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Lyrim stirred a bit before his eyes looked in a daze staring straight up at the dome of energy that cast an illusion of a blue semi clear sky with clouds drifting about. He began to recollect his thoughts before his eyes slowly adjusted and it all came to him.

“-t...the girl!!!-” He quickly leaned up and looked around energetically while grinding his teeth somewhat. “Relax…” Ethe spoke appearing in a condensed dragonic form that seemed much less intimidating than it usually would.

“Where is she….why the fuck did you guys stop me….” Lyrims rage began to stir as sparks of electricity began to circle around his body. “Boy be quiet….you were about to turn that planet to ash, you would avenge 1 life and kill billions of others?”

Qil also in a less intimidating form that was sitting on a nearby rock spoke. Lyrim remained quiet as he began to think of things. He knew that he had been blinded by rage and had only the intention to kill those men without knowing how he just wanted them dead.

“Don’t be too hard on him mule he is still young and we are also responsible for him.” Lyrim had then realized something and spoke out immediately. “y..You guys are gods right or something come you didn’t tell me that she was being attacked!!”

He spoke with fury. At this point both Ethe and Qil remained silent for a little. It was then that Ethe spoke “Lyrim you may hold the lives of creatures dear but as beings who have surpassed gods and have lived for many many years we have no attachment to life what so ever it means nothing to us, whether or not they live or die or who you care for that’s on you.

The reason we stopped you from frying that planet is because we want to adjust ourselves and become accustomed to our abilities.”

Lyrim clenched his fist as he began to walk off and then spoke firmly “you want to adjust yourselves? How can beings of such great power that have lived for millions of years think of themselves. Yes we need to keep ourselves hidden but should we just watch evil pick on the weak? Are we going to laugh at the poor for being poor or the weak for being weak? I don’t want to stay hidden forever you both know how I was treated when I was weak so do not expect me to turn a blind eye to it.”

Lyrims word shocked both Ethe and Qil who both laughed speechless at the boys’ words Qil even muttered some quiet words “hehe well said boy I can’t argue with that...very well kill the scum as you please but do it with control”

Every moment they lived would be a moment they mature and would see the world for as it is. Lyrim glaring carefully at the planet. “is she dead…..” he spoke with his eyes piercing the illusion of the dome as if he willed it with his anger.

Ethe spoke first “she is but I have a little way to combat that.” Lyrim didn’t ask questions he trusted Ethe and only wanted to get there as soon as he can. He vanished with speed enough to cause the nearby space to ripple slightly as if a sonic boom had occurred in the same place several times.

In a few seconds he landed on top a nearby building watching the knights prodding the girls corpse and proclaiming that a thief had been executed. “Let me help you out a bit…” Ethe had transferred a bit of knowledge to Lyrim and the exchange was done instantly.

Lyrim smirked menacingly before he raised a finger that emitted a faint pulse. The lead knight was laughing as he spoke “let all thieves be afraid of the knights of this city!!! We will punish you all like this street urch..huh? what th-”

As he was about to finish his speech in front of the crowd that gathered the air above the group of knights grew heavy and stale before it began to press on them slowly as if gravity was getting heavier.

It was a slow yet torturous process and Lyrim was smiling with satisfaction as the knights screamed and begged for mercy to whoever it was doing this. The nearby ground began to crack as several knights felt their organs rupture as they vomited blood.

“Their eyes popping out as they squirmed and squealed like piglets being slaughtered.” Lyrims voice echoed around using a divine sense he had developed. “You want to slaughter innocent individuals even when it was YOU! Who stole? Then fucking die you rodents!!!”

At that moment using a bit more power there corpses exploded but the ribs and innards exploded downwards before lyrim removed the gravity effect. The knights’ corpses were all mashed up pulps of flesh.

The nearby crowd shrieked in horror as they began to flee while calling out that the knights had been killed by a demon of justice they had heard what Lyrims voice proclaimed and with his show of power didn’t dare mock or think it a lie.

