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Ethe and Qil couldn’t argue with Lyrim’s logic. To a God, 1 year was nothing but a blink of an eye. Of course, they didn’t see how improvement could be done in a year.

They didn’t see any worry considering there was nearly no chance of them encountering a God Level opponent, let alone something greater that has never been heard of before.

Lyrim had finished his meal while pondering his actions. He wanted the space to be secluded. He also wondered how much, as well as what he should train, and whether it would be dangerous to the planet.

“-Bah, don’t worry. Me and the mule will make sure you’re well restricted. I’m starting to like this world more than Archia, I don’t think it would be fun to see it get scorched. Hehe-” Ethe was quick to speak and Qil followed.

“-Although I forgive neither of you idiots for destroying my home, I wont argue that it has given me more power by sheer luck. I also need time to strengthen and become accustomed to this power. Your progress is my progress, and destroying this world is not an option. I will also assist in making sure it doesn’t crumble under this new power-”

With them both offering aid to Lyrim, his mind eased up.

After finishing and making sure he didn’t have to pay, he gazed at the inn to see the knights eating. They glanced at him nervously, realising that he was someone very important to Lord Krouse, so they didn’t dare anger him or even speak to him.

Lyrim frowned a little, knowing that they had all gotten their memories wiped. But in the end, he couldn’t blame Krouse. It was better this way. Having made his way out without worry, he took a look around.

It seemed there were villagers already repairing the wall under guidance of soldiers with Demon Level T.Gears that had been tasked with guarding.

Krouse’s presence was no longer around. Ethe even remarked. “-I bet that pup is off to find people to use those T.Gears-” Lyrim began to take his leave, making sure to conceal himself. He spotted several people he had seen during the attack, including Anthi, who was playing with what seemed to be a group of his friends

Lyrim, who still considered himself human, couldn’t help but feel his heart tug. The conversations between him and the boy were less than a day ago, but it was still contact with a being that was like a human. This time, it was Qil who snapped Lyrim out of it.

“-Boy, you are something above a God. You are going to see friends come and go, as well as much, much more. You need to get a mindset equaling your power-”

Lyrim blinked in surprise at Qil’s sudden attempt to comfort him, but it seemed to have worked, as Lyrim made his way off. “-Haha, the mule knows how to talk. Especially using the philosophy I happened to stumble upon in Archia-” ((A.N just a heads up Ethe, Lyrim, Qil bassically share a lot of knowledge that each other had more so ethe and qil))

Lyrim vanished out of sight using his incredible speed, and no one seemed to have noticed the figure vanish from the corner. It had only been less then a second before Lyrim reached the thermosphere of the planet.

Gazing down, he looked at the layout of the continents carefully. It was his first good look at the planet. Of course, he gave the other planets several glances as well. “-A good safe place to train...-” There were no molecules around him, so his thoughts were the only things he could hear unless he purposely engulfed himself in a thin aura. But at this moment, the thought hadn’t crossed his mind.

“-You’re a walking apocalypse. There is no good place to train unless you had your own dimension. As far as we know, only the inner part of you has it-” Qil spoke, as he also seemed to look around, manifesting his soul slightly as he began to sense out to get a better view.

Ethe then responded “-This planet has 2 moons. One is pretty big, but the other is only ¼ its size. Who would care if a moon gets blown to bits? Lets just go there while we wait for it. We can look around the planet later-”

Ethe seemed eager, Lyrim thought. Then again, he couldn’t manifest himself without concern of frightening the people around him. Seclusion was best, and he wanted to be sure his manifesting didn’t tear a planet apart. This moon was a sort of test to him.

“-Sounds good-” With that agreement, Lyrim vanished again, causing the space they were in to ripple slightly. It had taken 4 seconds to reach the moon that was 300,000km from the planet

Having shot like a meteor before slowing down and landing softly, kicking up a fair amount of dust, Lyrim looked around and a chill went down his spine. Grey, white and darkness was all he could see. It was eerie. Then again, it was only because that, in his sense of time, he was still human at least 2 days ago, the years not sinking in.

Ethe had wasted no time before expanding a bubble like aura that stretched for 1km in a dome like fashion. The dome then began to change and shift before it gave the illusion of a blue sky with several clouds. Using his creation ability, he even created air.

