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The shell that made up the body that housed this incredible power was still settling the energy. It had taken an enormous amount of time to naturally remove the impurities of the natural energy. The chaotic natural energy from the peaceful, of course neither went to waste it was as if the body had been trying to build an internal storage for these energies.

That being said, for a body that was untrained such as Lyrim’s to house these amounts of power was a 0.01% of success. Ethe himself had already thought they were going to die and might as well do it with style, but in the end, as if the universe willed it, they had succeeded and beat the odds.

For Lyrim’s body, the energy itself, as if willed and alive, along with Ethe’s regained consciousness, tried to adapt Lyrim’s body and increase its strength and durability. It was as if a giant was performing surgery on the veins of a human without using a microscope.

But as the body adapted, so did the ease of the process.

Naturally, the body would do things itself to increase the durability, so Ethe could only do minor changes. Considering how Ethe had regained his full power while he allowed the body to settle, he had released his soul to go explore while the shell settled.

In Lyrim’s body, his blood had turned a cosmic black, with particles of energy littering it, as if his blood was a unique energy that had been created from the condensed power of 3 Godlike beings.

That being said, since his body was immeasurably stronger than his past one, he had also undergone changes in these past few centuries.

He no longer had a human heart. In its place was a crystalline core that pumped this cosmic blood around him. If one would find such a thing in the ground, it could be said to be a jewel that cannot be compared to anything else.

But this crystalline core was now the source of Lyrim’s power, as well as Ethe’s.

Deep in Lyrim’s consciousness, there was an open plain, where the sky distorted in a purple like color, and the ground seemed to be made out of crystal. In the center of this plain was a giant sphere of energy that was the same cosmic color as his blood. Beside this sphere were two equally giant balls of energy orbiting around it.

One was a ghostly transparent green, the other was a powerful lightning blue that had a tinge of white.

Lyrim was standing silently as he looked at the 3 gigantic masses of energy, his entire body engulfed by a cosmic white. If his blood was a cosmic black, his appearance in this dimension that formed in his consciousness was a cosmic white, with black, sparkling stars.

“ I…” He softly spoke as he felt somewhat dazed. He had recovered his own consciousness and was looking around. That was, before a voice called out to him from behind.

This powerful voice shook the entire landscape, and emitted a powerful aura that could even make Gods tremble.

“Ah, it seems you’re back. Haha, damn your luck is good boy…” Lyrim turned around and widened his eyes at the sight of the monster. It was incredibly huge, its body spanning several hundred meters, with its draconic muscles rippling, as if about to burst from its body.

It was unique, having several horns around its face its eyes, emitting a green and yellow mist like aura.

The dragon also had enormous wings that seemed as if their very force would shatter a planet. Its tail, as well as a few spike like plates, emitted an energy that seemed to go dim, then light up.

The tail itself was intimidating. One strike would surely destroy anything in its way. The body also had a sort of cosmic white like look, but not as much as Lyrim’s.

“Who...are you?..” Lyrim spoke. Although he was surprised after what had happened before, he did not feel fear. He already thought he was dead.

“Hahahaha..” The laugh of the dragon echoed across the plain, shaking it slightly. “That’s fine, since you don’t know. Actually, I look different than I used to thanks to what happened. But it’s me, Ethe. This is my new dragon form.”

Lyrim blinked a few times and examined Ethe. This creature was truly monstrous and powerful, Lyrim thought. And Ethe, as always, read his mind and spoke “Hehe, hey, I don’t think I look that bad. Its less scary than my previous form, but compared to that this form, this one is much more powerful. To the point where the two can’t compare. I owe you boy. Not only did we manage to survive, I even got a boost in power.”

Lyrim rubbed his head curiously “Uhh, that’s fine. Right now, where are we?..Are we dead?” He worryingly spoke. He hadn’t found his father or taken revenge. He had hoped things were good.

Ethe spoke softly “Don’t worry about it boy. I’ve been awake for quite awhile now, looking after your outside body while you recover. Right now, were in a dimension that was created inside your body when the 3 cores combined together.”

Lyrim crouched down. His body appeared to be naked, but thanks to this cosmic white light engulfing his body, none of his features showed. The only thing visible was his limbs as well as the glowing red eyes that pulsed energy. “Please tell me what happened and what’s going on.”

Ethe also seemed to crouch down, causing the ground to rumble slightly. As his head was near Lyrim, it spoke softly, but the voice still emanated power. It began to explain how it countered the Qilins ultimate with its own, even though it had only been able to use it not at full power.

