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Suddenly! The two individuals from Tyra rushed over to the fighter from Nephis, who gazed with shock as they initiated a two pronged attack. He had barely any time to block, but was still sent flying like a rocket out of the arena, smashing against the wall, knocked out.

Aileen laughed “Sorry Yuril. Your fighter had an amusing expression.” Yuril glared to himself, as he would be sure to punish that fighter later on for losing so early, regardless of the odds. The other blurs that occurred were Anithi and Astra meeting up together and teaming up as they gazed at the Nephis fighter, expecting as much.

The two fighters from Tyra eyed them carefully. “You two, give up, there is no chance.” Anithi grinned. “You bastards from Tyra talk about justice often, but compared to knights like me, you are trash” The Sacred T.Gear users glared and rushed with great speed, splitting up to take both Anithi and Astra on.

With Astra and Anithi fighting fiercely, their benefit was that these two used the same type of T.Gear while they both had different sorts. Astra punched, causing the air to ripple towards one of the Sacred T.Gear users, who raised both his hands and called out “Tusk Shield!” A large spiked shield appeared and blocked the punch with ease.

But at that moment, Anithi appeared behind him, kicking towards his back, which made him turn in shock, but a kick countered Anithi’s, causing him to back flip away. The Tyra combatant had been saved by his teammate.

“Do not leave yourself open!” He called out while the other replied “Damnit, I'm trying…” Astra looked at them carefully “They both have defence T.Gears. Earth types…” Anithi snickered at Astra’s words. “That Nephis guy had terrible luck. To be knocked out so easy...”

Astra called out “Go!” With that, both Anithi and Astra charged, causing the two to Tyra users to grin as they put their backs together. “Mammoth Guard!” Two large dome like shields appeared from an earth like energy. The shield itself didn't cover all the way, but with two back to back, it was a perfect guard.

“Shit…” Anithi jumped back as well as Astra. “No wonder they were so confident…” Anithi glared as he looked around. “Well, they can stay like that for good then…” Astra laughed softly, but at that moment, the spikes on the large shields shot out like bullets in all directions. Anithi and Astra gasped, as they let their guard down for a moment. Both being scraped and hit by the spikes.

The loose spikes that shot towards the crowd were effortlessly destroyed by Celestial level T.Gear users who were tasked with protecting the crowd from harm. “Shit, those things hit hard…” Anithi’s T.Gear had cracks at the location the spikes had hit, but Astra’s had a few scratches.

Astra looked at the shields that then reformed the spikes with ease. “They got more! Be careful!”  The Tyra combatants began to initiate a barrage of spike launching attacks, shooting towards Anithi and Astra constantly. “Fuck these cheap bastards!” Astra roared out and charged towards the shield, only to be hit by 5 spikes, knocking her back as she was covered with a bit of blood that ran down the sides of her lips.

Anithi wasn't faring better, as some of his T.Gear had been torn apart. “Ha…..Haha, tough indeed…” The two combatants from Tyra laughed at them both, and one spoke “You think we are just defence T.Gears, but we also have good offence… These spikes are part of our T.Gear, the T.Gear weapon Tusk Spike. It allows us to fire projectiles from any part of our T.Gears

Astra wiped the blood from her mouth. “Urgh… Should I use one of my trump cards?” She whispered to herself, before Anithi’s laugh caught her off guard. “Ah, is that it? Ok, I'll be testing that defence of yours….”

Anithi raised both his hands as two flames appeared before they raged within his hands. “Inferno Wind…” The two flames shot like waves from both his hands towards the defence they had set up. “Although we can't move, don't think your shitty flame can burn us!!” Anithi grinned as the flame wave engulfed both of them and gathered onto them as if it were a pile of something.

“Break it? No, I don't need to… All I have to do is turn up the heat and roast you alive” Anithi’s words even made Astra cringe a little. As the raging flames burnt against the hardened bone shell, the two brothers continued to shoot spikes. But as much as they tried, the flame wouldn't vanish.

And as Astra and Anithi continued to dodge with both parties playing the waiting game, the two Tyra combatants finally broke their defence, as they were sweating bullets and were red and burnt as if their blood was steaming.

“Y...You piece of shit…. I'll KILL YOU!” One of the Tyra combatants roared as a large tusk like sword appeared in his hand. He charged towards Anithi “You idiot! Stop!!” The other tried to stop him, but was interrupted by a bolt of electricity shot by Astra.  “Tsk...”

