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Lyrim gazed at the knights as they passed, and once the gate closed, casually spoke. “What would that be?” Anthi smiled and made several childlike gestures. “The top 100 will receive titles such as baron, and noble status to boost them up, going higher as it gets to 1st place. While the top 10-5 will get their own cities, the top 4-2 will get there own small kingdoms, and whoever comes first will get a Celestial set, a large kingdom, and their clan and their name will forever go on in history as one of the few strongest warriors, next to the Demigods.

Lyrim turned to Anthi. “I guess prizes like that would make anyone go wild. I take it those two other places other than Avil are those 2 planets” Lyrim gestured to the large planets in the distance.

Anthi, thinking Lyrim was messing with him, chuckled. “Yes My Lord, its only held once every 100 years, and a Celestial set given once every 500 years! In ten years it is not only hosted in Avil, but a Celestial set is being offered!” Anthi’s eyes were alight like small stars.

Lyrim nodded “Sounds like fun” Lyrim didn’t really have a need for such a useless set, considering his own could be considered the most powerful in this known universe. “Anthi, is there a place where I can stay for the night?” Anthi began to think before an idea flashed in his head.

“My Lord, you’re welcome to stay in the guest home we have. My father is usually out a lot on business, and I can tell my siblings and my mother that you’re, uhhh..” Anthi didn’t seem to be good at excuses. Lyrim smiled softly. “It’s fine. A good inn will do, just direct me to it.”

Ethe’s voice resounded in Lyrim’s head. “-Boy, do you even have money?-” Lyrim blinked “-Can’t you or Qil make some?...-” Silence resounded for a moment before Qil’s voice grumbled. “-Do I look like a bank to you?-”

Lyrim was quiet for a moment. “-Hehe, I guess the so called Gods aren’t Gods after all-” Ethe gave a soft chuckle before replying “-Haha, we’re gods for a reason. With the creation ability, we are given a somewhat basic understanding of making our own things. Of course, it’s much easier to form constructs using our own abilities, but when it comes to make objects with energy and forms we arent used to, it’s a little bit more complicated. But I’ll give it a go. I just need a sample or two-”

With Ethe on board, Lyrim smiled, and in that moment, Anthi, who was thinking and gazing around, remembered. “Uncle Ayn has a tavern, but I think it also doubles as a inn, My Lord. I’m sure he will accomodate you if you let him kn-”

Lyrim cut him short, knowing the intention of his words “Anthi, I’d rather not let anyone know I was here. For now, I’m on a, uhhh, mission” Anthi nodded as his eyes lit up “Of course My Lord! If there’s anything you need, please let me know”

Lyrim quickly spoke “Actually, there is something can you show me. The currency used in this village?” Anthi raised a brow. He wondered what Lyrim’s reason be for this could be. “Uhh, sure” He spoke, not bothering to argue. Anthi then reached into his pocket and pulled out several clean looking silver coins, and handed them to Lyrim. “In this village, as well as the rest of Avil, they use the standard currency, Lit. Of course, it goes by copper, silver, gold, platinum, Sun Orichalcum and Moon Mithril. Each currency is equal to 100 of the tier above it, My Lord. So I think it was 100 copper is 1 silver, and 100 platinum is 1 S.orichalcum, and 100 S.orichalcum is 1 M.mithril.”

The reason for Anthi speaking in such an explanation, is because he thought Lyrim was investigating to see if this village made its own currency, which was considered illegal from what he knew. Lyrim took this information in and smiled “Ahh, very good. Anthi, I’ll be borrowing one of these silver coins. I need to carefully examine it. I’ll be sure to return it”

Anthi smiled and shook his head. “No need My Lord, my family has thousands of gold coins! 1 silver is only pocket change to me, heh.” Lyrim nodded, although he still didn’t feel like taking it for good. He would definitely make it up to him.

