had a purpose. He would need to find a way to teach her. “Very well. If you want me to forgive you, I want you to assist Krouse in keeping order between the 3 planets. You can learn respect from him, as well as maturity. Although you are not completely in the wrong, as it was my fault to for not taking the search seriously”

Astra gave a confused smile, happy at the very least that Lyrim had given her a chance at forgiveness. “Astra. Although I did wrong, you went too far. You need to understand that your emotions will one day hurt someone close to you, who won't ever forgive you. Make sure you take this as a careful lesson. Next time, I may feel betrayed and cut ties with you.

Lyrim spoke in serious tone. He did not want to baby her anymore. He wanted her to understand that life isn't as sweet and easy as she had it. Without him, she would surely be dead, so he wanted her to reach a point where she wouldn't need him.

Lizna listened as she had Cayden in her arm, who was still recovering from the fear induced by Qil. Qil, who was back at his upper room, could hear it all. “Ha, about time he put some sense into her.”

He mumbled as he watched Ethe make sure the rip in space was sealed perfectly. Ethe glanced back and laughed quietly. “Damn you. Talking about sense and you almost got yourself killed, while Lyrim and I have to clean up your mess”

Qil gave a satisfied look to Ethe, who only shook his head slightly before looking away. Meanwhile, Astra was listening to Lyrim, and felt her heart beat a bit stronger. She wondered why Lyrim was being like this. Maybe she had ruined something that couldn't be repaired. It would haunt her, but she also began to see logic in his words. Maybe he was teaching her something.

After Lyrim finished, she replied. “May I still call you...Brother?” She spoke with bated breath, as Lyrim just gazed at her. “Hmm… Geez, when you look at me like that, how can I say no….” Astra felt her tension ease, as she gave her teary eyes one more wipe before rushing over and hugging him, burying her head against his chest.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry…” She uttered several times. Lyrim blinked at her sudden action before gently patting her back. “Don't apologize too much….” He sighed quietly. As Krouse silently looked on, he felt that Lyrim indeed pampered Astra significantly. He would have to do his best to help her grow to impress him.

When he heard Lyrim speak of him to look after Astra, he dared not speak out. In fact, he preferred it like this. It also meant his combat potential increased. As silence reigned in the temple, Krouse finally built the courage to reply. “My Lord… As honored as I am to be in your presence, there are important matters I need to attend to, and my forces are waiting to make a move on Nephis and Tyra.”

Lyrim let go of Astra as he looked at Krouse, then at her. “Hmm, you act quickly. Very well, this is a good chance for Astra to learn something. Take her with you and teach her well.” Astra gazed at Lyrim and frowned a little.

“Brother I was hoping… Uhh, to spend some more time with when I was younger…?” Lyrim couldn't help but feel his heart tug a little. She did deserve that much, but he also wanted her to grow up. “Hmm, well, I do owe you for training hard over the years... I guess it's fine if you stay for a bit. But you need to know that I have my own plans for later”

Astra nodded. She had learned that after this, she couldn't be too clingy. He himself had things he wanted to do, as much as she wanted to adventure with him. “Krouse, it seems you will be doing this by yourself. You may leave if you please”

Krouse nodded, a bit regrettably, before bowing and then vanishing after bidding farewell. Lyrim gazed at Astra, then at Lizna and Cayden. “Follow me.” As they all quietly followed him, he began to speak as he passed Ethe’s area. “That hallway is forbidden. It leads to Ethe’s area, and he is constantly training.”

With Lizna quiet and Cayden on the verge of traumatized as he tried to recover, Astra spoke. “Brother... Is Qil like Uncle Ethe?” Astra wondered curiously. “Hmm... If Ethe is the smart and calm one, then Qil is, uhh…. Well, after what happened, just consider him mean.” Lyrim laughed, before Qil’s voice resounded in Lyrim’s mind.

“-Why are you picking on me!!?-” Lyrim gave a reply in thought. “-Until you find a way to fix that boy’s mind, you won't be spared-” Qil was silent for a moment. “-Too easy! I'll just make him forget it all!-”

Lyrim thought Qil was out of his mind. “-Not everything can be resolved with erasing a memory. Looking for the easy way out won't teach you anything. You told me before on the moon, you and Ethe are trying to work on yourselves… Now is a good time to learn about forgiveness and compassion. It's true he was rude…but I'm sure he shares a deep bond with those 2, so he wanted to protect them. Can you blame him?-”

Qil, hearing this, began to think that he may have gone overboard. “-So frustrating… Fine, I'll find a way. But only this one time...-” Lyrim only gave a silent smile as he led the group of 3 to the guest room area. “You can all pick any room you want. If you are hungry, just call out for me. The path leading up is also forbidden, it leads to Qil’s place”

With the mention of Qil’s area, Cayden gulped and quivered a bit, causing Lizna to softly laugh. She had never seen him this frightened before, and she found it was somewhat cute. “Brother, where is your room?” Astra curiously spoke.

