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The Diamond Trolls knew they had no chance against whoever this monster in front of them was. They only knew one thing, and that was to run away. They were so afraid that they no longer showed care for any of their own, and began to flee with all their speed.

But as they turned around, Lyrim vanished again. Although he was fast, his speed and power was still limited. He was worried he may do more harm than good, so he had to rely on basic strength.

The legs of the Diamond Trolls were cleanly severed, and their bodies fell onto the ground, their blood oozing out as they let out roars of pain. “-Argh...Shut up…-” Qil spoke, feeling annoyed at their sounds before he himself emitted a sort of energy from the dimension that housed him.

The energy was a sort of gravity pulse that crushed their bodies, turning them into an exploding pulp.

Lyrim blinked “-Hey...stay out of this…-” Qil growled “-Fine…-” Lyrim then looked at the injured Anthi and made his way towards him. “Are you ok?..” Anthi, who clutched his arms, weakly looked at the ground where the Diamond Trolls were and saw his brother near death's door. “M..My brother…”

He began to make his way towards him. Lyrim didn't stop him. In fact, he was gazing in the direction of the group of Crystal Trolls, who were frozen with fear. At first, they came here with much pride and inflated egos, but under the presence of this monster, they were scared, as their leaders were killed so effortlessly.

“Don’t worry, I’m comming for you guys now” Lyrim spoke as he stood up and made his way towards them. The knights in his way showed signs of fear as they all shook, and moved from his path. Clair, who gazed in a daze, fell to her knees with fright as Lyrim passed right beside her, as if she did not exist.

The moment she turned her head around, he had stopped in front of the group of frozen Crystal Trolls. Ethe then spoke up. “-Hey boss, let me handle these guys…-” Lyrim frowned “-Like I told Qil, no…-” Ethe spoke “-Boss, if we can turn these guys into T.Gears, maybe we can get some reputation and establish ourselves?-”

Lyrim, on the outside, was seemingly quiet, and the trolls wondered why he didn't act. It was as if he was frozen. But right now, he was talking to Ethe. “-I want to keep it low key, Ethe…-” Ethe frowned and spoke “-It’s too late for that now boss. I need you to trust me-”

Lyrim knew he couldn't argue with those words. After all, Ethe had saved him countless times. He only replied. “-Fine, Fine. Do as you will-” Ethe grinned in the dimension before his eyes pulsed green once before returning to normal.

One of the trolls, who had a little more courage than the rest, charged towards the frozen Lyrim. But it’s body was engulfed in a green light. Not only itself, but the other of its kind as well. All of a sudden, they were all screaming in agony as their bodies seemed to float and shrink while being distorted by energy. In only 10 seconds, they had all shrunk and reformed into a T.Gear

“-That’s pretty impressive, not needing to kill them-” Qil spoke and Lyrim spoke too “-Experimenting, Ethe?-” Ethe grinned “-Of course it’s impressive! It shows just how powerful you are. To convert a living creature into a T.Gear... I’m not sure how far it goes though. I doubt it would work well on a Demigod. It may cause them great pain and kill them. I don’t know, haha-”

Lyrim looked over at the T.Gears that then floated in a pile a couple of feet from him. “-Ethe, what now?-” Ethe then responded “-Haha, I don’t know boss. Sell them or give them away-” A vein on Lyrim’s forehead appeared “-S..Seriously…-”

At this moment, Lyrim nervously looked around. He saw the jaws of the entire village, as well as the knights’, drop at the event. Lyrim sighed in frustration at this situation. He went over and grabbed all the T.Gears, wondering if he should destroy them or not.

He then made his way towards Anthi, who was gazing at Lyrim while trying to help his brother. He had a worried smile. “L..Lord Lyrim, thank you….You’re really strong, but my brother...he..”

Lyrim, who was kneeling beside Anthi’s injured brother, thought “-Can any of you heal him?-” Ethe replied first “-I could try, but he would probably die since I'm not used to this body yet-” Qil gave a similar response.

After Lyrim was quiet for a moment, an idea popped into his head. The knights cautiously approached Lyrim. Some with Sacred Weapons. Lyrim took one of the T.Gears of the Crystal Trolls and moved it near Pyr. “Hey, can you absorb this?”

