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The Mega Beast, that was casually scratching against a large tree with its kin beside it resting and chewing on bones, felt a chill down its spine. A split second later it had instantly felt its consciousness fade and enter the circle of reincarnation.

Outside at that point, the creatures body was already smashed, and its limbs and innards were sent flying. Inside the creature, the figure which had killed it climbed out with a chunk of flesh in his mouth, and he began to chew “Swit thwis gwn...Hrd...cln uop” The bieng mumbled as he chewed on the dead creature’s flesh.

The creature’s kin stared in horror and shock at what happened, before they regained their composure and roared violently, before charging to attack the being that ambushed their mother.

Lyrim felt he wasn’t in danger, and didn’t pay attention to these creatures as he began to quickly eat and devour at an incredible speed. The smell of this raw flesh made him hungry for more.

His phobia of eating anything had been long removed and he was a ravenous devourer. A large claw swept towards him, and as it collided with his body, only a faint smash was heard. The claw had been broken on collision with Lyrim, who didn’t even budge a centimeter.

He was like an immovable object trying to be pushed by an insect smaller than an ant. It was literally impossible. Lyrim then gazed at the creature in front of him as he narrowed his eyes, and swallowed the flesh. His newly made cloak was covered in the blood of the Mega Beast, and his face also covered with blood.

“Fuck off….” He ruthlessly glared at it. The creatures all yelped as they felt a little of his killing intent, and scattered off with their tails between their legs, so frightened they ran in different directions and not in one group as they’re used to.

“Damn this is good….” Lyrim hungrily devoured the creature. The flesh itself, as well as the bones, were all effortlessly crunched by Lyrim, until he had his fill, and stepped out of the corpse, burping quietly. “-Urgh, disgusting…-” The qilin quietly spoke. Ethe then laughed “-It’s your fault he is like this, so you better figure out how to fix it-”

The Qilin glared “-Help me with it…-” Ethe shrugged as he watched the Qilin from the dimension they rested in “-Your problem not mine, hehe-” The Qilin growled quietly, mumbling curses. As Lyrim tried to control a bit of his energy, with Ethe’s help, he became used to converting material objects into natural energy. Every speck of blood and flesh, as well as his clothing, had been converted and recycled back to a new set of clothes identical to the one he was wearing before it got covered in blood.

“-Hey Mr Creature, do you have a name?-” Lyrim spoke as he began to tinker around with converting objects to natural energy. Of course, it was a bit harder for things he didnt make. For Gods, destruction and creation was a natural thing.

The Qilin responded. “-A name?..-” Ethe then laughed “-Don’t worry about him, just call him mule, haha-” The Qilin growled “-Shut up, lizard bastard…-” While Ethe continued to laugh, the qilin spoke again. “-I call myself Sovereign Qilin. I’m the only one of my race-” He spoke.

Even though he was the only one, he didn’t seem to care.

Lyrim stood up and looked around, scanning the auras, while thinking “-How about Qil then?-” The Qilin began to think “-I don’t care what you call me, Qil is fine-” Ethe grinned “-Still calling you mule, hehe-” The Qilin, in the crystalline palace, frowned a bit with annoyance, but ignored Ethe.

Lyrim smiled and began to make his way around.

Lyrim’s intention was to at least take in the sights of the area he was in. No rush. It was better he personally get used to things. Meanwhile, the large group, which had passed them, had arrived at the crater.

The entire group gazed with horror as they began to sweat. A female wearing an agile looking T.Gear with a cloak that had an emblem nervously said. “W..What could have caused such devastation in an instant?…” These creatures appeared human, but looked much more attractive and athletic. Their ears were pointed, some had fur on them, and others had different ear shapes.

A man wearing a bulky T.Gear spoke “My Lady Clair. When Lord Krouse sensed this, it had only lasted a mere fraction of a second. From what we know, this power may be caused by a Celestial?”

