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“-Bah, I knew that girl would be annoying-” Qil seemed to speak in a disgruntled way even via telepathy. This made Lyrim laugh to himself and respond as he made his way to the 2nd city. “-Why are you so negative and hateful? She is only a child that did nothing wrong in life. Does she not deserve a chance?-”

This response made Ethe laugh at Qil, who only murmured mumbled words to himself, Heading over to the fortress like second city. Built into a mountain that seemed out of place, Lyrim could see that it didn't seem to fit in with the landscape.

“-I hadn't noticed until now, but around that mountain seems almost glass like. Almost like obsidian-” Lyrim curiously spoke as he stopped in midair to look at it. He noticed that just like with the first city, people were already rushing out with carrying creatures towards the man made oasis. Some of these even looked like mules.

“-Haha, look, there are some of your kind. Why don't you go join them? Hahahaha-” Ethe couldn't stop laughing as Qil emitted killing intent while glaring at Ethe who responded. “-You want to fight lizard?!!-”

Ethe only laughed more before slowly settling down. He knew that at this point, they were evenly matched. Considering they shared the same abilities, it would be like fighting himself. He had no idea how long an internal battle like that would be. In the worst case scenario, they would cause the 3 of their souls to shatter.

Although it could be considered as internal training and may be beneficial, Ethe was not in the mood to play with Qil so he ignored him with a few words. “-Train yourself for a few billion years and I'll think about it-”

Before Qil responded, Lyrim intervened. “-Both of you, enough, I need to focus. Last thing I need is your voices clouding my judgment-” Lyrim vanished from the air before reappearing inside the main chamber. He had stopped to sense around it to find where the ruler was and found that it was at the top of this place.

“-You know, when I sensed that rock, I found it's not a mountain. It looks like it wasn't made naturally, maybe a meteor?-” Lyrim began to ponder as he began to walk down the chamber path. The path itself was decorated well with several stone pillars carved into the giant rock with several decorations. It looked quite homely.

Of course, Lyrim was not alone. There were guards panicking and charging at him left and right, but as they got close, they fell unconscious to the ground. Other than putting them to sleep, Lyrim paid them no mind “-Hmm, if it’s a meteor then why didn't it blow apart on impact? Maybe someone strong intervened?-” Qil replied.

Ethe gave his opinion after Qil “-Let’s say a Demigod stopped it. It should be possible. With this size, it would only give an early Demigod some trouble in pushing against it, but not much trouble blowing it apart. That being said, there is still glass like substances formed from the sand around, meaning something caused that. I can imagine what happened. Most likely someone tried to slow its decent, but as the meteor entered this planet's atmosphere, its heat was so immense, that even if it was slowed enough to keep its shape upon landing, the heat was still enough to cause a reaction to the sand and melt it-”

Ethe’s response left Qil and Lyrim speechless before Lyrim grinned as he pushed his hand against the large gate like door standing nearly 10 meters which also seemed to be carved from the meteor. “-Cheeky dragon, using knowledge from the studies of my people-”

Hearing this, Qil shook his head at Ethe, who then spoke “-Hey, if I learned it then that's fair right?-” He got no response as the focus was now on the wide open room. Lyrim saw 4 guards and a man dressed in a nomad like attire with a crown as well as a fairly good looking lady in a nomadic dress by his side.

“Stranger...who are you?” The man spoke with a nervous voice. He himself was a Catalyst level T.Gear user so he had felt his guards fall, but he couldn't feel Lyrim’s presence at all. As if he where invisible.

“Now then, to business...” Lyrim spoke before explaining what he had done and what this was leading to. It had taken 30 minutes to make the king understand. Qil was a little annoyed at how slow the king seemed, but Ethe explained that it was good to get the details, minor or not.

In the end, the king of this city agreed with joy and would no longer cause trouble for the city to which Lyrim spoke on behalf of. “Well then, I guess I’ll take my leave. I still have 1 city left.” Lyrim stood up from the chair at the table with some food and beverages.

The king on one side with several guards around, as he was not allowed to be left alone. “Stranger, wait. Will you not hear me out?” Having turned his back casually, Lyrim blinked before turning around curiously.