Pyr, who was in agony, and had his arm nearly torn off and his leg completely broken, spoke. He had no idea what had, happened but only that he was nearing death. “Y..Yes” He didn't know that it was a Divine T.Gear, but he reached over and took it.

Absorbing a T.Gear was an instant process. It fuses two T.Gears, with one being the absorber as the dominant host. That being said, this absorption process would naturally engulf the body with newfound strength and energy. It was an unknown risk whether this would heal him.

As Pyr absorbed the T.Gear, his body surged with energy, as pillar of light shot into the sky, then vanished. The ground shook a bit, and his T.Gear reformed as it was evolving. As it evolved, Pyr’s body, from his limbs to his organs, began to heal incredibly fast.

By the time it was over, Pyr had only minor wounds left, and only a couple of fractures. But his energy was abundant. “W..What’s this...What the hell?” Pyr gazed with confusion as he looked at himself, then at Anthi, who smiled while crying tears of joy and clinging to his brother.

Pyr embraced his younger brother and smiled. He then gazed at Lyrim. “S..Sir, who are you?...What was that T.Gear?...” Pyr then looked around to see 3 piles of flesh with some crystal shards around them.

He widened his eyes. “T..The Diamond Trolls, where are they? Did someone beat them?? Lord Krouse???” He looked around with a smile, as if his Lord was around. But he didn’t see him.

Clair, who was sweating a little, walked to the side of Pyr and spoke “O..Our Lord isn’t here...I..Instead, a different Lord...a...assisted..” Pyr froze with astonishment, as Anthi moved back, wiping his tears, and spoke. “Big brother, Lord Lyrim killed the big ones in a heartbeat...It was incredible“ He pointed to Lyrim, who stood up and began to make his way to the tavern.

Of course, Lyrim was ignoring them completely, as he held the pile of T.Gears “-I’ll go cancel my room. Then I’ll go to a different village…-” He figured it would be to annoying to stay here, and was best to leave straight away.

But the nervous voice of Clair brought him back. “L..Lord Lyrim….” Lyrim stopped and gave a quick glance, as if he wanted to hurry. “Hmm?” Clair then spoke “I am not familiar with your name...Nor do you look like you used a T.Gear..T..To combat these creatures….are you….a?”

Lyrim only smiled and walked inside the tavern. Of course, everyone inside had seen it all from the windows, and the lady at the counter, although looking calm, was sweating nervously. “Y..Yes, d..dear?”

Lyrim frowned. This was something new to him. It was the feeling of being feared by people. It wasn’t something he considered nice, even though Ethe and Qil enjoyed it. “Don’t worry about my room, I’ll be heading out today, so keep the money for the trouble “

As Lyrim turned around to walk out, the lady at the counter clenched her hands and spoke, although still nervous “Y..You saved our village...and you want to go...the same day...w.without letting us thank….you?”

Lyrim froze at those words. He knew she was scared, but at least she was trying. How could he deny the courage she built up. “Haha, I guess you’re right...I’m a little worried I may cause trouble to your village though.”

The owner, who was Anthi’s uncle, who seemed quite built for his age of late 40’s, spoke. Seemingly less nervous than his wife. “Stranger...we will try our best to not let anyone annoy you….We owe you our lives, and you saved the young master…”

Lyrim sighed, then thought “-I can’t hide forever..-” Ethe chuckled “-Well said boy. The quicker we make our mark, the sooner we can get back to our planet-” Qil poutfully spoke “-You bastards destroyed my planet!!-” This only made Ethe laugh and Lyrim smile.

“Fine, why not… “ The owner smiled. And although he was still nervous, he escorted Lyrim to a VIP room that Anthi’s father would only be able to use. Although in this situation, it was perfectly ok.

The room’s interior was quite lavish and spacious, with a large 5x5 meter table with a few chair.s Lyrim sat at the far back seat as he spoke to the man. “Please handle whoever wants to enter..I’d rather like some time for myself”

The owner gave a soft but still cautious laugh “Of course, My Lord...Anything, I’ll try my best…I’ll also bring you some food” Lyrim knew this man was afraid of him, but was still trying on account of him having saved their village. It seems, so far, this race did its best to reward someone that helps others, no matter what.