The female in the T.Gear shook her head as she gulped and knelt down at the crater. “A Celestial would have to use quite a bit of power to match this crater, but our Lord would feel it. This was caused in a near instant. Obviously it was something on a different level…”

Another man, who seemed elderly, but wore a sort of robed T.Gear, looked around. His beard was quite large, but he wore a sort of librarian hat with glasses attached to it. “Hmmm….I can’t see any energy. Everything has been killed...I’m certain this was the work of a Demigod level at the very least…”

Several of the large group gazed with shocked expressions as the bulky man spoke “Don’t make such assumptions. Lord Krouse is the only Demigod on Avil. The elderly man gave a soft chuckle and looked at the bulky man. “Do you think I don’t know this? Buffoon….This is a guess. Unless you know any of the clans near here with a Celestial leading it that can cause this in a near instant?”

The bulky man clenched his fists and glared at the elder. Clair then spoke “Enough you two. For now, we need to report this and return. The tournament will begin next year and I dont want to waste time doing nothing. We all need to start training”

They all got quiet before nodding as they all began to make their way back.

Meanwhile, Lyrim had traveled quite far as he tested out using his ability. Occasionally he would go into the middle of a group of creatures and let them hit him, and even try to improve his dodging. Of course, their attacks didn’t even budge him, so it was as if dodging a slow breeze that didn’t hurt you. It also brought joy to him seeing himself become so powerful.

Ethe, watching this, spoke “-Boy, why do you bother training like that if you can kill anything with a wave of your hand?-” Lyrim, becoming more mature and intelligent thanks to the power he had inside of him, felt that he shouldn't underestimate the universe.

“-Ethe, you can read my thoughts. This universe is incredibly limitless, who knows when we may come across something equal to us? I need to be sure of my combat skills-”

The Qilin laughed “-Judging from the lizard’s knowledge, there aren’t many Gods out there. I’m sure that right now, we are the strongest in this universe. We should rule it, haha-” The Qilin seemed to start getting used to how powerful it was.

Ethe then nodded quietly “-The boy is right. Better safe than sorry-” The Qilin mumbled quietly before staying silent. Lyrim had discovered a village several miles ahead of him, and was currently going through the forest that was around the crater. The forest itself was very vast and thick.

With its limits stretching several hundred miles, Lyrim would occasionally leap, covering several dozen miles in an instant. Considering this leap was weaker, he wanted to see what this forest had to offer and enjoy the sight.

Lyrim knew he had to be careful with how he used his power. The other reason why he was taking his time, was his mind was focused on Archia. “-I doubt I’ll ever see them again…-” He spoke, notioning to his clan and brother.
(PR Note: I know notioning is not a word, but I can’t think of any other word that can convey what he means. If you have an idea, leave it down in the comments.)

Ethe also seemed annoyed “-Damn mule bastard. I had planned to stop the scientist, but you let him get away with good data...I bet that can skyrocket things a few thousand years for them. Bah, not like it matters…-”

Qil spoke, as if not caring.“-Those humans.. I doubt they will make any progress. Maybe only a handful will reach Celestial with what they got away with-” At this stage, with the 3 of them awakened, Qil could see some of their knowledge, and inquired to Ethe if he wanted more. He now knew about Lyrim’s origin and the humans, as well as what they are capable of. That being said, just like Ethe, he didn't think so highly of them.

Lyrim knelt down and vanished, leaving another after image, although the area around him blew away as if a tornado had appeared. From where he blew away, all the trees but one were gone by the use of using physical strength, so it didn't leave any natural energy traces.

Lyrim was now dozens of miles in the air, the wind blowing against his face as well as his clothing. Although he could fly, he wanted to enjoy the descent. He was currently going through clouds from the force of the leap alone.

He had never experienced this feeling before, so he had a lot he wanted to do. He focused his eyes around and noticed a small humanoid figure running, as if it were afraid. Lyrim looked behind it as he was falling, but he used a little of his energy to make it as if he were floating.

A flying creature was uncommon, but still nothing special. Like a plane in the sky. Lyrim took this time to identify what was chasing the boy. A dark red, bloodthirsty aura. This was a creature that was like a giant troll. Its body was sprouting heavy crystal like rocks, and its face was somewhat disfigured.

