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Chapter 30 Assortment Of Good & Bad.


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Walking up the steps of the temple that was his home, Lyrim looked around, being greeted by the faint warm breeze and the several rocky mountain peaks. 2 surges of energy burst forth from him, forming small manifestations, one of a small, less menacing transparent dragon, the other of a Qilin equal in appearance.

“Finally!! I can from myself to this extent, hahahahahaha!!!!!!” Qil spoke out in joy, before rushing off into the temple and to his lair. Ethe’s manifestation turned to gaze at Lyrim. “I'm actually glad you didn't leave suddenly. We haven't even got to enjoy this place much”

Lyrim and Ethe casually walked inside, being met with the braziers that he willed to light up with his energy. “I'm sorry Ethe. I truly want to meet with my father, and my eagerness made me forget about everything else.”

Ethe nodded “We all make mistakes. Your father seemed like a strong man, I'm sure he is alive. Worst case scenario, if he is dead, I'm sure with effort and training we may come to a point where we can bring him back after tampering around a bit”

Lyrim frowned a little “Please don't say it like that. We will just say he is alive and well. Even if he dies, the circle of reincarnation takes a long time to find a replacement for a suitable host” He spoke. Both of them had discovered more about it over the years.

Ethe made his way towards a highly decorated hall that led down towards his lair. He turned to look at Lyrim. “Boy, that Amaranth person is trouble. After seeing his memories, it seems like he and his useless allies are desperate to find a breakthrough. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him. I predict that he will try to get on our good side, hoping we can give him some scraps”

Hearing their conversation, Qil’s voice resounded in a clear echo. “He's right. I think we should have killed him when we had him here. No doubt, even after our threat, he is still excited to have found a so called Primordial…”

Giving a quiet sigh, Lyrim nodded. “When and if that happens, I'll handle it accordingly. As long as he doesn't engage in violence or piss us off, he may prove beneficial. No doubt I can use his resources to find Archia, or even my father, without even having to leave this planet. I guess I should have used him for that”

With the 3 of them heading to their respective areas, Lyrim sat cross legged as he entered his inner dimension. He felt for his body’s natural stream. If before it were a river clogged with rocks and impurities, now it would be significantly cleaner, with the galaxies floating around his body’s stream more organized and tidy. This allowed him to feel more refreshed and clear, as well as control his abilities without worry of overdoing it.

While life in Nephis, Avil and Tyra went on situated close to the center of the universe on a lush green planet where life and people seemed to be happy, within a large towering palace that reached the heavens, a rip in space tore open as 6 individuals who seemed annoyed and frightened made their way out, limping slightly.

It was the group of 6 Gods and Aileen. It had taken them nearly a week to return, and to greet them were dozens of armor clad individuals wearing an emblem of a shimmering sun with several dotted colors around it.

The strange thing was the emblem itself would be glowing faintly with energy. The individuals all knelt down, each one of them at the level of an early Demigod, while those up front where of mid level Demigods.

Amarnath, who had a fearful tired look, walked past them, ignoring the greetings of “Welcome back, you're highness” He had quite a lot to think about. It was only when he passed a robed individual that followed him did he speak.

“Summon Lutn, have him prepare a vial of liquid universe” The robed man froze in horror. “Amarna… I mean you're highness! Liquid universe…. Why? What happened?”

The robed man, being Amarnath’s advisor, had been so shocked at the name of liquid universe, it caused him to feel chills down his spine, and nearly fall onto his knees. Amarnath gave a nervous look “I'll explain later…”

The robed man who had been shaking bowed and vanished before Amarnath gazed out the large arch window, his eyes focused on the large kingdom he ruled. “I finally found a Primordial… This chance, I shall not let it escape…”

The robed man had made his way up the largest tower in the palace, entering a chamber where several energy streams were floating around softly, as if a small galaxy was formed. “Tago, why are you here?... This is rare…” A ghostly voice spoke, before forming out of the mist. The figure was wearing a mage like outfit, with his hands cross behind his back.

