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The tribes on the southern half of the planet could be said to be more barbaric and animalistic than their brethren in the north. That is because the southern portion was a near wasteland with very few oases.

That being said because of this situation each tribe did not have enough resources to live on, thus they had to move on each time an Oasis dried up. As well as not being able to grow attached to their ancestral homes, fights over the oasis’ that remained were frequent, so much that they had to come up with agreements until the rainy season returns.

Life in such a place truly is an everyday struggle and one knows these people have it tough when the rainy season was also a gamble. With the people here abandoned by their northern brethren as well as the ruling demigod, the creatures here only numbered a few to have reached the sacred level.

A white flash streaked across the sky before vanishing nearly instantly, the figure then reappeared upon a dry crag while gently placing down a smaller figure that looked around curiously. “Ethe was excited about this?” Lyrim whispered quietly.

“Maybe the shitty conditions here reminded him of home before Archia flourished” Qil responded to which Lyrim nodded “home sick? Ha-ha maybe” gazing into the distance he spotted a pack of large muscular wolf like creatures attacking a herd of bird like creatures.

A red light enveloped the claws of one of these wolfs before it fired off a wave of energy towards one of the birds. Of course the bird responded by spreading its wings that began to emit a white light before it flapped them sending an air-based attack towards the red energy.

With both powers colliding it was obvious which was stronger, the claws had pierced through with ease before cleaving the bird creature in half that was nearly twice the wolf's size. Larger wasn't always stronger in a world like this.

The nearby wolves all converged on the corpse before a few more birds fell, the wolves all began to eat devouring the creature's innards and flesh with great joy. They were not far only several hundred meters away. Astra who was watching curiously felt her stomach rumble. Lyrim's stomach also rumbled before he looked at her and gave her a soft pat on the head.

“Time to eat” the wolves all stopped eating for a moment as they shivered with fear. Several minutes passed by and at an indentation at the base of the crag a large fire pit was made by Lyrim who had skewered one of the wolf creatures like a roasted pig.

The wolf itself wasn't skinny by any means and had quite a bit of muscle and soft flesh on its sides. With Astra happily eating away at a clump of roast flesh Lyrim was currently engaged in meditation taking on Qil's challenge again.

A beam of blue light shot out of the coliseum before solidifying and cracking before it collapsed like a glasshouse. A ghostly screech echoed before a powerful shockwave blew upward into the dimensions sky. Inside the coliseum Lyrim held a humanoid like creature covered with heavy looking scales. The creature gave off a heavy menacing aura that slowly dimmed down. Lying limp on Lyrim's fist as he held it into the air. Lyrim casually dropped it onto the ground, a light thud was made before the dust kicked up a bit.

The creature's corpse shattered into steam before vanishing. “That's a record, killing a god level creature in under 10 seconds” Qil spoke but this made Lyrim frown “that one was a middle stage god but you have been letting me fight opponents who aren't using abilities.”

Qil responded as if to get rid of his doubt “bah why are you, frowning you're limiting yourself to its level as well and only using that martial arts right? It's obvious how skilled you are, do you want to try against a peak stage opponent this time?”

Lyrim shook his head and sighed, “no point the result will be the same. When are you able to give them abilities?” Qil's voice was silent before he spoke “I’m not used to this power of mine yet but I am slowly learning more of this new creation and life ability, so maybe a few hundred years?”

Lyrim couldn't do anything but frown. “Argh…” he truly wanted to improve and he felt that these gods were all handicapped for him and that if he faced a real one he would be in trouble. Qil spoke “when are you going to learn your own abilities me and the lizard have our own set surely because you're at that level you can come up with your own?”

Qil was curious he considered Lyrim on their level but had forgotten he was a human, but Lyrim was quick to fix that. “I don't have any abilities remember?” he felt as if he was being teased considering Qil was silent with only a few sounds that indicated laughter.

