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King Amarnath, a man who led a worldly empire to greatness and achieved Godhood 3 million years ago. He led his people and developed their strength and intelligence to the point where his planet held many Demigods and only the leaders of the clans and empire reached Godhood.

He traversed the universe using teleportation technology his people had developed using the power of a God to create a rift allowing travel into sectors, similar to Lazarus technology. Although these people were not as intelligent as humanity, their age made up for the gap. As well as their natural longevity to live for hundreds of years without a T.Gear

King Amarnath, despite having teleportation at his disposal, had encountered some planets that equaled his own empire in strength. Some planets where beast like, with several Gods on it that split the planet into territorial sections.

Amarnath discovered a pattern. In the path of habitability, the closer one was to the center of the universe, the more habitable galaxies become. He found the world littered with powerful Gods and found new found glory and opportunities. He had established an alliance and a large empire with many galaxies that were habitable.

He had raised a family that he loved. 2 sons and 1 daughter. His eldest son had gone on to have 3 daughters. Ariel, Angela and the robed female, as well as 1 son, who took pride in his roots and felt himself on top of all.

Amarnath, despite loving his life and empire greatly, wanted what every God dreamed of. To surpass limits. But despite this, not one God had managed to discover a proper way in transcending themselves. Some have tried, only to perish with their planets in vain.

Others thought fusing with a star would be the solution, only to be devoured by it and cause it to go supernova, taking many other planets with them. The Gods were all stressed and annoyed at their ignorance, unable to surpass the limit.

It was then that ideas started to form in Amaranth's head. Using his technology, as well as the assistance of other Gods, he was able to create an entity that surpassed a God. Joy and happiness spread across all Gods, who thought this entity would help them understand their limits. They titled this new level to be a Primordial, a being of raw power attuned to the universe.

These Gods, as well as Amarnath, were gravely mistaken. Using the remains of Gods that had perished, and fusing the little energies they held, had taken hundreds of thousands of years. After all, Gods that had tried to surpass their limits only to kill themselves were plentiful.

These minor energies of all the different Gods had a piece of their soul, and with thousands of bits and pieces cramped into one body, they strive for control. And this caused the being to go crazy with madness.

This creature rampaged across galaxies, tearing them apart with ease and killing hundreds of Gods with but a thought. Raw, unmatched power, required the strength of every known God in the 4 empires to come and seal this creature called Chaos, a Primordial being of madness and destruction.

Amarnath, who could be considered a near peak stage God, one of the strongest, had all but given up on achieving that strength. He had nearly brought about the end of existence by creating an artificial Primordial, and had it not been for the agreement between the empires, everyone would have perished.

A man who spent a million years of travelling via teleportation only to discover a 40 to 60 thousand habitable planets each ruled by God, each under an empire, a man whose granddaughters, after they had snuck in using their authority to see Chaos and try to claim prestige over finding a breakthrough to being a Primordial, only for them to mess with the seal and shatter it. A man who rushed with great urgency and had barely managed to repair the seal before it had completely vanished, unleashing destruction upon all.

A man, who never in his wildest dreams would have thought that in the farthest reaches of the universe, where habitation is impossible, would he find 3 habitable planets beside each other. A man, who with great happiness, found his cherished granddaughters and eagerly awaited to tell his grieving son of the news.

A man who discovered a unique 2 type T.Gear that he had figured to be incredibly unique, and may be a key in achieving his dreams. And he had decided to take it by force. A man who underestimated this girl, thinking this would be a simple walk in the park for a King of a galactic empire of Gods.

A man who was now about to watch how a being of great natural power, a being that surpasses an artificial Primordial such as the one he had created, a being that understands the basics of rebirth and the wheel of souls. A true Primordial being.

“Astra…” The tattered figure vanished before instantly appearing in front of the King, who looked in shock and horror. “How dare y-” The sister’s elder brother acted with urgency to protect his grandfather, but was the catalyst of all these individuals being pressed into the ground as gravity increased to the point where the floor that was made from carbon, an ability of a T.Gear user was under enough force and pressure that it was forming into diamonds.

