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Krouse knew that when it came to Lyrim, he couldn't be more careful. He nervously replied. “My Lord Lyrim, I'm sure you have felt...those strong energies. I feel they are at a God level.” Lyrim nodded, as he felt Krouse deserved a bit of time for doing a good job.

“Indeed I did. What of them?” Lyrim couldn't care less as long as those didn't bother him. Krouse smiled, still showing signs nervousness. He knew Lyrim could kill him in a heartbeat. “Lord Lyrim, my spy has told me that one of those Gods is on the planet Tyra, and is with the ruler there. I fear that Nephis may also act on the other God... If they have 2 Gods ruling them, than I also fear Avil may…”

Lyrim thought quietly. Ethe spoke “-This Krouse is pretty efficient, He even has spies-” Qil spoke. “-He brings a good point. 2 Gods ruling 2 planets, they won't leave this planet alone. But who cares. It doesn't bother us-”

Lyrim softly laughed. “Krouse, you want me to protect you if they come here?” Lyrim grinned and Krouse nodded. Lyrim folded his arms and eyed Krouse. “Let's think of it carefully. I have no need to rule this planet, and those 2 Gods may rule a planet each. If they both see this as something to rule, than Avil may turn into a battlefield and many would lose their lives”

Krouse nodded. “Indeed, Lord Lyrim. I-” Lyrim shook his head. “Krouse, if this were so simple, then why not surrender and serve one of those Gods?” Lyrim replied softly, but it also made Krouse pale. In truth, he didn't want to serve under another. He enjoyed the freedom as well as ruling.

“Lord Lyrim, what if the other God still turns this place into a battlefield…” Lyrim rubbed his chin. He also took into account Astra’s safety. “Indeed. Serving 1 God, you may anger the other, and it will attack. Then so be it. For making this home for me, when you are in grave danger, break the communication orb and I will come help you”

Krouse’ eyes sparkled as his heart began to settle down. “I am truly in your debt Lord Lyrim. I won't take any more of your time and leave... “Krouse smiled as he clutched the orb used to communicate with Lyrim as if it were a priceless treasure.

As he walked off, Lyrim remembered something. “Oh yes, Krouse. If I remember, you can only erase memories that are a day or under of age. I hope you aren't planning to kill some innocent workers?”

Krouse turned and smiled. “Not at all Lord Lyrim, That ability only allows me to remove and change memories. I can remove memories without changing them at will. It will be like a blank spot. I will come up with some story to fill it in”

Lyrim, although iffy about Krouse’ methods, still didn't argue and turned. “Very well” Lyrim vanished, leaving Krouse alone, who would soon leave.

Appearing at the marble floor of the entrance, Lyrim looked around. He felt two energies leave his body, but didn't act. These were, of course, Ethe and Qil’s souls, who were eager to go look around. Lyrim made his way in and walked around, gazing around as his voice echoed out.

“Those builders are indeed master craftsmen. You can really see how much effort they put into the details, from the pillars to the walls to the ceiling and floor. It's like everything fits perfectly.”

Ethe then spoke, his voice also echoing “Hahaha, not bad. Not bad at all. My place is really spacey. I wish I had a lair like this back on Archia before I died.” Qil also gave words of approval.

“Very good, they remembered the things I wanted. When I manifest a body, I will gladly live and sleep here for millions of years without issue.” As if wanting to nap right away like he did on his planet.

Walking deeper, Lyrim was even more amazed as he looked up the ceiling, which was quite high, and not a trace of the original mountain seemed intact. It was carved, or rather, replaced, to look extravagant. There was also many gold features, as well as paintings costing quite a lot from what Lyrim knew since Krouse wouldn't dare be cheap on building such a thing for a God.

Lyrim went over and examined all the guest rooms. Each one was well made and well prepared. He then went to the master suite, which was at least 10 times bigger, with many features as well as a large bed that even a king on Archia would be envious of.

Lyrim felt a little weird. If he was to sleep on such a thing, feeling it would be awkward, as if he wasn't already in such a fancy room. He quickly rushed over to the open training area he wanted. Deeper inside the palace like temple, he found the open training area finely laid tiles and braziers lining the inside as if it were a giant arena.

At the end of the arena, Lyrim saw a large dark throne like seat with two braziers scorching the area around it. He walked over and touched the arm rest of the large solid throne, then frowned. “I'm no king. I'm no ruler.” He spoke, not approving of such a thing.

