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Astra nodded. “You're right, Sis…. He did leave for several years and didn't even come back. He didn't even give me a proper reason, and I was left alone to try and chase after him…” Astra clenched her fist.

“Why did Brother save me? Was it to for self-satisfaction or something” Lizna blinked, wondering if she had done the right thing by telling Astra the truth. She herself wasn't sure about Lyrim anymore.

Cayden peaked around the corner. “Uh… That guy was Lyrim, right?” The two girls turned, almost forgetting Cayden was here. Astra blinked and walked over as she laughed and leaned down, hugging him tightly. “Yes, it was. And unlike him, I won't abandon you, as dumb as you are sometimes….” Cayden struggled a bit before he gasped. “Argh...o.ok ok…”

Lizna looked at the city and spoke “I wonder how things will be from now on. I guess we’ll stay a bit longer” Astra stood up, letting Cayden go “its fine. Let’s head back to my real home. I grew up with your people, and you are my real family” Astra had not understood Lyrim’s true intentions as well as his own suffering.

Floating in space, still between the planets, Lyrim emitted several pulses as he spent a whole day scanning all 3 planets. His eyes shot open as he felt a faint energy that was familiar. “I...I don't believe it... No way...”

He vanished, teleporting across the cosmic energy he had access to before reforming in the atmosphere of Nephis, closer to the faint energy source that was now clearer. “No wonder I didn't find it at first, it was close to the core of the planet. The energy must have shielded it”

“We still have a lot to work on. These past years were far from enough, but at least we progressed. “His voice was clear, speaking soundly. “Indeed. But what is he doing? “After replying, Lyrim’s eyesight pierced through the planet, before he fixed onto a camp of individuals that were chained and shackled, working to the bone as they chiseled away at the earth.

“I don't believe this, Slaves?” Lyrim was truly in disbelief. Teleporting down, he arrived on the ground in the open, not even caring if they saw him or not. Everyone around froze, as Lyrim appeared seemingly out of thin air.

Everyone thought he was an expert and dared not look at him funny. Even the slave owners began to cautiously approach him with no ill intention. Lyrim looked around, seeing the pitiful state these people were in. “A lot of these people are from Avil, some feel like they belong in Tyra and others from here on Nephis. Why work these people to the bone when T.Gears are more than capable of doing such menial tasks?”

A large bald man wearing a T.Gear approached Lyrim and spoke with a smile “Greetings mighty expert… How can I serve you today? Looking to purchase some ore? Perhaps a female slave? Hehe…”

The top half of the man’s body had been turned to ash as Lyrim glanced disgustingly at him, using his energy to burn his top half off. “-This is what I meant by ‘Sometimes I won't be able to control myself’. There is always scum like this who deserve to die…-”

With the slave trader dead in an instant, the people mining glanced over, wondering what was going on, why the slave trader was killed, and if there was a chance at hope. The other slave traders roared as they shot towards Lyrim with anger at their comrade dying.

“Good, you can all follow this filth…”  The area around the slave traders had its gravity intensified and they were mashed into the ground, made into a bloody pulp in an instant, leaving the miner slaves gazing in horror and fear. But that was soon removed as their shackles and bindings broke into shards.

“You're all free. Do as you please….” Lyrim ignored the cheers and thankful praises he received from the miner slaves, who rushed away and headed towards the tunnel that led up onto the surface. He was after one energy source that was deep within.

Continuing down the tunnel, he met the occasional slave trader that was dispatched with ease, and soon the cries of misery and pity were replaced with cries of happiness and cheers of joy. This attracted the attention of other slave traders.

A man who was fairly built and missing his left arm was smashing away at the rock, his face covered in soot and scars all over. A boy to his side was weakly hammering away at the same rock as he panted heavily. He spoke “C...Can't… Tired...” He fell on his knees and sighed. The man beside him spoke while continuing to hammer “Get up. Don't give up….”

A fierce whip came and struck the back of the boy, who let out a scream of agony. “Little bastard punk… Get back to work!” The chubby slave trader said as he munched on a leg of meat.