“Urgh!” Angela groaned out. Ariel had lost consciousness and their elder sister was struggling to breath. The elder brother had his face planted into the ground, while the King was spitting out blood.

The tattered figure caught Astra, who was unconscious, who had been having her bones slowly crushed, into his arms. “You grew so much…” The figure’s face was revealed. A young, mature looking individual, who was sharper since the time he entered to train. Lyrim Hytio, the first individual to reach the Primordial stage.

“S...Such power… How could something like-” Amarnath felt the gravity ease, as Lyrim paid them no attention, but he suddenly felt the gravity crush him again, as Lyrim turned to him. “Shut your mouth… And stay there till I return”

He was seething with rage. Lyrim had learned to control it; he had discovered that, although they were 3 God level beings in one, it wasn't a simple case of a power boost. With Ethe, Qil and Lyrim putting their understandings and practice together, they understood a larger picture, as their pace could not be achieved by simple geniuses.

Just like how a key can control a car, a force of energy and power can control the universe. With the 3 of them, they formed a key that unlocked the power of the universe, allowing them to proceed into new boundaries never explored before.

Lyrim softly laid Astra down as an orange aura engulfed her body, healing her quickly. Lyrim then turned to Krouse, who gave a soft laugh. “F...Forgive me...L...Lord Lyrim. I didn't-” Lyrim smiled. “You did well. Any sooner and Astra would have died. I owe you.” The same orange aura engulfed Krouse and it began to slowly heal him.

Lyrim then stood up and turned to gaze at the 5 Gods being crushed by gravity. “Now then…” With a thought, they were telepathically pulled towards him and floating in mid air with their limbs spread out.

“Why did you try to kill my sister?” Lyrim gazed, as if looking for a reason to kill someone who slips up. The 5 Gods were terrified, having encountered a mysterious individual who forced the 5 of them to their state so easily without batting an eye. Amarnath gave a soft chuckled, as his face was bruised and bloodied.

“W...Who would of the furthest reaches of the universe, where life is not thought to exist, a Primordial would be lurking….” Those words made the 4 Gods shiver with fear and terror, but they dared not utter a sound.

“I asked… Why did you try to kill my sister...?” Lyrim began to use the same force to tug on Amaranth's bone, which made him groan in agony, but laugh. “I...I apologize… I had not known that her brother was a force to be reckoned with…. In my arrogance and greed, I have….never encountered a T.Gear with 2 types of elements. One being pure lightning, which is incredibly rare..., the other being gravity, which has never been seen before in a living creature….”

Lyrim frowned as he eyed the 5 up and down. “Give me a reason why I shouldn't crush you all on the spot.” Amarnath glanced at Lyrim and grinned. “B...Because, my Lord...  You would have the entire universe to deal with.”

Lyrim gazed carefully at him before he spoke. “Tell me. What are the warriors of the entire universe like compared to you in strength?” Amarnath blinked. Although in agony, he dared not answer him. “My...L...Lord, I am considered one of the strongest….”

Two voices resounded around in laughter. Even Lyrim smiled. “Haha hahaha, a weak bastard like this a top tier expert?” Qil’s voice resounded. “This is too much…. I feel sorry for the old guy” Ethe’s voice replied.

The voices made the Gods look around in confusion. Seeing no one there, Lyrim caught their attention with his words. “If you're a top tier expert, even if there were a billion of you, I would gladly kill every single one of you… Do you understand how confident I am now that your threat means shit to me?”

Amarnath swallowed blood mixed with saliva, as he knew Lyrim’s power was not as simple as that. “I...Indeed… In that case, my Lord…..please spare my grandchildren…. They have done nothing wrong to your sister; it is only me in the wrong…”

All of a sudden, the 4 Gods spoke as they declined. “Grandfather, no!” Ariel, who had woken up a minute ago, spoke, while Angela held back tears of anger, glaring at Lyrim.