As Anthi then led Lyrim towards the tavern through a less crowded street, the silver coin in Lyrim’s fist gave off a faint red glow before turning to energy and being absorbed. Ethe could be heard speaking “-This is childs play, especially with my new ability. If I want, I’m sure I could make enough of these to buy out a continent without even feeling exhausted, hahaha-”

Of course, to Lyrim, Ethe seemed crazy enough to actually do it. So he spoke “-For now, can you make 5 silver coins? We don’t need a continent-” If Lyrim could see Ethe’s face, he would see that he was frowning. But Ethe reluctantly agreed and did so.

In a pocket Lyrim’s clothing had, Ethe had instead formed 10 silver coins with 5 extra, just to be safe. Lyrim could hear the faint jingle sound of the metal clanging about, and only smiled.

As they arrived at the tavern, Anthi and Lyrim froze. They could see it was quite crowded outside, with people looking in.

“What’s going on?” Anthi tilted his head and made his way through. Of course, the people knew he was the son of the clan leader, and cleared a path for him and Lyrim until they made their way inside.

It was crowded with some casual guests, but the entire left wing of the nearly 100 meter tavern was occupied by the knights who had entered before.

These knights were chatting, eating and drinking casually as they rested, before wanting to head back to continue training. Of course Lyrim didn’t really care for them. Instead, he was interested in the size of the tavern. The dining area was quite large. He spoke to Anthi, who was frozen with excitement as he looked at the knights.

“Anthi, this is a pretty large tavern.” Anthi turned around, smiled, and nodded. He began to explain while they made their way to the front desk “My Lord, because we are close to the forest, we often have warriors and knights come passed, so the taverns size is essential for things like now when the knights reserving a wing”

Lyrim understood the reason now. It made sense, the knights felt they wanted their own space, and who could argue with them. Anthi peaked his head over the counter and spoke “Auntie, hello!” The female who seemed to be in her early 40s gave a glance before smiling warmly. “Anthi, how are you? It’s rare for you to come here. Is your father nearby or are you here to visit your brother?”

Anthi shook his head and pointed to Lyrim, who was behind him, and whispered. “Auntie, this is a very important lord. He was wondering if you guys rented out rooms” He spoke, not really knowing himself.

The woman glanced at Lyrim. She could see he had an average presence, but his build, even while cloaked, seemed fairly good. She could barely make out some facial features, not enough to think how good he looked or if he wasn’t of their race. “Ooo, he sure looks mysterious. I wonder where you found him. If your father knew you were talking to strangers, hehe”

Anthi frowned. “Auntie…” The woman gave a soft giggle and replied “Dont worry, I wont tell him. And yes, we do. Since he is your friend, for one night, as well as 3 meals a day, it’s 1 silver instead of the usual 2, hehe”

Anthi glanced back at Lyrim while smiling, as if he did something good. “My Lord“ He whispered. “It’s all set for you“ Lyrim nodded “Anthi, from here on out, call me Lyrim instead of Lord. It will make it easier for me”

Anthi nodded, quickly thinking it was better for concealing himself “Of course, My Lo-... I mean Lyrim” All of a sudden, a heroic like voice called out. “Ahh, little brother, is that you? I havent seen you in 2 years. My how you have grown..Come over here.”

A knight on a table with 4 other figures including Clair and the elder and bulky man, with others sitting around them, called out to him. It was Anthi’s brother. Lyrim had never asked for his name.

Anthi looked at Lyrim and nervously rubbed his head. “Lo- uhh, Lyrim...I’m sorry, I need to head off now. I have to listen to my brother, Pyr…” Anthi spoke, having not told Lyrim his name, and thought it would be good to add it. “That’s fine. Thank you for helping me, I’m sure we will meet again.”

As several of the knights looked at Anthi, who was speaking to the man, the elder glanced only on reflex at Pyr’s voice to Anthi. Although the elder was not using his T.Gear, he wore a sort of mechanical monocle that was a part of it.

This race, although not as intelligent as humanity, were more attuned to natural energy, and had better control. And under the guidance of a Demigod, they had become accustomed to T.Gears, causing better harmony rates.