He felt as if by claiming as such he would be in the league of the one who exiled his father. Ethe’s soul energy entered the arena-like open space Lyrim was in. “Ooo, This is pretty good. Since you have it all to yourself, you can meditate here.”

Lyrim nodded. “Indeed. In fact, since everything is settled and taken care of, I think we should spend at least 20-30 years to get used to our power and train”

Qil’s soul energy floated in as he replied. “I agree. The sooner we can control it, the sooner I can get a cozy body back. I feel naked like this…” Ethe’s ghost like voice berated Qil. “Mule, were you not already naked as a Qilin?”

Qil’s wisp like soul began to glow a deep blue and pulsed, as he couldn't take being friendly to Ethe any longer. “Shut up you lizard bastard!!...” Qil then vanished inside Lyrim, who was already laughing while sitting down on the floor in a meditative position.

Ethe, before entering, went over to the large stone like doors and a small pulse of energy emitted out from his soul before they began to close, sealing them in, leaving only the braziers lighting the room.

“There we go more privacy.” Ethe then vanished within Lyrim, leaving only his physical body in the silent meditative position. As if he was a statue. Lyrim, Ethe and Qil knew they had to train hard and quick to make efficient use of the time they had.

Avil had entered another reign of silence and peace as things went on. Only Krouse was afraid of the future and what would occur. And 10 years had passed since Lyrim had entered his meditation as if a blink of an eye.

On Tyra, sitting on a white and golden throne, a female leaned on her hand, sighing quietly. She had a goddess like appearance. With Fair skin and long perfect legs, her white dress encircling her body tightly revealed her perfect curves.

She had a human like appearance, but her pupils were a deep light blue and her hair was long and silvery. Her ears pointed greatly like an Elf. The female whispered to herself. “10 years it has been since I came here. My strength has already recovered… What should I do? Shall I go find her, or…”

Ariel, one of the God level beings that fought 10 years ago, was pondering her future. She had been rescued by the Demigod of Tyra, and as they shared the same ideals, she had fit in quite well and decided to help the people of Tyra as she replenished her energy. It became common knowledge 5 years ago that a God descended on Tyra after keeping it hidden for a long time.

With these words, morale rose rapidly, and many skirmishes against Nephis and Avil in space became easier.  “Your Majesty” A knight like individual clad in white sparkling armor walked over and kneeled down with a smile on his face. This individual was the Demigod of light, who had helped Ariel years ago.

“Aileen, how is preparation going?” Aileen, being the Demigod of light, replied. “When the planetary tournament begins this month on Avil, we will use our victory and your presence to free Avil from Lord Krouse’s hold and into the light and peace of your rule”

Aileen spoke in a slightly arrogant way. As if he was confident in his ability and his warriors. Under Ariel’s leadership, she trained many of his warriors and they had gotten much stronger.

Ariel smiled. “I'm glad. Soon, Avil will enter true peace. Then Nephis, I will be sure to save the people of this system to make up for not being able to do so for my home...” She spoke with bitter words as she clenched her hand, the energy around the throne room shaking slightly before she calmed herself as Aileen spoke.

“Your Majesty… Nephis… This may prove difficult. This Angela you spoke of... Recently, Nephis' fighters in the skirmishes have proved rather difficult. To the point where they are now equal to us and even use strange new methods to fight.”

Ariel blinked and frowned as she bit her thumb a bit. “I thought so. Such a planet would attract such a buzzard. Angela... I knew she was alive. So she decided to do like I have here.” Ariel spoke, knowing Angela, the goddess she fought those years back, may have taken control of Nephis.

Aileen curiously raised his head. “It is indeed her than, Your Majesty?” Ariel smiled and grinned. “Aileen, call me Ariel. I am not a queen or ruler. I only want to help” Aileen gazed at her, seeing her beautiful smile, he couldn't help but gulp, mesmerized by her beauty.

“O...Of course a...Ariel” Ariel stood up and walked over to an open window and looked outside, seeing both the planets of Tyra and Nephis. “This planetary tournament... She will surely enter.” Meanwhile deep within the heart of the main palace of Nephis that most called the monolith, a robed black individual wearing a red half mask smiled.

“Master, the preparations are complete. This planetary tournament will be a sure win for us.” This man was the Demigod of darkness, and a many would consider him a sly brute. Female wearing crimson armor that was somewhat revealing sat atop a throne with her legs crossed, a smirk adorning her perfect face with a similar appearance, race wise, to Ariel.

This was the goddess Angela. The armor she wore gave no energy and one would assume it's more for attire purposes. Yet it was made from the materials of many high level Celestial creatures she had killed personally to form this armor.