“My room? Uhh, well I don't have one. I don't need to sleep, but the area ahead is where I go to meditate, so if you need something be sure to let me know. Astra nodded as she gazed at Lyrim. For a few moments, the both of them were quiet.

“I'm going to explore a little. Is that ok, Brother?” Astra had been told by Krouse that he had architects make this specially for Lyrim. She wanted to explore it all.

“Go ahead. But be sure to get permission from Ethe or Qil before you enter their areas.” Astra nodded, as she felt a surge of energy before rushing off to explore. Cayden had started to calm down slightly, as he gently let go of Lizna and rushed off to follow Astra, not wanting to be near Lyrim due to a hidden anger as well as fear.

Lizna glanced at Lyrim and gave a nervous smile. As she was about to speak, Lyrim remembered her actions before he cut her off, and his words came out first. “I'll be off then. As I said, pick any of the rooms you please.” He began to walk down the hall towards his meditation area.

Lizna’s body tensed up as she pursed her lips. She had indeed wronged Lyrim, and was not far off from Astra, if not worse, for raising her hand against someone who had more or less saved her people and given them hope. A case of biting the hand that fed her.

Lyrim himself couldn't let such a thing easily go, so for now, he wanted to relax himself. “Lyrim…” Lizna’s voice called out, before he had gone too far. Lyrim ignored her and kept walking, even as she went on.

“I know what I did was wrong… I don't expect you to forgive me...even though I'm sorry…. I'm just glad you forgave Astra. Please don't be hard on Cayden...he has suffered a lot…”

Lyrim soon vanished around a corner after her words had been heard by him. “-Ha you're quite heartless yourself-” Ethe called out quietly. “-Everyone will be punished differently for different actions to let them learn their lesson…-” Lyrim quietly spoke in his mind.

With Lyrim returning to his room, the hours soon passed, and the days turned to several weeks. During the course of this time, Lyrim found he couldn't spend much time training, as Astra would call him often. Cayden also slowly overcame a bit of his fear towards Lyrim, and even began to ask him questions about his power.

As they all sat around a casual table with several chairs Lyrim had formed, they were eating a creature Lyrim had caught. Thanks to his ability, as well as the memories and knowledge of his past and this current world, he was able to cook the creature.

The food wasn't anything fancy, but a nice meal that wasn't at all synthetically created would make more of a statement that Lyrim made the effort for them, and it had worked, as Astra complimented him several times while eating a large chunk of meat from the creature that was cooked.

“Brother, this reminds me of when we were in the southern continent eating in a cave with the Dark Spring tribe” She spoke as she chewed. Lyrim though, only ate small bites. Cayden was stuffing his mouth and Lizna seemed a bit sickly, as she also ate small pieces.

“Lyrim…” Cayden spoke, as he swallowed a large chunk of meat. “You can make anything, right? That's so cool! Can you make me a T.Gear like Astra?” Cayden’s eyes began to glow with awe.

Lyrim blinked and tilted his head as he drank a cup filled with water. He wasn't one for alcohol, and water was something he hadn't had in a long time, due to having no need. It was a nice feeling to re-live, the thirst being quenched.

“A T.Gear? Hahaha. Sorry, my limit is 2. Astra and her father have one each” Cayden made a sour face and then a disappointed grunt. “Ahh... Astra, you look pretty tonight, since you are glowing with greatness. Please let me borrow your T.Gear?” Cayden spoke out, as he went for broke.

Astra stopped eating for a moment and gave Cayden a grin. “You little troublemaker… You're the last person I would give a T.Gear to. Especially the one brother gave me. I won't ever let this go. Even if I die, I'll take it with me somehow”

Lyrim was somewhat touched that she took great care and pride in the T.Gear he had given her. “Indeed. You are training well, so I know it hasn’t gone to waste.”

The night went on quite well, before the group remained for a few more days. Lizna had told them that it was time to head back. As much as Astra wanted to stay, Lyrim had to remind her of her promise and she finally gave in.

Cayden also seemed to enjoy his time here. The guest rooms had clothing in all sizes, from children, to adult men, women, boys and girls. Krouse had done a good job assuming that Lyrim may take anyone in. Lyrim couldn't help but compliment him silently at his effort, as he had only realized this when the issue of clothing was brought up.

Thankfully there was a bathing area, so the issue of hygiene wasn't there. The group found it to be like a small vacation. As Lyrim followed them, Astra smiled at him. “Brother, when can I visit again?” Lyrim began to think. “How about next time I visit you?” This way he would be sure that if anything came up, he would at least be responsible next time.