This elder’s Sacred Weapon, was Eternal Eye, an ability that allows him to see his opponents next few movements, as well as allows him to see the natural energy of every living thing. Right now, his face was filled with a distorted confused look as he looked at Lyrim.

“W..What is this…” He spoke in a confused manner. Clair tilted her head as she drank from her mug and spoke “Elder Luca, what’s wrong?...” Luca blinked several times as he looked at Lyrim, a little confused.

As Anthi made his way over and bowed to the group, Elder Luca kept his gaze on Lyrim. The reason for his confusion, was that he couldn’t pick up even a speck of energy emanating from Lyrim. It was as if he were a walking inanimate object.

Pyr smiled as he rubbed Anthi’s head. “This is my younger brother, the one who wants to become a knight under Lord Krouse” Several male knights laughed at the thought as they tried to downplay their position, while some of the female knights thought he was cute and began to treat him quite well.

Mostly because Pyr was his elder brother.

Clair smiled at Anthi “Becoming a knight under our Lord is a hard and rough road. You need to train every day, fight to uphold justice, and put your life on the line. As long as you are capable of doing that, you will surely reach your goal.“ She gave a fierce but gentle smile.

Anthi, who blushed, nodded quickly, before Pyr grinned and gave him a pat on the back. “Anthi, please dont fall in love with Lady Clair, or I’ll have to get you a ticket for the line, haha“ The others began to laugh loud enough that other guests turned to see what was happening.

Clair frowned in a playful manner as she mumbled while drinking “It’s not my fault I’m not accepting any of the suitors...I’m too busy to marry.”

The muscular man was busy eating and drinking. so he was a little quiet. But he focused on Luca, who continuously looked at Lyrim as he talked to the woman at the desk.

Chomp!..Crunch! Crunch…! The muscular man then swallowed as he spoke “Hey Luca, you been gazing at that guy for awhile now. What's up with that weirdo? Haha” He spoke teasingly. Luca then frowned and replied “Elder Herth...That man...I...I can't see any of his energy, not a speck…”

The man who treated Luca like someone his age narrowed his eyes. It seems both Elders seemed to be at each other’s ages. “Hmm...Maybe he is just good at hiding it, heh..” Luca shook his head. “No! When I tested my ability on Lord Krouse, after he accepted, I could still see his aura rising like smoke off his body...Weak people have little aura, but its still clearly visible to me… For Lord Krouse, who has a lot of aura, even if he tries to hide it from me, it is still impossible. He told me himself…”

Herth chuckled “Luca, you worry too much. It's like you're implying that this man is a Demigod or something. Don't joke like that, hah…” Luca frowned. “I said nothing of the sort..But this man is living and has no aura. Maybe he has a Sacred set or higher that’s ability is to conceal…”

Herth tilted his head “What would he be doing in this village?” Luca shook his head. As the other knights were talking loudly to each other, their conversation was low key. For the mean time “Maybe one of the other Demigods sent their own spy...After all, word that a meteor capable of shattering two Celestials landing on Avil leaked out...Maybe he is also here seeking information?..”

Herth glared and became more serious as he didn't eat anymore “They know that it’s not allowed. It is an agreement our Lord and the other Lords made. Surely none would break it for such a matter?”

A couple of minutes later, Lyrim smiled at the lady, who replied “I see you come from the far south. From what I hear, there aren't many inhabitants there, as it’s mostly barren land. No wonder you don't know much, but that’s fine”

The women took the 3 silver coins that Lyrim gave her, as he intended to stay a few days to get things sorted and retrieve information. Right now, his goal was to establish himself, and then find a way to get back to Archia. And from there, he would visit the Tyrant King to find out which planet his father was exiled to.

“Yes, you could say we don't get many visitors. We like to live secluded.” Lyrim spoke with confidence in this lie. His transformation had truly given him more than he bargained for. As he bid the lady farewell, and made his way towards the staircase, a voice echoed across the tavern.