Lyrim couldn’t help but feel obligated to clap, but the sight of what Wthe did kept his attention. A flow of green, transparent aura left his body before taking shape. It began to expand rapidly as it formed a creature’s figure. As time passed, the figure formed completely, revealing that it was Ethe who had seemed to manifest his dragon form.

Although it was complete, it was still somewhat transparent. “Bah, still not 100%. But it’s good for a first try. Boy, I’m going east of here to train myself. Let me know if you need me.”

Ethe seemed to vanish with the same speed as Lyrim had managed to achieve, his large figure not seeming to slow him down. Any sane individual would soil their pants at a dragon capable of moving near the speed of light.

As several minutes passed, Qil also had formed himself and gone west, leaving Lyrim standing by himself on a rocky hill. He began to contemplate anything to do with training using the knowledge he had, aswell as what Ethe had.

With the advancement to a God like being and beyond, his memory put any computer to shame. Able to search it freely, it was like an instant library seeking what he wanted.

“Training Methods, Martial Arts, The Flow of Natural Energy I, Controlling Natural Energy II, Understanding Your Body’s Limits..” The first and last books seemed interesting, but Lyrim choose the last.

As he sat down cross legged, he went over the book and the words came to his head as if they were read out. “-Training to control natural energy takes dozens of years and is no easy feat. And even then, the control of it is minor.

Only by dedicating yourself and advancing T.Gears will a human ever have the chance to dedicate a good amount of time to advance their control. To understand your capabilities, one needs to follow several steps. As for them being simple, it depends on the individual in question-”

The words faded before new ones appeared. “-Step 1, enter a sha’Ir meditative position-” (A.N translates to cross legged sitting what he is in now) “-Step 2, feel for your body’s current when you manage to find the connection.

Step 3 is to softly try to imbue your consciousness into it. By doing so, you will feel the entire current around your body and it will let you see how large it is-”

The words continued as Lyrim’s eyes were shut, his hands softly on his lap. “-The average human will only feel particles flowing in their body, while someone at a Catalyst Level will feel a thin thread.

This is because of the fact that as the individual trains and increases their strength, these particles will increase until a faint thread is felt, as thin as a spiders web. The color of this thread is always blue, signifying human energy. A normal person who hasn’t obtained a Catalyst set will not change this, they must always train. This is assumed to be a set in stone rule-”

The author of this book was himself a Catalyst Level individual who seemed to be part of Lazuras several years back, before Lyrim was born. He must have been important, considering this was obtained from a vault in their ‘objects of importance’ chamber gained by Ethe.

Lyrim began to follow these steps. He began to feel the flow in his body, trying to find that current, until he finally felt it. It felt like a gentle flowing river that spread energy around his body.

He then proceeded to imbue his consciousness into it. As if transitioning into it. He felt he was touching a fragment of his own soul. Several minutes later, he had finally gotten the result he wanted.

Spiral specks numbering in the thousands lightly flowing in his body. Upon feeling for these closer, he was shocked to discover that these spiral specks were in the shape of galaxies nearly identical to the ones in space. All of them were either a white a ghostly green, or a static blue, signifying the 3 of them.

He then proceeded to gather more information on the book while keeping his focus. With the advancement to above Godhood, it easily allowed him to multitask in this situation. “-To feel the current takes 100 years, 70-80 for a genius, and maybe even 60 for a super genius-” The book seemed to joke as if this would never happen.

The writer had written a description on these specks “-The specks are called Life Spheres. They should all be spherical and a transparent blue. This is also a set in stone rule-” Lyrim seemed to chuckle in his consciousness. He would apologize to the author for breaking this rule of his.

Lyrim wanted to try something. He felt the flow of his body, every inch of it, and how it seemed to work and keep him able. If he was at this stage without training, and already equal or even surpassing a God, he quivered to think how strong he would be if he spent thousands of years training.

A voice echoed in his head “-So this is what you are doing. Whoa….-” It was Ethe’s voice, filled with curiosity “-So this is what keeps your body going. And at such a starter state. It’s going to be fun to see the result. I remember seeing what humans called galaxies.