Ethe curiously spoke “-Damn, that brat seems like its going to be lunch, haha-” Ethe showed no real concern. Lyrim on the other hand, narrowed his eyes. He vanished quickly, causing the clouds near him to blow apart, like a God of the sky descending from heaven.

Several individuals from afar could only see a cloud split apart, and only pray that it was a sign from heaven. The running was tearing up his short blond hair and school like clothing. He spoke, afraid.

“No no no!!!! Why why whyyyy did I come here...I'm going to die…” The boy began to remember a scene, and a flashback of him and his friends appeared. They were arguing with a larger group, who seemed older than them. The leader of that large group was looking down on them, saying the boy couldn't even last a day in the great forest.

The boy, wanting to prove him wrong, made a bet that if he could, they would leave them alone. But if he couldn't, he would be his servant for a week.

The boy was running for his life. The great forest was out of bounds for everyone without a Mega Beast level T.Gear, and even then they had to be in groups of 5 at the very least.

The borders of the great forest have a massive wall around it. The creatures of the forest stay inside of it, under the threats of the Celestials and the Demigod that rules the planet. That being said, anyone that enters the forest is fair game, including those who foolishly enter.

The boy, who was terrified and crying, his heart beating quickly, wondered if his parents would be mad. He came from a clan that ruled a small town, and went to an academy that was set for every 100 towns to find special candidates.

As the boy ran, he looked behind him. Who would have thought he would encounter a Divine level creature, a Crystal Troll. Although the troll could catch the boy, it wanted to play with him, as it enjoyed hunting. It wanted him to suffer more in fear.

As the boy ran quickly, he fell over a root and injured his leg, his uniform consisting of a basic shirt and shorts and shoes were dirty. He looked up at the menacing troll that began to drool. It spoke loudly. “Tasty beast kin flesh….Young children are my favourite food...Ha ha”

The boy screamed as the troll smashed its fist down towards the boy. He closed his eyes, having quick flash backs, as his life was about to end. But seconds later, nothing had happened.
As the boy opened his eyes, he saw nothing but the dirt blowing away, and a cloaked individual in the place of where the troll was, gazing into the sky.

The boy, still afraid, looked around. But no matter where he looked, the troll was gone. He then focused on the stranger. “S..Sir...w..where is the troll?” Lyrim looked at the boy. It seems he understood his language clearly, which was confusing since he didn’t remember learning it.

Ethe spoke “-During my years as a soul, I took the time to examine people’s minds and learn their language. You owe me, boy. Heh..-” Lyrim smiled softly, not replying to Ethe, who knew he had his thanks. Lyrim spoke to the boy. “Don’t worry, its gone..”

When the troll was about to attack the boy, who closed his eyes in fear, Lyrim grabbed the troll by a large pillar like crystal on its back and threw it without a care into the horizon. When he faced the boy, the troll had already vanished into the horizon.

Lyrim wanted to laugh at how powerful a casual throw was, but was faced with the boy’s question of where it went. The boy nervously stood up, still paranoid. Lyrim saw this and examined him, seeing the fur like ears on his head and the innocent face. Lyrim was surprised.

“-They really do look like humans. It’s amazing-” Qil then huffed and replied “-Humans or these Beastkin. Same shit, both weak-” Ethe seemed to agree with Qil to a point. Lyrim spoke to the boy. “Don’t worry, nothing's going to hurt you, haha. Tell me, what are you doing in such a dangerous place?”

Lyrim was quite curious. He knew that no matter how intelligent these creatures are, or how strong, they would not let one of their young casually enter such a dangerous place. The boy spoke, jumping a little. “I uhh….wanted….to see something.”

Ethe laughed as a faint aura emitted from Lyrim and entered the boy, who twitched a bit. Ethe had read his mind, and his memory, and sent it to Lyrim, who then spoke “Hmm” Lyrim felt this boy was somewhat like the younger him, but instead of not acting, he had tried to show bravery. It was something he admired.

Even if the boy had no power, he was braver than Lyrim was when he was young.

