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The Planetary Tournament, An event held once every 100 years to showcase upcoming powerhouses looking to prove themselves and receive prestige as well as a chance at a Celestial set.

This year’s Planetary Tournament could be said to be the most important, as it holds the fate of Avil, with 2 Gods eyeing the planet and using the tournament as a way to showcase their strength to attract the citizens of Avil, which would be better than using brute force.

An arena in the center of the city spanning several hundred meters in all directions with crowds gathering, a man wearing a suit having a noble atmosphere, as he was adorned in a T.Gear, spoke out, using his energy to transmit his voice around.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today we have gathered for the Centennial Planetary Tournament held every 100 years, hosted on Avil. Warriors from Tyra, Nephis and Avil will fight 1 on 1 until only 4 remain. We have 21 participants for this tournament. Although a little less than the previous, the quality of these fighters is no less and will surely rock the foundations of the worlds!!

The crowd suddenly roared with excitement. There were thousands upon thousands of spectators that have journeyed from all 3 worlds to see these combatants duke it out for their own amusement.

“Let's begin the first match!” As the announcer continued on, Astra, Lizna and Cayden were in a room, speaking. “So, I'll be fighting in the 5th round against Veryn. Who is this guy?” Astra responded in a bored tone.

Lizna was looking at a sheet of the fighters of the tournament. “All it says about him is that he entered the last 2 tournaments, so he his harmony level is probably 100%. Be careful if he pulls a weapon out” Lizna replied.

“Mwuhaha, it's going to be so funny watching her getting wiped off the arena” Cayden laughed out, to which Astra glared and hit him softly on the head. “Idiot, I'll be the one wiping that guy from the arena.”

The roars of the crowd were intense enough that they were heard in this room, making Astra even more excited and nervous. The sound of battle taking place was continuous.

“So, uhh, I'm in only 1 match out of 10 today, right?” Astra curiously asked Lizna, who was looking over the tournament papers. “Mmm, there's one person who will be skipping a match. What a lucky person they will be.”

“Bah, so unfair, I doubt I'll be the one to get picked.” Astra pouted. Cayden was eating a sandwich as he looked curiously at the competitors. “Uhh, there are some people from Nephis that look scary "He shivered.
Astra grinned and patted his head. “Oh, are you worrying about me?” Cayden turned red and hit her hand away “Who would be worried about an idiot like you? You want to get beat up? Go for it” With sparks flying between the two, Lizna laughed quietly.

As time passed by, Astra was called up, making her heart beat quicken. “Ok, ok, I got this…” Astra reassured herself, and Lizna patted her back “Good luck. Remember, if you do well, I'm sure Lyrim will find out” Cayden had no idea who Lyrim was other than someone important to Astra. “Good luck...” He finally spoke, showing a little worry, which made Astra pat his head with a grin.

Astra was called up again, and as she made her way out of the room and down the marble hall, she began to think “-Ok, I have been training for years. No way is some guy going to stop me from seeing brother-”

As she psyched herself up, she stepped out into the open sunlight and felt her heart shudder as she was announced. The crowd roared with excitement, hungry for fighting. The arena had been totaled in some places, and had to be repaired after every match.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Astra is a young female from the southern continent. A harsh environment has surely made her a hardened warrior!” The announcer tried to get the crowd more worked up, which seemed to work as they cheered more.

Astra stepped onto the stage and tried to keep a calm look. And finally, her opponent was called out “And her opponent for the 5th round, someone who will be entering this as his 3rd Planetary Tournament, a warrior with a Tidal Crusher Sacred set, Veryn of Nephis!”

A large man that dwarfed Astra stepped onto the stage. Standing at nearly two meters tall, he wore a dark blue T.Gear set that had several spikes as well as watery patterns around it. He grinned as he looked at Astra.

“Little whelp…. You think you're going to beat me?” Astra glared as a vein appeared on her head. “You like to look down on me? We will see once I break your teeth "She spoke ferociously, which made Veryn wince a little at her killing intent.

With them both taking their places, the announcer spoke. “The rules are simple. No killing the other and no injuring the crowd. Leaving the arena’s boundary is disqualification. Flying is allowed, as well as high jumps, as long as you are within the arena’s boundary. And no ultimate abilities till the finals! With this set, let the match begin!!!”

Veryn immediately took out his Sacred Weapon, a large trident like fork with a deep azure color. He charged forward like a rampaging wave towards Astra. “This bastard… Already?” Astra quickly remembered her training within the southern continent.