With the people fleeing and screaming Lyrim used the opportunity to take the girls corpse and vanish several kilometres away.

Now that they were far from the city Lyrim was only half satisfied mainly because the girl was still dead. He softly laid her limp bloody corpse on a patch of grass beside a tree in a dense forest as he spoke “Ethe….please help her..”

Ethe appeared in his condensed form having become accustomed to phasing in and out. “He-he boy you're lucky I’m a genius creature, not even a god can have this power” Lyrim at the moment cared not for his words he just wanted to make things right.

It was his carelessness that got this innocent girl killed. “Watch and look carefully, this is an ability you and the mule should learn as well sooner or later” Ethes draconic feet got closer before it emitted a pulse of white energy that surrounded the girls’ corpse like a thin aura coating.

The girl corpse began to float up before a rip in the space above her opened up. The sounds of ghostly wails and crying reverberated around for several meters but Lyrim didn’t act. He was focused solely on the liquid like white energy that floated down from this rip in space.

As lyrim gazed at Ethe he could see he showed a nervous focused look as if he couldn’t have his concentration broken. The liquid light poured over the girl but didn’t cause any marks it was as if the girls corpse absorbed it all like a sponge.

Before long the liquid was gone as well as the tear in space having healed up. The girls wound had closed and color had returned to her pale face. Lyrim looked at her as he bit his lips almost shaking. “w..Wake up dammit…”

Suddenly the sound of faint breathing could be heard before the girl slowly and weakly opened her eyes. Lyrim surged with emotion from his past as well as now she had been returned to life. He quickly clenched his hand before embracing the girl in his arms tightly.

“f..Forgive me….” he hadn’t known this young girl long but he had never before seen someone so innocent slaughtered in such a way especially at his own fault. The girl looked at Lyrim remembering who he was. She remembered him giving her coins and then remembered her going to buy a dress. She had always looked at and had gotten off from her seated position to go buy it.

It was then that the knights nearby saw her and demanded her to give them the gold coins after she grunted and refused with some growling sounds they got mad and started to beat her. After that she felt a sharp pain and then darkness. Lonely hollow darkness she wanted to cry but couldn’t.

She then felt her invisible pull on her soul, surging towards to a light before it also became light, it felt a gentle tug and warmth. There was light that matched the darkness and then she opened her eyes to see the one that had treated her well, he about to cry over her and embracing her while apologizing.

She knew that something bad had happened at that moment but also knew it was this person that rescued her. It was at that moment that tears flooded from not only her remaining eye but also the eye that had healed perfectly she had never felt someone show care and such emotion to her before.

Regaining her soul and putting it in her body had caused the universe's energy to restore her body 100% no wound, illness, scar, had remained. The only remnants were the dirt and grime from being an urchin as well as the bloodstains.

She couldn’t help but want to speak but she had not been able to for so long her vocal cords were not accustomed but she had come to understand the language. “tanyk..yu..” she blurted out in a cute sort of manner.

Lyrim parted and smiled softly at her happy to see her in good spirits seeing her tears stream down and a happy look on her face. Lyrim turned to look at Ethe with a wide smile “Ethe thank you so mu-...”

Ethe was lying down exhausted the energy that made him up distorted “e..Ethe?...” Qil grunted from inside Lyrim before a stream of his energy shot from him and engulfed Ethe before they both vanished.

Several minutes later lyrim had made a small campfire and had cooked some meat for the girl who was nibbling on a piece of a rabbit like creatures flesh. He was in a meditative position with his eyes shut nearby the girl.

Inside the dimension the 3 shared, Ethe slumbered Nearby the 3 bodies of energy that they shared. Qil was looking over him. Lyrim showed a worried look but Qil spoke. “He will be fine after some rest.”

Lyrim replied “why is he like this?....what was that ability he used. “ Qil chuckled softly “gods are beings of destruction and creation. It seemed the lizard had understood a bit of the next step. I’m not sure what it was but it had something to do with life and death.”