“There’s no need to prove you’re strong and not weak…” Lyrim had encountered several death scenarios, and if he encountered the bullies that picked on him, they would be impaled on spikes in a city square from his fury.

“I’m sure if you work and train hard, destiny will have something in store for you. Destiny likes people who train hard” The boy jumped and widened his teary eyes at Lyrim, who seemed to read him like a book. “B..But, they will continue to tease me and my friends.. They wont stop bullying people weaker than them…”

The boy had no idea how this stranger knew what his intentions were. It was a little frightening. But his parents always told him and his siblings that if they encountered anything at the level of a Demon, to hide quickly and not make a sound. (A.N I’m using the rankings I allready have, these people have rankings for creatures in there own language and I am writing it as a sort of translation)

The boy had never thought he would encounter a Crystal Troll. Even the most powerful warriors of Avil would have to be careful. Only the hero Clan Leaders at a Celestial level could deal with them fairly easily. The man in front of him had dealt with the Crystal Troll in an instant.

The boy, suddenly realising this, wiped his tears in the presence of this being of immeasurable strength. He widened his eyes and smiled “M..My Lord, you are a Clan Leader, right?...You must be part of one of the 5 great clans….I’m..honored to meet you...My name is Anthi”

The boy quickly bowed after coming to his senses, remembering this man dealt with a creature on a Divine level in a heartbeat. Crystal Trolls usually stayed in the center of the forest, but occasionally wandered around to look for foolish travellers.

Lyrim blinked and he rubbed his head, chuckling quietly “Please don’t bow to me..I’m not a Clan Leader, or whatever it is your thinking. I’m.. uhh...Just a traveller.” Ethe and the Qilin began to laugh at Lyrim again.

“-Hahahaha, I cant believe you’re acting so cool like that, hahaha-” Ethe spoke, as if playfully teasing lyrim. Qil also chipped in. “-Maybe he is going to take him under his wing and give him a T.Gear like a teacher, hahahahaha-” Qil spoke, as if a sort of cliche was occurring.

Lyrim turned red and frowned to himself “Idiots…” He mumbled to himself. How could he openly give a boy a T.Gear like that, without someone supervising him? Lyrim didn’t even know the boy longer than 2 minutes, and they jump to such conclusions.

Anthi looked up nervously at Lyrim, who seemed to be a God in his eyes. “My Lord, may I know your name?” Lyrim blinked. There was no need to hide himself, he had no enemies on this world, and there was no one that could threaten him. “Lyrim.“ He spoke with little worry.

The boy smiled and stood up, but still looked courteous to him. “My Lord, may I ask what you’re doing in such a place? My village is close to here, and I don’t think my dad knows of any strong warriors like you coming past.”

Lyrim curiously tilted his head as he gazed in the distance, seeing the aura of hundreds of individuals in an area atleast 3 miles from where they stood. But what caught his eye, just like before, was the large wall that spanned at least 50 meters and went on for miles on end around the forest. “Anthi, could you take me to your village? I don’t seem to know the way.” Lyrim spoke, lying.

Although Ethe’s information was reliable, there was only so much he could do as a soul. He could only go so far from Lyrim’s body when he was recovering. Even though Ethe can explore the planet without limits, he still had to be careful just incase.

That being said, having the boy as a source of information and events wouldn’t hurt, and from the village he could establish himself with information and plot out his actions.

Anthis, eyes now wiped of tears, smiled widely at Lyrim. “Of course My Lord! I cant wait to tell father and the others! If we have a strong warrior in the village, we can rival other, higher clans!”

Lyrim blinked as he followed the boy, who seemed overly excited. “Anthi, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone what happened here. I’d like to keep my presence hidden for now.” Anthi turned and frowned, but knew Lyrim most likely had a reason. “Of course My Lord. My lips are sealed.”

Ethe spoke “-Boy, that was a good idea. Last thing we need is people after us…-”Qil then added. “-Or worshiping us, haha-” Lyrim shook his head with a sort of sarcastic smile, which confused Anthi, but he ignored it.