Veryn stabbed the trident towards her, causing the arena to shatter slightly as a sharp wind shot forwards. Astra quickly jumped to the side, but Veryn had expected as much and stabbed down towards her with intention to kill “You little brat. I'll make you pay for talking back to me!” He roared out.

Although Astra was nervous, she grinned and jumped to the side only enough to dodge by a small margin. The trident hit the arena, shattering it and causing the area within a hundred meters to shake violently. Astra took this chance to kick Veryn’s side.

As her leg landed on his side in a quick blur, Veryn felt the brunt and Astra grinned. But she then gave a nervous look. This was because her leg had been caught in Veryn's arm in a lock. “Hahaha, you think I'm some rookie to fall for that?” Veryn quickly repositioned his arm, grabbing Astra by her leg as he raised her up and swung her around as she screamed in a daze before he jumped up into the air a few dozen meters and roared out.

“Tidal Crash!!” The energy around him and Astra was engulfed in a blue watery aura and shot down like an azure meteor. The force wasn't so far off one either, as Astra struggled to be free.

“Bastard, as if I’d let you!” Twisting her free leg with all her might, she rammed it towards the man’s stomach, causing a small shock wave to shoot left, distorting the flow of the tidal crash as they both shot down and hit into the ground as the earth rippled where even the crowd went silent as a small crater formed.

The dust and smoke was intense. Slowly, a silhouette appeared that was bulky and clumsy. As the figure looked around with the stomach section of his T.Gear cracked a bit. “T...That bitch... But at least I got-”

At that moment, energy surged from the crater before it shot towards Veryn like a bullet engulfed in blue electric energy, “Spark Surge!” The flying side kick was noticed barely in time for Veryn to turn and cross his arms to block, but as the force hit him, blowing him back as his feet were pushed along the ground, the electricity shocked his body immensely, causing him to roar in pain as he slumped onto the ground, his limp body smoking.

Astra stood as she dusted herself off. “Argh... That's going to bruise for a while… You dumb buffoon, didn't anyone teach you that water is weak against electricity?” She snickered. The announcer rushed onto the stage, seeing Veryn was knocked out, with the trident having dropped to the side of him.

“The winner of the 5th round is Astra!!” The crowd erupted in cheer as Astra laughed and raised her hand up high into a fist, proud of her first win. The coliseum arena was separated into sections. Commoner, Noble and VIP, in the VIP section, Lord Krouse, Lord Aileen and Lord Yuril were seated separately, as they had just come in to witness the ending of the match.

Krouse spoke “Aileen, I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the new ruler of Tyra. A true shame” Aileen frowned and replied. “Lady Ariel is far above the likes of us Demigods and far above the likes of you” He spoke arrogantly, which made Krouse frown but made Yuril grin.

“Lady Ariel is it? So that is the pitiful being now ruling that goody two shoes planet.” Aileen’s body tensed up. “Watch your mouth you foul bastard…” Yuril snickered, and Krouse quickly spoke up “Gentlemen… We are here to watch the combatants, not to be them. We have some good fighters in this tournament.”

Aileen huffed softly as he spoke. “Indeed, that girl Astra was it? Managing to defeat a Sacred T.Gear user with little injury,” Yuril kept silent and Krouse nodded. “Indeed. She is new, I can't recall from what clan in the southern continent she originates from though. She would make a fine knight for Avil”

Aileen laughed, “Knight for Avil? Such a figure would be more suited for Tyra. You have enough knights” Yuril then replied. “Let him have her. His knights aren't doing too well in the recent skirmishes, hahaha” Yuril chuckled arrogantly, always looking to irritate someone.

“I try my best. After all, I'm managing quite well for someone not having a God steal his planet and back me up” Krouse taunted, which made Yuril tense up but keep quiet, as he was right.

Meanwhile, Astra headed back and was greeted by Lizna and Cayden, who laughed and congratulated her. “Well done Astra. Just like how you practiced. That Veryn had some bad luck, considering his T.Gear was a water type against your lightning type”

Astra smiled, but then frowned at Cayden’s words. “Beginners' luck, that guy was at his 3rd tournament; obviously he was no good to begin with. She got lucky” Astra replied softly to Cayden “Little brat... How about you try the next round” Cayden immediately zipped his mouth after giving a soft laugh.

The next 5 matches went by fairly unexpectedly, all of Avil’s combatants, other than Astra and another, were all that was left. The 3 individuals had headed back to their rooms in the coliseum's hotel area. Being a combatant, Astra was an important figure, being granted good rooms.