“Please...give me water...” The boy spoke in agony. The slave trader’s face twisted. “I'll give you this!” The whip came down, but instead, hit the back of the man with one arm, causing him to wince in pain.

“P...Please don't mind him… He will get up after a minute… Please hit me instead…” The slave trader laughed. “Get out of the way. Or do you want to lose your other arm this time?”

The man fiercely glared at the slave trader, making him step back a little. “Y...You... How dare you look at me like that?” As the whip came down, the space around the slave trader froze, before his bones were crushed and shattered, and a second later he was a pile of mashed flesh after screaming pain and agony. The boy and the man covered their faces in shock and horror, before the mine was eerily quiet. The sound of footsteps echoed before a soft voice called out. “Ah, I found you. I'm such an idiot to think it was so simple. She will truly be happy”

The man gazed at Lyrim, who was standing there in tattered clothing and didn't seem to be any better dressed than themselves. “Sir...who are you?” Lyrim smiled. “Don't worry about who I am. I'm more curious about you. Do you have any children?”

The man raised a brow, wondering if this stranger was a savior or someone who was crazy. He dared not gamble. “I...I do… She should be 16. If...she is still alive…” The man remembered his daughter, and it brought good memories of her.

“I think of her every day. When my wife was killed, she was all I had. I took work, thinking I would get something good, only to be captured and sent here for years on end, never sure if I’m going to get out.”

Lyrim still wasn't convinced, so he tried a different method. A stream of energy containing an image of Astra when she was 6 years old left his mind before rushing over to the man, who jumped back, only to have the stream enter his mind and tears roll down his face.

“That's….my little daughter….Livi… you know her?” The man gazed at Lyrim with a desperate look. Lyrim looked around and decided to explain things to the man. Sitting the boy down and healing him, as well as creating food using the advanced creation ability, the two individuals were over the moon.

Lyrim came to know Livi was Astra’s intended name, and the man, her father, with the missing arm was called Dojun. His family was originally a well off clan that then entered hard times. He came to know Astra’s mother died from a disease when the clan broke apart and was unable to afford medicine. Astra was only 2 years of age at the time.

Lyrim gazed carefully at Dojun’s missing arm. “If you would like, I can heal that for you?” Dojun gazed, his eyes shining before he let a soft sigh escape his lips. “I don't think its right. I want to keep this as a reminder of the hardship I have gone through. The wound may be healed, but the mental scar will never go away.”

“Very well. Before we leave, give me a moment. I need to vent a little.” The opportunity for Lyrim was perfect. In reality, he had intended to kill those 5 Gods, but he knew that it would cause issues down the road. Saving himself wasn't a problem, but if he ever left, a day would come when they may get revenge on the planet and harm Astra and those he cared for.

So he had done the smart thing and let them go with a heavy threat, giving mercy. He wasn't sure how Amarnath would react or what he would do when he returned, but he knew Amarnath feared him as a Primordial.

His issue with Astra, her annoyance with him, had caused him some anger and himself being wrong. He had intended to leave, while in his own arrogance, had discovered her father was alive. If he had left, God knows if she would have been alive another day.

Dojun looked at Lyrim as he walked out from the tunnel. He then gazed at the young man at his side. “Let's go.” Helping him up and assisting him out, Lyrim was first to leave and discovered that there were many people examining the corpses of the slave traders.

When he was noticed, a large bulky man in a T.Gear spoke out “You, stranger...did you do this?” Lyrim casually glanced at him. “If I say yes what will happen?” The large bulky man gave a hearty chuckle as veins appeared on his head.

“Hahahaha. If you did, I would do this!” Using the strength of his T.Gear, he dashed towards Lyrim, as the dust kicked off from where he was. “-Disgusting. A celestial level T.Gear...-” Qil mumbled out. Lyrim smiled to the man who was in slow motion. “-Then I'll handle him using one of your abilities-”

As the man reached the halfway mark between his former location and Lyrim, a rip in space formed before a black lightning bolt struck down at the man, engulfing him completely, turning him into ash. And even then the ash would disintegrate until nothing but a scorch mark that burned red remained.

