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Astra was overjoyed to see Lyrim enter the crater, but the others were slightly worried since the elder hadn't come back with him, fearing the worst. After assuring them it was fine, Lyrim used his creation ability to conjure a large hollow sphere for the people to enter.

They were reluctant at first, but finally gave in and Lyrim used his newly formed Divine Sense to act as a quasi-telekinetic ability to carry the large hollow sphere until he had brought them back to their home.

Not much time had passed, the only difference being Hyun and his granddaughter freeing the captured citizens who were used as slaves. Several hours had passed and many families had been reunited while many also realized their loved ones were no longer among the living.

Lyrim was watching the large crowd of nearly a couple thousand rejoice with each other about to start fixing their homes and reorganizing the hierarchy.

Astra was gazing curiously as she leaned against Lyrim’s leg, looking at the children who were crying in joy while they hugged their mothers and fathers. A hint of jealousy and sadness in her eyes.

“Hmph….” She quietly muttered. Lyrim looked down, then at the direction her eyes were focused on before gently patting her “Parents are something one should truly treasure. Astra, do you remember yours?”

He spoke curiously. Maybe he could figure out something “Mother...sick...dead. Father...sad...went war...never came back…” Lyrim’s heart strings were tugged. The story of the child's life was more than enough to effortlessly bring him slight sorrow. Emotions were truly a powerful thing.

Although on Lyrim’s mind, he had been thinking about something before he entered the crater to retrieve the people. He had tried to coerce Ethe with words to awaken, but it seemed he was still slumbering. On a positive note, Ethe’s Life Force seemed to have recovered significantly.

The ability he used made Lyrim nervous “Such a thing I made him do. Will he forgive me? Why would he risk himself like that“The question was gnawing at the back of Lyrim’s mind.

“-You don't understand boy… Ethe wanted to show you he wasn't some mindless puppet and was willing to change for the better. Because we all share this body, we all need to change how we are-”

“-Mmm-” Lyrim quietly muttered, knowing he was in the wrong. Qil, although having been left as a soul due to Ethe and Lyrim’s actions, was starting to enjoy how things were.

The reason for this was obviously because he was experiencing many things he would never have had the chance to as well as achieved a new height of power. Pondering things silently in his mind while Astra gazed around while clutching Lyrim’s leg, Hyun approached with a look of joy on his face.

“Lord Lyrim... You have saved my people. You are a savior from the heavens!!” He spoke the sentence quite loudly which caught the attention of the people around. Hyun, who had seen this, looked at the people who were quieting down with their reunited family.

“Look my brethren…. The one who saved you is a man of great power, asking for nothing in return. He not only fed our small group of survivors but he also took the time to hear my story and acted to save us all… If not for him, I fear our situation could only become more unbearable...”

“-What is he doing?-” Qil spoke, a little confused, which was quite rare. “-I think he is trying to put me in the spotlight?-” Qil laughed quietly “-I know that. But why?-”

Several whispers around the crowd could be heard. They were barely convinced, but one by one the people who had been with Hyun in the crater spoke out, agreeing with Hyun, backing up his story. It was only then that they began to move closer to Lyrim as they all cheered and gave thanks to him.

Some offering what little they had scavenged as tribute as if he were some god. This made not only Astra clutch in fear from their mentality, but it also made Lyrim uncomfortable. It was only then that he responded to Qil “-Sometimes….people need a hero-” He spoke questionably.

Several of the larger men, who seemed to be warriors, assisted Lyrim by helping move the crowd back. It was then that a voice spoke out “Hero...How can we be sure he is a hero…? Surely he must have some sort of scheme.

He defeated 3 Sacred level opponents in an instant… I do not doubt he is on a Celestial level…. But hear me my people. Does anyone in these lands as powerful as him do anything for the kindness of others?”

Lizna, whom Lyrim had saved, seemed to now be speaking against him. This made Lyrim frown and Astra seemingly felt that the girl was bad news and growled quietly at her. “Bad…” She quietly uttered.