Astra walked out as she dried her hair from a shower she had taken, wearing a loose shirt and shorts she walked over to Lizna, who was drinking tea while gazing over a book, and Cayden, who was sitting and looked bored.

“What should we do tomorrow?” Lizna asked, to which Astra replied. “I was hoping to watch a few of the matches to understand what I'm up against. “ Cayden pouted “I want to go to a restaurant…” Thinking of his stomach, he was greeted by a pillow to the face, which made him wiggle a bit before he glared at Astra, who was smirking.

With events taking place on Avil and all 3 forces gathered, the space near where Ariel and Angela had appeared several years ago distorted slightly and rippled a little and began to gradually strengthen, giving no energy but a mirage like twist and turn.

The next day had gone surprisingly. Astra had intended to watch only a few matches, but decided to stay and view them all. The battles between people from Tyra and Nephis were violent, as if each individual wanted to kill the other. Despite this being a tournament, limbs were lost and T.Gears shattered.

“Argh, is this even a tournament anymore?” Astra mumbled to herself. A soft noble voice replied. “Don't mind these battles. Tyra and Nephis are always at each other's throats.” A young individual wearing noble attire folded his arms as he walked and stood beside Astra as he watched the battles.

“You are?” Astra asked curiously. The young man smirked. “I'm Anithi, a knight of Lord Krouse and the only other combatant from Avil to make it through. Haha, who would have thought it, would be only us left. We need to stick together.”

As it turned out, it was Anithi, the young boy who Lyrim had met years back. He had received his brother’s previous T.Gear after it was repaired and managed to train incredibly hard to reach this stage.

“Ha, thanks, but I plan to win this with help or not” Astra remarked as the 10th match of the day ended. As she walked off, Anithi spoke “Astra was it? You probably don't know this, as the other Avil combatants were knights like me, but the fighters from Tyra and Nephis have Gods behind their strength…”

Astra froze as her heart felt heavy. “N...No way, there aren't any Gods in this system…” She glared at Anithi, who spoke. “They haven't revealed themselves yet, this is information. Veryn was the weakest of the people from Nephis, and you had an advantage element wise. As you can see the combatants other than him don't take their time.”

Astra rubbed her head cautiously. “Why tell me this? A fight is a fight, and I'm no knight of Krouse.” Anithi chuckled and winked. “I’d hate to see a pretty girl get hurt. It's my duty as a knight to protect young ladies” Astra glared, releasing killing intent that made Anithi shiver and step back. “You call me weak?”

Anithi chuckled holding his hands up in defence “N...Not at all, ha-ha, I was joking.” Astra huffed and walked off, leaving Anithi sighing in relief. “What a fierce spirit…” He remarked quietly. A shadow slowly appeared behind him as a voice spoke “Anithi”

Anithi shivered as he quickly turned around, thinking it was an attacker. But he quickly knelt down as the shadow was revealed. “L...Lord Krouse, I'm honored to see you...” Krouse smiled “Relax. It seems that Astra surely has a temper.

I suppose I'll have to convince her personally if we have any chance to succeed in the next rounds” Anithi looked up and spoke “My Lord, she surely is stubborn and fierce. I do not think she will agree to partner up in the next round”

Krouse shook his head. “Do not worry. I'll handle it” Krouse vanished like a blur, too fast for Anithi to see, as only the air swishing could be heard. Astra headed back, and her, Lizna and Cayden had gone out to a nearby restaurant to eat.

“The other fighters are indeed strong...” Lizna commented and Cayden laughed. “Not too late to back out before you get hurt” Astra, who was stuffing her face, roared out. “I'm not going to lose you little twerp! Just watch.”

Lizna quietly laughed. “What will you do with the Celestial set if you win it? Will you use it?” Astra swallowed the food in her mouth before she spoke “This T.Gear was made by big brother… I'll let you handle who it goes to” Cayden’s eyes quickly widened as he sat next to Astra. “Ahh, sister, you sure are beautiful today!”

Cayden’s actions were all but obvious enough to make Astra and Lizna laugh, with a flick to his forehead, Astra spoke “You’re the last person I’d give it to, hehehe” Cayden frowned and sighed playfully before he began to eat.

The trio spent the day exploring what the city had to offer, as it was a hub for trade and exotic goods from all 3 planets and was especially active during the Planetary Tournament, where a flood of people would come.