The door then shut after Lyrim nodded. Lyrim sighed and lowered his hood to reveal his face and human features. “What now...What should I do..” Ethe’s voice spoke softly. Not in Lyrim’s mind, but in the room “You know I can still make coins to buy a continent or something”

Lyrim knew Ethe was joking in a sarcastic manner to cheer him up. But it gave Lyrim an idea. “You know, with money and reputation, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to advance technology that could help me get home”

Qil spoke this time “That is, if these ants don’t interfere constantly. I have a feeling that after today, they’re going to be hounding you like ants on a pile of sugar. As you humans say” Lyrim had a feeling Qil was right.

Lyrim sighed, and as he and the two spoke, several minutes later, a knock could be heard. “My Lord I’ve brought you some foo- Hey wait!!!” The door for the room swung open.

The instigator of this was Clair, who was gazing, still afraid, but nervously at Lyrim. That being said, as a knight, she still had to uphold her doctrine. “Lord Lyrim…” She seemed to gulp at the end of her words.

Her eyes froze as she looked at Lyrim, seeing his face and features. He was clearly nothing like she had ever seen before. Sure he looked humanoid, but his face was a little different to her. He looked attractive, but it was still different and weird.

“Why did you follow me?...I’ve nothing to give you?..” Clair then spoke in a respectful tone. “After getting in contact with Lord Krouse...he has asked me to ask you to remain here until he arrives… He would like to talk to you.”
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Lyrim raised a brow. “What business does he have with me?...” In Clair’s eyes, Lord Krouse was an incredible man. The first beastkin to obtain a Demigod set. That being said, without a set, he could at most battle a Demon level creature equally. But Lyrim effortlessly destroyed 3 Celestial level creatures and converted 12 Divine level creatures into T.Gears.

She was truly awed and afraid of him. She had guessed that he was at a God level. She was also afraid Lord Krouse may anger him, and didn’t want to report it, but had no choice in the matter, as it followed her doctrine.

“I..I have no idea, Lord Lyrim...That being said...the 12 divine sets you have...Those are quite valuable… He is nervous that you will freely give them away”

Ethe spoke. This time, he was annoyed “-So what if you do?...Their yours aren’t they?…-” Lyrim replied to Clair. “Relax. Clair, was it?..I’m not going to hurt you...Actually, my intention was to keep myself hidden from this world for awhile. But it seems like I couldn’t do that… As for these divine sets, they are mine to do as I please with”

Clair dared not argue with a man she thought was at the level of a God. She quickly knelt down. “F..Forgive me…” Lyrim frowned and a voice spoke out. It was one he knew. “Lord Lyrim! That was really awesome!! So many Divine sets…” Anthi went over and almost began to drool as he looked.

Lyrim looked at Anthi. Although the boy helped him a bit, he had no intention of giving him such a powerful object. This was mainly for concern that people would come after him or trouble would befall him.

After all, Lyrim went by the luck of his own experience. How could he subject a young child to the same thing he had encountered. Lyrim knew that his own age was now centuries old. He had no choice now but to force himself to wisen up.

“If you train hard Anthi, I’ll think about giving you one. If you show me you deserve it” Lyrim spoke, as if to give the boy motivation to train and become stronger. After all, it was much better than saying ‘You’re not getting any so keep dreaming’

Anthi nodded as he saw Clair kneeling down he blinked. “Uhh, Lady Clair?..” Pyr then walked in. As he looked at Lyrim, he had been told by the other knights what had happened, and that his T.Gear was now at a Divine level. He also knelt down beside Clair.

Anthi was even more surprised. “Brother?...” Pyr then spoke. “Lord...:Lyrim...Thank you for saving me and my brother...Thank you for bestowing on me….t...this Divine T.Gear…”

Before Lyrim replied, a powerful surge of energy appeared like a bolt. From that figure, a pulse of transparent white light engulfed the entire village before diminishing in a few seconds.

“-The hell?-” Lyrim thought. Clair quickly stood up, as well as Pyr. They turned to each other and looked confused before looking at Lyrim. “Hmmm...Uhhh, who are you?..” Clair looked at Lyrim confused.

“Hmm?...” Lyrim also seemed to want to know what was going on. Anthi spoke with confusion as he looked at Pyr. “Brother, what am I doing here?.. Oh, isn’t that the T.Gear Lord Krouse gave you?..”