“What’s wrong?” Responding to the man’s words, with a joyful laugh, the king clicked his hand and 2 young and beautiful girls that were seemingly under 20 and another in her early 20s appeared. They bared a similar resemblance.

Ethe being the smartest of the 3 spoke “-Oh this man is brave...-” Qil then figured out what was going on “-Has he no shame? So attached to power-” Lyrim was confused before the king spoke. “Kind stranger, to defeat 2 Sacred level combatants and create 3 oases in a desert of struggle, you are indeed strong. Will you not wed one of my daughters? Both are beautiful and I'm sure they will not disappoint in baring strong children”

Lyrim's face flushed red as a drop of sweat ran down the side of his forehead. Unable to answer, he vanished from the awkward situation, not even seeing the look on their faces in response to him leaving as he was already headed toward the 3rd city. “These people…. So openly giving their daughters away?” He whispered to himself.

“-Not openly, don't be silly, he only offered it because he was after power most likely-” Qil replied. “-We should have asked him about the meteor or rock... Or whatever the hell it is-” Ethe spoke, breaking the topic.

The 3rd city was a bit more annoying for Lyrim. He was currently in an arena with a large bulky man who seemed like a barbarian with muscles rippling all over. He had his arms folded and a wide smile on his face. They were surrounded by crowds of people who were cheering.

“-H...How did I get into this dumb situation…?-” Lyrim thought softly. The barbarian laughed out and spoke “Stranger! You are indeed strong, but I won't listen with words alone. I thank you for this oasis, but I only believe in strength! If you defeat me, I will accept your offer”

“-This city seems to be built around the love of strength. They all look like warriors-” Ethe mumbled softly. Qil also spoke “-Wasn't this city in the harshest place out of the 4 cities? I'm sure they all had to work and train hard to survive. These people must be the strongest combat wise, but lack the proper resources-”

The barbarian king charged towards Lyrim using a Catalyst level T.Gear. He carried a large metal axe that didn't look fancy, but was large and menacing enough to split anything in half. “This idiot…” Lyrim whispered. He had only accepted because the man wouldn't listen to anything else.

Even though Lyrim had put his guards to sleep, he seemed only more eager to fight Lyrim. “Hahahaha, take this, strange man!!” The axe head swung down, causing a slight tempest to from before the axe head smacked against Lyrim’s shoulder, causing his cloak to blow in the wind. A snapping crack was heard.

This crack and snap had made the smiling barbarian frown and give a look of surprise, as he was now holding the wooden shaft of a now broken war axe. The axe itself had shattered after landing on Lyrim’s shoulder, as if hitting an immovable and unbreakable object.

The barbarian gazed at Lyrim and had a pale look, seeing he didn't even budge. He then dropped his broken axe and raised his hands. Even the entire crowd was silent, having witnessed the events “I...I give up. You are way too strong… That axe was made from material from a Sacred level creature…”

Dusting the metallic fragments off of his shoulder, Lyrim was happy he didn't have to do much. He had thought he would need to act, and he didn't want to make this king look like a fool, but it seemed things fit themselves in place.

“-Pfft, some warrior, He gave up after his silly weapon broke. Who uses such tools anyway?-” Qil, as if wanting to torment him, spoke. Ignoring his words, Lyrim smiled “I'm glad we could come to an agree-” He was interrupted by the words of the king followed by the roar of the crowd.

“Tonight we feast in honor of this immeasurable warrior, hahahaha!!” The barbarian king spoke. And it was at least a half hour before Lyrim found himself sitting next to him, holding a cup of wine surrounded by food and other barbarians, both men and women, who seemed to be singing and eating while there were female dancers entertaining them.

“-How...did I get into this mess…-” Lyrim whispered again, only to hear Ethe and Qil laugh at him. When they settled down, Ethe spoke “-When we have free time, I want to tell you both about the ability we are linked to. It's important-”

Qil seemed to enjoy it the most. Being a creature that trains for billions of years, making a breakthrough was tough. Which is why when Ethe spoke, he praised him, which only made Ethe grin and feel awkward.