Anithi grinned as the Tyra combatant stabbed the tusk sword into the ground, causing bone pillars to spring out like snakes and shoot towards him. “Show time... “ A large flame engulfed Anithi’s body for a moment, and as the bone pillars neared him, they turned black and became ash, leaving Anithi wielding two axes that had a jet black and ember like look. “Twin Embers...”

He rushed towards the Tyra combatant. The man shot bone pillar after bone pillar at him, but with one slash of Twin Embers, they turned to ash. The other Tyra combatant was faring worse, as tried his best to shield against Astra, but her speed was too fast for him. “This bitch!” He called out as electricity surrounded him and stabbed at his back.

“You can't stop electricity… It always finds a way through…” The man revealed his own Tusk Blade and charged at Astra, also using the bone pillars. But Astra pulled her hand back as it emitted a deep blue and light blue static. “Qilin Thrust…” She stabbed her hand forward, causing the surge of electricity in her hand that had been gathering to shoot outwards like a blade that extended a dozen meters.

The force shattered the bone pillars and stabbed towards the man, who slashed towards it. But to his shock the electricity blade ignored his arm altogether. As if it navigated around it, stabbing at his arm, cleanly slicing it off.

The man screamed in agony, and this caused his partner to look back for a moment, which was also a grave mistake as it left an opening for Anithi to attack. “Crescent Flame!” Slashing both his Twin Embers in an x shape, they broke the bone pillars and scorched them into ash before cutting into the man, blowing him off the stage with deep wounds as well as knocking him out.

Anithi chuckled. “Lucky these dumbos didn't use more than 1 skill. They were so confident in their perfect defence together. We got lucky” Astra, who watched as the two combatants were tended to and taken away, gave a sigh of relief. “Indeed. Good job” She smiled warmly towards him.

Anithi softly smiled back, while in the VIP box, Aileen clenched his fist tightly as Yuril laughed. “Hahahaha, how did those two idiots get this far? Thankfully the finals are going to be amusing”
Aileen shut his eyes and took a breath before smiling “The result is no different. Win or not, Avil will still be contested.”

Krouse chuckled. “You both hide behind your Gods. But be careful, not everything appears as it is.” Both Yuril and Aileen were extremely cautious of Krouse, who had a trump card up his sleeve. They had intended to attack him after the tournament together, but the thought was withdrawn because of their instinct.

“Bah! We will see if you can talk big after I win” A half day had passed, giving enough time for both sides to rest as well as time for Anithi to be recover with the assistance of his fellow knights linking some energy. His T.Gear was quick to heal.

Astra watched softly as she leaned on the door. “Are you going to be able to fight? You got banged up quite a bit.” Anithi, who was healing his T.Gear, looked up and laughed. “I'll be fine. Worry about yourself. This match is going to be more difficult…”

Before long, Krouse had walked in, causing Anithi to stop and kneel, and Astra to nervously take a step back. “You both did well. This next battle is indeed going to be more difficult. As long as one of you win and preserve Avil’s glory, things will be fine.”

Astra looked carefully at Krouse. “Y...You're promise. You will keep it, right?” Krouse nodded with a smile “Indeed. I always keep my promises” Anithi, who looked confused at what Krouse and Astra spoke of, interrupted. “Lord Krouse, these 2 fighters from Nephis... They are quite strong…”

Krouse nodded and folded his arms. “One wields a flame T.Gear like you, while the other wields a wind T.Gear. A terrible combination. I'm sure they have something up their sleeves, but ultimate abilities are forbidden, so it should be simple”

Anithi nodded and Astra pondered the situation. “I'll leave it to you both. And if, by some chance, you fight against each other... Well I wish both of you luck. Hehehe” Krouse then left them alone, and several minutes later, they were called up to the arena. The crowd was silent as the announcer spoke.

“Ladies and gentlemen! This is a battle royale with the last one standing being the victor of this tournament! The same rules as the other matches apply, and the winner will receive the Celestial T.Gear Forest Spirit!” At the mention of such a reward, the crowd had gone crazy. Celestial T.Gears were incredibly rare, not to mention that they were a step above Divine, so the winner would be skipping a level to achieve victory. This would make the Divine T.Gear users incredibly jealous.