Astra was overjoyed at the thought, and nodded in agreement. “Brother, will you be staying here for long? Why don't you stay at the Dark Spring city? Father and grandpa would love to see you again”

Lyrim hesitantly replied “Nothing is certain. For someone like me, there are always things I need to take care of, so I hope you will understand that for 100 years I may not be busy, but for a thousand years I will not be able to see anyone”

Astra’s face went pale at the thought of a thousand years without seeing Lyrim. “Ah, please don't say such things. We’ll leave it at that.” As they waved goodbye, the 3 of them began to leave. Lyrim gazed at them and saw Lizna had changed for the worse, as if stressed and burdened. He felt that the lesson he gave her was more than effective.

“-When someone does something bad and they know they will be punished, the worst part of it is suffering that mental stress. As it eats away at your heart, you find that you punish yourself-”
He frowned quietly, as he didn't want to see her leave so sadly, she suffered enough.

Before they went too far Lyrim vanished and used his speed to appear in front of Lizna. She jumped in surprise, which caused the two to gaze back, startled. “Ah, Brother?” Astra had heard that Lizna slapped Lyrim from her, so she was worried he may punish her somehow.

As Lizna quietly glanced at Lyrim, she gave a faint smile. “Lyrim, what's wrong?” She uttered quietly. Lyrim gazed at her, seeing that her eyes were somewhat red. He stepped forward and embraced her tightly in his arms. “I look forward to seeing you again….” He whispered quietly.

Lizna felt her body tighten as her pale expression turned into one of embarrassment as she blushed heavily. “Nn…” She muttered, before shutting her eyes and hugging him back. “Don't make me wait too long…” She replied in return.

As they let go, Lyrim could already see the sadness had left her heart and mind, and color had already returned to her face. She was happy that this was somewhat fixed. She also wondered if this meant they were close. She began to ponder what Lyrim thought of her to do such an act.

Her heart began to beat a bit quicker as she looked at him with a smile. “We should go. Otherwise I may not want to leave…” Lizna playfully uttered, which made Lyrim laugh quietly. Before they could move again, Qil spoke out, his voice resounding “Wait…” His spirit shot out from the temple, and a line of light appeared between the group.

His spirit was in the shape of a ball as he floated over in front of Cayden. “Qil...what's wrong?” Lyrim cautiously asked, hoping he had learned his lesson.

“Hmmm… I'm not good with words, so this is the best I can do for an apology…” As Cayden looked in fear and was about to run and hide behind Astra, who was watching with interest, a T.Gear floated out towards Cayden, who looked with a sudden curiosity. He knew and understood what a T.Gear was and what it looked like.

“-Qil, that T.Gear isn't one of ours. Where did you get it?-” Lyrim asked curiously. As the T.Gear landed in his open hands, a look of joy appeared on his face. He then looked at Qil, who floated silently, and he quickly bowed. “T...Thank you…” He spoke out.

Astra had told Cayden one night that Qil was most likely trying to protect Lyrim like he was protecting her. “Uncle Qil, you are spoiling him?!!” Astra laughed out, but Qil didn't reply and just shot towards Lyrim’s body and merged with it.

Lyrim was also somewhat confused. He snickered. He could tell Qil had become shy. Although the group of 3 didn't have the courage to ask either Ethe or Qil if they could enter, they asked Lyrim all sorts of questions.

He only told them that they were strong creatures who were his friends, and didn't speak anymore, as they didn't need to know much, and he preferred to keep it like that. “Thank you… Lyrim...” Cayden spoke thanks, this time to Lyrim. “Hmm, I didn't do anything. Qil wanted to say sorry in his own way. He felt bad for being like that before.”

“-Damn, you talk too much…-” Qil uttered to Lyrim, who only grinned silently. Cayden nodded, as he held the T.Gear as if it were a treasure. Lizna smiled at Lyrim and then at Cayden, before speaking out “Time to go. I'm sure Lyrim has many things he needs to take care of.”

With those things said and done, they said goodbye again, before the group of 3 made their way out. Astra even waved to Lyrim for several dozen meters, before they vanished around a hillside.

Lyrim turned around and made his way back. “-So, where did you get that T.Gear? I didn't know you could make them from nothing-” Qil chuckled quietly and began to grin. “-You don't know much. Of course I can, because I'm a genius…-”

It was then that Ethe, whose figure was laying in a napping position for a dragon, spoke out as he waited for them. “Haha, don't listen to that liar. He panicked at the last moment because he procrastinated, and found a Catalyst level creature nearby. He turned it into a T.Gear while the poor thing was alive, hah!”

“-Y...You…! You traitorous snake! You said you wouldn't tell him...-” Lyrim laughed along with Ethe, as they could barely contain themselves at Qil’s actions. “Well, what's done is done. At least you made the effort, which is what counts. I would be annoyed if I was the only one to change.”