“Lutn… King Amarnath has returned.” Lutn blinked and laughed. “Ahh, perfect. I felt his energy, but it seemed unsteady, so I wasn't sure. I will go greet him immediately!”

Tago, the robed man, shook his head. “Do not greet him without a vial of liquid universe… He ordered me to relay that to you…” Lutn’s jaw opened, as beads of sweat formed. “L..Liquid universe….why?.... Do you have any idea….how difficult it is to make?…. The resources required…. We can only afford to make one every few million years, it's our empire’s greatest-”

Tago glared and spoke out “I understand that!! But this is king Amarnath’s wish… I'll take my leave now” Tago, not wanting to stay any longer, soon left, leaving the bewildered Lutn, who walked over and sat on a nearby chair, holding his face in his hand.

“This is crazy… What does he want to do with it….” The man then turned to look at a crystal sphere on the table.

King Amarnath had made his way down to the palace’s underground chamber in an open vast area crafted by shining marble with pillars supporting it. In the center of the open room was a crystalline chunk of metal with a glowing center made from an energy that made Amarnath feel calm, but also caused sad greed to appear in his eyes.

“How many hundreds of thousands of years was it when I found you floating around a dead sun. If the others knew I had you, no doubt the universe would be plunged into war. I know you're something special… The last time you let me taste a bit of that power, it was too much for me. I almost died. So I used it to let my closest friends and family taste that remaining power. Yet you are greedy. You take more than you give…”

Amarnath’s face turned a little blue. “King Amaranth. preparing it.” Amarnath sat down, leaning against the mysterious crystal chunk. “Good….good… Let me rest a little” Tago was frightened, as he had never seen Amarnath like this. “Y...Yes my Lord… I'll go wait outside…”

Having left, Amarnath’s mind was in disarray. He was truly frightened of Lyrim, and was narrowly able to escape death. Millions of years of work would have gone to waste if he died.

As he fell asleep, something which a God didn't require, he woke up to the sound of a nervous voice. “K..King Amarnath?... It's ready..” Opening his eyes slowly, Amarnath took a deep breath and stood up, gazing at Tago and Lutn.

“Well done…” Lutn extended his hands, holding a vial of a strange glowing black liquid that would turn to white, then black, and repeat over and over again. Amarnath took it and laughed quietly.

“When we created Chaos, we discovered this in our trial and error… Back then, we were able to get it because we had the support of our allies. But this time, we are on our own. The remaining energy of 4000 Gods… 60 thousand planets.

You both remember what happened. That war we all had. Out of those 60 thousand, only 48 thousand remained. When that war ended, we discovered this and took it back with us. It was strange. We couldn't absorb it, we couldn't damage it, and we couldn't do anything but watch with awe. So we stored it in the lab.”

Amarnath spoke out, as if trying to refresh the memories of the 2 earlier stage Gods beside him. Tago nodded. “Indeed, Lord Amarnath. I also remember, when we were taking the remnants of the dead Gods and converting them to an essence, this strange object reacted, and it seemed to feed on the strange essence we gave it.”

Lutn then replied. “At the time, I was in charge of the research division, Lord Amarnath. You tasked me to research it. I discovered that this sentient object may be feeding to recover strength, and after it fed, it may do something we were unsure of.”

Amarnath nodded as he approached the crystal object with the vial of liquid universe. The object began to glow faintly, which made Amarnath nervous. “The total census we had. 12,123 Gods dead during that war. While experimenting with their bodies, we used 2000 of those to create a vial of liquid universe, which strengthened us, who were Demigods at the time, to gain a piece of Primordial Fruit. This fruit let.. Hmmm” Amarnath seemingly scratched his head, forgetting, before Lutn spoke “125 of us, my King” Amarnath nodded. “That's right. 125 of us to turn into Gods. We used the leftovers to create Chaos, who rampaged and killed 1893 Gods, and destroyed thousands of those habitable planets. There was no census at the time, but there is no doubt that at least 10,000 or more of those planets perished in his rampage. So let's say 38,000 remain.