No one knew why they weren't allowed to take part, but rumors were that it was to show who had talent and who didn't, as well as achieve glory and prestige. Astra and Anithi took their corners and gazed at the two individuals. One wore a crimson T.Gear that covered his face completely, leaving only a mask shaped like a flame. While the other had tornados like patterns as well as wind like carvings on his and a crazy look in his eyes, as if he wanted to destroy everything.

“These two are going to be troublesome…” Anithi spoke to himself as he looked at Astra. She looked back and nodded, as if knowing what he was thinking. The announcer's voice echoed. “With the combatants gathered, let the Final battle royale of the Planetary Tournament begin!!”

At that moment, as if in sync, the flame T.Gear user on Nephis side shot flamethrower like stream and the wind user fired a miniature cyclone towards it. With both the flame and the cyclone fusing together they shot towards where Astra and Anithi had dashed to go together, only to be greeted by the flame tornado and split apart.

“Hahahaha, you little pests, we saw what you did last match….” The wind user spoke. “You will burn good… And in your ashes, we will claim victory” The pyromaniac T.Gear user had spoken with his eyes glowing red through the helmet.

“Perceptive, these two...” Anithi called out, but Astra ignored him and fired a bolt of lightning towards the wind user. But her lightning was met with another tornado that managed to draw the lightning in, becoming a lightning tornado that smashed towards Astra.

“This thief…” She mumbled while the wind T.Gear user laughed out. “My tornados have the ability to absorb elements with its strength and use them to strengthen itself” he spoke with pride.

Anithi charged towards the other flame T.Gear user who began barraging him with firebolts, but they were deflected away by the twin embers. And as Anithi drew near and was about to release an attack, the flame T.Gear user received his own T.Gear weapon, the Flame Hammer “Flame Road…” Smashing the Flame Hammer onto the ground, a flame wave shot towards Anithi, who glared fiercely. “Inferno Edge” Doing a quick spin like a whirlwind, a large flame wave was sent to meet the flame road, and as both collided, madly, they devoured each other, cancelling them both out.

Anithi and the flame T.Gear user continued to battle each other. The wind T.Gear user shot sharp blades of air towards Astra, who countered by shooting bolts of lightning, causing them to implode. “Think you're tough…” The T.Gear user formed a horn in his hand as he snickered. “Gale Horn” As he gave it a blow, a large gust of wind formed around him, creating a strong cyclone that was felt hundreds of meters away, distracting Anithi for a moment. The Flame Hammer crashed down towards his head, but he slashed upwards just at the right time, managing to counter it.

The force pressed him into the arena and onto his knee as the ground cracked while he struggled. “Haha, you're strong…. How about this… Flame Jet!!” The back of the hammer fired up like a jet as it pressed down on Anithi even more, crushing him into the ground. With only a few seconds to spare. He roared.

“Ash Burn” The Twin Embers exploded upward with a black ash like smoke that was hot enough that even the T.Gear user’s armor was being scorched as well as the force of the explosion enough to cause him to stumble back.

This bought Anithi enough time to kick the man’s stomach. But the T.Gear user wasn't a rookie, and he blocked with the hilt of the hammer. “Hahaha, you're so weak. Is that all you got?” Anithi grinned. “Ash Blades...” The cloud of ash formed together into dozens of axes and swords in midair that then stabbed towards the flame T.Gear user, who roared out in shock as well as pain as some had cut him.

“Tsk…. Idiot… Fine then, Hurricane Push” The hurricane that formed shot towards Astra, who gasped, as she knew she had to stop it. With no room to maneuver through, she saw the wind T.Gear user rush towards Anithi, who was focused on his opponent.

“Anithi!!!” Astra roared out. But at that moment, the wind T.Gear user snickered “Wind Blade” He shot a blade of wind towards Anithi, who tried to dodge, but was unable to completely. All that he felt was an intense pain, and blood seeping from a missing limb. As his right leg was cleanly cut off, he dropped to the ground, gripping his wound in agony.

“I...I'm not done ye-” As Anithi willed himself to try and stand, a large force smashed into his left side, as he was shot out of the arena like a golf ball, smashing into the wall and falling down, with broken bones as well as blood all over his body. He was unconscious.