Lyrim blinked again. Before Pyr looked at Clair, Anthi, and Lyrim “Yes, it is. But what is going on?..” A solemn, calm voice called out from behind him. Lyrim saw the flash easily, but for the others, it was to quick. “Clair and Pyr, I’m sorry for not telling you guys before. It seems I didn’t expect my guest to appear before I did.”

Clair smiled at the man. “My Lord Krouse…” Both her and Pyr knelt. “We expected to see you here, but not this stranger?... And also Pyr’s brother. I guess I forgot he wanted to see him.” Several moments after they talked, Clair left and Pyr took Anthi away.

The door was then shut, and the man who seemed to wear what looked like noble clothing and had short black hair with a soft beard ,looked at Lyrim carefully. But he began to sweat a bit. He then sat down opposite of Lyrim.

“I...apologise, My Lord. Lyrim, was it?..I had to tend to the situation..” Lyrim figured as much. It helped that he told him though. “Your T.Gear is able to change and erase memories?...” Krouse chuckled softly and smiled. “I can only change memories up to a day old, but I can’t remove or influence anything else. I hope I didn’t cause you harm...I can also reverse the effects to normal within a day”

Lyrim began to think for awhile. He had thought the situation was bad, but this may actually be handy. “No, it’s fine. In fact, this is great. If you were able to give them false memories of today, that would benefit me greatly”

Lyrim secretly sighed with relief. This Krouse’s Demigod set had done him a favor straight up without knowing. “That’s quite an ability though. I take it you can’t use it on opponents as powerful as you” Krouse nodded as he tried to become friendly with the man who was obviously at God level.

“It only works this well with people lower than a Celestial ranking.” Qil and Ethe began to talk about the uses of such an ability, but Lyrim ignored them and spoke “That aside, I’m sure you didn’t come here to just bathe in my so called glory….”

Krouse chuckled nervously and nodded. “My Lord...I rule this planet with a fair grip. I try to uphold the values of justice. My counter parts on the other 2 planets do the same….Your presence.. it.. well…”

Lyrim, hearing him, began to think of where this was going, but Ethe spoke first. “-This guy is worried you may kick the 3 of them out and rule, hahahaha-” Qil then replied “-Obviously once one gets a taste of being a God, they won’t let go-”

Lyrim let out a soft sigh as he looked at the nervous Demigod in front of him. He didn’t seem that impressive after what he had seen. He looked up to people like Thell, but this stranger he knew little about. “Why are you so worried.. If I wanted to overthrow the 3 of you, I would have killed you as an example. Ruling over others is nothing that interests me…”

Krouse let out a soft sigh of relief, but his body was shaking a bit. Not once has he been this afraid. Not in that 4000 years since he obtained the Demigod set from the Demigod that was already about to die from its battle.

“My...Lord, that being said...Why do you come to this place?...There isnt a God in this solar system...Are you from beyond?...” Krouse gazed with awe, showing the look of one who dreamed of sailing the stars.

“You can say something like that. Krouse, since I have no need to take your position, there is one thing I do want from you.” Krouse immediately froze and spoke. “A..Anything My Lord!” Of course this was done out of fear. His subordinates would usually see him as calm, composed, and mature.

But for Krouse, this was normal in front of someone on a higher level of existence. “Right, now it’s troublesome for me to stay constantly at inns. I need a permanent residence that is somewhat secluded. You wouldn’t happen to know a good place, would you?”

Krouse began to think as if his life depended on it. He quickly spoke “The southern lands are barren and mountainous My Lord. Its mountains could be said to be the largest. If you give me the word I will send builders to go prepare one for you inside the mountain face. That way you may have peace…”

Lyrim figured this may be a good idea, but he still didn’t buy the fact that Krouse came here because he was just afraid of him. “That would be good. How long?..” Krouse smiled. “1 year, My Lord, is all these experts would need to turn a good portion of the inside of the mountain into a palace fit for you”

“-I dont need a palace….-” Lyrim thought before Qil spoke “-A palace is good!! When I materialize I want somewhere I can fit, so make it large! I want my own room!!-” He said like a child. Ethe also seemed to want a part. “-Forget the mule, as for me when I materialize, my form is huge. I will need a lot of space…-”

“-I got an idea. You 2 help me draw a blueprint. Ethe, I know you have taken an interest in the architecture my race had-” Ethe couldn’t help but laugh as he was right.

