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Having finished eating, Ethe was already out of the stream dimension, as he called it, and was a little disappointed. “-Such an unfair situation, there is not much me or the mule can do there... It's like we are worker ants...-”

Ethe had gone on to explain to Lyrim that the most he and Qil could do was combine the galaxies together. If they were to tinker with anything else, there was an invisible force somehow stopping them. Like a wall. They didn't blame Lyrim, as they felt he had allowed them control.

“-The mule is still at it, hahahaha. He should just give up and wait for you to progress to the next level-” At that moment, Qil had exited the stream dimension with a disappointed voice complaining.  “-Good, now that you're both here, I'm going to share my knowledge of the life and death ability I had an encounter with-”

Ethe’s mind opened up, allowing the knowledge to flood to Qil, who had went from disappointed to excitement as the knowledge seeped to his mind. And also Lyrim, who had a joyful look, he knew each level had a new door open and wanted to know what their level was.

But as he was about to delve into the new knowledge, Astra came in with a happy look and immediately hugged Lyrim. “Morning!” She said with a smile. Patting her head, Lyrim responded. “Good morning Astra. Sleep well? Are you ready to leave?” Astra nodded then frowned.

“Don't want to go….have friends...please stay?” Tilting his head, Lyrim noticed Hyun and Lizna grinning at the door. “Sneaky. You both tempted such an innocent child, hahaha” He laughed quietly.

“Lord Lyrim, Astra truly does enjoy it here, and the children have taken a liking to her.” Hyun spoke and Lizna added “That and a few boys have their eye on her” She grinned. Astra blushed and hid her head against Lyrim, who chuckled again.

“Hmmm, well then, what should I do? Will you both leave me and Astra for a little while?” Hyun and Lizna looked at each other before nodding and leaving. Lyrim knelt down in front of the confused Astra.

“Astra, you're a big girl right? I was thinking of trying to look for your father. Do you want to go find him with me?” Astra frowned a little and kept silent as she held her fists. “Big brother…..” She spoke those words for the first time ever since Lyrim had called her little sister. “I think…..father’s...dead…. I'm...happy here. One day... One day will find truth…. When I'm strong… Like you…”

“-This child...-” Ethe spoke softly as Qil kept silent. Lyrim then smiled. “Astra, I won't be able to stay here. I must go back. Will you truly be happy here?” Astra quickly shook her head. “Big brother stays...stay here...not go...”

Lyrim sighed and it was Qil who spoke this time “-I'm not one for such feelings…. Boy, you know it is better to let go…. I will not say anything if you give this girl a parting gift…-” Qil responded, thinking their parting would be best.

“-There is so much I need to do. And I have no doubt that we may need to meditate for hundreds of years, even longer, at a time. Right now, I can't afford to have her wait that long at our new home... So-”

Lyrim was torn on his decision. If he were to take Astra home by force, she would hate him. And he also wanted to meditate and improve to get used to this new power of his. He would find it better to be alone or with people as patient or who trained like him.

“-Let me help. Mule, you help me too. Boy, open your hands-” Qil hadn't shown confusion for more than a few seconds, unlike Lyrim, who seemed confused but did as Ethe wanted.

“-Look well Lyrim. This is an advanced tier of a god's creation ability-” In Lyrim’s hand began to form a talisman that than shaped like a T.Gear. Lyrim was dumbfounded. He had no knowledge of this from Ethe or Qil.

Qil seemed to be giving some energy as well as Ethe. “-With energy from both me and Qil, this is a T.Gear attuned to us. Think of it as a king who has knights. This will let her live a long time, with a T.Gear at the level of a demon. If she trains hard, it can evolve and tap into the energy that is enough to get her to a Sacred level until she sees us again-”

Lyrim felt his heart tug and his eyes felt a little teary. “-Y...You guys…. Thank you…-” Astra, who was quiet and gazing with awe and curiosity looking at the shining ball of light in Lyrim’s hand, looked up at him. “Astra, this is a gift from uncle Ethe and uncle Qil to you. They want to see you grow strong and see them again. Don't let anyone know of this and grow strong. When you grow strong, please come see me?”

Astra felt the light tug at her before it was taken into her body. She ignored the feeling as she looked at Lyrim with tears rolling down her cheeks. “Mmm…” She murmured. “Thank you uncle Ethe… Uncle Qil.” She spoke. Although she was young, she knew the voices that she had occasionally heard belonged to them.