“Hmm, maybe I overdid it?” Lyrim whispered to himself. But at the scene of their leader dying so effortlessly, the slave dealers all turned pale and began to sweat as one spoke. “S...Shit, he killed the easily… Run!!” He called out, before fleeing for his life, knowing this opponent was not to be trifled with.

Just like that, the 40 or so criminals began to flee for their lives in all directions, causing Lyrim to be a little taken back. “Huh? No, I can't have you running off now.” He casually spoke, before a faint purple aura engulfed every single one of those men, causing them to freeze in their tracks.

Just like the scene with the 5 Gods, these men were as powerless as God or Beast to Lyrim, it didn't make a difference. As they all floated back until they were neatly arranged, Lyrim glanced at them.

They were all on the verge of tears, as they were frightened for their lives. Some even peeing themselves, which disgusted Qil. “I don't have much time, since I want to leave, but today I'll be your judge.”

Having attained some mastery over his primordial powers, he willed some of their memories from all the men to float out in streams of black and purple light, showing their relation to how evil they were.

Slowly sifting through the memories of all the men, Lyrim’s face twisted in disgust and anger. “I knew it…. Filth like you…” A mad look appeared on his face. Memories of the criminals dismembering and torturing the slaves they took.

Some fathers, some mothers, some children, caused his heart to grieve silently. He released 2 of the individuals that were frightened, and as they dropped on their butts, they dared not move.

“You two can go, I can see that you did nothing wrong… But next time, choose your profession carefully. Or I may not be so merciful…” Just like that, the 2 individuals bolted from the location they were just at, not giving a second glance, which made the bound criminals envious and angry at their freedom.

One criminal spoke “M...My Lord, please, let me go! I haven't done-” Before he could finish, the gravity behind him caused the space to rip open before the energy twisting inside gripped him and devoured his life force and physical body then sealing itself.

“Please shut up. I didn't tell you to talk.” At this stage, Dojun and his friend were watching from the entrance, looks of shock and terror on their faces, wondering who this individual truly was to be so merciless. Then again, inside, Dojun was laughing, as he knew justice was being served.

With the criminals inwardly feeling terror until their organs quivered, some had an urge to vomit in fear. “The rest of you aren't really worth saving… Killing so many and torturing those that didn't deserve it. I feel dirty even using my abilities binding you. There is only one way filth like you should perish.”

At his last sentence, Lyrim gave a soft laugh as he looked up to the sun in this solar system, a grin appearing on his face. “Indeed. When it can't be saved, purify it…” Qil and Ethe knew what Lyrim’s intentions were, and couldn't help but laugh at his idea.

“-Boy, I never knew you were this cruel. But these people deserve it-” Ethe spoke. Raising his finger, a black sphere formed behind the group before they were all pulled around it, still bound. The sphere enlarged and formed a thin bubble of energy that floated up.

“When you all reincarnate, I do hope you retain some memory of this day, so that you may learn your lesson…” Lyrim gave a merciless look. He truly was angered, as he had to hold back a lot. But he felt a bit relived.

With a flick of his finger, the bubble gravity prison binding them all would shoot like a bullet towards the sun as they screamed in terror; their voices soon vanished as the bubble also vanished from sight too. Dojun’s face was a bit pale. Even he pitied their fate.

He walked closer to Lyrim with his friend. “T...That's a little...cruel?” He spoke. Lyrim glanced back. “Some people say that killing a killer doesn't change anything. Those sorts of people themselves are too optimistic. Existence isn't something so easy.

Making a point across makes a difference. You do this then it will be done to you. When they meet their fate, slowly being burnt alive before they turn to ash on that sun, they will be tortured just like their victims…”

Lyrim spoke, showing a cold side. Dojun nodded, not daring to talk back to him. “I lost someone I cared for once before, and I nearly lost another trying to get that person back. If destiny{fate} chooses to play games with me  then I will play.”

Dojun wondered just how powerful Lyrim was to casually talk about challenging fate and destiny itself. “Well, what's done is done. I'm sure the two you let go will spread the story of the fate of these people and deter many...”