The effects were very risky, and Ethe hadn’t intended on surviving. But it seems things worked out in the end. He then began to explain that they have been in space for hundreds of years and explained what sort of solar system they had entered, as well as the planet.

“Fucking shit!!” Lyrim slammed his hand into the ground, causing the entire dimension to tremble under his new found power, seemingly equaling Ethe. This made Ethe gasp in surprise. “Whoa!! That’s quite a power boost you got. Haha, it seems that I wasnt the only one that got something good. “ Ethe looked at the 3 cores orbiting around one another.

Lyrim was also shocked at his own strength, but sighed. “What good is power if I can't return to exact revenge, heh… ” Ethe chuckled and smiled.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to get back. Consider this a holiday, or God training, or whatever the hell we are now. By the way, your boost… Examining the energy from your body and mine, it seems both of us have cores that house those 3. I have my own, but yours seems to hold the planet that we absorbed..” Ethe began to narrow his eyes.

Lyrim also felt his body was emanating an energetic power. He felt that, with just a finger, he could move a mountain. It was the sort of feeling one felt when experiencing adrenaline, but it was something Lyrim was getting used to.

With this newfound power, his mind and body had matured. He had gotten smarter. Just like how creatures evolved and got more intelligent, he seemed to experience it to.

Because of this, a question surfaced from his lips. “If we both hold cores...than the third one?..” Ethe stood up and looked around as a laugh emitted from his mouth. “Hahahaha. Hey, pack mule, I know you're here. I've sensed you for quite a few years now. You were slower than me, but I know you're here..”

Lyrim blinked, wondering who Ethe was talking to. As Lyrim turned around to see where Ethe was gazing, the ground began to rumble as an enormous four legged creature made its way from the mist like darkness in the horizon of this plain.

In an instant, it vanished and appeared 50 meters away from them. Its body was much different, as if it had also evolved. Emitting the same cosmic like energy as Ethe and Lyrim. This creature was undoubtedly the Sovereign Qilin. Its whisker like hairs on its face floated around in the windless dimension, as if alive.

The Qilin itself seemed more frightening than before, as it growled directly towards Ethe, who only laughed. Though the Qilin didn't seem to attack Lyrim nor Ethe.

It was then that Ethe spoke. “Hey mule, I’m sure you know that the 3 of us are linked now, hahaha. You should thank us, you’re much, much stronger than before”

The Qilin’s face calmed down as it spoke. “You damn lizard!! You destroyed my home and planet, suicidal pest” Ethe, although seeming immeasurably powerful and frightening, seemed to be easy going, not bothering to attack or taunt the creature.

“Say what you want. In the end, we 3 are bound now. I didn't expect that you would be alive. Interesting indeed. I’m sure that T.Link added a special effect to my ability” The Qilin gazed at the 3 spheres and glared. It could feel the energy of itself as well as Lyrim and Ethe emitting from all 3 orbs as they were linked.

“Stuck in this damn body…” Lyrim frowned and spoke “Its not that bad….Besides, I don't like it as much as you. Hey Ethe, I want to go to the outside world.” Ethe turned to look at Lyrim and nodded.

“The way I did it when I woke up here, was just concentrate, as if I'm breaking out of a trance. Since we all share the same power, it should be the same for you.”

The Qilin frowned. “I tried that...How come my body won't manifest outside? I'm only a soul..” Being a God, it had an understanding of the universe, destruction, and creation. It was quite intelligent. Ethe replied as if lecturing it. “Too bad for us. We are only souls in Lyrim’s body now. Your body was most likely absorbed to be used in the T.Gear. Lyrim, the only one who can control his body, now with his strength equaling us, I doubt I can even control a limb without him letting me.”

The Qilin frowned and stomped its feet down, causing a quake in the dimension. But as much as the dimension shook, it was only a visual with the power that made it. It would never break from the ones who created it.

“This pitiful state….” Ethe seemed to curl up, as if resting casually. “Don't blow your horn mule. I’m sure that, with this power, it’s possible to manifest outside with great practice. But I didn't bother trying.”

The Qilin gazed at Ethe and replied. “What are you talking about? Why wouldn't you attempt it and free yourself.” Ethe, who seemed to not want to talk to the Qilin much, transmitted his knowledge towards it.

Considering that they were now linked, it was simple. But he only transferred the knowledge he wanted.

