Abandoned by everyone, one is left with no choice but to seek there own destiny and overcome obstacles alone.

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By now, the looks on the members, as well as Williams, who was behind Lyrim, were one of fear and dread. They knew that a creature that was capable of something limitless was around, and Williams was already packing up “WE ARE HEADING BACK RIGHT NOW!!” He roared. He clearly didn’t want to die.

Lyrim’s T.Gear on the other hand, was continuing to absorb. “-Ethe..w..what is it…-” Lyrim felt a pressure as well as killing intent targeted towards him. Thanks to Ethe’s presence and the T.Gear though, it was lessened. Ethe softly replied. “-Seems we pissed off a God, hehe-” He seemed to take joy in it.

At that moment, a thunderous voice roared out like a thunder bolt. “Insolent whelps, you dare disturb my slumber?! I’ll have your souls for my meal!!” Ethe chuckled as he spoke to Lyrim “-I don’t think I was ever like that-”

Lyrim, trying to joke even though he was sweating, spoke “-T..Then again, you never had creatures to keep you company-” At that moment, in a flash, the Sovereign Qilin appeared in front of Lyrim on the edge of the cliff, in front of the vacuum that didn’t seem to budge it, as if it were a light breeze. It had a look on its face that would even scare the devil himself, its nostrils emitting a static like flame.

It gazed at Lyrim. “You dare…” Above the planet, the clouds would be sucked away from the force of an invisible pull, as if all the clouds of the planet were forced to combine into one until they formed a pitch black mass that was a single cloud composed of a torrent of the planet’s clouds forming into one.

The Qilins eyes showed a Godly wrath as it spoke softly “Chaos Bolt….” The entire black mass built up static into the center before the very energy of all those clouds fired down like a beam of blue light that was one single bolt of lightning.

“-Piss off…-” Ethe spoke, before an area spanning 500 miles seemed to slow down, as if time was freezing, and a slight pull formed, before a blinding field of energy was formed that could be seen from the planet. “-Dimensional Aegis-” The bolt of lightning collided with the shield of energy. With two God like abilities colliding, they both seemed to break in a mutual destruction.

Although the Qilin was holding back, and Ethe seemed to use a bit of his power. Lyrim could only freeze with astonishment. By now, the others had already retreated on Williams orders while they gazed at Lyrim.

William instantly froze. The mind of a scientist needed results. The being in front of him was definitely something unfathomable. He quickly got his machine out again. “Incredible….Magnificent…” He spoke as he looked at the sky, the entire planet seemingly shaking as if it were going to crack open.

Ethe spoke with anger. “-This bastard...I only managed to get 12%, and he made me use 1% on that skill...Argh….-” The Qilin’s eyes widened with astonishment as it looked up. Before it looked down at the creature that was still devouring its home.

It was a creature, the only one of its race that was born inside the depths of this canyon, and had been sleeping and slumbering for billions of years since this planet was formed. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to say it was one of the first, if not the first creature ever birthed on Mist Valley.

It had never encountered an opponent it couldn’t kill with a breath. But here, this being blocked its Godly attack. The Qilin showed a terrifying smile. “Very well….” Its entire body began to emit a terrifying aura, and Ethe knew something was going to happen.

“-Lyrim...Williams has a tool I want, I can stall him for only 20 seconds, maybe 15. You need to get that tool. Its in the shape of a cube. You should have seen it…-” Lyrim spoke out, but Ethe had already started before he could utter his words.

Lyrim, knowing he didn’t have long, his body engulfed in a deep ghostly green aura that split from his form. As Lyrim vanished with incredible speed, this was the ability Ethe had spoken of to enhance his body. His skin had turned a deep transparent green, as if littered with small stars. His eyes were a deep crimson red. His mind was there, but his body acted on instinct.

He trusted Ethe and knew that if he didn’t, they would all die. As he rushed to Williams, the split form of energy burst out like a flash of light in front of the Qilin, engulfing it in a shell of energy. The Qilin’s voice resounded like a chuckle. “You think...this can stop me!!!” His energy began to surge as cracks appeared in the shell.”

By this stage, Lyrim appeared in front of Williams, who looked at him in horror, thinking he was a monster. With only a swift movement, he was there and gone. With the object in his hand. This was the T.Link Lyrim had seen once before. He didn’t know where he was going now, but was going back to where Ethe had told him what to do.

But Ethe’s voice echoed in his head. “-Dive into the canyon! Quick! Go down as far as you can!!-” Lyrim clenched his teeth, wondering about the others. But he knew Ethe couldn’t give a Shit about them, and only cared about their own survival, because if Lyrim died, so did he.