She also heard from Lyrim how Ethe risked his life to save her. “-Hmmm….-” Qil silently wandered off to his own castle. Ethe gazed at Astra then Qil as he grinned. “-Ahh, so that's why you are quick to be rid of her-” Ethe thought to himself.

The truth was, Qil was slowly but surely becoming used to Astra, and Qil was afraid that one day he would be fully attached to the point where if something happened to her, he wouldn't be able to take it like Lyrim had.

“Astra, what will you do when you’re older?” Lyrim smiled as she gazed with a smile. “Grow strong….find brother...then we both find dad…” Lyrim chuckled softly “You're a strong girl. And if you are your father’s girl, than he is surely alive. Until then, live well, never pick on the weak, and never bow to those who hurt others”

Slowly standing up he began to walk outside to the veranda of the room he was in while Astra watched him. “Please stay more?” Lyrim ignored her words. If he was to baby her too much, she would hold weakness. He was slowly but surely feeling his heart harden for her to become stronger. Never again would he want to see her suffer.

Staying quiet, Astra walked closer before stopping for a moment, as the air around Lyrim twisted a little. “Astra, you're a big girl now. You don't need your big brother. But one day, he may need you. When you become famous, your big brother will see you again, ok?”

Astra, who was tearing up and wiping her eyes while clutching her blue dress, gazed at Lyrim softly “Promise...” Lyrim nodded. “I promise. For now Astra, I'll see you someday” Lyrim floated off the ground as he looked at Astra.

He wanted to get as much of a look at her as possible. These past few days with her, although hardly knowing her, he had become attached. He saw a lot of his former self in her. She had suffered more than he had in her life, and had clung on as best as she could.

She didn't know it, but her will to live was stronger than Lyrim’s, and he had already made his decision to never let anyone like that die. Little did Lyrim or the other 2 know, that knowledge can be shared at will, emotional experiences were something that couldn't be stopped and was also shared but at a snail's pace whether they knew it or not.

With Astra looking up at Lyrim, she waved with a teary smile, and Lyrim smiled back before he vanished with speed enough to cause a sonic boom in mid air as he made his way towards the moon. His intention was to train the remainder of the time until Krouse alerted him to the completion of his home.

With Lyrim headed to the moon, at a large, crystal like palace located in a very pristine area on the planet Avil, Krouse was frowning while gazing at a report given to him by a man wearing a jet black robe with a crimson sword emblem on it.

“This….Impossible… I felt that strength, but to think it originated from 2 gods… Has this solar system become a playground for them? First him, now them...” Grinding his teeth with a worried frown, Krouse sighed.

“Regardless, I have an obligation to my people. They seem to have taken residence on both those planets, so Avil is safe.” Krouse spoke to himself as well as the robed man, who then replied.

“My Lord, Intel also shows that one of the gods is recovering in Tyra’s royal palace…” Krouse, hearing those words, let a soft laugh out. “No doubt they will have plans to borrow that god’s powers. That man… What is he planning by getting on a god's good side…?”

The robed man spoke with nervousness “M...My Lord, if either of the two comes to try and rule Avil, what will happen to us?” Krouse was quiet for a few seconds, as he held the orb that Lyrim had formed and smiled.

“If that happens, then we’ll pray that our local powerhouse assists…” He spoke freely to this man he trusted. “Leo, continue your investigation. We know the location of the god on Tyra, but Nephi… Try to focus more resources there. It's their mindset that scares me most… I trust the head of the intelligence branch can do this?”

Leo, the robed man, looked up and smiled. “My Lord, you didn't bestow this Celestial set to me by fighting battles… I earned it by gathering important information that has won us many battles against the others. I will do my best or die trying”

Krouse nodded as he stood up, moving his hands behind his back as he gazed to the west through the open veranda. “That man’s mountain temple will be finished in 9 months… I just pray he likes it or those gods won't even need to deal with us…” Krouse gave a nervous laugh.

With Krouse worrying about the past events and the future of the planet, Lyrim, who had landed on the moon, was already training in the coliseum. Qil had managed to give abilities to the constructs that were fighting Lyrim.

A God level construct wielding an inferno blade in the shape of a humanoid dragon roared as he slashed downwards, firing a fire wave that split the coliseum in half. Lyrim, being his target, had barely avoided it by kicking his feet, using the force it generated to move to the side.