They were indeed jewels of this universe,and now they are jewels in your body. Haha-” Ethe seemed to find some fun in this discovery

Qil on the other hand, only looked impressed for a glimpse. Although their souls were manifested slightly, it wasn’t perfect for them, and a fragment of them was in Lyrim, which was how they both discovered what he was up to.

As Ethe remained quiet, Lyrim began to emit the softest amount of energy into this flow, as if feeding it. And to his surprise, these galaxies began to glow in their respective color, and they all began to split in two, just like how an organism would self replicate.

By looking closer, the galaxies in his current would only replicate ones of the same color, while very, very rarely replicating into two different colors. Sometimes white and blue, sometimes blue and green, and sometimes green and white.

“-That is most likely the next step-” Lyrim assumed that being able to fuse two colors into one galaxy would mean that there was a harmony between the power he contained.

Of course, he had the brainpower and maturity of an incredible being that revealed itself. It was only because Lyrim’s attention was so focused on this, that this intelligence revealed itself. As if to help.

As Lyrim continued, the thousands of galaxies now numbered in the hundreds of billions and were starting to clump into each other, forming a nebula like stream that housed these galaxies. In Lyrim’s mind he had spent several hours on this alone.

Qil’s voice resounded in his head. “-Boy, when are you going to come out? Its been 2 months, I want to visit the planet…-” With those words, Lyrim’s concentration broke, and he lost the feel for the current.

His consciousness immediately returned to his mind and he opened his eyes. Breaking this focus made him feel a little dizzy and uncomfortable, but it passed quickly.

“T...Two months!?!?! Its only been a few hours!…” Lyrim thought Qil was tricking him, but Ethe backed him up. “-Ah, its true. Its been 2 months.

I’m guessing time moves faster when you’re doing what you were, but who could argue? I feel much stronger, and not from my training alone. Whatever you did was incredible. Haha, I’m glad that book came in handy-”

He spoke, referring to the one he read in lazuras’s vault. Lyrim stood up and took a deep breathe of the artificial air before gazing at the planet he had departed 2 months ago. His vision was much more clear, and his body felt stronger than before. His mind was clearer and the flow of his body sharper.

He could clearly see the people on the streets of villages as well as cities, as if he was right above them using a birds eye view. In the past, to achieve this result, he would atleast need to be within 100km of the planet to see them with his sight alone. Of course a God would only need to use their sense and be able to feel everyone, his sight itself was quite a feat.

“Ok, lets go.” Qil and Ethe had already returned to Lyrim’s body after reforming into a thick transparent mist and entering into him in aura form until they vanished completely.

The dome itself remained, but in a flash, Lyrim vanished from the moon, and 3 seconds later appeared in the stratosphere of the planet. A second quicker than he previously was.

This may not seem like a big feat, but as one becomes closer to light speed, it becomes harder and harder to achieve that 100% speed. Qil’s sense emitted out before he motioned east. “-Well construction seems to be going good at least…. Hey boy, lets go north. There is a large city I want to go see-”

Ethe pouted quietly “-Hey, don't let that mule bastard drive! I want to go south and look at the wild clans there!-”

Ethe and Qil immediately began to argue in what direction they would go, and this frustrated Lyrim until a vein appeared on his forehead. “-Both of you stop…. I also want to go visit the cities on this planet, so lets go there first. Later we can visit the southern clans-”

Qil was giving a smug look from the crystal like castle inside the dimension that housed him and Ethe. As Lyrim vanished from sight, beyond the 3 planets and their moons, the wormhole that Lyrim had once entered began to glow slightly.

Several large meteor chunks of debris began to flow out in all directions. Upon closer inspection, one could see the minor details on some chunks. Some ruins looking like temples, other like houses and buildings.

Two flashes of light, one a yellowish white, another a purplish black. These two streaks of light emitted static as they collided with each other several times, creating pulses that touched the nearby meteor fragments, crushing them into pebbles.

Each time these streaks hit, it caused a screeching like sound. As if grinding one’s nails against a chalkboard. The white streak roared out as the one inside it spoke.