Leaving his dimension after confirming for a moment that Astra was still eating Lyrim decided to check on his body's energy flow. The sha’Ir meditative position was an advanced one which only the master of the art had figured out and passed on to a select few before Lazarus sealed it all.

Lyrim's flow remained unchanged other than the significantly increased amount of those galaxies threading together like a stream. Lyrim wanted to desperately train this but he had to take care of Astra and thus began this first problem.

Opening his eyes, he let out a faint sigh before Astra who was looking around spoke with a smile “fying fuan!” she spoke referring to how Lyrim had brought her here, he had slowed his flying speed down so she could enjoy it. Instead of a younger sister he was starting to feel like a father.

But her innocent smile was worth it, remembering the time she was killed still makes his soul sour. Lyrim feeling a little bored as Astra was still eating, surprisingly a lot given her age, emitted his divine sense before blinking and looking up at the entrance to the indentation.

He spotted a group of 13 people covered from head to toe in ragged attire as well as robes and things. Behind them a sandstorm was occurring Lyrim hadn't paid any attention to. In this group of people were several females as well as children and male adults who quickly stood in front as if to protect their family.

Lyrim raised a brow before a small elderly looking man came forward and smiled softly. He spoke “dear warrior I hope you will not mind us resting here until the storm passes we only wish to return home from our travels…” he spoke nervously.

“-Hahaha these guys are like toothpicks, this wolf alone could easily kill them all-” Qil spoke mentally. But he discovered something regarding Qil's words those warriors seemed a bit protective and are indeed weaker than the wolf.

“Not at and my sister are also resting” he spoke clearly lying about his relation with Astra. The elder as well as the others let out a sigh of relief before they came in, behind them it seemed there were not just 13 people but 10 more , some elderly and more teenagers and individuals who were hiding. As they picked the opposite spot in the large indentation the sandstorm had gotten so severe that no one could see past the entrance other than Lyrim.

Setting their own campfires they all seemed cold and ragged some eating what appeared to be stale bread and muddy water Lyrim wondered where they were from. These people were completely different in the way they acted compared to their counterparts who had it easy in the north.

Several of the warrior individuals wearing damaged mega beast and beast level T.Gears were holding weapons made from ore as they sat on rocks and guarded their side of the crag. “Who them?” Astra whispered as she sat closer to Lyrim who was gazing at the people as well in curiosity.

“They are people who live in these lands other than that I do not know” he showed a warm smile before patting Astra's head that smiled up at him. The wolf was still being roasted and was quite large, it gave off a heavy delicious smell ,the people there knew that Lyrim was the one that killed it as there was no one else around and were afraid of angering him.

Several of the children who looked a bit skinny were complaining about their food and the smell of the wolf being roasted caught their noses as some gazed hungrily at it. Some even venturing as close as the guards who were drooling a little.

Their mothers called out and yelled at them saying that it wasn't theirs and they shouldn't complain. Of course Lyrim being as caring and fair as he was couldn't resist but share,  what sort of person would enjoy the sight of a starving child other than an evil one?

Even Qil had felt a little bad “-Argh these toothpicks children are too skinny, give them some meat before I puke from looking-” his words seemed a bit harsh but with somewhat good intentions. [removed 'please' coz Qil would never say that, just my opinion]

Lyrim spotted a small child of 5 years of age holding a small doll like toy ,he was peeking around a boulder that the guards weren't near. Lyrim raised his hand and brought his finger back and forth ushering the child to come closer.

The child wondered what was going on, he knew this person had good food but maybe he wanted to hurt him. With his hunger and fear he decided to go for broke and came closer. Astra spotted him and smiled “friend!” she happily spoke looking up at Lyrim.

Lyrim nodded before standing up which made the child and the others look over cautiously some spotting the child but not daring to move thinking something bad may happen. Lyrim made his way over to the roasting wolf and cut off a large portion of its meat before walking over to the child who was shaking with fear.