By now, the Qilin had broken free, its energy surging with untapped power. Its eyes focused on Lyrim in an instant before it roaring. Its roar had sent a shockwave of pure wrath and energy that shot towards Lyrim like a giant nuclear bullet.

“-This little…-” Lyrim’s body became transparent before it vanished, as if like a flash of light. The shockwave bullet cleaved forward, disintegrating everything in its path, as it went on, seemingly not ending and vanishing in the horizon.

“Insolent pest…” The Qilin vanished with seemingly lightning like speed as it shot downwards towards the canyon. Lyrim’s eyes were shut, before he slowly opened them. In front of him was a blinding light, a massive, incredible ball of fire, as if it were the sun.

Ethe spoke. “-As much as I’d like to tell you about the core of this planet, we only have a minute...Stupid bastard made me use a good portion of the energy I got from the mist…-” Lyrim was silent as his hands moved by themselves, a deep crimson energy surging from his body into the T.Link, which seemed as if it were manifesting.

Lyrim nervously spoke “E..Ethe?...” Ethe responded as they made their way towards the core. “-Converting. Shush…-” He also seemed a little nervous. Lyrim’s body was engulfed in a thick crimson and green energy, but he could still feel the heat of the core.

Every time they got closer, the energy around Lyrim thickened, as if to counter it. By now, Lyrim’s eyes were tightly shut, and Ethe was controlling his body like he was a puppet. “-Hah...its here..-”
Lyrim snuck a peek behind them. As he looked, he saw the raging torrent several hundred meters from them. The core itself was covered around the earth, the only opening seemed to be the canyon that led straight to it.

“-Hey boy, I only got 3% left...If this doesn’t work, well, sorry about that, haha-” Lyrim looked in a daze as the Qilin rushed to them. The T.Link was absorbed into the T.Gear and a seemingly wierd feeling was felt before Ethe spoke. “-Now then….-” Using 1% more of his power, he vanished with Godlike speed, comparable to the Qilin, and dived into the core of the planet.

The aura engulfing Lyrim was incredibly strong, but with the heat of a core comparable to the surface of the sun, it was like he was frying in 50 degrees celsius. His body sweating and getting hotter.

The Qilin roared with anger, not daring to do anything to the core that housed its lair. “INSECT!! COME OUT!!” The thunderous killing intent echoed all over not only on the canyon, but the planet itself.
Lyrim’s heart seemed to beat incredibly fast, as if it were about to burst from his chest. The light was so blinding he had to cover his eyes with his hands.

The lights on Lyrim’s chest glowed a deep blue and yellow before the center formed a pitch black void, different to the vortex he was used to. In a moment, Lyrim felt his organs shudder from the force of the center of his chest, as if he were a ragdoll. He spat out blood that disintegrated in the heat of the core.

The black hole like object on his chest pulsed around the core before, like a ravenous whirlpool, it began to devour the energy much, much quicker than the vortex from before. Ethe’s voice quietly resounded in lyrim’s head. “-Oh that’s good….Its working….Already so much power…-” Ethe seemed to be enjoying it, and at this stage Lyrim was barely conscious.

With every bit of power gained, the aura around Lyrim began to get stronger, as if to shield him better and heal him. The Qilin looked around the core, its eyes unable to penetrate, but its senses clear. It felt a ravenous hunger, and felt an enormous surge of energy before its eyes widened.

“No….What are you doing!!!” It spoke before it dived into the core itself. “-Its working….You humans are incredible...That T.Link crap was able to stabalize my skill and even make eating a core so easy….Hahha-” Ethe was exstatic about the situation. He was gaining an incredible amount of power.

The Qilin rushed in and gazed at them, the heat seemingly not affecting it. But the pull of the force devouring the core was astonishingly powerful. It had to use a good portion of its power to resist. “Incredible…” It uttered, before realising the situation it was in. “If this goes on, he will devour the core of the planet! I need to stop him!!”

The Qilin’s forehead began to grow a powerful spiral like horn that pulsed with energy, before it shot towards Lyrim from behind, like a flash of light. Ethe glared as he felt his power reach 29% Very quickly, as the core was much more effective than the mist. “Piss off you little shit..” Lyrim’s right hand pointed towards the Qilin, being controlled by Ethe, before a mass of energy began to gather.

“Cosmic Crush…” A powerful wall of energy was shot towards the Qilin who rammed it head on. With two God like forces colliding, the core began to waver, as the liquid began to shake and destroy. The planet was also starting to feel the effects as tectonic plates shifted.

Williams and the others, although stunned, knew they had to get out of there. Williams had a satisfied look on his face as him and the others left at high speeds. “Lyrim...Damnit, damnit!!” Iria spoke, and Herifo also clenched his teeth. “Sorry...kid….” He regrettingly spoke.