But as he did so, a second god construct in the shape of a lion attacked with lightning precision. He had barely enough time to position his body in the air to block, but was then smashed into the ground, causing a massive crater.

“S...Shit these things are strong…” Qil, who was sitting and watching, spoke “Elder brothers, knowledge allowed me to give my constructs abilities. As for elder brothers...” He spoke, referring to the humanoid dragon construct. Ethe was also sitting on the side watching, as they both assist Lyrim in training.

“Lyrim, you limited yourself to that of an early stage god, and you're fighting two medium ranked god constructs. There is no difference in strength I assure you. I'm actually surprised you have managed this long. Why don't you use some abilities?”

Lyrim stood up, grinning as the lion construct landed next to the dragon one. Lyrim, so far, had been using martial arts as well as his experience in combat against the other god constructs Qil had made.

“I guess you're right… Abilities huh, let’s see...” Feeling for his knowledge so far, he grinned as he decided to use one of Qil’s to rub it in his face. “Giga Stomp…” He spoke, before Qil’s head rose “Y...You little...”

Vanishing using his speed, the atmosphere above the constructs changed and became heavier as Lyrim kicked downwards with his right foot towards both constructs. Although he was limited to an early ranked god, his internal energy and the galaxy stream had allowed him a massive increase in energy, allowing him to easily rival a medium ranked god.

The lion construct, using its speed, barely managed to break the pressure holding it down, and jumped aside, while the dragon construct growled and slashed upwards with its sword. Lyrim, who was targeting the less mobile dragon, was already aiming for it, so he had no issue with the lion construct dodging.

The fire blade smashed against Lyrim’s giga stomp and was met with some resistance. “As if!!!” Lyrim roared out, adding more power before breaking the inferno like wave and stomping against the blade the construct used to defend, but it was unable to hold his strength and the ground shattered with a crater that almost tore the coliseum to pieces.

The construct had been squashed like a fly. Giga Stomp was an ability mainly used by Qil’s large from to dominate the opponent, and it was a force to be reckoned with. The construct lost its energy and turned to smoke before the energy went to Ethe.

Ethe laughed. “Well done. Not the best attack for this, but it worked. Your opponent may be smarter than that construct” Qil frowned as he mumbled “Using my attack… And then he calls my attack not the best...”

Lyrim glared at the lion construct which roared towards him, sending a shockwave of energy. Lyrim raised his palm, facing it towards the lion and the shock wave, with a smirk. “This gives me an idea…” He used Giga Stomp, as well as one of Ethe’s abilities called Ethereal Push.

The ability itself was to create a force of energy around the target and crush them, but with Qil’s Giga Stomp, Lyrim tried to work the mechanics out.

He pulled his hand back and formed a fist. He knew that Giga Stomp would work on any of his limbs. Imbuing Qil’s energy in his arm, and then imbuing Ethe’s energy into it as well, his arm began to glow a cosmic blue and green before he punched toward the shock wave.

Qil and Ethe widened their eyes as they vanished, leaving the coliseum. The punch itself was so ferocious that the pressure itself blew Lyrim back. The ability had created a gigantic ghost fist that punched and launched with an ethereal screech, causing the ground under it to rip apart.

The shockwave the lion launched was effortlessly dispatched, and as the lion construct tried to flee, the fist had arrived in front of it quickly before punching forward with the lion on it. Leaving it unable to move like it was caught in the pull of the fist.

As the fist got to a certain point of the coliseum, it exploded outward with an intense force, blowing in a wide arc. The energy was so much; it really gave a glimpse of an ability that held the energy and techniques of two former god level creatures.

“This crazy bastard…” Qil spoke as he looked toward it as he floated above. Ethe, who was moving his head around, trying to look for Lyrim in the area, saw him clutching the arm he had used to launch the ability.

“I see… Takes quite a toll…” Ethe appeared next to Lyrim and examined his wounded arm and the attack. “Boy, although that attack is incredible, its best not to use it when you're body is limited in such a state. I'm surprised your arm wasn't ripped off. That attack, even if limited to an early stage god level, is meant for something beyond.”

Lyrim, whose arm had begun to heal rapidly, nodded as he felt the burning pain “R...Right…” At that point, Qil, Ethe and Lyrim’s eyes widened quickly, as they felt a change. The three wasted no time entering their respective meditations.