Lyrim nodded as he worryingly looked at Ethe. He felt he really owed him one. Qil read a bit of his thoughts and spoke “you don’t understand. Don’t tell the lizard this but he truly is a genius to understand a basic principle of the next step takes hundreds of thousands if not millions of years and he has grasped it. The lizard died once I’m sure experiencing how it was like and how it felt to his soul made him capable of understanding the principle behind it.

But a God is a God so when we advanced it was easier for him. You know he risked his life to save that girl for you using an ability. He had only just come to understand that is a truly dangerous technique even for gods, the backlash could kill you or destroy your body.”

Lyrim gulped a bit as he remained quiet only focusing on Ethe who he had taken for granted. As Qil was heading back to his dimensional castle he spoke “you may see us as monsters that do not care for life. But this is how we are. I was born in a place where it was survival of the fittest and the lizard was born in a desolate world with no one but him.”

As Qil slowly vanished he spoke “in all honesty I pity him the most being alone for so long must of been torture at least I had things to play with ha-ha”, Qil added that joke but Lyrims celestial looking body seemed to change in color as if reacting to his emotions.

“Ethe...I’m sorry” Lyrim had been careless, his actions had endangered two lives. He would have to be cautious and truly make it up to him. Leaving the slumbering Ethe, as the energy of the dimension seemed to engulf him as if to restore him Lyrim returned to his body on the outside.

He opened his eyes and looked at the girl who was huddled up next to the fire drooling a little at the meat that was sizzling with the fat around it causing it to smell even better. Lyrim smiled and went over taking it for her she didn’t dare to touch it thinking it was for him.

“Don’t be so afraid its yours..” he handed it to her before she showed a happy look. Lyrim stood up and took a deep breath as if to cleanse himself. He then crossed his arms and Qils voice entered his head.

“Boy I’m curious what do you intend to do now with her?..” Qils voice echoed slightly and the girl looked around curiously Qil knew that since she was staying for good she would come to know them eventually.

“You know I always wanted a little sister or brother. I'll make sure she lives the life she deserves and she has a chance to make her own decisions.” Lyrim spoke proudly as he looked at the little girl who was nibbling on the meat with a smile.

The girl looking around for the voice of Qil looked up at lyrim and tried to speak. but struggled “aym..teird….tirried….” she weakly rubbed her eyes. Lyrim looking noticed this. “hmmm..” gazing around  he began to use some of the creation power that had come to him by the linked knowledge the 3 shared, he was able to create a soft pillow and a blanket for her.

The girls’ eyes widened with curiosity and awe as those objects had come out of thin air. She smiled happily and looked at Lyrim before sleepiness got to her. She grabbed the blanket and the pillow and placed it near Lyrim who she had come to see as a protector.

She quickly fell asleep beside him huddling up to his side, which made him smile softly and gently pat her head. Lyrim had somewhat learned to come to grips with his life and things that had happened.

He would speak mentally to not wake the girl up. “- You know...maybe I’m just trying to be the sibling my brother was never to me or maybe I’m just trying to be a decent person who is trying to make a difference-” Lyrim softly thought.

Qil replied also mentally knowing Lyrims intentions to not wake her up “-you tend to overthink too much...who cares about your brother I doubt he is even alive. You do what you want because you choose to and because you are your own man.”

Lyrim thought as he looked at the sky that had darkened with the stars and the occasional celestial creature going by in the night sky remaining. “-My own man….I have been asleep for so long I still feel like a child who has only just gotten used to a high of power.”

Qil chuckled “-ha-ha you know you may not see it but going by your and the lizards memories I can see your way of speaking has improved and matured greatly. Boy do you really intend to return to Archia?”

Lyrim smiled at Qils attempted compliment before he frowned at his last words “-as things are….I still want to find my father...I don’t give two shits about my clan but if I do ever see that king I’m going to throw him to the sun-” a cruel smile appearing on his face.