The people who were cheering and nearly worshiping Lyrim were now whispering among themselves. Lizna’s words were obviously a rule of this land. The strong would take what they want, and the weak would perish. What intentions did Lyrim have? Their relationship immediately turned to one of caution. As if Lyrim was now looked down upon.

Hyun quickly stood in front of Lyrim trying to defend him “L...Lizna!! How can you say that!! He saved us all… He brought peace here and ridded us of 3 individuals… What could someone of his power even want from this world other than to better himself?”

He spoke, as if to say Lyrim was trying to make use of his power for good and not for greed. Lizna folded her arms under her breasts, slightly pushing them up as she spoke “Grandfather….Please do not be taken in by this man’s words and actions.
Those with power only want to feed themselves and take what they want…. Only the most greedy and power hungry will ever be able to seek power as the one he possesses.”

Hyun frowned as he clenched his fists “Y..You're parents would never approve of this!” Lizna glared “My parents...are dead because of people who have power like him…. I will not let my people suffer…. All those who stand with me and have lost loved ones and suffered because of those with power please stand by me!”

The entire tribe seemingly stood at Lizna’s side. Hearing her call, surprisingly even the people whom Lyrim had helped drifted to her side leaving only Hyun who shook his head in dissatisfaction. He turned to Lyrim and frowned “I'm so sorry Lord Lyrim… I didn't intend for this to happen. “

Lyrim smiled “I have learnt that one of the treasures of life isn't people who mindlessly praise you while you can't tell if they are lying or not. It's the ones who stick by you and are transparent and honest. That alone has made me happy” Qil seemingly heard this and laughed “-Hahaha, well said boy! Well said!-”

Hyun smiled softly and nodded. Lizna's voice spoke out as if she had intentions. She grinned “There is one way this Lyrim can prove himself our friend and savior. That is to destroy the surrounding 3 tribes that we contend with!” She grinned while the recently freed people roared out with agreement.

One spoke out loudly “Lizna is right!! How can he be our savior if we still have enemies!!?” While agreeing another responded “Yeah!! Even if we build they’re still going to fight us!” Mob mentality at its finest was currently working here.

Lyrim glared, then sighed and shook his head. This was an experience where no book or teacher could explain or teach you. The best way to learn was to experience it. One looks with his eyes, not with his ears. Or as some may say, seeing is believing.

“-Such disgusting self entitled people...Maybe it was a mistake helping them-” Qil spoke aggressively at their arrogance “-I'm starting to feel there is no mistake but only fate…-” Lyrim responded.

Hyun turned to Lyrim after looking at Lizna. Qil spoke first “-Well? Are you going to help these people and follow this invisible fate?-” Lyrim was quiet for a few moments and Lizna grinned. She knew Lyrim helped her people and she was truly thankful inside for his actions but she needed to help them more by somehow making the surroundings safer for them, as they established which is why she showed this side of hers.

She was a little disappointed with herself, but she knew this was the only way, as someone like him may have rejected her offer in the first place had it not been for her trying to play with that power mindset. “Well Lyrim? Will you be our savior or will you not…” She was certain he would agree.

Lyrim chuckled softly as he rubbed Astra’s head “I think I have overstayed my welcome. It's time for us to leave Astra. We still have many other places here to visit”

Lizna and Hyun’s jaws dropped, as they had thought Lyrim would agree. Qil could be heard laughing loud enough to cause the dimension to wobble a little. It was Hyun that responded as the whispers of the citizens carried on.

“L...Lord Lyrim, you won't be doing this task? But why? It should be easy?” Lizna quickly intervened as she stomped towards Lyrim “Yes. Are you not some powerful being who can destroy anything and seek the love of our people?!! What is it you want?! Gold?! Money?! Women?!!” She wanted to know why he declined.