A figured quickly landed beside him and gripped him tightly before gazing madly at the two individuals. It was Pyr, his older brother, who was watching the entire fight. The two T.Gear users laughed. “Hahahaha, this bastard, so easy, He almost got you good” The wind T.Gear user taunted the flame one, who spoke “You prick… We are in this togeth-” Before he finished, both him and the wind T.Gear user suddenly felt as if they were being crushed as they fell flat onto the ground, the entire arena began to shatter. The hurricane had been crushed by the power of an immense gravity.

Astra’s eyes were glowing purple, as her hands were raised, emitting a green aura, with her body also emitting an aura as she spoke. “Ethereal Pulse...” She used the T.Gear ability from Ethe’s side. This stunned the onlookers, who couldn't believe what was happening.

Yuril, who was grinning and sipping wine, spat it out “I...Impossible… She is a lightning type...that's...gravity? Impossible, I have never seen a type that can control gravity before. What T.Gear does she have?” Yuril roared out, as if demanding.

Aileen sweat a little, as this was a little surprise to him. But he wanted to rub it in Yuril’s face as he saw both T.Gear users being crushed and forced down by god knows how much force. “It seems your little clowns aren't doing so well, Yuril. All they do is joke around, and before you know it, they are being stomped on like ants”

Aileen snickered, before Krouse laughed, causing them both to turn around “Truly a jewel. Who would have thought Lord Lyrim would be capable of creating T.Gears with 2 types in one…” Yuril and Aileen were confused at the scrap of information that Krouse spoke, but someone who created a T.Gear with 2 types had to be someone intelligent.

Creating T.Gears on those worlds required the individual to focus their natural energy and will it to shape, unlike the humans who needed tools. But creating a T.Gear with two attributes combined is unheard of.

“Ha… I won't lose so easily…” Yuril mumbled to himself, before he used one of his own abilities to initiate a telepathic link with the two T.Gear users.

“--Use your ultimates! I don't care about the rules!!--” He demanded. And as the two were pressed down, they grinned nervously as they spoke in unison. “Ultimate World Wind…. Ultimate Shadow Flame” Their energies swelled up immensely, to the point where even Divine level T.Gear users would have to take them seriously.

As the gravity pulse was broken by their energies, Astra looked at them, shocked. “Those bastards… Ultimates are forbidden!” Krouse stood up, but felt a menacing presence as a dark blade was slashed towards him. He barely was able to escape as he strafed to the side.

“Aileen…. This is between both Gods. Krouse shouldn't even be involved… Help me get rid of him here...” Aileen was sitting quietly for a moment, before he chuckled. “Look...” He pointed towards Astra.

A pure hurricane had formed, causing the clouds to twist and static to form, while the flame T.Gear user emitted transparent black flames that shot towards the hurricane, imbuing it until it twisted and appeared to be something that belonged in hell.

A transparent shadow flame hurricane was shot towards Astra. The Celestial T.Gear users hadn't received orders to interfere, and looked at each other before they decided to act. But they stopped as they were caught by surprise.

The core of Astra’s T.Gear pulsed with immense energy that rivaled that of a Celestial T.Gear and dwarfed that of the Sacred T.Gear users. She then raised her hand to the sky, forming a finger. The clouds over the shadow flame hurricane were sucked towards the point where Astra was pointing. The clouds turned a deep blue before they formed into a single cloud that left the clear blue sky, nearly blending in perfectly.

“Heaven Bolt…” Astra spoke, using the energy that she had gathered up for an emergency. The blue azure cloud turned a paper white before it vanished, leaving a white thunderbolt that pierced down, dispersing the Shadow Flame Hurricane as well as mercilessly hitting both T.Gear users as they screamed in agony before they were vaporized.

The Heaven Bolt cleaved into the ground, causing it to split as a mini earthquake resounded across a part of the city, leaving the people who couldn't get tickets to watch the fight curious to what was taking place and how intense it must have been.

Astra grinned to herself as she panted heavily; exhausting every ounce of her energy she fell to her knees. As silence echoed across while the dust settled and the earthquake from the power settled leaving the Celestial T.Gear users wide eyed in surprise and astonishment at this girl’s power.

To them, not only was she unique to have 2 types, but the power to reach their own for a moment was unheard of. Yuril, who looked in shock, was trying to piece together what had happened. “T...This... Impossible.” At that moment, the crowd erupted in cheer. It was so loud even the city inhabitants jumped a little and looked again, making them even more sour about not managing to get tickets.