“If you are hungry and want food from me no need to be afraid I will not hurt you.” he gave a gentle smile before handing the child the large clump of meat. Gazing at Lyrim then gazing at the meat that was nearly too heavy for him to carry ,the child began to drool before even realizing he wasn't being harmed but fed.

Immediately sitting down near the large roasting wolf the child began to eat like the ravenous wolf he was currently devouring. The fear that had come across the nomad like group had now diminished replaced by envy and hunger, it had been some time since they ate good food.

One by one the children and individuals took their chance at coming over and one by one Lyrim allowed them to eat all they wanted. And as this went on the entire nomadic group was now gathered around the roast the elderly and the young eating the roasting meat as well as the guards forgetting their purpose, their weapons dropped as they also began to eat.

Some even tearing up, as they had never tasted anything so good in their lives. Astra was also enjoying herself playing with the children who had regained their energy. Some individuals sat near Lyrim showing no fear towards one who had allowed them to eat and regain a lot of stamina.

“Traveler thank you from the bottom of my heart….I am unable to feed my people well and yet you, a stranger are treating us as your own” the words made Lyrim feel happy ,this man truly cared for his people and he wanted to know his circumstances.

“Why is it your people seem to have encountered such hardships?” Lyrim inquired quietly as the elderly man was sitting next to him having also gained stamina from eating.

“My tribe was much larger than this but we are all that remain now...the neighboring tribes descended on us and killed many of my people before we were able to flee….we have been travelling for several months and were barely hanging on hoping to find a new home.

Lyrim could see as opposed to their northern counterparts the people here had darker skin tone a bit more animalistic features such as their eyes and teeth as well as feline like marks on their cheeks.

“I’m truly sorry regarding your circumstances. Can you tell me more?” Lyrim was already inclined to help this man ,some may see it as a cliché but would someone in his position and power not offer to help such a person who had experienced hardships.

The elder seeing Lyrim as someone powerful who was interested in his plight spoke on with only a spark of hope that he may help them. “My tribe is known as the Dark Spring tribe because of the tone of our skin and a more beastly appearance when compared to the other tribes, because of this they looked down on us but didn't dare act because our tribe was large and we had great warriors.”

Lyrim put two and two together ,it seemed that only their tribe had that skin tone, he continued to listen “but the 5 neighboring tribes combined their efforts, jealous of our position upon a great oasis as well as interest in our women who are great warriors and breed great offspring. They worked together and launched a surprise attack.

We were caught off guard and had barely any time to react ,what makes it more unbearable is….is they had help from 2 sacred level T-gear wielders…” the man clenched his fist with anger. “They took my granddaughter...and many other children…I do not know if she is alive and all I have left is my grandson...”

He motioned towards one of the boys Astra was playing with. “-Don’t tell me you want to play hero and save these people? -” Qil nervously spoke “- I’ll be damned if I let such injustice get away unpunished…look at this people Qil, how miserable they were when we met them, one meal and they're already over the moon is just an example of the hardship they came across. Watch how I handle things ,you may learn a thing or two-”

Lyrim's words were like that of a lecturer in his mind before he stood up making the people around him quickly glance as like a deer in headlights. Lyrim spoke “-your village can you direct me there?-”

The elder blinked and chuckled “stranger...I know your intentions but please do not sign away your life. You have already helped my people enough. And in such a storm anyway it's point…” the elder bit his words as he saw Lyrim's left hand vanish for an instant before returning.

At that moment a powerful shock wave and wind shook the entire land as it shot towards the sandstorm not only dispersing it but also causing several tornadoes to form in the far distance for several seconds.

The elder's jaw dropped as he had nearly pissed himself in fear, he had never known such a powerful figure in his life, it was as if this man was a being from heaven. Turning around Lyrim looked and saw that everyone was kneeling in fear and awe as well as respect at his show of power.