In our own eagerness and greed, we took all those corpses under the noses of our alliance, and kept them for ourselves.” Tago replied after Amarnath spoke  “Indeed, my King. It is our own greed that motivated us… If they found out, we would surely perish..” Amarnath spoke in return. “Indeed… Unfortunately, after my brother, who was already a God at the time, ate a piece of the Primordial Fruit. His body was unable to take it for some strange reason, and he was turned into ash. In my sadness, wanting to confirm this, I had another 2 Gods bite the fruit, and they also perished. We can only assume Gods cannot eat it. But what if someone other than a God did. Someone on its level.”

A mad look was in Amarnath’s eyes as he opened the vial of liquid universe and poured it onto the crystalline object that made a strange screeching sound as it devoured the liquid. “It takes 2000 dead Gods to make liquid universe… With this, all the casualties of the past have been used.”

Tago and Lutn bowed. “My King, are we using this to wage war?” Tago spoke. Amarnath replied. “Nonsense… Primordial Fruit is a fine treasure, and makes an even better gift.”

Lutn’s and Tago's faces twisted in shock. “G..Gift, my King?.. Wouldn't this be a bad choice!?” Amarnath replied. “What if I told you I found a natural Primordial when I left.” Yet again, Lutn’s and Tago’s faces twisted, but this time, both had memories of Chaos and how powerful he was, and yet they understood he wasn't a full Primordial. If they met a true Primordial... It made them quiver with fear.

They understood why Amarnath was the way he was. “My King… Gifting this Primordial Fruit to him than?... Why would he need it..” Amarnath replied. “There is no discovery in a breakthrough for millions of years. No God has broken through. This is our chance to get some insight into discovering a breakthrough. If this Primordial can share a scrap of information with us, than we can surely become Primordials ourselves one day.”

Lutn rubbed his head. “King Amarnath…. There are only a few peak Gods out of the dozens of thousands. We ourselves are not peak Gods. Is this truly necessary? Why not wait?” Amarnath then shook his head. “In a race, there are runners gazing at a piece of wire they have to pass to get to the other side. One runner, who is a fair way behind them, discovers a map that tells him of a shortcut. Does he wait for the others to take that shortcut, or does he himself take it before them, and reach the other side? It’s true I am not a peak God yet, but by the time I do reach that stage, I will hopefully have newfound insight in breaking that barrier.”

Both Lutn and Tago kept quiet, as well as Amarnath, who turned to look at the crystal object that began to convert and refine the liquid universe. In truth, none of these Gods knew that the essence they had managed to create was in fact something more saddening.

The crystal object began to emit a faint light after devouring the essence, and energy streamed out from the crystal’s core, forming a large melon sized object that formed into a fruit with strange red patterns around its glowing blue skin.

Amarnath gazed at the floating fruit. “Hah… I almost forgot how terrifying this is… Almost as if it punishes the greedy.” With a wave of his hand, the fruit shrunk down until it was the size of a bead. He then stored it in a box that he placed under his cloak.

“I'm leaving immediately…. Prepare the same coordinates.” Tago and Lutn felt Amarnath, who was quite depressed these past years over Chaos and discovering that no God could break through, even after attempting to find ways to do so himself, was quite eager, and found a new hope.

Even they were excited at the prospects of becoming Primordials themselves. “Yes, my King.” Although Amarnath is a king, and has lived for many years along with other individuals, Gods themselves are not perfect, and greed and patience can sometimes be thrown out the window when an enticing object enters their vision.

As several days had passed since Lyrim had delivered Dojun to the Dark Spring city, he had not wasted a second to him advancing. His own mastery was important. The natural stream in his body houses the galaxies that looked good enough to eat, and they had began to shift and change.

Several galaxies began to crack open from the middle, and collapse into themselves, before forming a milky stream of light that blended with the natural energy stream. With one galaxy turning into dozens, and dozens into hundreds, then thousands, the originally bluish stream of energy was now changing in color and purity.