“Hey you, stop there…” The tavern went quiet out of worry and fear. The source of the voice was a figure who stood up with their hands on the table, glaring cautiously at lyrim. It was Lady Clair, the captain of the knights.

Anthi, who froze, gave a nervous look as he looked at Lyrim. But Ethe had already acted with Godlike reflexes in examining the boys mind “-He didn't tattle on you, don’t worry-” Lyrim was glad he could at least trust the boy. But if that wasn’t the case, then why.

As Lyrim turned around and looked at the female who called him out, he spoke “Is there something wrong?” Clair narrowed her eyes, as if trying to judge his character. During this couple of minutes, both Herth and Luca had discussed it with her, and she, as a captain, decided it was best to find out.

“Whoever you are, I want to tell you something. Out of the knights of Lord Krouse, Elder Luca is capable of identifying anyone’s natural energy without a single speck escaping him.” She motioned to Luca, who stood up while looking at Lyrim.

Qil spoke up “-This woman has no respect. Let’s just turn this place into a crater…-” Of course Lyrim ignored his words and spoke to her. “I’m sorry, but what does that have to do with me?..” He figured where this was going. Maybe he overdid it with concealing.

Ethe spoke quickly “-Hehe, I guess maybe we hid it too well…-”

Clair replied. “Why is it he can't see any energy from you?...Who are you?….Are you a spy sent by the other Lords?...” Lyrim raised a brow “-You have to be kidding…-” He thought to himself.

“I cant say that I am. I was born with not much natural energy, and managed to obtain a T.Gear that is also good at hiding my energy. With these both, I can completely hide it” Although Anthi knew it was a lie, he dared not speak up.

The reason for this was because he knew Lyrim was stronger than all of these knights, and he didn’t want to cause a commotion. Pyr looked at Anthi with curious eyes, as if telling him to speak up.

Clair folded her arms. “I don’t belie-” Before she could finish, loud shouts, as well as crashing sounds, could be heard outside. The town was littered with screams.

A guard from outside quickly rushed in, and his T.Gear was nearly broken. There was blood on his face and his right arm was broken. He called out “ We are being attacked….”

The knights all rushed out, but Clair glanced at Lyrim one more time before they all left.
Clair widened her eyes as she saw the large wall surrounding the area completely destroyed. “Shit…”

She mumbled, before several figures emerged numbering at least 15. 12 of these figures were Divine level Crystal Trolls. One of them was an injured Crystal Troll with its arm torn off as well as the crystals on its back broken, and it looked almost too pitiful.

The 3 in front had a more menacing look. These were Diamond Trolls. They were at least 3 times larger than the normal Crystal Trolls, and their bodies were covered in diamond like metallic scales, and the crystals on their backs were made from diamonds.

“C..Celestial level Diamond Trolls….And Divine level Crystal Trolls…” In all her life, Clair had never encountered such a fearsome group. The trolls in the forest knew that these knights were under Lord Krouse, and the agreement was if they didn't bother them they wouldnt bother the knights.

Clair spoke as her knights backed her up “Diamond Trolls...why are you attacking this village…” The lead Diamond Troll, who had several scar like wounds on his body, stepped forward. “You damn beastkin….How dare you attack one of my clan members while he was hunting…”

Clair narrowed her eyes and looked around. “You're mistaken….None of us here are capable of combating one of your kin. We are all Sacred and Catalyst level…” The Diamond Troll narrowed his eyes as its energy flared up as it looked around. While the wounded troll that limped over and spoke.

“H..Hunting boy….man threw me…Almost died…” Lyrim, who headed up to his room, figured it didn’t concern him, so why bother. Of course he didn’t go outside to check, and Ethe and Qil couldn’t be bothered either since it didn’t concern them.

Meanwhile, Anthi, who peaked out of the corner of the door, widened his eyes in fear as he looked at the trolls. “N..No…” His heart filled with fear.

He quickly began to run away, towards the direction of his family's estate to try and hide himself, thinking these trolls were out for revenge. The wounded troll caught this. Out of the small crowd that froze to look at them, only one ran off. It spoke “Him!! The troll pointed to Anthi...His friend wounded me...I hunt him!! My food!!”