The two made their way casually around the village towards the wall. Anthi gazed, hiding behind a tree, as there were several guards wearing Beast level T.Gears “Uh...M..My Lord, how are we going to get over without being seen?..”

Lyrim began to think. Then smiled “I have an idea.” Lyrim picked Anthi up and held him tightly at his chest, but not tight enough to hurt him. Lyrim then vanished, leaving an after image. A show of Lyrim’s casual speed.

In an instant, they arrived behind a storage house used to hold weapons and equipment for the guards. Anthi was frozen with shock. It was as if they had teleported. He only felt a powerful breeze, but Lyrim’s arms had shielded him from it, otherwise the force would have destroyed his fragile body.

After arriving, Lyrim gently released Anthi. He looked around to see that people seemed to be in quite a rush. “What’s going on?” Lyrim curiously asked. Anthi, who was regaining his balance, rubbed his head and went over to peek around a corner, seeing that the villages were rushing.

“Oh, they’re probably coming back!” Anthi smiled widely and seemed to jump in a sort of cheer. Although Lyrim didn’t know why. “Anthi?” Anthi stopped and cleared his throat. “Uhh, My Lord, earlier today, knights from the royal palace appeared, sent by Lord Krouse. They’re coming back”

Anthi seemed to find these knights quite something, and as Lyrim turned to look at the forest, he saw the same group he had avoided now heading to this village. “These knights must be really something” Lyrim smiled.

Anthi tugged on Lyrim’s cloak. Although Anthi was 9 years old, he was still a child. “My Lord, would you like to come get a better view? These knights from the royal palace are the most powerful warriors. All of them have Catalyst or Sacred sets! Only warriors who earned them may don them”

Anthi seemed quite knowledgeable about such things. Lyrim wondered if he had intentions of becoming a knight.

As Anthi led Lyrim to the top of a wall that was open to the public, the many knights wearing emblems and their T.Gears made their way inside the village with looks of pride on their faces.

“-These guys think they are strong? I wouldn’t let such weak pieces of crap serve under me-” Qil spoke, showing how prideful he himself was. Ethe chuckled “-Who would want to serve under the mule anyway, hahaha-” This made Qil annoyed as he cursed at Ethe, who only continued to laugh.

This made Lyrim almost burst out laughing, but he controlled himself as he looked at Anthi, who gazed with awe. “You must really like these knights” Lyrim looked at him, then at them. As they entered, they were welcomed with many many cheers. Anthi smiled. “My elder brother….” Anthi spoke, his gaze focused on one of the knights wearing a thin metallic plate like T.Gear with long hair and a look of satisfaction on his face.

“Oh your brother is a knight, that explains it” Lyrim whispered, and Anthi nodded. “My elder brother is the pride of our clan. He was born a genius, unlike me, haha. He was always strong and talented. As for me...I’m the black sheep of our clan.” Anthi continued to smile.

But this made Lyrim narrow his eyes a bit. He had remembered his own relation with Ginta, and these brought up unwanted memories, as well as fueled the hatred inside of him. Lyrim took a deep breath and released a soft sigh. “I’m sure, if you train hard, one day, you can outdo him.”

Anthi chuckled. “I wish. He and my father are the only reason our Clan still lives on here. There is talk that he is also going to come into the top 50 of the tournament.” Lyrim, folding his arms as he looked down, curiously spoke.

“What’s this tournament?...” Anthi looked at Lyrim with widened eyes, as if he had heard words that were like ‘What are those shiney things in the night sky?’.

Anthi shook his head and laughed. “My Lord, you must come from a very hidden place. The planetary tournament is where all the strongest warriors gather to claim fame and honor. It is where Avil, Tyra, and Nephis go with their most powerful warriors to fight, and show who is strongest.

Lyrim didn’t seem impressed. “So it is a show where people bang their chests to show who is superior.” In his mind, Qil and Ethe seemed to chuckle lightly, as they agreed with him. Anthi then shook his head.

“The top 100 will receive great rewards, with the top 10 receiving greater, and the top 5 receiving even better. The person who comes first though, will receive an incredibly good reward from all 3 Demigods”



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