Lyrim nodded. “For now, let's head to Avil. You may feel a little uncomfortable” As Dojun was about to speak, the three of them turned into an energy like ash that vanished before instantly arriving in an open forest area.

Dojun quickly looked around, his heart beating quickly and his stomach a little upset. Glancing to his side, his friend was vomiting. He had it worse, considering he was weakened before. “Sorry, it's my first time using that ability to take people with me”

Lyrim softly laughed and Dojun only gave a faint nervous smile. He had never heard of teleportation, but knew many tried their best to train as much as they could, hoping to develop an ability close to it. It was rumored that not even Gods could achieve it, which made him fear and respect Lyrim even more.

The young man vomiting earlier slowly raised his head and widened his eyes. “T...This place… It's...its” Lyrim smiled. “I hope you didn't mind me poking around your head. I figured we would drop you off in your hometown first”

The young man, who had seemingly recovered, was frantic, as he ran off in a direction. Wasting no more time, Dojun and Lyrim followed close behind until they reached a small village on the outskirt of the forest.

The young man let a soft smile out and went on. “He must have truly missed his home.” Lyrim spoke, and Dojun replied “The poor boy came to the slave mines 4 years ago… He always told me about his family, his siblings, and parents. He wanted a name for himself, and ventured off, before being captured by bandits...”

Seeing the boy approach the guarded gate as him and Dojun stood still and watched, the guards seemingly gazed carefully before they jumped and quickly led him in. “Ahh, it seems they know him.” Lyrim spoke.

Several minutes later, the scene in the village was something to behold, as a small group of people rushed out to meet the young man and embraced him closely. Lyrim’s vision allowed him to clearly see tears that were being shed, as well as the emotion they let out.

“Well, it seems his family is in good health.” Lyrim spoke, and Dojun looked and smiled softly. “Will we be resting here tonight?” He spoke, and Lyrim soon replied. “I'm sure you're tired after everything, so for now, it would be best if you recover here before we see your daughter”

Dojun frowned a bit, as he was eager to see Astra as soon as he could. But he also knew Lyrim’s intention for his health, and as the two approached the small village, the young man gave words and began to tell them how Lyrim freed and saved them.

As it turned out, the young man was the son of the village chief, who was grateful to Lyrim for returning his son. They had thought he died years ago, especially since the region they were in was filled with danger. They would be happy to finally be rid of the bodiless grave they made for him.

Giving Dojun and Lyrim a guest home to rest, the night was held with celebration and a small feast. As time passed on, several days had gone by. Lyrim and Dojun were leaving, and a group of people and the young man who had lost hope prior to Lyrim arriving was now filled with energy and life.

As they saw them off, Lyrim and Dojun soon left the village, not bothering with supplies, and soon ventured into the forest. He would have used teleportation, but he had intended to speak to Dojun first.

Venturing in for a few minutes, they stopped in a small clearing. “Lord Lyrim, what is it you wanted to discuss?” Dojun curiously replied. Lyrim then spoke “I took these past few days to think carefully about things and how I would handle some matters. Although it's important, I feel I owe it to your daughter.”

Lyrim reached into the side of his cloak and pulled out a small glowing pendant like object that would glow blue, then black, then orange. Dojun immediately knew what it was. “L...Lord Lyrim, that's…a talisman?”

Nodding at Dojun, the talisman floated towards him. “I don't want to hand these out too freely, but this is a favor. I'll consider it for your daughter, as well as ensuring your safety. If you put in hard work. This T.Gear is a little special, but my intention in creating it is so you can live longer and spend more time with Astra, as well as protect her and others you may come across.”

Dojun opened out his free hand before it softly landed. He looked at it like a priceless treasure. “T...This…” Tears streamed down his face, as he didn't know what to say. Having been from a high nobility, he knew how to value a T.Gear. He could tell this T.Gear itself was no less than a Celestial level.

Lyrim spoke “I'm honoring your wish in not healing your arm, but also, I can only know that when you use that T.Gear you will be fighting. So I tinkered around with it over these couple of days. Whenever you use it, your arm will regenerate, and when you remove it, the arm will also vanish. I’d rather not explain the mechanics behind it. Heh...”