“-Elder brother, please share this knowledge with me. Why is your mind blocked? Let me have a peak?-” Qil responded, as it seemed Ethe purposely locked his mind like Lyrim. “Elder brother, what is this nonsense? We are not even from the same planet, let alone the same mother. You greedy mule, begging for scraps are you?-”

Qil gave a funny twisted face and only laughed awkwardly “-Ahh, hahaha, no, nonsense, I think it's time we tried to work things out. We do share the same power after all. We must all be responsible-”

With Qil trying to get Ethe to tell him about the breakthrough, Lyrim was left to himself as their voices left his mind and they took to their own needs.  “Warrior, don't go back to that city. Stay here with us! You can teach us a lot, and I'll even find you beautiful women for every night!” The barbarian king chuckled, holding a cup of wine in his right hand while his other was over the shoulder of one of the female dancers who sat next to him.

“I apologize, but I do not plan to remain here. I have a lot I need to do, and my home is being built in the north.” Lyrim responded. The man showed a look of surprise “Oh? A warrior from the north, No wonder you are strong, nurtured by the fertile lands there with many opportunities. If I was to have been born and trained there, I'm sure you would have lost today” The barbarian laughed as he taunted Lyrim.

Although Lyrim was annoyed at his response, he gave him the benefit of the doubt “Of course…” The man then stood up and spoke “Brothers and sisters, today is a good day. You have all heard by now that each of the cities in the desert has their own oasis, including ours. This is all thanks to our new brother!” He roared out and cheers followed after before he continued on. “With this, we can train ourselves and live healthy and let our children not suffer any longer! Let us thrive for many thousands of years!” He roared louder and the crowd cheered even greater.

The night seemed to go on forever in Lyrim’s mind, and when they had all had their fill and fallen asleep, drunk off their minds, Lyrim stood up and moved one of the female warriors, who was very drunk, who seemed to have hit on him only to have fallen asleep against his shoulder.

Lyrim then vanished before heading towards the central city in the desert. “It's already near midnight... I hope Astra is fine" He mumbled to himself. Feeling for his inner dimension, he felt both Ethe and Qil where up to their own things so he let them be.

It hadn't taken long before Lyrim arrived. He had held himself back from using his speed, he wanted to sense around and check on the other 2 cities before he arrived back to make sure things were in order, but did so without the godlike speed. He felt was overkill.

Moments later, he arrived back in the city’s main area. Using his divine sense, he searched for Astra’s familiar energy, only to see she was sleeping and was well guarded. He smiled happily before sighing faintly. Although attached to her, he really hoped her father was alive.

Having landed, he walked down the hall that seemed heavily guarded. The guards knew how Lyrim looked and didn't dare intervene in his route. Instead, they gave glances of respect and admiration. Lyrim headed to the throne area where Hyun had set a base of operations.

With the doors opened for him by the guards, several heads in that room turned to glance before welcoming Lyrim. “Ahh... Lord Lyrim! Welcome back….” Hyun spoke. Although he looked nervous, he was indeed curious to know how things went.

Keeping quiet and purposely keeping them on their toes, Lyrim went over to the table where a map of the desert that stretched for a couple of meters laid. Lyrim knew it would be expensive, and he looked to see some of the things, while not only Hyun and his granddaughter, but the other high ranking members who survived, gazed at him with bated breath.

“You all look nervous. Relax, I have settled it. Each of these cities no longer has a reason to bother you as long as you don't aggravate them” His voice left in a soft tone. After hearing those words, everyone's hearts had felt at ease.

“Lord Lyrim… You truly are a savior” Hyun let out, while Lizna folded her arms and let a few words escape her lips “Thank you, Lord Lyrim...” She spoke, seemingly admitting his position. Lyrim felt uncomfortable in this place. Even though Lizna’s actions came with good intentions, he felt wronged.

“Tomorrow I shall be leaving with Astra….” He spoke. These words had caused everyone to freeze. “Lord! why the rush, why don't you stay for a while? We must celebrate!” Lyrim’s face twitched a little. “Sorry… I have already celebrated enough… I must tend to my own matters in the north" He spoke, motioning towards the barbarian feast as well as his surprise for Astra. Everyone kept quiet, not daring to reply.