The other two also seemed quite sad, but Williams showed no care at all as he clutched the case, as if it were a hoard of gold. “So much information...Hahaha” The two forces in the core of the planet cancelled themselves out. With the Qilin taking a step back, he called out.

“Are you mad!?! You intend to devour the core and kill us!!” Ethe, now reaching 37% power, was capable of speaking outside of Lyrim’s mind, his voice sounding out like a deep torrent of fury “You dumb horse. Shut up. I’ll deal with you later…” A surge of killing intent poured from Ethe towards the Qilin.

Despite Ethe being a soul of a T.Gear, he was still a peak stage God while the Qilin was an early stage one. 37% power was still quite a lot, and caused it to shudder and narrow its eyes. “God creature…” It mumbled quietly and its mouth split, apart its eyes showing a deep fury as its body emitted a powerful, wrathful energy.

The Qilin glared at Lyrim, thinking he was the source of the voice. “If this planet intends to go...I’ll take you with it!!” The Qilin roared in fury as the horn and its body shuddered with energy. The horn became so engulfed in a focused power that the point of it seemed to rip into space and enter what appeared to be a new dimension as a circular vortex appeared at the point. ”Howling Qasar…” The Qilin, uttered its voice echoing fiercely. If Ethe had eyes, they would have widened. But he was also frightened. “This suicidal… “

He turned Lyrim’s body around so the force of the black hole like vortex pointed towards the Qilin. It started to feel the energy of its body leave under the near infinite pull. The Qilin turned into a spiral of blue and black energy as it shot towards Lyrim with the strength of a falling star. Slowly losing strength, but approaching with still an incredible amount of force.

“No choice….” Ethe spoke. At this point, he was relying on an average absorbing ability infused with the T.Link to absorb the mist and the core for safety, but now he had to pull out his most powerful skill to match the Qilin, even as he had 46% of his energy.

“Lyrim, maybe I’ll see you on the other side…” He spoke pessimistically, as if he knew it was the end.  “Ginnungagap….” With Williams and the others already long gone, this left only the 3 of them. The weaker creatures had already perished due to the natural occurrences and shifts of the planet, and were long gone. The creatures that could fly were devoured by the raging winds and tornados littering the planet.

The blinding light that was the Qilin, with an even more blinding tip of its horn shooting towards Lyrim, was met with no more struggle as the absorption had ended. But it then slowed down to a crawl, as something that shook the Qilin happened.

Lyrim’s entire body turned into a pitch, primordial darkness, that seemed to liquify and expand with no sound. In fact, it was as if light and sound in that expanding sphere of darkness that had devoured Lyrim’s presence didn’t exist.

The Qilin, which was only 2 meters from Lyrim, was now in this void of darkness, the sound of its energy replaced by the sound of loneliness. Its energy being eaten away at a significant rate as it moved as fast as a turtle towards the source, and getting slower.

It tried to speak, but its words caused no sound. By this stage, half of the planet had been devoured, using all the energy Ethe had mustered. The Qilin’s energy had all but been eaten away as it muttered to itself. “-Such...a monster….-” Although it was considered a super rare creature, it didn’t know that Ethe himself was a creature more rarer and fiercer than it. One that devours all.

The darkness remained still like a shell. By this stage, everything had been devoured. The Qilin’s last remaining bit of energy had barely touched the center of Lyrim’s chest. His figure still existed, but blended perfectly with the darkness. The darkness began to spread from the Qilin’s horn and expanded to its body and further.

“-It ends like this…-” It thought to itself, as the only way it could hear in this nonexistent void was its own thoughts. And even that vanished and was then devoured by the center of the void with no more energy to spare.

The shell began to retract slowly, but enough for it to seem quick. By this stage, the entire planet’s core was already gone, and the Qilin as well. The planet looked like an apple that had been bitten by someone with an enormous mouth, leaving only the shell intact.

The planet was like a floating lifeless rock, with only the remnants of life as well as the floating corpses of the creatures remaining. The shell retracting had taken a week, but to Lyrim, it felt like an instant. As it had fully retracted to his body, the darkness vanished, leaving only a golden crystal that engulfed his body, as if he were carved from ice.

At this stage, this protective crystal began to float into the depths of space, along with the debris. When the energy inside the crystal that made up Lyrim’s body and T.Gear began to shift, as if manifesting his form and trying to find a place for all the energy inside. Even Ethe felt powerless until this change settled.

“It feels weird….” A soft voice, seemingly backed by thousands of others, gently echoed in the mind of Lyrim. It was hazy, as if a storm was happening in his brain, and the voice was as weak as a soft current.