The elder sister, who gave a fierce glare towards Lyrim, as if she wouldn't back down and would follow her grandfather's fate. Her face dwarfed her younger sister’s in beauty. Compared to her, they were like children. She had a mature, strong look like that of a warrior princess.

Her brother was the male equivalent, but more assertive, as he managed to spit towards Lyrim, before the glob of saliva was crushed onto the ground, not even reaching him. “What makes you think I won't kill you 5 then find where you come from and then wipe your planet out….”

Lyrim’s fierce threat, as well as tone, was one Amarnath took seriously. “Lord...Lyrim, I beg you…. not do this…. Spare my children and people…” Lyrim frowned. Although he was mad, how could he be angry at someone who cared deeply for his family? Amaranth's grandchildren’s dedication to their grandfather made Lyrim himself jealous. If he was to kill them, it would be more so out of newfound jealousy.

“I am not a murderer or a coward, picking on the weak like you 5 do. I only wish to live my life, achieving my small goals…” Lyrim sighed softly and turned his back to them as he released the gravity pressuring them.

The 5 fell onto their knees as they panted and wheezed, still in pain, but thanking the heavens they were alive. Lyrim looked to see that Astra and Krouse had all but been healed, and were looking at him quietly. Krouse although, was kneeling, terrified and astonished.

“Big brother… I'm sorry we had to meet again like this…” Astra wiped a tear away, her inner child coming out, unable to hide it from Lyrim. As she had acted tough for years, she could be herself.

Lyrim embraced her in a hug as he shut his eyes. “It's fine. The important thing is that you're safe. You have grown so much, and you can speak full sentences now“Astra nodded as tears silently fell from her eyes as she clung onto Lyrim, who hadn't even used a T.Gear to bind the Gods. His power was immeasurable.

“I...won the Planetary Tournament… Does this count as having made a name for myself?” Astra mumbled and Lyrim thought. “I will let it slide this time, but I guess since you have gotten so strong, I need to give you bigger goals. Heh” This made Astra look up and frown in a jokeful way.

Lyrim grinned then turned to Krouse, who as silently kneeling. Krouse, seeing Lyrim focus on him, spoke. “L...Lord Lyrim, to think you're power...surpasses that of a God's…. I am speechless… Please spare me for underestimating you…” Krouse was shivering with excitement and fear.

“Don't kneel. I'm no King, nor do I plan to be.” Slowly, the Celestial level T.Gear users returned to see what happened, since things had calmed down. Only to see a shocking scene that was begging to be explained.

“Astra…” Lizna managed to shove her way through and rush towards Astra, only to stop a few meters away and gaze at the individual she was clinging onto. “It'…. Uhh…” Lizna was speechless. Lyrim’s very presence and the atmosphere made her feel like she was the same dumb girl who acted intelligent, only to be proven wrong.

Astra had spent many years training in hopes of getting to Lyrim, and deep inside, Lizna was also eager to see him. She hadn't admitted it, but she had fallen in love with Lyrim. As much as she denied it over the years, forcing her to downplay it, something like that was quite hard.

“What a hassle. I didn't want to get involved with things, but I ended up involved anyway” Lyrim was a little depressed, having managed to suppress and toss his anger aside, showing that he has learned to control his anger.

“-You did well. I really thought you were gonna toast those Gods, hah-” Ethe replied. Qil snickered inwardly “-I’m more surprised you let them off without killing at least 1-” Lyrim stood up. His presence was so intense, that when he stood, it seemed as if everything had frozen.