“I'll be taking a bath then heading to rest...” He spoke again, to which Hyun nodded. “My Lord, let me have the bath prepared. “ Following Hyun’s directions, Lyrim was led to a lavish area that seemed like an open spring.

Of course, Hyun only told him this was the royal bath that Lyrim all but deserved. It was only several meters in width and had several rocks like fences but no ceilings, letting Lyrim gaze up into the night sky.

Removing his attire with only a thought as it had disintegrated off him, after feeling no one was around, he stepped up to the bath. Testing the water with his foot, he couldn't feel the heat. “Tsk… Well this kills the purpose...” He spoke in an annoyed tone.

His body’s durability was immense, and this water could be compared to normal water for him. “-Let me help you out-” Ethe responded, before Lyrim felt his body’s limits restrict more till he felt the heat.

“Thanks...” He said with a smile. A few minutes later, leaning against the rocky edges of the spring, he began to think about things as well as his actions. “-Do you both think my actions made a difference?-”

Ethe replied to Lyrim in a confused tone “-What do you mean? Don't tell me you feel you did something wrong?-” Qil also responded “-I'm not one to care much, but from what I see, you helped the lives of thousands, and most likely gave them hope for the future. If things go well-”

“-Hmmm… Not that. Do you think I had the right to help them in such a way? Disrupting nature in such a way to bend it to my will…. Why are gods made? No god helps people. They keep to themselves and are territorial and train. If that is the case, what are beings like us? Think of it... Krouse’s purpose is to rule a planet, right?-”

Both Ethe and Qil agreed and waited for Lyrim to continue. “-Than gods serve no purpose. Their power is immense, and yet they do nothing but fight other gods with it, or beings that annoy them. If they have no purpose, than us, who surpass gods, what is our purpose? Are we supposed to go around and rule on a larger scale and become territorial? Should we claim a galaxy?-” Lyrim was truly confused about his purpose.

Although he intended to return to Archia one day and find information about his father, what about afterwards? He knew that if nature had intended him to help a planet, he wouldn't need so much power. Lyrim believed in a higher presence, such as a true god. He wondered what that god had planned by allowing such beings to run rampant.

“-Don't think too much of it. You haven't seen much of the universe boy, and neither have I. So let’s hear what elder brother has to say-” Qil spoke, trying to get on Ethe’s good side. Ethe grunted a bit before speaking as an elder.

“-Let's summarize some things first. This solar system has 3 prospering planets, all 3 ruled by Demigods and under. It's true these Demigods rule, but the Demigods, when I was only a god, also ruled their own planet. And just like me, they had no one.

What's to say there isn't a god, or gods, out there, ruling like these Demigods on an even larger scale? Maybe their power is meant to keep order on a large scale? If we are beings of such power, maybe our purpose is to keep a balance, or maybe we just need to wait until a purpose finds us-”

Lyrim felt satisfied. There was no use in him feeling no purpose or intervening with nature. Ethe’s response was, in short, that if Lyrim had power to change something for the better, than he should do so. And he simply agreed.

Lyrim suddenly raised his head, gazing from the corner of his eyes as he felt the presence of someone familiar. “Lizna, did you need something?” The silhouette jumped a bit before a soft laugh echoed, followed by her sweet voice.

“Lord Lyrim… Is it ok if I speak to you a little?” Lyrim didn't respond as Lizna appeared and sat down on the floor several meters away from Lyrim. She took his silence as a sign for her to speak. “Do you truly need to leave? A being such as you, if you stay here, surely we can turn these 4 cities into a proper alliance and a super power in the desert with your hel-”

Lyrim interrupted her and shook his head softly, not even gazing at her, as the steam from the spring caused her vision to only see his faint silhouette. “Lizna, why are you relying on someone like me so much? If I were to hand you everything on a silver platter, this would leave you and your people with little experience”

Lyrim took Ethe’s words to heart, but that didn't mean he would act as the servant of beings who need help. One could say advice is considered as even greater help. “Lord Lyrim… But those cities how can me or grandfathers convince them?”