Its appearance was now a soft white that slowly became whiter and whiter, until it was sparkling. The galaxies that hadn't yet reached the point of collapsing were surfing across this stream as if it were normal.

Lyrim felt his body’s strength increase in power, as if he had opened another door that allowed him to take a huge leap. With the Primordial power becoming clearer to him, his only regret was he wasn't able to fully control his strength. The best he could do was condition his body until he could control his current strength.

“-Ooo, interesting!-” Ethe appeared within the stream like dimension, his eyes glittering. “-I feel like I'm cheating when I see someone else's advancement strengthen myself-” He remarked in a joking tone.

“-Hmph.. In the end, we are all in the same boat. You have to help me out too-” Lyrim replied back. “-Indeed, indeed. I'll also do my fair share. While you were focusing on this stream, I have been looking into the aspects of life and death. It’s not easy you know. It's not a matter of taking careless steps. These aspects are like traps. One wrong move and I'll suffer-”

Lyrim listened curiously. Ethe’s words were not lies. In his ears, he remembered the strain and how Ethe nearly perished after bringing Astra back. “-I'll take your word for it. By the way, what is Qil doing?-”

Right as Lyrim spoke, a rumble shook the entire temple, and at this moment, feeling the imbalance, both Ethe and Lyrim left the stream dimension and awoke in reality. “Qil? What's going on?” His voice resounded out, echoing clearly in the temple

“Uhnn… Nothing. Leave me alone!” He said in a thunderous tone. Ethe, who had suddenly appeared from his lair and looked up towards the entrance that led to Qil’s spire from the central hall, tilted his head. “Mule, you are up to no good!”

“Quiet!” He roared out, before the temple shook again. Unable to contain their curiosity, as neither were able to read Qil’s mind since he had blocked his mind off, as well as the range at this moment was too far to even attempt to read it.

Ethe and Lyrim vanished with speed equaling each other, before they appeared at the spire’s entrance. Lyrim pushed the large doors with the symbol of clouds and thunder adorning it only to be welcomed by sparks of energy shooting all over the place.

The source was a floating rip in space and time. The appearance made both Ethe and Lyrim turn pale with annoyance. “Q..Qil, what are you doing?” Lyrim spoke.

Qil, who was seemingly extracting energy from the rip in space, was looking ecstatic. “Uhh, why are you two here…” Ethe laughed quietly “Mule, he asked you a question, why are you trying to absorb such unstable energy”

Qil made a sort of mewing sound, grunting softly before the blue lightning from the rip in space started to turn black “Ahh, I got it!” He willed the black lightning towards his body, but was careful to try and orbit it around himself, using Ethe’s gravity ability to do so. When Ethe noticed, his face flustered, knowing he was helping Qil without his permission.

“Qil, be careful!” Lyrim called out. Qil spoke “This lightning…. Its power is incredible. And there is no doubt I can use it to strengthen my power.

The black lightning had the attribute of death, giving it a cold aura that began to lower the temperature in the room rapidly, despite being controlled by Qil. With each spark of lightning that shot towards him, it was grabbed by the intense gravity and sent orbiting around him before being carefully absorbed into his body. Lyrim and Ethe could feel the change themselves, as the core signifying Qil inside the dimension that was housed in their bodies began to shift and grow in strength. “Incredible….” Qil’s eyes had a crazed look.

He had gotten greedy, intoxicated by the potential of increasing their power. He had begun to increase the size of the rip in space, but as it grew, the strength of the lightning also grew. The death aspect lightning soon vanished and was replaced with lightning that had a transparent, almost Celestial, skinned appearance.

A bolt struck towards Qil. The 3 of them knew this was something they couldn't handle. “Shit..” Lyrim responded before Ethe merged with his body and he soon vanished, appearing beside the lightning bolt that was only a bit slower than him.

Qil, despite being formed of energy, had deathly look, but before the white lightning containing an unknown energy reached him, Lyrim had mustered up a lot of energy within his body to the best of his controlled ability in Ethe’s gravity aspect.