“-I won't say I won't kill the weak. There may be a time where my hand can't be stopped, not even by my conscience. Despite these years of training, the biggest improvement is not a boost in controlling our power, but my attitude towards things.
Otherwise, having power while being careless is dangerous to me and others. We have yet to control this power completely, so we will keep trying. That being said, I just remembered something-”

With everyone nervously waiting, Lyrim he turned to the 5 kneeling Gods that showed nervous glares. “You. What's your name?” Amarnath blinked and bowed while smiling. “Amarnath, my Lord, at your service. “

Lyrim replied “Indeed you are, Amarnath.” Lyrim walked over to him, and just as they obtained information from Aileen, Lyrim emitted a faint pulse towards Amarnath, to which a stream of energy from his mind entered Lyrim’s.”

Ethe gave a soft laugh “-I'm surprised you didn't kill him, since that was the first time you used the mind extraction technique-” Lyrim didn't reply as he went over information that he extracted from King Amarnath.

What he wanted to know was what his empire was, if it would be trouble in the future, how he got here, and why he came here. Qil also scoured the new information. “-Ahh, so they call us Primordials?-” He curiously asked. Ethe replied, also going over the information. “-I feel more accomplished knowing that before I joined up, I could be considered one of the strongest Gods. Hahaha, stupid scaly mule, think I'm bad now?-”

Qil growled causing the dimension to shake slightly “-In my eyes, you will always be a damn lizard-” Lyrim, who was going over everything, frowned. “Useless, there's nothing on it.” He mumbled to himself. “-What are you looking for?-” Ethe spoke curiously.

“-Archia. I thought I would find something on it, but there's nothing. Just my luck-” Lyrim frowned to himself, then gazed at Amarnath then turned away, ignoring him “You may go” He spoke uncaringly before walking off.

Amarnath didn't hesitate before he activated the warp device, a rip in space appearing before the 5 of them. Ariel glanced over at the wounded Aileen, who looked back, then vanished and appeared beside him before helping him to the 5 of them. She had taken a liking to him.

The 6 of them soon vanished through the rip that then sealed. Lyrim gazed at Krouse, knowing that Yuril was dead and now Aileen was gone. “Krouse, you now have 2 more planets to look after“Krouse smiled widely and bowed again “Thank you, my Lord!” Krouse had been rewarded generously, and could be said to have benefited the most. He would truly hold a banquet.

“Brother, where are you going?” Astra followed behind him after removing her T.Gear. Lyrim passed by the Celestials, who didn't dare get in his way. After seeing Lord Krouse kneel to him, they figured he was someone of great power.

Lyrim wasn't sure how he would answer Astra. He had discovered that the hub of life grew stronger the closer it was to the center of the universe, a mysterious phenomenon. Even Ethe expressed surprise over.

“-Let's assume that Archia is on the outskirts of the universe. At least we have a boundary to search, based on my years of travel-” Ethe and Qil also agreed. Lyrim had some control over his strength, and didn't want to stay, wasting time on Archia. Every moment he spent here was a moment his father could no longer be around.

Astra followed Lyrim as he navigated through a different exit to avoid the large crowd that was gathered outside, wondering what was going on. Lizna also followed, as well as Cayden, who was cautiously watching from the sidelines, not uttering a word.

“Astra, I'm not sure how to tell you this…” Astra blinked and rushed over and stood in front of him, annoyed at him. “What do you mean…? Brother, tell me what's going on. Where are you going?”

Lyrim frowned and rubbed the back of his head. “I'm leaving this system. I'm going to find my home…” Astra knew the difference of Beast and God level, which means she also knew that Lyrim had stopped 5 Gods with ease, and had an understanding of how powerful Lyrim was.

“You...promised you would help me find my father… You haven't even spent time with me…” Lyrim had already thought ahead. His divine sense had reached a remarkable level, and still hadn't been fully mastered.

“Astra… Your father… I can't sense him…” Astra blinked and smiled in a sort of sad way. “Of course…. You can't sense everything… It''s….” As she spoke, Lyrim looked at her, apologetic. She was lying to herself. She knew how strong Lyrim was.

“How do you know?” She spoke curiously, as her heart hasn’t given up. “Everything on this planet I can feel. Every small creature that breathes… I can feel their energy. It's unique, different, and it twists and turns. But when I first scanned the planet, I had a view of it all. People of the same blood share a pattern of energy. Your pattern, I can only feel from you.”