Stopping for a moment, he spoke “Think of it like this. You want me to go destroy a people who were not responsible for your city’s downfall, who have children like you, who are parents like you, who want to live as much as you and make the lives of their people enjoyable? Do they not fight with you because it is a struggle for survival?”

Lizna froze as she felt her heart tug. His speech made her realize her error. She had misjudged him and played her cards wrongly “-He isn't after anything? He cares about their lives? Why?-” She called out, as if not believing him “Regardless, they will still attack us! It's either us or them.

We have significant control over the oasis and there is no doubt since the city fell that they have already heard the news and are acting to seize it themselves”

Lyrim shrugged “I'm sorry I'm not some mindless killer. The best I can do for you is try to get them and you to form an agreement. I saw the oasis behind your city, it stretches on for kilometers. I'm sure there is enough to feed you and them. But I think you are being greedy. You have been speaking as if I love and crave power, but is it not you who would be in a position of power if I were to destroy those cities and their people?”

Silence resonated around. His explanation was enough to even cause the people to question Lizna’s intentions. She looked around nervously, and felt she had done something wrong. Maybe in her mind she truly wanted power. She spoke “That's...not it...I'm doing this for my people!”

Hyun sighed and spoke “Lizna…. Our people right now do not need to fight. We need to rebuild… If they attack us, we will then fight. But you are too careless and rude... You know Lord Lyrim saved us and yet you speak with such a tone!” Hyun was quite angry at her.

“G...Grandfather, I...” Hyun glared “Be quiet…. When will you realize that this moment was a gift from the heavens…” He turned to look at Lyrim “Lord Lyrim... I'm truly sorry for everything. If you can spare the time, will you please help my people once more by helping us come to an agreement with these cities?” Lyrim was pondering this, and in the end, Qil was the one who helped him make a decision “-I like this old fellow.

He knows respect. Why not help him-” Lyrim nodded. “Very well, I will assist. But I would like for you to care for my little sister while I handle matters”

Seeing that Lyrim agreed, the people around felt happy and satisfied and they had a complete spin in their attitude towards Lyrim. Lizna was embarrassed and ashamed, so she kept quiet.

10 minutes later, Hyun and Lyrim were discussing things in a makeshift council room with a table and map on it. “Lord Lyrim, this is the oasis. It stretches 5 kilometers. That being said, not all of it is useable vegetation. Some of the water is from what we believe to be an underground source linked to the ocean which is why it's salty.”

Lyrim tilted his head “You would think the minerals and sand would act as a filter but I guess not. If there's a way for peace to from, I'll find it. I just needed to know where these tribes are. I'm off for now”

Hyun nodded and bowed respectfully “Lord Lyrim, thank you again for assisting my people… Is there truly nothing you need?” Lyrim approached the door and spoke “Nothing. Do not worry. As for Astra, she is..?”

Hyun chuckled and smiled “Do not worry about her Lord Lyrim; she is being tended to by people who believe you have helped us greatly. Last I checked, she was enjoying herself quite a bit”

Lyrim nodded and was happy. He wasn't a parent and had been through a lot himself, but he still felt his mentality was that of a 13 year old. Making his way down the hall, leaving Hyun to settle some matters, he felt the presence of someone he knew hiding behind a column.

He ignored it as he walked by and spoke as he continued on “Do not hide from me; I don't feel hostility towards you.” Lizna, who had been the one hiding, quickly made her way out “Why do you still help after what I said? What is it you're after? You're actions are weird…”

Lyrim took a deep breath. “Not everyone in a position of power is bad. Some truly want to help others. When they have so much power that they don't know what to do with they realize they had forsaken their emotions….and find that helping others can bring them joy”

Qil grinned “-I know why you're speaking like some poet you cheeky brat. You read quite a few philosophical books that the lizard has found, haven't you-” Lyrim grinned to himself, giving more evidence to Qil’s claim.

Lizna frowned and spoke “I see... I have much to learn…” She then turned and left, followed by Lyrim also leaving. Having then left the city being rebuilt, he headed towards the first tribal city.
At first, when arriving, the people were scared and the guards were preparing for battle.