This made him blink then frown. Although there was a levels such as god, Lyrim felt that if there was a real god out there, he would not be able to do a thing against him. “Let's go before I change my mind…” Lyrim spoke to the kneeling old man who quickly looked at him with respect and a newfound hope.

The children who were playing with Astra were already kneeling and gazing with awe but Astra was only clapping with excitement, she knew Lyrim was strong “awesome cool!!” she called out before Lyrim told the people to care for Astra until he returned. Grabbing the old man Lyrim shot up into the sky causing the man to shout out in fear and drop his cane ,it was almost too funny.

To the far east of the southern continent a large fat man clad in fur with food in one hand and several women chained up in the other ,all of them having dark toned skin and showing looks of resentment and anger.

“Hahahaha this is turning out to be too good…. every night I share my bed with 2 beauties,  such a life I don't want to leave. What about you brothers?” On a nearby table a man wearing glasses was counting out gold and other rare looking goods.

“Bah shut up you made me lose count!!” he roared out like a lunatic. Another who was sitting on a large couch with his arms around two girls grinned, “You're too into it, relax a bit. Oh yeah…hey you!” the muscular man called out to a nearby guard. “y..yes sir!” the guard responded ,to which the man spoke.

“Go get Lizna...let's see if she has changed her mind ha-ha…” A few moments was all it took before a female with both her hands and legs cuffed was brought in, her body was toned like a warriors and her skin was an attractive dark olive color. She gave the look of a fighter and one who wouldn't give up. Her hair was a deep black and her eyes were like a hawks with her somewhat large breasts pressing against the slave like attire she wore ,she looked quite stunning.

“Lizna...when are you going to join me in bed…” the man chuckled as he held both of the slave women closer who seemed to be hating every moment of it. “Fuck off you perverted bastard…you're lucky I’m cuffed or I’d have your head for what you have done.”

The female spoke with anger. The large fat man holding the women by chains laughed out “ha-ha brother why don't you let me teach her a lesson, one night is all I need to train her.” the man licked his lips perversely before the muscular man called out angrily.

“Shut up anyone who touches her I’ll kill….she has to learn herself but I am getting maybe I’ll be more assertive today he-he..” he stood up as he began to approach Lizna. she gave a glare at him “stay….t..the hell away from me…” she knew she was in no position to fight.

She had been starved and dehydrated as well as tortured a bit but she still didn't give in although she was at her breaking point. As the man got closer the ground shook for a few moments. “What the hell? An earthquake?”

A minute later a guard rushed in “ lords it's an emergency!! A man came out of nowhere and then all 300 palace guards dropped dead after he entered here!”

The fat man pulled on the chains causing all the women to feel pain and collapse on the ground as he spoke “fuck...who dares go against us sacred T.Gear users…” the muscular man smiled “relax...we have only showed them two they don't know we've got a third right? Even if they are also a sacred level user we can just gang up on them he-he.”

Lyrim was walking across the large palace like building following the elder. After he entered the palace he used his divine sense to scan it, he found 3 large energies and hundreds of smaller ones. He was able to tell them apart and used his focused sense to telepathically attack the 300 of them rendering them unconscious. This was as far as he could go with his experience if he had learned more he had no doubt he could turn them all into ash or worse.

“I didn't get your name kind sir?..” the elder spoke with a smile as he kicked several unconscious guards along the ways clearly happy about this all. “Lyrim…” Lyrim spoke shaking his head a bit at the elder’s methods.

“Ha-ha lord Lyrim! I am Hyun you have brought me great joy in taking this revenge...truly a savior you are lord Lyrim I pray that if you succeed in stopping those 2 sacred users we may recover and have a proper feast as thanks.”