Being a peak God creature, it has a much better understanding of the universe and how energy worked. The Qilin’s eyes widened for a moment as it took in the information that Ethe gave it. Lyrim’s eyes were shut as his body distorted before vanishing into thin air.

Ethe smiled. “Very good boy, you managed to get out.” The Qilin, having finished taking in the information, looked around. It would then grin as its eyes turned a deep crimson red.

Several miles from the plain area, a large energy burst appeared from nothingness, and seemed to form a gigantic structure.

This structure, made from the cosmic energy, hardened. And the energy like light surrounding it dimmed, revealing a crystal structure like palace. The Qilin began to head towards it. As it spoke while heading off. “You can sleep in the open, Lizard. I’m more refined…”

Ethe only laughed at the Qilin’s joke. This creature was truly big headed, and wanted a place for its own. Although Ethe was surprised at how well it adapted and used the energy to control the area.

Even Ethe couldn’t do it on the first go.

Then again, Ethe’s information transferred to it, so the Qilin had an understanding equal to when Ethe managed to do it.

Outside, deep underground, the dim crystal shell that surrounded Lyrim’s body began to glow heavily as it pulsed out. Cracks began to form, releasing a black light from some and a white light from others. As soon as these cracks formed, more appeared. And they grew larger.

The shell itself emitted a strange sound, as if imploding. But that was cut short.

The shell broke off. Inside, there was a liquid of pure, raw, natural energy. This energy contained a figure that slowly began to rise. The figure’s body, that emitted a faint cosmic light, began to look around in the small cave, only a few meters in diameter, before looking up at the entry hole the shell entered from, clearly seeing the sky. Its eyes were incredibly good.

The pupils on this figure were like a spiral galaxy, with 3 stars in the center. But these pupils then condensed and reformed slowly, until they formed into 2 semi crescents. One at the bottom center of the middle, the other at the top center. In between these two, was a sphere of red, with a tinge of green and blue.

As the figure’s body dimmed, the liquid engulfing the figure was absorbed naturally by it. The shelling also seemed to crumble into an essence before being absorbed naturally by its body.

This figure seemed quite powerful. The build of a warrior, hair that was shoulder length, its muscles tight and powerful, with a somewhat light complexion. Its gaze straight and true. The face of this figure seemed slightly feminine, but still manly and masculine at the same time.

If people saw this figure’s body and appearance, they could only think it was one that God himself had created in an attempt to outdo himself. This was the body of one with immeasurable power. This was the new form that Lyrim was left with. The appearance of an 18 year old.

From the weak, cute looking appearance he once had, to the handsome, powerful look he now has.

Although several hundred years have passed, only a few years seemed to add on. Lyrim though, was completely naked from head to toe. His hair was a powerful silvery white that emitted a faint aura. Ethe’s voice resounded in his head. “Hey, not bad kid. The girls of Archia would be fawning for you, haha. Hey, I did a bit since you were resting. I made it so your age was now that of a young adult. But that’s all I could do without control from you.”

Lyrim could see perfectly in this darkness. As if the light of the sun was pouring here like day. He looked at himself and felt the same power he had in the dimension he had met Ethe and the Qilin in. Although things had happened, he wondered what would happen next.

“Ethe, thanks…” This word of thanks was targeted towards what Ethe had done to keep him safe and help him live. Ethe only laughed, his voice resounding clearly in his head. “It’s fine. After all, your body is basically my home now.. Oh yeah, try and form clothes for yourself before the inhabitants look at you funny, hehe.”

Lyrim blinked and gazed at his naked body, a little surprised. It seems a lot has improved. It made him turn red slightly, but Ethe’s words resounded in his head, as he heard Ethe talk about inhabitants. “This planet has people?!!”

A little weird since Ethe had only told him that these 3 planets had creatures. Who would have thought it had intelligent life other than high level creatures? “Yeah. It’s weird though, they have pointy ears, and by human standards they are pretty attractive”

Lyrim’s eyes lit up. It seems he was about to make first contact, if that term even continued to exist. Lyrim, looking at his body, followed Ethe’s instructions and began to focus the natural energy of the area around him until it had formed into material, and from that material, with Ethe’s help, formed clothing.

Stitched pants as well as boots, and a light brown tunic that fit well with his muscles.

A hood then covered his head, but his face was still barely visible. Lyrim began to make his way out of the hole that the crystal shell had formed in its collision. Lyrim’s body was not really ascending with his hands and legs, but more so flying up. This was because Lyrim eased his will to allow Ethe to help him ascend.