Qil’s spirit left Lyrim’s body, before his figure reformed. “So, we need to discuss that lightning we encountered. It was insanely powerful. I dare not think what would have happened if it hit something.” Lyrim uttered out as the 2 creatures walked beside him.

“Hmm, I also didn't expect that. The bolts I was attracting were more than enough to kill a peak God, I figured it would help me get a breakthrough in understanding our power” It was then that Ethe replied to Qil.

“Well, you didn't get a breakthrough, but we do know we need to be cautious. That bolt’s aspect of life and death wasn't as strong as I thought, but it would be enough to kill or injure your soul greatly, since you are recovering”

Lyrim raised a brow. “So you're saying that when we master our Primordial strength, you are confident in tackling that thing with your spirit alone?” Ethe thought for a moment, as if calculating something, before speaking. “Not just that. I'm confident that we won't need to fully master it before we can handle, and even create stronger variations, using the mule’s lightning abilities”

As they had gone back to their respective areas, Lyrim began to train himself, as well as the others. Each one having a part, they worked on, which tripled their efficiency. Although it would take many years, each second could be said to help improve their understanding.

And as the days had gone by, Krouse had made his move, and began his crusade to take control of Nephis and Tyra, because neither of which had a ruler. Astra, Lizna and Cayden all returned soundly to the Southern Continent, and as Astra made sure the two were safe, she left to go back to Krouse to go keep her promise to Lyrim.

But no one could expect that, despite Lyrim’s efforts, a lone figure would return. The coliseum on Avil hadn't taken long to repair, and was emptied, waiting for the day it would one day see the glory of the battles it had brought.

The space above it would twist and turn before a wormhole seemed to from out of nowhere. A shadowy blur burst through it before it shut. The robed figure looked around curiously, as if to confirm his surroundings, before he suddenly sat cross legged after hiding a delicate chest he brought under his right arm.

He silently stood, as if waiting for someone. With a few minutes going by, the air flashed for a moment, before ash like energy seemed to shape a figure I an instant. This figure was none other than Lyrim, who had awoken due to the disturbance the wormhole had caused.

He knew who this figure was, as he couldn't hide his presence nor power and came over immediately, just in case he was to cause trouble. “Amaranth was it? Why did you come back?” Lyrim was incredibly curious to why a God would return when they escaped the jaws of something larger.

Amaranth lowered his hood and quickly bowed down. “My Lord… I apologize. My return was for a reason that may benefit you. Will you not hear me out?” Lyrim tilted his head and looked at him, before looking at the chest. He could feel a strange but familiar energy from it, as faint as it was. He decided to give the man some time.

“Very well. Speak.” Lyrim folded his arms. Ethe and Qil had remained behind, as they found no need to venture out with him. It would only waste their time. “I was hoping to make a deal with you…” Amaranth grabbed the chest and moved it in front of him before gently pushing it over towards Lyrim.

Lyrim looked at the chest and knelt down before opening it. As it was opened, he felt the energy the object contained. It was the Primordial Fruit that Amaranth had painstakingly created. Lyrim couldn't help but be surprised as he looked carefully at it. The energy it contained was by all means not much compared to himself. But what shocked him, was that the energy was still primordial.

“This…. Where did you get this?” Amaranth showed a smile as he spoke “I'm glad you have taken an interest, my Lord… It is one of two treasures I had kept hidden away…” He spoke, lying to him about the object that created it, but gambling and hoping Lyrim wouldn't read his mind.

“Very interesting. I guess I should have read your mind a bit more… Maybe I would have found this” Lyrim spoke in a taunting joke. This made Amaranth sweat nervously, and Lyrim could see that. “Calm down… I have no need to rob someone weaker than me. What is this anyway? And why would you think I want it?”

Amaranth spoke up. “My Lord, as you know, there are 2 treasures like this one here, and the other has been eaten.” Lyrim blinked. “Eaten? Hmm” He glanced at it again, and could see it looked good enough to eat.

Amaranth nodded. “One bite was enough to turn a Demigod into a God… As you know, I am a God, and it was thanks to that fruit that I was able to achieve this. I shared it with my family and friends, and now only this Primordial Fruit remains.”

Lyrim picked up the fruit. It felt delicate, and he looked around it curiously. “Hmm... Interesting. Well, what is this deal you were talking about?” Lyrim gave him the benefit of the doubt. The energy in the fruit wasn't enough to fill his stomach, let alone his own Primordial energy.

“My Lord, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, you could give me some advice in...Breaking through the level of a God to become a Primordial?” Lyrim’s face twisted a bit as he looked at Amaranth, his pupils narrowing slightly as he eyed the King.

“Insight to become a Primordial?....”


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