“-But what of your brother do you still feel any connection? From what I know it seems he loves that princess a lot but he also kept you maybe he is conflicted? -” Qil seemed to speak curiously to which Lyrim replied.

“-There is no confliction. He betrayed our father for her sake and kept me just because he felt a shred of guilt. I was treated worse by the clan and looked down upon by others, I don’t care what he does, sparing his life is the best I can do-”

Lyrim quickly entered his dimensional world before going north. With Ethes castle in the east and Qil mainly lurking in the west Lyrim decided to take the north area of this dimension that seemed to be expanding every day.

Using the knowledge Qil and Ethe had gathered, the near invisible eyes of lyrims celestial body turned a deep orange before a mass of energy shot up from the north enough to make even Qil look curiously.

With freedom to express how he wanted his structure to look Lyrim went for something to fulfil his childhood fantasy. He had heard of the arenas that T.Gear users fought in and always hoped one day he could make a name for himself after getting his own T.Gear but that was crushed quickly due to the events of his life.

Spanning nearly 2 kilometers in a square like diameter 4 chains of energy burst forth from the ground shooting upwards for a few seconds before smashing into the seemingly invisible space causing a tear as if they were all gripping something.

The energy that gathered and made the dimension began to form and put itself together like a puzzle forming an incredible large coliseum like structure. Bit by bit as it took shape one could tell the walls and pillars had a marble like look that was glowing white from the energy.

The coliseum floated up hundreds of meters seemingly stopped by the grip of the chains from floating any higher. Underneath its foundation was a cluster of gigantic crystals of all sorts of colors that emitted raw energy one would crave for.

Several minutes later as the dimension shook slightly it settled down with lyrim seemingly teleporting from one spot in the dimension to the center of the coliseum. The main purpose for this was so he couldn’t carelessly practice techniques outside so he had made this to practice them inside his world hoping he would get some results.

And what better way than to create a place meant for battle and glory. The only difference was the coliseum didn’t have any benches instead it was replaced with a spiral of floating energy that circulated back and forth rotating quickly.

Lyrim smiled proud of his first real attempt at a structure. It wasn’t perfect as he felt it hard to create statues so he scraped the idea and replaced it with giant crystals that emitted an inferno of fire.

Qil had suddenly appeared in his condensed form as he was doing a slow trot towards Lyrim gazing with a barely impressed look “hmm yes its decent for a first attempt but still I could do better” he spoke proudly.

Lyrim turned to him and frowned “no kidding your highness…” Lyrim spoke in a joke-ful manner that made Qil grown before grinning as he read lyrims past memories “ahh I see so its like that huh?...well then if you want to improve I can give you some help.”

Beside Qil large pillars of energy numbering in the dozens shot up before taking shape each one in the form of a horse like creature that was burning with energy.

“Here are some things to play with, each one of these are nearly as strong as peak demigods….go get him...he-he.” The 12 horse like figures neighing as they stomped their feet slightly all charged at Lyrim who looked dumbfounded.

Lyrims body had removed the celestial look and had taken the appearance of his body on the outside as he willed it. The first demigod effigy charged at lyrim like a bullet. Lyrim knew he wouldn’t get anywhere by outmatching it with speed and strength, he needed technique.

Searching his memory for books of fighting he found one and scanned it. His mind power in this dimension was increased by nearly 10 fold, allowing him to scan the book that Ethe had read quickly.

The effigy rammed its head towards him but Lyrim who forcefully limited his speed tried to counter it by moving his hands around its neck like a wave of cloth that flutters in the wind. But it didn’t work. With him limiting himself at that moment and scanning the book as well as attempting this technique he barely had time to act and was hit directly in the chest as he was sent flying like a meteorite crashing into the ground and then bouncing hitting the wall causing it to crack and shudder.