As night came and Astra was sleeping, a figure was sitting in the corner of her room for several seconds before Astra quickly opened her eyes, jumped up, and turned to look at him. “Who are you…?” She spoke soundly but direct.

“Do not worry; I'm not here to hurt you. You can call me Krouse. It's nice to meet you, Astra.” Astra felt her body twist and freeze, as the man known as Lord Krouse was sitting in front of her. She couldn't feel an ounce of his energy.

“L...Lord Krouse? Why are you here?” She spoke, confused, but still on guard. “Astra, I'm sure Anithi already told you, but it is important you join up with him next round.” Astra glared “I refuse…. The next round is a battle royale of 5 people for the last one standing. He would slow me down.”

(PR Note: “L..Lord Krouse? Why are you here?” Krouse replies “I’m here to speak to you about the Avengers Initiative)

Krouse laughed “Hahahaha, do not worry, Anithi is quite capable. You haven't seen his match have you? Well, either way, let me tell you something. In this tournament, there is more at stake than a silly Celestial T.Gear”

Astra carefully listened, but the door to her room suddenly shot open as Lizna came in her T.Gear as well as Cayden wielding a broom as they glared at Krouse, hearing Astra and Krouse’s laugh from earlier. “Astra, are you...” As Lizna spoke, her and Cayden suddenly went blank and dropped to their knees, silent.

“What did you do to them!!!?” Astra roared and charged towards Krouse before feeling her body freeze. “Do not worry. I’ve temporarily blanked their minds. It will last until we finish talking it's temporary.”

Krouse used another technique to make Astra forget how to move. It was an incredibly useful ability and devastating in battle especially for high level fights where every second mattered.

“Grr...” Astra growled, but Krouse ignored her and spoke. “Those 2 Gods Anithi told you about, they’re using this tournament to showcase their strength, and whoever wins will make a move on Avil and attempt to destroy me and rule.

If it's Tyra, they will force you to worship that God. If it's Nephis, they will rule with blood and the freedom of Avil will vanish. All those you care about, including those I care about, will vanish.”

Astra tried her best to move her T.Gear inside her body, emitting a faint light, letting her move an inch, which shocked Krouse, as she was much lower than him. But it also made her feel she was incredibly talented and strong. “Indeed you are powerful. But power at your level won't be enough.”

Astra replied out fiercely. “You...think that if they lose, they’re going to stop their invasion?” Krouse smiled and withdrew and orb from his cloak. “This orb was-” Before he spoke, Astra roared out, “Y...You bastard! That has big brothers feeling and energy… Did you steal that from him!?!” Krouse froze and kept silent for a little while.

“What is the name of this brother of yours?” Astra kept silent “None of your…” But with Krouse, whose T.Gear focused on memories, he was easily able to scour her mind and find Lyrim in it. He quickly stood up as his heart beat quickly from fear and joy.

“Ha...Haha, You are indeed connected with him… How about a deal?” Astra, who saw Krouse’s calm expression turn to one of fear yet joy, was confused but was curious about the deal as she had given up struggling. “What deal?” She blurted out.

Krouse smiled. “If you team up and win this tournament, I'll take you to where your brother, Lyrim, is” Astra widened her eyes, as Krouse knew his name. “You're not telling the truth!! Don't lie to me!!” Krouse smiled “I had a temple built for him. He should be training there.

This orb was given to me by him, in case an emergency arises. If it's you who enters this tournament, and with such a T.Gear, I'm confident you will win. There's no need for me to worry anymore”

Krouse laughed as he vanished with newfound joy and confidence, leaving Astra confused. As the ability was released on her and Lizna as well as Cayden who looked around confused, wondering why they were in this room, seemingly having their memories of Krouse erased.

Astra stood by herself as she looked out the window at the night sky with the planets of Nephis and Tyra in view. “Brother….” She spoke softly, with newfound hope. She was sure Krouse knew where he was. After all, he ruled Avil itself.

The next day, during the battle royale, the announcer spoke. “Attention please, the first battle royale will begin now! Contestants are all in their corner, killing the opponents is prohibited! Anything else is allowed unless they forfeit!”

Astra stood on the side, watching the first battle royale commence fiercely. Anithi walked beside her. “So I take it Lord Krouse-” Astra interrupted. “Just don't get in my way and watch my back” Astra spoke with confidence, which made Anithi breath out deeply in relief.