The act alone scared many, including the Demigod of darkness, who was forced out of his position by Angela. “Yuril, will Avil bring any unexpected surprises?” Yuril, the Demigod of darkness, replied with a soft laugh. “Not at all, Master. Since you came and helped us strengthen for 10 years, there has been silence and casual play. They are like worms and soon we will rule them and then we will trample over Tyra”

A powerful force of pressure weighed on Yuril, cracking his mask and causing him to vomit blood as he fell to his knees. Angela replied. “We…. There is no we. There's only me…” She spoke angrily. Yuril quickly replied. “F...Forgive me Master!” Soon, the pressure was lifted, showing how merciless she was. With a slip of the tongue, he almost lost his life.

Tyra planned to bring a crusade and rule Avil in the name of peace while Nephis was planning the same crusade in the name of dominance to rule all. Krouse’s intelligence network suffered greatly to the point where he could no longer enter the main palaces and could only hire insiders.

Krouse was sighing as he rubbed his face as he sat on his throne. “Tyra and Nephis…. No doubt they will make a move. It has been years since they have been around…” The robed man, being his main intelligence head, spoke. “My Lord, how can we be sure Nephis is also ruled by a God?”

Krouse laughed softly. “The details… From the skirmishes between the 3 worlds, Nephis has rapidly improved, to the point where we are a 3rd wheel. We can't even put up a fight unless we send more troops.”

The man spoke. “Lord Krouse, with such power, it would be easy for them to act. I presume they are waiting for something?” Krouse nodded. “Indeed. The planetary tournament is starting this month. No doubt it is that which they await.”

Replying to Krouse, the man laughed nervously. “Then it seems we have no chance, If 2 Gods are involved. Tyra’s god is confirmed, Nephis is still a good hunch, but not confirmed. So we will assume we have a sliver of hope”

The Southern Continent, The 4 great cities had flourished to the point where road like paths with many guards were formed between them all, showcasing proof of their alliance and prosperity. These cities of the past were now developed into miniature kingdoms.

The largest city, formerly called the Dark Spring Tribe, now known as Dark Spring City. A flourishing hub of life and a new start for the warriors, merchants, women, children, men, all living here happily.

West of this city, in the middle of a herd of Demon level creatures, a lone figure was fighting and countering many of these wolves with ease. As if they were children. “Is that all you got!” A strong feminine voice roared out before a large wolf was blown away with a single punch and smashed into another.

A lone female wearing strong and sturdy armor, looking like an elegant knight who was fully armored, grinned to herself. She had a look full of life and energy as she had defeated a group of 14 Demon level wolves.

A larger wolf roared. Its fur was covered with spike like hairs as its ravenous eyes looked at the young girl before charging towards her at high speed. The girl grinned to herself and charged full of confidence. As the wolf and her were about to collide, she jumped up and kicked downward, smashing down on the wolf’s back.

She yelled out. “Black Eye, you're so slow!” She spoke, motioning to the wolf that was on the level of a King that she had defeated with ease. The wolf lay there, breathing heavily, and the girl grinned as she folded her arms and looked at it.

“Astra, it's time to go! Lizna is waiting!” A young male called out, who was wearing expensive like clothing and had been watching her from the start to the finish. Astra, the girl whom had been revealed as the figure fighting and defeating the pack of wolves and Lyrim’s so called adopted younger sister had grown within 10 years. Keeping Lyrim to his word, she trained incredibly hard.

Astra smiled and turned, patting Black Eye, the King level wolf, and hugging against his fur. “Black Eye, I'm sorry for troubling you again today. Please look after yourself. I won't be back again for awhile”

As it was revealed, the wolf pack hadn't been enemies to her but in fact training partners. Astra, in the past, had saved Black Eye as a pup and helped him grow up to what he was today. Black Eye stood up weakly and shook his body a bit, letting a low sad growl.

Astra smiled. “Don't worry; I'll be sure to return!” Astra smiled before running off towards the boy and smiling softly at him. “Let's go! I can't wait!” With time passing, herself and the boy returned to the main palace.

Astra removed her T.Gear, wearing nothing but a beautiful blue dress with a skirt that resembled the color of the sky. Happily making her way to the throne room, she opened it to see an old man with a walking stick talking to another.