Lyrim gave a soft smile. Dojun blinked, and as his body shivered. He quickly knelt down in front of Lyrim. “Thank you… Truly, thank you!” Blinking in shock, Lyrim laughed. “Please stand. I'm no king. Now then, give me a moment. Take the time to fuse with it.”

As Lyrim shut his eyes, Dojun nodded, and it didn't take long before the talisman was absorbed into his chest. His complexion soon changed. He looked younger and healthier, more color on his face, and a stronger appearance. One would think he was a prestigious warrior.

At the same time, an undetectable pulse emitted from Lyrim, engulfing the entire planet of Avil before returning back to him. “Good, it seems your daughter is close to the Dark Spring city. Let's go set up a surprise.” Lyrim grinned, before he and Dojun turned to that same energy-like ash before appearing in a candle lit room where an old man was snoring.

Dojun gazed around, wondering where they were, and Lyrim turned to look at the old man before laughing quietly. “Hahahaha….” As it turned out, Hyun, who had fallen asleep while handling paperwork, jumped up, hearing the quiet laugh. He looked around in confusion before seeing Dojun and Lyrim next to him.

“M...My Lord! You have returned after 10 years” A look of embarrassment was on Hyun’s face, as he knew he had fallen asleep. He quickly got up and approached Lyrim to greet him. “Indeed. You look older than before. Is your T.Gear broken?”

Hyun laughed. “Not at all, Lord Lyrim.” Hyun began to explain that he admired life, death, and the aging process. Although slowed, he didn't want to stop. Lyrim felt Hyun was quite humble, and didn't argue back. It was his choice after all.

Hyun finally turned to look at Dojun. “This man is?” Dojun smiled and placed his free hand over his chest. “It's an honor to meet you sir. I thank you for looking after my daughter over the years...” Dojun spoke. He had heard from Lyrim what happened the past couple of days regarding Astra’s circumstances.

Hyun blinked. “Daughter?” He was a little confused. He then turned to Lyrim, who gave a quiet cough, then back at Dojun. “Y...You can't Astra’s father!!?” Dojun looked and gave a soft laugh. “Indeed. I am Livi, or as you know her, Astra’s father. At your service”

Hyun couldn't help but step closer, examining him carefully, thinking it was a joke. But he saw clear resemblances “Incredible…. But Lord Lyrim...I truly didn't think he would be alive… Where was he?”  Lyrim blinked. “I think it would be good for him to explain it when everyone is around. It would save time. The three of them should arrive in a few minutes anyway.” Hyun tilted his head. “Three of them?”

Lyrim looked at Hyun’s expression. It seems he didn't know about the little boy “Ahh, you will see. For now, I will be taking my leave” Dojun and Hyun turned to look at Lyrim and both showed surprise. “Lord Lyrim, you're not staying!?” Hyun spoke out.

Lyrim nodded “Astra is a little angry with me. For now, I think it would be best if she enjoy time with her father. When she wants to find me, have her ask Krouse” Hyun blinked and quivered a bit. There was only one Krouse, and everyone knew who he was. “Uhh...L...Lord Krouse?” Hyun spoke, and Lyrim nodded “Indeed. Don't worry; he will be more than happy to help”

Hyun nodded, and Dojun, who was still recovering a little, gulped. He knew Krouse’s standing, which just made him respect Lyrim even more to know someone like him and not even call him Lord. “Lord Lyrim, truly, thank you for your assistance…”

“Both of you call me Lyrim. I'm not fond of being called ‘Lord’. It doesn't suit me. Hahaha“ He softly laughed, which caused both Dojun and Hyun to feel a bit worried, thinking that Lyrim must have hated it every time they spoke it. But at least they knew now, and it made them feel at ease.

Hyun and Dojun tried to convince Lyrim to stay several times, but as Astra entered the city walls and an attendant knocked to let Hyun know, Dojun and Hyun turned to see Lyrim was already gone, as if he weren't even there to begin with.

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