As the dust settled he fell to his feet and coughed out some blood. Little did he know his body in the real world was linked to also experience this torment to improve as it also coughed out blood.

“d..Damn that hurt…” using this time to scan the book some more as well as recompose himself he had a fairly good idea of how to do things now. With his power matching that of a peak demigod for fairness. As their were many more in numbers he grinned at the challenge.

Qil who was rested on top of a flat column, his whiskers flaying softly in the windless dimension was watching curiously. Several minutes and several failures later Lyrims body bruised and battered he refused to heal himself or give himself a handicap, he felt every time he got he tried he got better and had a greater idea of this opponent.

“Come on boy use some of that god power ha-ha” Qil tormented him wanting him to admit defeat but Lyrim glared and refocused. “Watch…” an effigy charged again but this time Lyrim had gracefully moved his hands over its neck before using its speed to his advantage.

He crushed downwards on its neck causing its body behind to press forward against the force cracking even more of its bones and in an instant it was killed.

As more effigy’s charged not giving him a moment's rest Lyrim back flipped up avoiding one of the horse effigies before kicking the air above using it as a step to kick back downwards smashing into the back of the horse effigy crushing its spine and destroying it.

As more effigies were formed lyrim slowly became accustomed to fighting them, he found his progress to be good and even allowed himself to slowly regenerate to continue this pace. Time inside his dimension ran quicker than the outside world and by the time morning had come he had spent a week in this place and had gone to the point where Qil had formed what his limit was a mid level god opponent.

Lyrim had almost died several of times and even though this was a god level opponent it only had energy based attacks with no purpose. It had eventually gotten to the point where lyrim was effortlessly killing the god level opponent so many times that Qil had gotten startled that had used energy to create 14 of them over time.

He couldn’t sustain more than 2 at a time but Lyrim had improved rapidly and had gotten an understanding of the techniques in the book as well as the order to be used in and would to use to counter such techniques.

He knew that Qil, although showing that he was rude was doing this to help him improve and it had worked well. Lyrim had only hoped his body on the outside would keep this progress and move with the grace he became accustomed to here.

A weeks worth of straight training was truly a tiresome event. Qil had used a bit of energy and had decided to return to his castle to rest a little even though the true amount used would at most be 8%

When one would awaken to the next level their powers and abilities would sky rocket to the point where it dwarfs their previous level. A peak demigod that had just reached the earliest stage of a god would find no problem killing thousands of peak demigods before him. This was the law of the universe, the strong are gifted with power.

Lyrim slowly opened his eyes and found his body was covered in blood trailing down his lips as well as the grass patch in front. The girl who had woken a bit ago was tugging urgently on his sleeve with tears in her eyes as she looked worryingly at him.

“hryut….hyurt….” trying to explain if he was hurt. He only smiled as his wounds had already healed and patted her head. “I’m fine but “ he stood up as he wiped her tears away and looked around to see if any danger was nearby.

“We need a name for you. “ The girl who was on her knees wiping her tears looked at Lyrim curiously she understood his words but she didn’t have a name “nu….nrame…duont hiave…” Lyrim figured as much and he blamed the society of this world. Why would a street urchin need a name.

He spoke as he grinned “Then how about Astra?” The girl was quiet before smiling happily and nodding as she walked over and gently patted Lyrims back as if thanking him. The name Astra was one his father told him about.

It was the name of his mother who his father said was a strong willed lady who never gave up and was always happy and cheerful. Lyrim felt he owed this to his mother at the very least as he felt this girl was strong willed and happy and cheerful.

“Ok then Astra lets go visit the tribes to the south maybe that will wake up uncle Ethe.” He spoke joke-fully, even Qils laughter echoed in Lyrims mind. Gazing south Lyrim saw the sunlight clear the view as well as his own vision and the fresh air.

He picked the curious Astra up and vanished with only a bit of dust and the breeze of the wind blowing being the only trace with the burnt out campfire that he was ever there.



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