As the three entered the stream dimension in Lyrim’s body, they gazed at the glowing galaxies that represented Ethe and Qil’s energy. They began to shift and turn before they slowly melded closer to each other, as if they had taken a step and mixed.

“Ahh this makes me think… Could it be that by using the energy of you two in an attack, it made them link closer?” Lyrim spoke. “It seems like it. Maybe every time you use that attack, or our energies together, it will combine them closer and empower them…”

Qil then spoke last. “Wait, there are 3 colors though. Does that mean you didn't use your own energy Lyrim?” Lyrim tilted his head. “I don't know. I thought I have been using your energy the whole time.”

Ethe laughed slightly “I see, I see. Then it must be the planet that was absorbed. Its energy is easily at a peak god's level, with the core emanating so much. If using our abilities melded it, than that must mean you need to figure out how to use Qil’s planet’s ability or energy set. I'm not really sure right now”

Qil seemed a little down as he left the meditation with a few words “Horrors of the past leave me alone...” He motioned to his home being destroyed, which made Ethe and Lyrim grin.

With Ethe deciding to combine more of the galaxies together to strengthen Lyrim, Lyrim left and pondered on the knowledge of life and death Ethe had shared. Qil had spent time training it when Lyrim didn't need his help, and Ethe, being a genius creature, could focus on other things.

Lyrim, sitting in the center of the coliseum which had nearly instantly reformed itself, was now pondering the beyond god ability. “-Life and death, Gods are allowed advanced destruction, and basic creation. Beyond gods, Incredible Advanced destruction, advanced creation, and this…. Basic control over life and death, No wonder they were able to create a T.Gear like that-”

Lyrim understood that a God level being, although having the energy of a planet, lacked the understanding of advanced creation, which involved creating things such as T.Gears and constructs. Which allowed Qil and Ethe free reign over this? Lyrim knew he also had this ability and could get on their level with some practice since they shared the same knowledge, but since their souls were different, he would need to train to retain that training.

“-Death, although basic for us, it's still a mystery. Controlling the basics such as souls of those who have just perished, the energy is incredibly pure. I see... Incredible-”

Lyrim came to understood from Ethe’s knowledge that god creatures and below have the option to devour physical T.Gears to strengthen themselves. While those who were above relied on devouring the souls of the dead. Unless they were killed, they can't absorb their souls straight from their bodies, they lacked that advanced understanding.

The life portion was basic control over the wheel of reincarnation, which is the ability Ethe tampered with to bring Astra back to life at his own risk. This ability would allow them, with training, to become more accustomed to it.

From what Ethe experienced, it tests the caster’s soul. As if the wheel is in itself sentient. They would have to be tested by the wheel every time, to see if they are worthy of resurrecting someone. That and some of their soul energy equal to that individual's soul would be taken.

No matter how powerful a creature is, having a bit of its soul taken would stun it. And for a creature where only it's soul remains, it would be even more dangerous. The good news was that energy could be recovered.

And that experience allowed Ethe to feel his soul even better, and he was in the works of coming up with a method on how to strengthen the soul, which is why he felt attached to Lyrim’s stream dimension. He felt that it played a key role.

Lyrim, Ethe and Qil had spent all their time training hard, and with the 3 of them adding to their training as well as their circumstances, it allowed Lyrim’s body and control over his power to greatly increase.

The natural stream in Lyrim’s body was shining with galaxies of 3 colors. Lyrim had understood how to control the basic energy of the planet, which he titled Human Energy, as it was easier to control than Ethe or Qil’s by far.

Having learned this, he had combined all 3 energies into 3 colored galaxies. His body had become accustomed to it to the point where even the 2 colored galaxies were reforming to suit their needs, as well as every galaxy that formed, although made slower, included the colors of the 3 energies.

Ethe was sitting down, gazing at Qil training against his own construct in the coliseum. “Boy, I was thinking about that Human Energy. Maybe the energy of the planet siphoned into you, allowing you to advance to a God level. But I don't get it. You're a human, you're kind doesn't rank up like us creatures...-”

Ethe was stumped on this, but Lyrim saw he had a point. “That may be true, but you know, even though I was human, I was able to absorb natural energy. Is it a mutation?” Both Ethe and Lyrim were using their knowledge gained from Lazarus, as well as books, to debate why it happened.