“I can’t move….I’m tired….” The voice softly faded. Space... Most considered it the final frontier. Lazuras, although having an impressive amount of technology, felt no need to advance towards space travel due to the invention of T.Gears, as well as field portals.
(PR Nore: Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship ‘Lyrimprise’)

Their time, effort, and money, was spent on that. The only ones that showed interest were people who wondered what the void was like, and what the planets surrounding Archia were like. Thus, Lazuras had no real motivation to go to space. They cared not for the other planets. With their own telescopes, they could only make out the figure of the planet and found them all to be lifeless and barren. Nothing impressive.

Space itself, although seen as nothing important to humans, was seen as a gateway to God level creatures, and Demigods dreaming of travel. With the ability to traverse at an incredible speed, and some abilities even allowing light speed to a degree. They were able to expand their territories.

Although there weren’t many God level creatures in the universe, there were enough to know that others existed. These Gods, having lived for billions of years, grew bored and napped for millenniums on end with no real motivation. It would only be when their powers peaked, when they understood they could advance and reach a stage of power where they would be able to be near infinite.

The golden crystal body of Lyrim was slowly settling and calming down. It had been floating for 360 years and had been past many lifeless planets, and planets with life. Some C rank, some A rank, and a couple bieng S rank.

With Ethe’s mind slowly surfacing, he only had a basic function, and that was to emit energy around the gold crystal to increase the speed. Right now, the crystal itself was travelling at an incredibly fast speed, and becoming faster.

It had traversed very far in a short amount of time. But a rare occurrence was about to make things a bit easier. 5 years in front of the gold crystal was a spiralling vortex of energy that was blue in color. Ethe, having only basic thought with the intelligence of a 10 year old, spoke. “-Worm...hole…-”

Adjusting the speed, he increased it towards the Wormhole, having encountered one in the past. He used them to travel quicker, and they were quite convenient. As the crystal shell approached the Wormhole, it was drawn in like a whirlpool taking in a ship, but the shell proved to be near indestructible, with the absorption of a Godlike core and a God itself, the power of this shell in Lyrim’s shape totaled 3 Gods.

The power it had was unmatched, and could no longer be considered Godlike, but something far above it. As the shell was devoured by the Wormhole, it reappeared on the other side of it, the exit being a red coloured version of the wormhole they entered. One draws in, the other spits out.

The crystal had spent a few years to encounter the Wormhole before shooting like a cosmic meteorite by the force of being pushed out of the other end. The shell shot towards a planet in the distance.

Planets with life are rare, and are seen as an everyday occurrences. Planets with a God could be said to be 1 in 10 trillion planets, with intelligent life, 1 in 20 trillion. Who would of thought the shell had entered a solar system with 1 star, 3 planets, each with intelligent life, each ranking in A, each ruled by a peak Demigod. A solar system like this could be said to be the only kind in this universe.

The crystal shell shot towards the planet on the furthest to the right with several Celestial creatures around, floating in space, traveling around the planets, as if enjoying their hierarchy. A Demigod can travel to planets, but it would take thousands of years at their speed to get to a good destination. A God can reach it much, much quicker.

Demigods avoid far space travel. Because of their given speed, they only travel around to close planets, which is why they dream of open travel. Celestials, although able to travel around in space, are much slower. The distance for a Demigod to reach either of these planets from each other would take several hours. For a Celestial, at least 2 weeks.

A God on the other hand, would reach it in a few minutes, or a few seconds, depending on their level. The crystal shell, like a cosmic light, fired down with incredible speed. Near that planet were 2 Celestial creatures battling each other. Shadow Snake and Terror Phoenix. The Snake hissed at the Phoenix with anger.

“You dare attack my worshippers!!!” The Phoenix roared as its fiery heat burned like a volcano “Stupid Snake, they killed some of my worshippers!!” As the two battled each other, the crystal shell shot down between the two.

The speed was so quick, the Snake and Phoenix could barely react. One of the Phoenix’s wings were torn off as it squawked in agony, while half of the Snake’s lower body was torn off cleanly. While the two spun around, trying to heal their own wounds, the shell had already entered the atmosphere of the planet, and pierced through the clouds, splitting them away before crashing into a large mountain.

The crystal shell, having traversed a total of 465 years, had now showed the basic presence of Lyrim’s mind, and Ethe had fully recovered his consciousness. The meteor like shell had crashed into the side of the mountain, burrowing deep into it, at least 2 miles. The shockwave and tremor causing an earthquake in the surrounding area.

After several minutes of noise and creatures flocking away in fear, the area became silent. Deep underground, the crystal shell pulsed with energy, before it became quiet, as if resting from its long travel.

Deep on this unknown planet, one would not think that an entity significantly more powerful than a God is now resting, until the day the boy is fully awakened and ready to greet the outside world with his presence. A soft voice echoed.

“100%...Ha, hahahaha” A deep, menacing laughter echoed around the shell.



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