Astra clenched her fists. “Brother, stop talking like that…. Are you saying you sensed through billions and c...couldn't find my father…?” Astra glared at Lyrim. “It's….complicated to explain without you being able to do it, but yes, Astra… On this planet, I can't find your father…”

“Lyrim….” Speaking his name instead of calling him brother. Anger and sadness swelled in her heart. “Why…. Why are you giving up on me like this…? You promised you would help me…. You won't even….spend time with me…”

Frowning in Lyrim’s heart, it wasn't a case of rushing things, as he trained and grew accustomed to his power, the urge to see his own home and find his father grew to an immense urgency, where wasting time wasn't something he could afford. He had expected to train for another 10 years, unsure of his capabilities, but having been alerted and testing his strength against 5 Gods, he was sure it was enough.

“Sister, I'm sorry… I'll help you search…” Astra glared at Lyrim with tears running down her face. “ gave up, and now you're rushing to make things right….. I waited years for you. For someone like me, a year is a long time…. And I'm not your sister… I'm some orphan you picked up from the street… Go find your home… I'm going to look for my dad myself….”

Although Astra’s actions could be considered childish, she refused to believe her father might have died. The hope and promise that Lyrim would help her find him made her believe he was alive, and now he crushed it and was now humoring her. She wasn't dumb enough as to go along with it. She rushed off.

Cayden walked passed Lyrim, glaring at him. “Bastard…” He mumbled under his breath. Lyrim only looked confused at him before he met eyes with Lizna before a ‘Smack!’ sound echoed. Lizna had slapped Lyrim on the right cheek.

“I was also eagerly looking forward to seeing you… I fell in love with you… But seeing you be so heartless and thoughtless to her needs….how could I be so delusional… Thank you, Lyrim, for helping me get over you…” Lizna walked away sadly.

“-This wench…-” Qil muttered quietly. Ethe frowned “-Hey boy, you ok?-” Lyrim touched his cheek, then touched his chest as he smiled, feeling a pain in his heart. “You feel that… It feels good… I couldn't feel her slap hurt me….but I feel pain in my heart….” A tear rolled down Lyrim’s left eye. “Dad...forgive me…. You need to wait a little longer…” Lyrim mumbled to himself before using his teleportation ability to appear between the three planets.

“A quick scan and I gave up. How idiotic could I be…? Was I that eager?” Ethe replied “-It can't be helped. You said it yourself; we haven't mastered the Divine Sense, let alone this new sense. We’ll call it Primordial Sense from now on. That fellow seemed to know a bit-” Qil remarked in return “-How come you get to name the abilities, damned lizard-” Ethe laughed “-Because mules don't think, they only carry things. And I was here before you, hahaha-”

Lyrim grumbled as he spoke in space, a feature to how strong he had become, as his voice clearly resounded. “Be quiet you two, I need to focus….”

Astra, Lizna and Cayden had checked into a hotel room since the coliseum was closed off. Astra sat on the veranda, sadly gazing out. Lizna brought over a small cup of herbal tea for her. “Astra… Getting upset like this….it won't do you good.”

“Lizna… Did I overreact…? I'm not even sure anymore… The way he just gave up, then offered again after I was upset… It made me angry…. So angry” Astra grumbled. Lizna walked over, handing her the cup then rubbing her back. “Maybe because you were expecting him to act differently…. It let you down that he wanted to leave so suddenly?”

Her response was quite a good answer, and Astra seemed to agree. “I have no real family…. Only those who are close to me. I hardly knew Lyrim for a year, yet…that was enough. But my bond with you is closer, sis. Is that bad?”

Lizna frowned and walked behind her as she softly hugged her. “Nonsense. Feel the way you want, we all struggle with our emotions. I won't tell you to forgive him or not, it's up to you. After all, he left to be by himself for several years. Even I'm not sure anymore”


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