Qil, having demolished his construct, spoke. “Hah! Human huh, would be funny if you were half and half” Qil responded. Lyrim began to think about things until Ethe spoke “Your father was one of the people who helped developed things on Archia right? Maybe it's a blood inherited trait or something”

Lyrim shook his head. “No clue… No one has ever talked much about my mother. I only know that she was a beautiful women and she died giving birth to me. I would ask my father, but alas, he was exiled by that bastard who I shall visit one day, and we are stuck here…”

With the 3 continuing to speak, they felt some energy try to communicate with them. “Uhh, the communicator we gave to Krouse. Good news I hope” Ethe seemed optimistic. Lyrim, for the first time in 10 months, left his meditation, and spoke using telepathy as the communicator was a conduit.

“Krouse” A noble like voice responded. “My Lord, there is good news. Your home has been completed, and on schedule.” Lyrim grinned, and even Ethe and Qil were wiggling a bit in joy. They would have done it themselves, but their lack of control in the material world, as well as worry for the restraint in their power, added to why they didn’t.

“Very good, are you there now?” Lyrim spoke, and Krouse replied “Of course My Lord. I'm with the chief architect.” Lyrim focused his eyesight on the energy of the sphere, his vision piercing through the clouds before coming to a mountainous spot. He saw Krouse next to a group of builders and some knights. Lyrim then vanished, causing the force of his movement to ripple throughout the small moon before he arrived faster than ever beside Krouse, who jumped with fright.

The nearby builders and knights being servants under Krouse unsheathed their weapons, although also shocked by Lyrim’s speed. “S...Sheathe your weapons fools!” He spoke and they followed his words, although still cautious.

Lyrim looked at Krouse and responded telepathically “-Their memories of this place. I want them gone-” The last thing Lyrim needed was rumors of a man whom their Lord Krouse had ordered a temple built for.

“-Consider it done My Lord. Would you like a tour?-” Lyrim’s divine sense rippled towards the temple as it was scanned, with it bouncing off every edge and corner, piercing the mountain and getting an x-ray view. He stayed quiet for a moment.

“-I have to say, these guys are pretty good builders. It looks nice. I can't wait to manifest and see how homely it is myself-” Ethe responded. “-Bah, I could do better… When I get a physical form, I'll even add lightning clouds on the ceiling to make it godlier-” Qil said, feeling that complex.

Lyrim also felt that his rooms, as well as the necessities like a kitchen, although not needed, as well as a bath were good additions. He turned to look at the builder, who was still cautious. “Apart from the master suite, why is there over a few hundred rooms in another section and around it?”

The builder showed a shocked expression. “M...My Lord, you can see that from here?” Even Krouse, whose sense wasn't that good, was shocked. He then said to the builder “Please answer our friend” Krouse smiled, and while the knights were even more cautious at Lyrim’s sense, the builder continued.

“We didn't know who we were building this for, a teacher of a special art, a massive clan? Or even important guests? We didn't know whether you had family or students or even visitors. We assumed that in such a layout it was a temple to train. Therefore we also assumed your temple, being new, may soon start having disciples and we took it upon ourselves to add rooms for them or others that you may invite.”

Lyrim looked at him for several seconds then nodded “You did well, thank you. Although it wasn't what I asked for, this is actually better. It was a feature I overlooked.” With the builder sighing in relief, Krouse also let a sigh of relief out.

“All of you head back to the palace and await me there for your rewards.” The builders smiled. The 4 of them were architects, the laborers themselves Krouse had paid and would have to take care of one by one, which was tedious on his behalf, but he had no choice.

As only Krouse and Lyrim were left, he spoke “You are planning to reward them, correct?” Lyrim asked, wondering what sort of man Krouse was. “Of course My Lord, I do take care of my people. But even so, they will have their memories wiped and replaced. I'll make up a story as to why they were rewarded.”

Lyrim nodded. The entry to the temple was large and had 4 pillars and a rocky area covering the dome, almost like camouflage. Unless one could fly or was a great climber, they could never reach it.

“Hmm, you're still here?” Lyrim turned, looking at Krouse, who was silent. Krouse, showing signs of being nervous, replied.


the part regarding knowledge bieng shared at will. let me explain it better. bassically the three of them can share knowledge with each other whenever they want they can control it.

but gaining emotions and emotional experience and attachments that is something that cant be stopped whether they want it or not



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