She rushed over and hugged the old man which made the individual he was speaking to jump “Grandpa Hyun!” Hyun gave a heavy laugh “Ho! Astra, you're back! Good, good! Haha, you have grown incredibly strong. Lord Lyrim would be happy”

Astra frowned and blinked “Grandpa, you make it sound like he's gone forever” Hyun shook his head. “Not at all Astra, I'm sure you will see him again. Lizna is waiting for you in the back. You better see her; I'll see you off later today.”

Astra nodded and left Hyun with the man before heading in the back room where several T.Gear users, as well as Lizna, who wearing a leather like outfit that fit well with her body that matured even more so. Lizna had a straight, near expressionless yet prideful face. As if she had learned a lot in these years.

“Elder Sister, sorry I'm late.” Lizna glared at Astra and gently flicked her forehead, which made her quickly pout and rub it. Lizna than grinned and gave a soft pat on Astra’s head, which made her smile.
“Astra are you sure you want to go do this? “ Astra nodded fiercely and spoke. “Elder Sister…. This tournament is held once every 100 years. I'm sure I can win this and make a name for myself.” Astra raised her fist firmly, as if she had already won.

Lizna folded her arms, started tapping her feet, and gave a sly smile. “All this to see Lord Lyrim again, or is it truly for glory?” Astra fumed playfully. “I will see Elder Brother and my uncles. Then we will find my father!” Despite always saying she would meet her uncles, Liza and Hyun never knew who she was talking about.

Lizna sighed. “Astra, this tournament is dangerous. The limit for one entering is a Sacred set. And yet you're only as strong as an early stage Catalyst. What makes you think you can win?”

Astra snickered and walked over whispering. “Elder Sister, the T.Gear Lord Lyrim gave me. I figured out a hidden ability. I can store the energy of T.Gears I have absorbed till a limit and release it in one attack. Right now, I'm certain the attack is as strong as a Celestial level creature’s normal attack”

Lizna shivered a bit and gently bopped Astra on the head. “Is that why you have been taking those missions for the past 5 years? Trying to build up this energy?” Astra nodded. “Elder Brother thinks smart and so should I!”

Lizna gently rubbed her temples then smiled again. “Ok ok. Get ready, we are going to leave soon.” Within several hours of saying goodbye to friends as well as those close enough to be called family.

Lizna had obtained a Mega Beast level T.Gear, which was considered pricey to her people at that time. But with Astra growing stronger, as well as their tribe prospering, the elite guards casually had Demon level T.Gears, with Lizna herself and her grandfather having King level T.Gears, which greatly helped.

Astra’s intention was to win the planetary tournament in hopes Lyrim would hear of her. They hadn't been together long, but it was a lifetime impression having saved and treated her so well. She struggled to improve and pass her limits many times to not let him down.

Several weeks had passed and now the tournament was starting to take place with the qualifying matches. Astra and Lizna had arrived at the host city of Tev’ian. Where the coliseum for the tournament had lasted many hundreds of years and had been reused many times.

Astra was prancing around the streets alone happily, as she was gazing at expensive dresses as well as food stalls. “Ooo, this is good. We don't have this back home!” She wandered around aimlessly.

Lizna had left her to go make sure everything was in order, since Astra was more or less clueless about submitting the needed documents and paying the toll. Astra gazed at a beautiful dress that nearly brought tears to her eyes. It was the same style as the one she had wanted before terror had struck her.

Happily walking in, it was only a few minutes later before she came back out, wearing the dress happily. Astra herself wasn't lacking gold. She had the prosperous city of Dark Spring to fund her, as well as gold from her missions.

“Astra” Lizna called out happily as she walked over, having found her. “Geez, you ran off.” Astra then frowned. “Sorry Lizna.” Lizna then smiled. “It's ok. Look here, I got you your entry pass.” Handing Astra a metal seal signifying a combatant of the planetary tournament, Astra nearly jumped for joy before a cry of help was heard.

“Ahh, let go!!” A young boy was caught by guards and was being stamped on. “You little punk, How dare you steal from!-” Before he had finished, the guard stomping on him went flying like a Frisbee and smashed into the ground limp and twitching.

A fist imprint on his face and back at the source, a fist firmly in the space where the guards head had been leading to Astra, who was glaring. “Bastards like you…. Make me sick.” Killing intent surged out of Astra as memories resurfaced.

The guards, about to yell and attack her quivered in fear as they ran to get their comrades and scampered off. The young boy leaned up and dusted himself off. Astra smiled and offered him a hand. “You're welcome” She grinned.

The boy looked up at her and then slapped her hand away as he stood up. “I don't need your help... I had it under control…” Glaring at Astra, Astra blinked several times as her hand was hit away before hitting the boy on the head but not too hard.