He managed to change the direction of the celestial lightning bolt that shot back into the rip it came. He knew the bolt itself had enough strength to scorch this planet. He dared not let it freely shoot out from the temple.

After quickly redirecting it back into the spacial rip, Lyrim himself grabbed the edges of the rip and forced it shut as he turned to quickly look at Qil “Are you ok!?” He nearly roared out.

Qil seemed to shrink, almost as if he recognized what he did was wrong. “Ha….haha, I guess I bit off more than I could chew.” Ethe’s soul formed out, as he stood over Qil with a grin on his face “Ha! Greedy creature, are you not satisfied with your current power? You almost got vaporized by that thing”

Lyrim’s body was shaking slightly. That bolt of Celestial lightning had brought with it a realization. “That bolt had the aspect of life and death combined into it. There is no doubt”

Ethe turned to look at Lyrim. “Indeed. I'm surprised you felt it too.” Ethe then turned to Qil and gave a warning “Qil, in the future, do not tamper with such things without us all agreeing to it. Leave those 2 aspects to me” Ethe had spoken his name for the first time, to show how serious the matter was.

Qil grunted quietly and nodded before leaving his own chambers. “We might be Primordials, but we can't control our strength much. The energy of the universe is much more than we can handle, we will have to tread lightly”

Lyrim spoke to Ethe as he slowly walked out, still somewhat trembling. “-To think that a bolt of lightning could bring this much fear into me. And I was opening up spacial rifts as if it where nothing-”

Lyrim had truly learned a lesson of his own. He knew that the spacial rifts held great limitless energy, but he had thought he could control it. In the end, he had experienced one of the more powerful energies that could even cause him to worry.

As Lyrim made his way down the hall with an annoyed expression adorned on his face, he blinked, and turned his head to his left, looking at the entrance of the temple. He spotted 2 figures. One of which was Krouse, and the other was someone he hadn't expected to meet so soon.

“Astra?...” He looked, seeing Astra giving an almost pitiful nervous gaze. Lyrim hadn't detected them earlier, as his Primordial Sense was not extended far, and he had then focused it all to save Qil from the Celestial bolt.

“L..Ly… Uhh..Brother…” Astra spoke. She wore a simple white sun dress that extended to her knees, and wore delicate yet fitting blue shoes. She seemed as if she wanted to be casual. As if visiting a family member.

“Nn… Krouse?…” Lyrim raised a brow at Krouse. Krouse, seeing Lyrim’s gaze, felt his knees shake and sweat droplets run down his face. “My Lord… I, uh...thought you would be happy?...” Lyrim raised his hand to the bridge of his nose and rubbed softly.

He truly didn't know what to do. He had never been in such a situation. It was then that he felt somewhat disappointed in Astra. She had yelled and shunned him, but is now here. “What's wrong Astra? Why are you here?...”

Lyrim spoke, despite knowing that it was probably not the best reply. Astra shuddered a little. She couldn't help but feel that Lyrim was in a bad mood. She began to consider that maybe her words before had irritated him, and he had taken it all to heart and was truly angry at her. Regret started to sink in.

“I…” She walked over and then bowed towards him, clenching her fists. “I'm sorry…. Brother, I'm sorry….I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry….. Thank you…. Thank you for finding dad…. I….” Tears began to flow from her eyes, and they trailed down her cheek.

“Uhh…” Lyrim rubbed the back of his head, but before he could say anything, a young boy as well as Lizna appeared from the entrance. The boy saw Astra, who was crying and bowing down. He then clenched his fists, giving an annoyed look at Lyrim before rushing over and calling out. “You bastard, you made her cry again!!”

As he was rushing towards Astra’s side, he rushed over and punched towards Lyrim. A soft voice emitted in his head. “-This little punk….-” Qil had appeared behind Lyrim, his figure growing to show a more menacing from. Qil had never forgiven Cayden for mouthing off. “Little punk…. You’re pissing me off….”

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