“ANGELA YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!” The purplish streak only replied with a menacing laugh and some words. “Hah! Don’t bark at me Ariel! You started this!!!” The first time the Gods had clashed, Lyrim had already stopped in an alley way inside the city of Tera. He had intended to blend in but his, Ethe’s and Qil’s attention focused on the Gods colliding.

“-Bah, those whelps are fighting. I can already tell they have only just reached the God level-” Qil let out. Ethe grinned and replied “-Why are you bragging? Weren't you only at an early God Level before this? Hehe-”

Qil was quiet in a heartbeat, but Lyrim paid no real attention other than curiosity “They’re both Gods...Why are they fighting?” He whispered to himself. Ethe replied “-Probably a feud or something. It’s common for new Gods, especially with two around. Maybe they’re trying to show who is dominant or something-”

Lyrim shrugged and the 3 paid no more attention to it. Two starter Gods meant nothing to them. Meanwhile, the streaks of light got closer and closer to the 3 planets.

In a dark citadel, a shadowy figure raises its head. This figure wore a long cloak and had subordinates engulfed in darkness around him. A voice near him spoke.

“My Lord….These powers….” On a different planet, another figure clad in white armor that was shining greatly, as if he were a noble knight, he was surrounded by individuals in a palace of light. “Such power….” He whispered quietly. His subordinates, also clad in armor, seemed nervous.

The 3rd individual shown was Lord Krouse, who was in his own palace gazing at the sky above worryingly. “What an eventful day….” He whispered softly before turning to look at a group of individuals.

Each of their hands contained a T.Gear that Lyrim had formed. He then let out “There is no doubt that our planet will come to witness and hold many trials, please do not let up and protect those who cant protect themselves”

The streaks of light collided with each other again before Angela, the purplish light, roared out “Shadow Blaze!!!” A powerful energy engulfed her body in a dark void like flame before she shot out towards Ariel, the white yellowish streak.

Of course Ariel also knew that this skill was Angela’s ultimate. “Tsk….Fine then… Mystic Force!!” An aura then engulfed her an almost alluring light opposite of the void like blaze. It emitted a sphere that then expanded outwards.

A near second later, the void engulfed Angela collided with the expanding Mystic Force. The two were like immovable objects cancelling each other out. “DIE!!” Angela roared out “PISS OFF!!” Ariel returned.

A split second later, the force of these attacks caused the space around them to rip slightly, before an incredible explosion occurred. This caused panic on all 3 planets, who could see it. It almost like a second sun.

The explosion sent a shockwave that destroyed a small moon off the closest planet, sending debris flying. The Celestials of that planet were quick to set out to destroy as much debris that neared their planet as possible.

As the explosion far from the planets settled, two shooting comets shot out towards two of the closest planets. The darker streak shot towards Nephis, ruled by the Demigod in the shadows. And the light streak towards Tyra, ruled by the Demigod of light.

A fitting situation presented by the universe and fate.

Lyrim was currently sitting down inside a library reading some books. Ethe and Qil had already sent their souls out to explore the city as they pleased without worry of anyone noticing them. Although they were away from each other, their voices would instantly reach one another.

“-Seems like it’s over. I wonder who won-” Ethe spoke “-Bah, who cares about watching ants duel each other-” Lyrim was reading a book that had caught his attention. He seemed to ignore them both talk to each other, as well as the event that occurred. “-Did you both know there is a legend that there were once 3 Gods who were brothers of each planet but they all suddenly vanished?..-”

Ethe replied “-I read into it a bit when you were in the crystal. Of course there was only so much I could do. Who knows though, maybe its some fairy tale. Not that it matters-” Lyrim shook his head slightly “-I don’t know about either of you, but if there’s something out there able to make 3 Gods disappear, I would like to know about it-”

Qil replied “-Don't get too eager. Maybe they got bored after reaching Godhood and wandered off to travel? Maybe one day they will be back? The lizard spent millions of years travelling. They’re Gods, and that book says this was over a few millions years ago right? More than the lifespan of anything other than a Demigod -”

Qils answer was surprisingly good enough, so Lyrim left it at that. He spent a bit more time in the library before he left and enjoyed the familiar sight of a city.