As Ethe released him, he was outside the hole, his eyes squinting at the blinding light of the sun. He had been underground for so long, and his eyes had to adjust a bit. The air was incredibly fresh and reminded him of home.

There were countless trees, and there were several creatures in the distance roaring or flying around.

Although to Lyrim, it wasn’t seem impressive. In fact, he would be disappointed if it wasn't atleast this good. As he took a step forward, Ethe’s voice quickly spoke up. “WAIT!” At that moment, Lyrim’s foot stepped onto the ground outside the hole from the crystal shell.

The ground shook, and from the center of where he stepped, a crater spanning a half mile formed into the ground. Not only did the power of his body, that was still unrestrained, cause such a thing, but the creatures in the area under the pressure were killed instantly and crushed into a pulp.

The trees, the boulders, everything turned to a grain like dust. Lyrim stared, dumbfounded, as if he had did something bad. “Uhh..” He rubbed his head. Although he killed so many creatures, for a human like him who battled them, he could care less. Even more so with his current mind set.

Ethe and the Qilin’s voice resounded in laughter at Lyrim “Hahahahahaha!” It seems the Qilin was also able to see through Lyrim’s eyes. Ethe spoke. “Boy, when you were in the shell, I figured the power in your body would run rampant, so I tried my best to coat the area of the hole and the shell in natural energy… I forgot to tell you to be careful, hehe”

The Qilin then spoke “You dumb lizard, how could you forget…” Ethe growled quietly “Shut up, mule. Anyway, Lyrim, just focus the energy outside your body and condense it inside. Try to imagine everything on this planet and the world as made out of material much, much weaker than paper. Let me help.”

Lyrim frowned. He was a little annoyed, but incredibly amazed at such power. With only a step, a crater half a mile had decimated every living and nonliving thing with him at the center. The hole he had been in was barely visible anymore.

Focusing his mind and willing Ethe to control the energy, the two managed to contain the energy outside Lyrim’s body.

At this stage, Lyrim no longer emitted any energy. That was the control of a being as powerful as him.

Nothing, unless it was equal or stronger, would be able to tell he had natural energy. To anything else he would be like an average person.

Lyrim, after a few seconds of completing the containment, took another step. The only sound that resounded was a few pebbles that his feet touched being moved normally. He let out a sigh of relief, then grinned. “Now that its done…” His stomach growled a bit. “Hungry…”

Lyrim was a little dumbfounded. He had never really liked to eat, or put any foreign substance in his mouth. But he had suddenly felt an incredible urge to go eat something raw. Alive or dead, he didn’t care. He wanted to eat.

He began to drool a little as he thought “-Ethe, what are you doing?-” Ethe chuckled. “-Wasn’t me. The dumb mule is doing it-” At this stage, the Qilin spoke with an annoyed voice “-Since this is my home too, I’m practicing. I’m trying to make it so you can live off natural energy-” Ethe whistled quietly and spoke. “-Good idea.. For now Lyrim, go kill something with your power. I doubt even the Demigods could stop you, haha-”

Lyrim nodded “-Surprising that there are Demigods. Ethe, you searched for a long time, how do you feel about it?-” Lyrim wondered as he used the agility of his body, which outmatched a God’s. He effortlessly leaped out of the crater, and landed softly and gracefully on the edge.

“-It’s actually pretty interesting. You know, this planet has a system like yours. Although they’re a little more fanatical. I spent a few years going around, and it seems these pointy eared bastards are a type of human, natural creature thing. They can absorb natural energy, although its weaker than a T.Gear user, and nothing compared to yours. But it’s enough for their bodies to be good and strong-”

Lyrim, casually walking across the forest, could see living auras emitting from everywhere around him. The trees gave off a light green aura, the small creatures a gentle blue, the larger ones in the distance a thicker blue.

He then replied to Ethe “-Speaking of T.Gears, are they-” Ethe, expecting his question, spoke.

“-You bet they do. Although their method is a little different. They’re able to make T.Gears using their internal energy, and the forms they get can vary. They can make armor, and they also have a more rare form thats not really an armor, but more so a transformation, allowing them to transform their bodies-”

Lyrim smiled “-That’s amazing-” He spoke in praise, but Ethe hissed quietly “-That being said, their power can only be as strong as the creature they convert to. I think you humans have a much cooler look, hehe. But..-”

Lyrim smiled “-I wonder what mine would look like…-” Ethe quickly spoke “-Don’t you dare….I’ll tell you now. The way things are now, I have no doubt the energy your T.Gear released. If you can’t control it, could destroy these planets just by transforming. So until you learn to control yourself, don’t bother-”

Lyrim nodded “-Probably for the best. I’d rather not spend hundreds of years traveling again….-” He sighed, remembering he had no way to go home. But he didn’t want to lose hope.