A heavy smashing sound echoed within the VIP room as a figure was sent flying and smashing into the ground. The black shadowy figure looked up, as he held his cheek, the half mask he wore cracking. It was the lord of Nephis, Yuril. This caused everyone to wonder what had happened.

Krouse then vanished and reappeared at the arena as he cracked his fists, wearing his T.Gear Memory Mirage “You bastard… That's for attacking me earlier.” As Yuril glared at Krouse, a black aura engulfed him, revealing his own T.Gear, Death’s Door. But as they were both about to go at it, Aileen came in between them. “Enough. Both of you… She is the winner, and Avil wins”

Managing to suck up the defeat, Yuril’s face twisted. “This….cheater…” Krouse appeared next to Astra, as if to defend her. “Don't even think about...” A powerful surge of energy rippled across space, as a wormhole being ripped open had caused all 3 Gods to look up in surprise.

The energy was immense enough for even the Celestial T.Gear users to feel it faintly. “What's going on? Don't tell me there are more of them” Yuril spoke, enough for the 3 of them to hear.

“Indeed. It seems we have more guests…” Aileen was sweating. Krouse, on the other hand, was making sure Astra was ok. With the orb Lyrim had given him, he had little worry, with only curiosity engulfing him.

3 figures cloaked in glowing gold robes appeared from the wormhole before the one in the middle looked around. Raising his hand, the 3 of them turned to ash, before a few seconds later, they reappeared at the arena where the 3 Demigods were.

Krouse spoke out to the Celestial T.Gear users. “Get everyone out of this coliseum!” He roared out, causing the people to think something was happening. In fear and terror, they fled, making the Celestial T.Gear users’ job that much harder.

The robed man in the middle spoke to Aileen, ignoring Krouse. “Ait eyit hyrt iem?” Aileen was confused, not understanding the language used. The individual on the left stepped over to Aileen before a stream flowed from his head and into the heads of the 3 others.

“Can you understand me now?” The robed man spoke in a solemn and firm yet lord like voice. Aileen nodded. He knew that this person was incredibly powerful, and no less than a God. “Good. I said 2 early stage Gods should be in this system. Have you seen them?”

The 3 Demigods, upon hearing those words, were flooded with curiosity, as well as other confusing emotions. Who were these 3? How did they get here? How do they know the 2 Gods Ariel and Angela?

Aileen, who was filled with fear, replied. “Y...You mean lady Ariel?” The 3 looked at each other before the man in the middle nodded. “Indeed, Ariel is her name. Where is she?” A feminine voice resounded from his right side. “Your highness, it would be easier if we just searched his memory”

The man in the middle spoke “No need. We must respect their privacy. Knowing the language is enough. We must not tamper with these lower beings; our presence is enough to cause unbalance…”

Yuril chuckled softly, knowing these 3 were all powerful he approached them and kneeled. “M...My lords indeed… I know where those Gods are…” Aileen glared. “Y...Yuril, you would betray your own-” Before he could speak, the individual on the left raised his hand and flicked it towards Aileen, blowing him away and making him crashed into the wall.

“Go on.” The one, who had knocked Aileen, a Demigod, with ease, spoke in a deep and strong voice, which made Krouse and Yuril turn pale with fear. Astra, who was dazed, was slowly recovering while watching them silently.

“My Lords-” Before Yuril spoke another word; his entire body erupted in red flame, as he screamed in agony. The 3 robed individuals took a step back, before he begged to be helped for a few seconds before he turned to ash. A voice followed.

“Ah damn… I didn't think he would betray me… No matter, he can be replaced...” A figure wearing a red and black dress casually floated down onto the arena ground. “Your highness, I apologize for the inconvenience and the issues...“ Angela kneeled down with a hand across her chest.

The middle figure gazed at Angela and frowned, as his face was hidden “You have caused quite a commotion. Both you and Ariel” As he spoke Ariel’s name, he looked up to see a lady in a white dress that was glowing faintly tending to Aileen. Ariel, who was nervous, looked at the man in the middle before she vanished with god like speed, kneeling beside Angela.

“Your highness… Please forgive me for failing…” The female individual on the right raised her right hand before it became a blur, two faint sounds echoed and Ariel and Angela were left with slap marks.