It was enough to make him nearly tear up. “Little punk indeed, I save you and you don't give face to me!” ((A.N sorry I just love that phrase enough where I don't know whether to laugh or cry….)) The boy held his head tightly as he growled at Astra.

Lizna stood between the two, sighing. “Enough "Leaning down to talk to the boy, Lizna smiled. “Young man, what's your name?” The boy looked at Lizna for a moment before his eyes focused on her large breasts which made him turn red. “'am...” Astra, whose arms were folded and was tapping her feet, looked at the boy, then looked at Lizna’s bust.

“Y...You little pervert!!” Astra growled as she stomped towards the boy who then quickly hid behind Lizna. “P...Please don't let her hurt me, Big Sis…” Lizna then gazed and frowned at Astra. “Leave the poor boy alone…” Oblivious to what he was gazing at.

Astra huffed before things began to move on. At the fancy inn they were staying at, Cayden was eating like a bottomless pit. As if he had never seen such food before. Lizna and Astra looked at him a little shocked. “W...Whoa… He eats as much as Agro” Astra replied softly. (A.N Agro is the name of the barbarian king Lyrim fought against.))

Lizna smiled. “Cayden, are you by yourself? Shouldn't a young boy be with his parents?” Cayden laughed softly. “Parents…. Don't have em, don't need em…” Lizna froze, feeling sorry for this child. Astra also felt somewhat sorry for him.

“How old are you? Have you been living alone for long?” Astra spoke. Cayden snickered. “None of your business, Miss flat…” He spoke, referring to Astra’s flat chest, which infuriated her to the point where her face was like a tomato.

Lizna gave a soft chuckle. “Cayden, please answer.” Cayden quickly turned to Lizna as he again blushed as he looked at her, thinking her much more appealing. “I...I'm 10 years old… I’ve been alone for as long as I can remember in the orphanage. I ran away last year. It's hard at times… But I try my best to live… I occasionally run into guards, but after they beat me and get bored, they leave...”

A sad feeling is what Lizna felt. This boy suffered greatly. Astra laughed softly. “Yeah, it gets like that…” Cayden raised a brow. “Huh? Think its easy living like this? What would you know?” Astra again had several memories of the past. “Y...You….” She stood up and stomped off.

Lizna frowned. “Cayden… Astra was like you…. She was only a 6 year old living on the streets…. suffering greatly, before she was rescued.” Lizna had heard all about her story from Astra to as far as she could remember. Lizna knew Cayden felt Astra was crazy. She spoke, thinking this may ease his thoughts towards her.

“Ahh…” Cayden sighed before standing up and bowing. “Please forgive me for troubling you…” Speaking and knowing he did wrong. After leaving, Lizna, who looked dumbfounded, Cayden looked around before finding Astra on the balcony nearby, leaning on the railing, annoyed.

“Miss Astra… I'm sorry for the things I said… I didn't had it hard… I thought you were some warrior who abuses their power… I see it a lot…” Having spoken from experience, he blamed all his misfortune on the warriors and T.Gear users who never used their power to help.

Astra was shocked as she turned to see him apologizing. “Ahh, its fine, Hahaha” She even laughed softly. Cayden smiled. “Thank you both for the meal. I should get going…” Cayden began to walk off before he felt two hands press on his shoulders.

“Hmm” He spoke, before turning to see Astra grinning. “Since you apologized and are so good… I don't mind having a little brother” Astra knew Cayden was in the same boat, having experienced similar hardships, they could be considered of the same circumstance, hence them being siblings
Cayden raised a brow, confused. "Huh?” Lizna made her way over and nodded. “We can't take everyone like you here, but we can make a difference. A little brother wouldn't be so bad. It's decided then. You're coming with us.”

Cayden didn't know if this was a good thing or not. But he smiled softly. He knew they took him in because he was suffering alone and was experiencing hardships. They felt bad for him and wanted to try and make a difference. He accepted, mainly because he thought people who think like this can't be bad at all.

And with that, the young individual would be joining their small family. The remaining days passed by with the two getting to know Cayden better and him them. Astra used him as a bag boy to carry her shopping bags, which made Cayden angry and curse at her. Of course, it made it worse for him, who then had to carry more.

Luckily for him, the tournament was starting tomorrow.


Avil = the planet lyrim is on.

Tyra = the planet where the inhabitants are more inclinded towards the light.

Nephis = a sort of criminal/dark world hub

hopefully i didnt mess up anything this ch i tried to add a bit more ecchi esque humor.



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