Lyrim would have attacked the 3 sacred level users but he felt it would be no fun if he didn't confront them and crush their hope to get some revenge for Hyun at least. Hyun seemed to have a desperate look on his face as if he were hiding something “what's wrong?” Lyrim spoke curiously to which Hyun laughed and shook his head. “n..nothing lord Lyrim…”

Making their way up across the fur clad area seeing many decorations and expensive things they arrived at the main room. Hyun quickly opened it  and spoke “bastards I have come for your heads!!!”

Roaring out he looked seeing 2 men, 1 fat and one muscular. The muscular one laughed as he smirked. The two had already equipped their T.Gears and had reached the 100% harmony rating , shown by them holding a long sword the other a large hammer.

“Hyun you old goat you're alive hahaha what an interesting day...I knew this shit had something to do with you. I bet you hired a sacred user to didn't you. Hyun glared and called out “ bastard...w..where is my granddaughter!!!”  Lyndin being the muscular man smirked. “do not worry she is fine…”

Lyrim curiously walked in and looked “hmmm where is the 3rd one…” he spoke in a bored tone. Both Lyndin and the fat individuals faces turned sour. “ does he know there are 3 of us?!!-” At that moment Lyndin rushed forward stabbing his long sword towards Lyrim who seemed occupied.

“Piss off please…” Lyrim said with a soft touch of his finger pressing against Lyndin's head before moving it left causing Lyndin to smash against the left wall like a bullet.

The fat individual began to sweat before he roared out “elder brother!!” firing off he jumped up and smashed the menacing hammer downward using his weight as extra force. “Disgusting….” Lyrim whispered before pushing his finger against the sacred level hammer causing it to shatter.

Stupefied looks appeared on Lyndin, Hyun and the fat man's faces. “h...Hyun you old got someone stronger than us...huh..that changes nothing!!! Younger brother come out!”

The skinny man wearing glasses seemingly appeared out of thin air with Lizna struggling in his hand “hahahaha hostage we got a hostage!” The skinny man called out. Lyrim could end this quickly but he felt Hyun was still hiding something from him as Hyun was nervous and sweating as if in a rush.

“Hey Lyndin right? Why did the neighboring tribes attack this one tribe surely it isn't because of women alone” Lyrim spoke. This question made Hyun freeze up as he looked at Lyrim. “m…My lord I..” Hyun Urged. Lyndin blinked. “huh?....those other tribes who cares about them they aren't involved...we attacked because I want his granddaughter….” he pointed at Lizna.

She could be considered a rare strong powerful beauty many would kill for ,she was easily a 10 in many aspects but Lyrim felt that it wasn't the moment to be ogling a woman and he didn't really care.

“f..forgive me lord Lyrim….it is indeed the truth….I was afraid if you knew the real reason you would want my granddaughter for...for yourself…” Hyun fell to his knees dropping his cane as he began to tear up thinking either way he had lost her.

“Grandfather!!!” Lizna struggled more before shouting out at Lyrim “you bastard what did you do!!!!!!!” This made Lyrim scratch his head. “Why am I the villain here? Anyway you think too badly of me but I guess that is the way people with power are looked upon. It's time this ended so I may return.”

Lyndin who was wounded and laughing thinking Lyrim would be forced to give up, his two brothers also thought they had the upper hand but their thoughts were cut short. In near seconds their eyes turned white before their T.Gears shattered like glass and they fell limp onto the ground.

Lyrim's eyes, which were glowing green at the time, then settled down. “I see so it can also do that…” Hyun looked up in shock seeing that all 3 brothers were limp on the floor. “I don't want your granddaughter….and do not think me some pervert...settle things here, free the prisoners there shouldn't be any more combatants here when I return with the rest of your people.

Lyrim vanished with that frightening speed of his to returns towards the crag. He felt a little like a hero but still a little iffy on the inside, regardless of the situation he figured it may have been a bit too overkill. Having caused not just the 300 on the outside but the 400 warriors guarding the tribal city to fall limp using a mind attack had really only taken moments.

“I wonder…” he whispered to himself as he arrived just as quick as he left at the crag indentation.

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