Ethe let out a soft voice “-Don’t worry about it. Without your T.Gear, you’re as strong as a mid stage God, and when you control your energy, no doubt you will be as strong as a peak stage one or an early whatever the hell comes next, haha-”

Lyrim chuckled softly. Ethe was clearly enjoying himself. Lyrim’s attention was caught. As he looked in the distance, he saw a large group of 30 individuals heading his way. All of them wearing cloaks and what appeared to be T.Gears.

Their bodies were emitting a blue aura with a green tinge.

“-I bet they felt what happened and are heading to see the crater-” Lyrim thought, and Ethe replied “-Probably-” The Qilin then growled quietly “-Who cares. If they stop you, kill them. Damn pests-”

Ethe began to lecture him. “-Dumb mule, have you no control as a God? Its no fun killing things weaker than ants before tormenting them, haha-” Lyrim’s eyebrows twitched. Ethe, it seemed, was a bit more psychotic than the Qilin.

Lyrim thought. “-We won't kill anyone. We will defend ourselves if they attack, but I’d like to avoid killing anything that resembles a human….-”

Ethe chuckled  “-Boy, what's the difference? Me and the mule are creatures that kill other creatures, you are a human who kills creatures. These things are creatures, so don't worry about it. We decide the food chain now, hehe-”

Lyrim frowned and shook his head as the group got closer and closer. Lyrim, using his speed, vanished. He was so fast, an after image remained for several seconds before being blown away by the wind. Lyrim appeared several hundred miles west of his current location, appearing on a small mountainous cliff. He could now see a large area.

“-Pretty fast, heh-” He thought before looking around, trying to focus a little energy in his eyes. And as he did, he could see the landscape fill with the energy of living creatures so well, it was as if he could see them from a few feet away if he focused.

“-I could get used to this power-” He smiled and looked down the cliff, seeing a large four legged creature that resembled a furred lion. Lyrim could see the energy it emitted. “-Looks like a Mega Beast-” Ethe spoke softly. And Lyrim narrowed his eyes.

“-Weird, this planet has Beast level creatures, all the way to Demigods…-” Ethe spoke “-These planets have incredibly good natural energy. Their cores are very stable, and the air is filled with natural energy, allowing them to advance well. It’s even better than Archia-”

Lyrim nodded and grinned, showing his flawless teeth with two dagger like fangs revealed like a vampire. He looked at the Mega Beast, and then jumped down towards it like a ravenous predator, his eyes emitting a line of red light as he was going to devour his first meal.



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Also, please correct me if I'm wrong but T. Gears lengthen the life span of their owners right?
Now as to why they managed to survive, I'm thinking it was a combination of the way his T. Gear works and his natural disposition of being able to absorb natural energy.

AndrewRL @AndrewRL ago

Oh, so he actually aged, though it was through Ethe's tampering. Honestly wasn't expecting the quilin to tag along, but it seems Lyrim matured a lot which is good. Now he's a human god with vampire fangs, glowing multicolored eyes, near unlimited power, two other godly creatures and the energy of a planets core intertwined with him, while also housing an entire realm of existence inside him and looking like a super model. All this while seemingly still innocent despite his maturity based on his reaction to being naked. xD This story gets better every chapter.

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Looks like a new cover is in order with the physical changes of Lyrim

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YES! just wondering, will his brother and the people in there still alive? i mean its been a hundred of years already and i know that you wrote something explaining it but i just want to make sure because if they're not, where's the story going?

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05/04/2015 02:32:46aldrie95 Wrote: [ -> ]YES! just wondering, will his brother and the people in there still alive? i mean its been a hundred of years already and i know that you wrote something explaining it but i just want to make sure because if they're not, where's the story going?

The king and Ginta are almost certainly alive as catalyst T.Gear provide a lifespan of 1k and its been somewhere between 400-600 years and since William got all those readings of the fight there almost certainly at the divine level by now if not celestial if and possibly at demigod as it was a low level god battle William got data from so unless Ginta Dethroned the king with the princesses approval hes probably still there

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From weak to OP. I for one hopes he can go back to his own time to kill one pest of a king

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