To avoid it all, Lyrim had used his ability to put them all to sleep by using his Divine Sense. A sort of easier method of his attack earlier. Walking down the fur clad hall, he entered the throne area where many guards were stationed. They glared at him and branded their weapons while a large muscular man who had a fatherly look gazed at Lyrim.

2 small children by his side were hiding behind his throne. Lyrim was sure they were his kids. “Stranger, why have you come? Are you part of the two who destroyed that city? Have you come for us now?”

Lyrim gave a soft chuckled. He then formed a chair and sat on it as he faced this tribal king. He began to explain as much as he needed and as time went on the guards that were stationed there were sent off, as well as his kids, leaving only Lyrim and him alone.

“Stranger, you are indeed strong. And I have no doubt but to believe you. If you're seeking a solution, you seem to have nothing to gain. But let me tell you... We own a bit of that oasis and it is the only way I can feed my people… This is the same for the other cities as well. Without it we would die. This is a harsh land and it is unforgiving.

This is the reason our northern brothers abandoned us. There is nothing in these lands but misery and hardship while they enjoy the life of growth… We are a proud people and we use this to make ourselves stronger… Our ancestors survived here and as will we… As strong as you are, I won't forsake my people. I must decline…”

At that moment, the man tensed up, thinking Lyrim would attack him. But Lyrim was thinking “-He’s right. Unless a solution is made, I don't have the right to send them to their deaths...-” Lyrim stood up and nodded.

“Very well, I will try to find another way. When I find the answer, I will return.” Not giving him a chance to speak, Lyrim vanished. He hadn't bothered going to the other 2 cities, knowing the response would be similar. Sitting atop a crag and entering a meditative position, he was clueless in how to deal with it.

“-All powerful, stronger than the gods, capable of life and death abilities, yet you are stumped on this. Hahahaha-” Qil tormented Lyrim, which began to irritate him. At that moment, Lyrim was feeling for the stream of galaxies while Qil ranted on.

The stream of galaxies was floating endlessly around his Natural Energy’s course. Like beautiful stars in the sky that resonated with the colors their 3 souls represented, some combining and increasing, Lyrim realized something.

“-That's it! The answer!! Argh, it’s so obvious!!-” Having come up with a breakthrough, even Qil was curious “-What is it boy?-” Lyrim grinned as he blocked out Qil’s link to his mind right as he was about to comb it “-Damn you! I want to know!! How did you even learn to do that?-”

Lyrim chuckled as he stood up and spoke with vocal words “Ethe taught me awhile ago. Anyway, let's go“Qil began to pester Lyrim until he gave in and explained it to him. Qil, having heard it, even commended him on a simple solution.

“-If it's that, I'm sure it will work... With our ability, it shouldn't be an issue either-” Lyrim made his way back to the first city he went to try and get an agreement with. Using a more powerful and focused Divine Sense, he was able to feel the flow of life as well as things for several hundred miles

Since he still wasn't trained perfectly, this was only as good as a Demigod's. But it was enough for him to find what he was looking for. Under the sand, a few kilometers deep, there was a large tunnel flowing with water that wasn't linked anywhere as it gathered underground.

“-I knew it. For a planet like this with so much water it would be weird if some hadn't made its way underground here. And it's quite close to it as well-” Qil responded

“Qil, I'll be relying on your control here…” Qil snickered “-Don't worry. Even if the lizard is napping, I can still help you a bit-” Lyrim nodded, and several moments later, he felt his body strengthen as the limiter imposed on him was slightly adjusted.

Grinning to himself, Lyrim shot like a flash, causing the cloud above him to split apart as he dug into the ground. A large crater was formed before he penetrated into the sand like a drill while emanating his aura to cause intense heat causing the sand and ground to melt and solidify so it wouldn't close into the hole allowing a tunnel to from.