The first battle royale had lasted 2 hours, before 2 individuals from Nephis remained. In the VIP section, Yuril laughed. “Well Aileen, you should hope you win the next round.” Aileen glared. “I will indeed. And we can settle matters…” Krouse was smirking to himself as he held a glass of fine wine in his hand. This made Yuril and Aileen cautious, but it was Yuril who spoke.

“What are you grinning about? Admitting your loss?” Krouse laughed at his remark. “I'm confident in Avil’s fighters… We will have to see” Krouse had scoured Astra’s memories and found that she was hiding her trump card, which would be a game changer, as well as the T.Gear formed by Lyrim. It was sure to help in this battle.

“You're delusional Krouse. There is no competition. We both have Gods supporting us. Just accept that Avil is no longer yours. Regardless of the outcome, it will turn to be in one of our favor” Aileen replied in what he thought was the truth.

The next battle royale was being prepared. Last night, Astra had spent a good time trying to make up a lie to Cayden and Lizna, and was barely able to convince Cayden, despite Lizna being smarter and dropping it, thinking something happened.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the next battle royale will commence in 2 minutes! All fighters in this round please take your positions.”

2 individuals from Tyra and 1 from Nephis while the other 2 being Anithi and Astra each took a side of the arena that spanned a long distance. It was quite loud around, as people were talking as the arena was being repaired. Despite this, the fighters were carefully examining each other.

In the commoner benches, Cayden and Lizna sat eagerly. “Why does she look so tense?” Cayden asked Lizna, also felt something was wrong. “I'm not sure what happened last night, but I'm certain something is on her mind. We will just have to hope its ok”

With Lizna being cautious and Cayden keeping quiet, the battle royale was preparing to start. “-Lyrim, I'll definitely see you again, and tell you all that has happened and make you proud… Make you see I haven't been lazy-”

The announcer, staying at the center, spoke loudly “We are prepared to begin the 2nd battle royale! The 2 winners will fight off in a 3rd royale, where the last one standing will be the winner of this Planetary Tournament!”

The crowd roared in anticipation and eagerness “Fighters, ready!!?” The combatants all readied themselves, eyeing one another cautiously. “Begin!!” Several blurs rushed around the arena in a swift motion, causing the crowd to look around curiously at what was happening.

Suddenly, something unexpected occurred!

----------------so a reader who reads both SR, Es asked me a valid question----------

Q:"Zeph-sama. Why don't you publish your fictions on amazon & spread them out more online. I  think you could get more popularity like that."

copy pasting what i said
 "good question i saw a few comments like that in the past aswell as reccomendations but you are the first person to ask me that question il write the reason below

it is tempting but im only an ametaur writer who has much to learn people like IET/author of coiling dragon and Shi Luo Ye/author of zhan long are millionaires despite having web novels. there are some things i take into account. i dont need money i have enough of that to the point where i have professional artwork done to increase the quality of my story.

the western reader base are not used to stories like these as negative as i may sound i hate books like harry potter etc i just feel they lack an enormus ammount of things compared to there eastern counterparts that blow them out of the water but of course thats my opinion from someone who has rarely touched more then 10-20 books in his 23 years alive and has binge read  2000+ chs total of eastern translated web novels within a year and a half.

with that bieng said you can see how eastern books have played a role on me. ofcourse you could argue that i may just be that person who sets that trend which i would laugh off and tell you  i wouldnt know whether to laugh or cry at your comment <.< maybe theres a 1% chance of that happening maybe less or more but i write because i enjoy it RR has plans in v3 so im putting my faith in them im not the type of person that wants as much fame as he can quickly.

i often hear complaints from fellow writers here on RR that this author advertises to much or this authors story isnt that good why is he in the top #20. if i progress both sr and es slowly i can read improve everything. im not sure if you have read but my quality went from ok to bad to good which i meassure by reading comments, reviews, looking at my rating.

writing/reading eastern novels has taken over to the point where its more enjoyable then video games for me and thats saying something since i intended to be a game developer one day. but right now i just dont feel it neccesery to publish any of my works there still small time with at most maybe 15k unique readers.

if it ever gets to the point where i have a lot of people talking about me and showing off my works where i may stumble upon it oneday il consider it i may even decide to take it up professionally but right now im constantly improving myself and my writing as much as i try i cant even learn to improve my grammar properly.

im still just some small time guy the biggest things that has happened with my stories is it being on the reccomended list on Batoto and someone taking inspiration recently on his own work from Sr. my biggest goal's are improving my quality and detailing and also trying my best to help new writers on RR.


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