Lyrim responded. “There is no rush Lizna. Only now has this been settled. Right now, you should build friendships with them. In time, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a thousand years, will this alliance be settled. Or maybe a common foe will show and you will band together.”

Lizna stayed silent for awhile before she smiled. “Lord Lyrim, you are truly wise and strong. If it's you, I would have no issue marrying you. If grandfather were to offer my hand” She spoke with a wide grin. Lyrim himself blushed softly before speaking.

“Is that everything?” With Lizna nodding and leaving, Lyrim enjoyed the relaxing sensation of the bath a bit more before redressing himself using his creation ability and heading to go rest in the bed that was prepared.

The night had gone on with a silence and peace that hadn't ever been seen across this side of the continent, with the people having their sources of life with oasis large enough for all, even the creatures found new life.

Night passed by like a soft breeze, with Lyrim waking up at 6 in the morning. He engaged in the Sha'Ir Meditative Position, wasting no time feeling for the energy of his body. Right now, he was gazing at the galaxies. The farthest each would go was to represent two colors with only a handful having 3 colors.

Slowly, he brought 3 single colored galaxies together as he slowly drifted some of his energy to the space between the 3, almost as if to weld them together or achieve a reaction. Each galaxy seemed to feed separately and grow larger, until they collided and seemed to violently devour each other at the same time before they were destroyed, leaving only traces.

“-Damnit… Not good… It didn't wor-... Wait a second...-” Lyrim, who was disappointed at his false breakthrough, had another. The 3 colored galaxies that were torn apart left their energy there, and it was trying to form into something.

Lyrim slowly began to will that energy into the center of a small sphere of energy that had a faint skin. Kind of like a shell. With these 3 colored remnants siphoning in, they seemed to combine with no violent reaction.

As the shell was filled, it turned white before being devoured, revealing a 3 colored galaxy that was born. Lyrim grinned to himself. “-Comparing it to the others, this is much stronger than the 3 colored galaxies that form naturally. It must be because this is fed with energy. Let’s see, maybe I can make all the single galaxies combine-”

Lyrim felt this step didn't seem complicated, but he hadn't noticed that both Ethe and Qil were watching that same stream with curious eyes. “-That boy is so lucky to be able to tinker with those…. I want a turn-” Qil seemed to pout. “-You and me both… Hey Lyrim, give us a turn. Let us help you!-” Ethe replied.

This broke Lyrim’s concentration. He was fiddling with a single galaxy, and it had collapsed into itself. Handling these galaxies took extreme focus, as each one took quite a bit of energy to reform. He frowned. “-If I let you guys do everything, I won't improve. I do not want to be lazy-”

Ethe nodded “-How about this. I think it's better if you focus on fighting techniques. The 3 of us can take turns in trying to improve that galaxy stream. If you are busy outside of this dimension, than Qil or me will try to tend to it-”

Lyrim broke from the mediation as he spoke to himself “Tend to it at the same time? Is that possible?” Ethe laughed quietly “-Is the situation where 3 share a body and each surpass a god possible? We will figure something out. Just let us take care of it-”

Lyrim was a little reluctant at first, before he spoke “-Be careful… Each one of those galaxies hold a bit of energy…-” Ethe and Qil, like two hungry dogs, nodded, and Lyrim allowed them to take control, easing the restriction he had learned from Ethe.

Both Qil and Ethe being attuned with Lyrim, as well as souls in his body, found it easier to create their own method of meditation to enter the stream. Both wasted no time tinkering around with the galaxies.

Lyrim knew it was better to share the knowledge he had learned so far from controlling these galaxies, and thus shared it with them. As he began to eat some food prepared for him for the morning, he couldn't feel Ethe or Qil talking.

Having broken the meditation, he figured he wouldn't be able to communicate telepathically with them unless he entered the dimension of his body. In other words, there are 3 walls you can't bypass, the second wall to get to the 3rd one. The first wall connects to the second while the second connects to the third.



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