The city itself was incredibly huge. It would put anything on Archia to shame, with many buildings and mansions. Although this world was not as advanced as humans technology wise, they were definitely stronger physically and were more attuned to nature.

Merchant stalls as well as armories selling T.Gears and weapons forged with ores. Parents with children and guards on patrol. A truly happy sight. It made Lyrim miss Archia slightly, as he stopped in the middle of the road to view it. “Get out of the way you idiot!” A carriage came through and Lyrim quickly stepped aside as the old man called out “Damn tourists…”

Lyrim began to walk down the street. As he looked around, admiring the sights, he accidently bumped into a small girl who wore ragged clothing. On closer look, she was around 6 years old, missing an eye, and had marks on her face.

Someone that lived on the street. And a young child at that. Lyrim would never see anything like this on Archia, as it was a law to make sure all children were taken in by orphanages. And even in those they would be brought up good and end up finding work for themselves.

Lyrim looked around to see no one who seemed to be with this girl. He frowned and saw she was holding her hands out, as if begging for something. Lyrim smiled and knelt down as he formed 5 gold coins for this girl and softly placed them in her hand.

Lyrim knew this young girl had no one, but he also knew he should try to be a bit more strict on himself and try to mature up, which is why he gave this girl 5 gold coins he had formed for her. The child wiggled excitedly. She wanted to speak but only quiet grunts came out. Lyrim looked closer at her mouth, and could see that she had no tongue.

He gently patted her head “-Screw it, I’m taking her in..-” Qil moaned out and complained. “-This shit….-” Clearly not wanting to. Ethe only laughed, not really caring. In fact, he sympathized with Lyrim.

Lyrim spoke to the girl. “-Wait here, I’ll be back-” She nodded and went over to a wall and sat down while Lyrim entered a nearby inn to get some food for the girl. As Lyrim went in with a smile, he realised he could make a difference. Maybe if he helps this girl, she would grow and gain power to help others. A chain reaction.

Several minutes later, Lyrim heard a commotion as a voice roared out. “This fucking bitch!….Die!” A soft squeal before nothing. Lyrim blinked and began to make his way out. As he held two plates of meat and some vegetables, he froze as he looked emotionlessly at the sight.

A group of knights snickering as one held the hair of the girl and his sword right through her neck,  crimson blood trickling down the tip of the blade.

Her hands struggling weakly against the blade as tears ran down her eyes before her hands slowly went limp and dropped to her side, her eyes gazing at Lyrim before life left them and they slowly shut forever.

“Executing a thief on the spot….Those gold coins were mine you street whore…”The knight chuckled while the other knights scrambled to pick up the coins that were neither of theirs. This knight had lied because a street urchin with gold coins was just too good an opportunity.

Lyrim smiled, but this smile wasn’t one of happyness, it was something much, much more ominous. “-Oh shit!!!-” Ethe roared out inside the dimension before vanishing. “-Not gooood-” Qil roared out after, also vanishing.

They used all the strength they could to restrain Lyrim to their very best. Of course Lyrim was still looking at the girl. Holding onto humanity is something great, a God with no emotions will never be able to match up to. This sense, which is sympathy and value for life, was something Lyrim still had.

His vision blackened as he was caught off guard by Qil’s and Ethe’s actions. His consciousness faded as he was forced into a slumber. His body then vanished under Ethe and Qil’s control before they reappeared on the moon.

Although they controlled Lyrim’s body, they could only manage a few seconds since it was under his permanent control. Destroying his soul was also out of the question as it was linked with theirs.

“-Ha….haha. That was close...-” Ethe nervously laughed “-That was close?... Another few seconds and I’m sure this solar system would be ash….-” Qil replied, almost as if he were going to go crazy

“-He needs to work on his control…. If he loses it when we are busy, it won’t be good-” Ethe replied. Lyrim stirred as he was laid down on a patch of grass that had formed by Ethe. His eyes twitched before they began to slowly open.

(A.N i did research it takes 384,400km from earth and 1.28seconds light speed to reach it. i didnt want to make it that they allready had the speed of light it would be a bad error)



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I am not sure lyrim has the control and skill or knowledge to be able to heal someone other then himself at this unless of course it is a minor wound like a cut or something.

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