It took several moments before the last few meters where broken through. Several seconds later, the ground shook slightly before a geyser of water shot out of the tunnel and began to flow into the crater Lyrim’s action had formed.

“-This water reservoir was good… It's linked to the ocean, but from what I can see, there are a lot of minerals here that can filter the salt content. It should all be drinkable-” Lyrim thought as he was currently inside the water of the reservoir.

“-Smart thinking boy. Let's go handle the matters with the other cities before we go to speak with them-” Qil spoke and Lyrim agreed. They left up the same tunnel they came in through before shooting off towards the next city.

His Divine Sense gave him x-ray vision to isolate the underground water supply. Lyrim had thought he would need to create some sort of natural filter method for the water, but it seemed nature was already taking care of that.

The next reserve was a little further from the city. It was a kilometer away, but that was the only negative feature. Using the same method, Lyrim drilled down before allowing the water reservoir to shoot back up. Then he moved on.

The 3rd city was the easiest. The water reservoir was closer to the surface. With a little digging, they would have found it on their own. But since it was closer, he had made sure to form a crater large enough to hold the water in, and an excess flow as it was used.

30 minutes later, since it took 10 minutes for each reservoir, he had managed to secure water supplies for each of the 3 cities. Flying upward till he reached the clouds, he used his vision to get a clear view of the first city. Already, people were scattering to it for water. The look of joy on their faces visible.

“-Hahaha, I take a nice nap and you 2 are already playing god?-” Both Lyrim and Qil responded “-Ethe?!-” A near teary smile on Lyrim’s face. As silence caused an awkward situation, Qil broke the ice “-Bastard lizard... Who said you could nap? And you boy, don't you have something to say?-”

Lyrim clenched his fists. With Ethe waking up, he remembered the times he had saved him and how his life was made significantly better. With his actions, he allowed Lyrim to decide his own fate. And not only that, he risked his life. A being above a god for the life of an individual lower than a beast. If that doesn't say self sacrifice, then Lyrim didn't know what did.

A tear ran down his cheek “E...Ethe, I'm really sorry…” Ethe laughed for a few seconds “-Dumb lizard. He is apologizing, why are you laughing?-” Even Qil was confused. “-Wow. Not only are you both doing this, but the scaly mule has built an attitude? Hahahaha. And boy, I accept your apology. But it also helped me gain a breakthrough! Although you need to practice to-”

Lyrim nodded happily before he made his way back to the city. With the birth of 3 new oases, new life would begin to survive and come up. And with such an abundance of life, it fitted Ethe’s awakening well.

Currently sitting on the same chair that the tribal king dared not remove, Lyrim smiled as he folded his arms, while the king was off his throne nearly in tears as he bowed consecutively “T...Thank you stranger!! You have not only given my people a new source of life, but even allow us the opportunity to grow!! We will no longer fight against the dark skins. You have my honor as well as my bloodlines honor. As long as no conflict arises, there will be peace.”

Standing up, Lyrim was happy “Perfect! Please know that all 4 tribal cities here have children who deserve to live as well as innocent lives. There is no need to kill for ones survival anymore. Develop an alliance; I'm sure the 4 of you can create a true oasis on this continent.”

With those words said and done, Lyrim vanished with such speed that an afterimage formed before dissipating, causing the man to stumble in shock.
“Let’s go handle the rest. I’ve decided on something…and I want to go finish it…” Lyrim spoke as his mind was still blocked from Qil and also Ethe from reading it. “What's wrong?” Ethe spoke curiously.

“I would like to find Astra’s father if he is still alive…. Although I care for her, if he is out there, than she deserves to grow up with her own blood” He spoke softly.



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"Hyun frowned as he clenched his fists “Y..You're parents would never approve of this!” Lizna glared “My parents...

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Hyun frowned as he clenched his fists “Y..Your parents would never approve of this!” Lizna glared “My parents...

“Why do you still help after what I said? What is it you're after? You're actions are weird…”

Should be

“Why do you still help after what I said? What is it you're after? Your actions are weird…”

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