The Diamond Trolls focused their eyes on Anthi before vanishing with incredible speed. Although they were large and not as fast as most Celestials, they were still faster than any known Divine creature out there. The 3 Diamond Trolls surrounded Anthi, while the leader grabbed Anthi by the arms and raised him up like a ragdoll.

Pyr, who looked back after being shocked by the troll’s speed, saw Anthi. His mind then exploded with fury as he rushed with anger towards them “Bastards!!!!!!” Although having a Sacred set, his harmony was only at 35%, so he had no Sacred Weapon, which put him at a more disadvantaged position.

As he arrived within a meter of one of the trolls. The troll raised its right leg and stomped it effortlessly downward toward Pyr, who was smashed into the ground under the troll’s large leg. In that instant, the ground gave way, causing a mini quake to form.

Pyr was near death, and his T.Gear was nearly broken. Blood was rushing from his wounds. “A..Anthi..” Anthi, who was struggling, saw this, and tears flowed down his cheeks. “Brother!!!!”

As the other knights were about to rush in, Clair stopped them “F..Fools, stop..You will die…” Clair then called out. “ you know you almost killed a knight of Lord Krouse?...He will wipe your clan out for this…” The Diamond Trolls glared.

“We are avenging one of our kin who nearly died...This boy will be taken as food for him...and we will leave once we get the one who hurt him…” Clair clenched her hands with a fiery fury. She was incredibly pissed off, knowing she couldn’t do anything.

Although this scene played outside, Lyrim somehow couldn’t feel or hear the outside world. This was because Ethe realised what was going on and wanted to play a cruel trick, so he messed with Lyrim’s senses, as he still had control over them since Lyrim didn’t revoke his abilities.

Lyrim spoke “Ethe, what are you doing? I can’t see anything.. Other than this room.” Ethe chuckled and spoke “-I’m practicing. Give me a moment, would ya..-”

Ethe clearly had cruel intentions, but as cruel as they were, he wouldn’t let them go too far. The Diamond Troll holding Anthi gave him to the wounded troll. The wounded troll glared hungrily at Anthi, and grabbed both his arms and began to carefully and lightly pull at them “Where is the one that threw meeee!!” he roared.

“-Now…-” Ethe grinned, before releasing the area that limited Lyrim’s ability to sense and hear. Anthi screamed out in pain as tears rolled down his eyes, feeling his arms nearly tear “LORD LYRIM, HELP ME!!!”

Lyrim blinked, raising his head as he closed a book that was in the room. He quickly turned to see several auras, most of which were familiar. He then saw Anthi’s aura next to the aura of one he remembered. “Hmph…”

He then figured out the situation and what was going on. He vanished with such speed, the room distorted. As if a rip in space was about to tear. Qil let out a remark “-Whoaaa, that’s fast..-”

As the troll was about to tear Anthi’s arms out in a rage, its consciousness suddenly turned black from its point of view.

On the outside, people could see the head of the troll suddenly vanish. As if it was instantly taken off. The trolls grip loosened as Anthi fell onto the ground, slouched. The troll, clearly dead, fell to its knees before falling to the side.

The Diamond Trolls looked with shock and horror. They couldn’t even see a thing. Their guesses were as good as the people around them. A sudden chuckle then came from behind them.

“Haha, I didn’t think you guys would show up…” Lyrim was standing in his cloak, holding the head of the troll, which still gave the rage like expression that froze on its head before it was torn off.

Everyone looked dumbfounded before Lyrim spoke again as he emitted a faint killing intent towards the Diamond Trolls. Their bodies quivered with fear, even causing 1 of them to pee themselves under the loin cloth made from animal material they wore.

“For pissing me off...I’ll gladly send you all to the circle of reincarnation personally” Lyrim raised his head as his eyes began to shine a deep white, while a devil like smile appeared on his face that distorted with darkness.

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