“Fools…. Leaving your grandfather, King, and Elder Sister, to worry… Not only that, you broke the seals containing Chaos in your argument, leaving the 4 empires to attempt to reseal him…”

Ariel and Angela frowned a little before gazing up as they replied “Forgive us Elder Sister… Elder Brother…” With the group of Gods speaking, Krouse’s legs were trembling with fear. One God was someone immeasurable. 5 of them were impossible in his eyes.

“A...Astra let’s get out of here…” Krouse whispered. He valued Astra greatly. Invoking Lyrim’s wrath, whether these Gods or he did it, meant doom. As Krouse slowly tried to move away, Angela turned and pointed at him, wanting to try and get herself off the hook.

“Grandfather… These 3 planets hold life, which is rare. By removing him, we can hold these planets under the name of our empire…” The robed individual in the middle lowered his hood, revealing a blank expression with an old looking face and a fairly long beard.

“Hmmm” He raised his finger, causing both Astra and Krouse to pull back towards them into the center as Krouse roared in agony as well as Astra, who screamed and struggled in pain, as it was like their bones were being tugged on.

“You are the lord of this planet?” The man who was addressed as King spoke. “Y...Yes my Lord… P...Please...spare me...I will...give up this planet with no quarrel…” The king nodded and let Krouse go, not wanting to spill innocent blood.

“Grandfather, I thought we are to not interfere with these low beings?” The man looked at the robed female. “Correct. But the possibilities of 3 planets with life are limitless. 1 planet with life is very rare, but 3? Tell me, granddaughter, if you have seen such a thing. Under our guidance, these people will be better off”

The robed female sighed softly and nodded. “As you wish, my King” The King gazed at Astra and blinked, raising a brow. “I...Impossible… Why is it there are 2 types of energies in her T.Gear? This is unheard of…” The 4 other Gods immediately experienced shock as they gazed at Astra and scanned her, only to see their King was right. “Indeed a unique gift… Girl relinquish your right to the T.Gear and I will spare you…” The King spoke, as if instructing her. Astra glared at him.

“I...I refuse. My brother...g...gave this to me….” The man tilted his head. “Your brother is quite lucky to have come across such a thing. Gifting it to you was indeed kind, but such a unique T.Gear would one day cause many universal wars. If you don't relinquish it, I will kill you….”

The King spoke with a merciless tone, as if he was accustomed to this. As Astra was about to reply, a sharp glass shattering sound could be heard, as well as Krouse smirking by himself.
The 5 Gods looked at him curiously, seeing that he broke something.

“M...My Lords...that someone very important to another….” Krouse uttered before he was also flicked away by the same individual who had done so to Aileen. Krouse smacked against the wall of the coliseum as he spat out a mouthful of blood before falling limp onto the ground.

“Hmph… Bug...” The man spoke without a care. The moment the glass orb shattered, within the temple Lyrim had built for him, dust and sand had gathered over the years inside of it. Deep within the large towering doors, in the darkness where there once were braziers alight that have longed died out, a pair of eyes slowly opened before a faint pulse was emitted, engulfing the entire planet in an instant

The 5 Gods hadn't even noticed that this was a Divine Sense. The figure, whose eyes were glowing, caught glimpse of the 5 Gods as well as a familiar energy of a weak energy source being held up by a powerful energy.

“Astra….” In an instant, a faint light engulfed the figure before he vanished, using a teleportation technique that was once considered impossible. The figure appeared at the arena wearing the same clothing that was now tattered.

The figure gazed at the 5 Gods who hadn't noticed him. He gazed at Aileen’s energy, then at Krouse, seeing he was knocked out, and then at the 5 Gods again. Seeing them hold up a girl that had matured over the years, the T.Gear energy signature was the same as the time he left her, who was on the verge of tears.

“Astra…” He called out, before the King blinked and looked towards the individual wearing tattered clothes. “A person who didn't escape, perhaps another Demigod but how come I can't feel his energy? Regardless, forgive me, girl.”

The King spoke as he turned his attention back to Astra, who was having her body slowly crushed in a way that the T.Gear was being avoided. Her scream echoed with agony. “AH!! B...Brother!!….”

She called out with hope and intensity. The figure wearing tattered clothes, whose face was dark, had his eyes turn a crimson red with fury and anger and his body teemed with an energy that Gods could never understand.


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