As Lyrim formed a large sheet of blueprint paper, he began to draw. With Ethe’s assistance, as well as Qil’s, they shared their knowledge of architecture from Ethe having learned about it, then they added their own touches.
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Although it wasn’t as professional as someone who studies it for a living, it was still fairly decent, with a range of complex structures. Lyrim spoke to Krouse, who gazed with a little awe. “I want a large mountain. The largest in that area. The top peak of it is to be hollowed out and be made into a temple of lightning.

“-Yes, finally I will have a proper lair…-” Qil spoke, as the idea of this temple was from him. Lyrim continued on “The bottom center-middle portion, at least a few miles down, will be a temple of darkness, so it is important your builders try hard to establish the themes for these…”

Lyrim knew that if this didn’t happen, both Ethe and Qil would nag for years on end, until it was changed. Krouse nodded quickly “O..Of course My Lord….” Lyrim went on. “On the main face of the mountain, I want an arch entrance, but I want it to stand out when found, but not be to easy to find. The inside of the center of the mountain is to be established as the main area. I’ll trust that to your builders. I would like 1 room 100 x 100 meters wide.

Krouse quickly nodded as he made mental notes. He wondered why Lyrim wanted something in such a style, and was picky, but dared not ask much. “M..My Lord, why a temple of lightning and another of darkness?...” He spoke, as if trying to get a clue as to what makes a God.

Lyrim grinned and handed him the blue print. “That is for me to know...As long as you keep your word, I won’t cause trouble for your planet or the others….That being said, at some point I may seek people to assist me, and when that time arises, do not interfere”

Krouse was a little skeptical. Why would such a Godlike being do such things? Where did he come from? Why two temples? Why would he need people to assist him? To him, a God was an enigma, one he couldn’t figure out, to the point where his head ached slightly.

“I understand My Lord….This may take a little longer….Until then, may I ask where you will remain?...”

Lyrim was met with an interesting question. “For tonight, I’ll stay at this inn... Tomorrow, I’ll find something. Within 1 year, I’ll go find you myself” Lyrim quickly thought. “-Guys, do any of you have something to give him to find me if something happens?-” Both Ethe and Qil had objects, but Lyrim decided to go with Ethe’s.

Lyrim opened his hand and an orb filled with green light formed, containing what looked like a sea of mist. “If something arises or it is finished early, speak into this and I’ll know…” Krouse took the object as if it were a gift from the Gods. He immediately bowed.

“Is there anything else?...” Lyrim spoke, and Krouse took a deep breath, gazing at the Divine sets then at Lyrim. “Lord Lyrim, those Divine sets can cause a quick unbalance of power here. But they will also help me a lot. In all your greatness, as well as glory, I only humbly ask as payment that I recieve several of them?...”

Krouse wasn’t as afraid as he looked. Although he was scared, he still had courage to ask and reap a reward. He could kill Divine creatures easily, but he had no time due to attending his own matters as well as having to keep up appearances.

Lyrim looked at Krouse carefully, then at the divine sets. Qil spoke “-I refuse to keep such trash T.Gears with us. Good riddance I say-” Ethe also replied “-I agree with the mule. These wouldn’t even make decent snacks. Best be rid of them-”

With the two wanting them gone, Lyrim also felt with his own power that if he wanted warriors or fighters, he would just go look for Celestial creatures or Demigods. “Fine, take them all. But remember, I know the value of 1 of these Divine sets equals a small kingdom. Do not think we are equal”

Krouse immediately nodded. “O..Of course not, Lord Lyrim…” With things said and done, Krouse waved his hands over the T.Gears, which vanished suddenly. Lyrim wondered why he didn’t use that trick before, but pushed that thought aside.

After Krouse bowed respectfully to Lyrim, he left, leaving him alone. Lyrim frowned, leaning his elbow on the table and his hand on his cheek. The owner knocked and spoke “My Lord, your food is prepared….Lord Krouse ordered me to serve you…” Lyrim spoke up after putting his hood back on to conceal himself.

As the food came out, it had an assortment from meats to cakes and other exotic foods. But Lyrim was thinking “-I have 1 year. I think I’ll spend it training to learn how to fight properly without relying on my raw strength...I’m sure that, one day, we may encounter someone as powerful as me-”


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