Ethereal Sovereign



Chapter 13 Arrival Of The Sovereign.


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Ethe seemed a little annoyed at Lyrim’s questions but spoke on “-Of course I have. With such power, you think I wouldn’t go look down the street and see what’s happening? I spent at least a billion years travelling around-”

For a God like Ethe, although a billion years was a long time, for him to have lived so long and become immortal and not age it would eventually be a blip in his life, with only good memories to be attached.

Lyrim wondered what it was like. Lazuras had developed telescopes and super telescopes. We could only admire the stars and galaxies from afar. “What was it like out there…” Starting to be a little friendly with Ethe. Lyrim knew that a creature like him had total freedom.

Ethe laughed and spoke “-It was boring. Who knows how many planets I searched, for I only found basic, crappy, C rank life, and nothing else. The universe doesn’t seem to be much older than Archia-” Ethe spoke, seemingly not impressed. It was at least funny that he used human terms such as C rank.

“I guess no other Gods” Lyrim curiously spoke. Ethe only shook his head. “-None. Before I died, I discovered that the only way for me to improve was to devour the energy of planets or other Godlike beings. I was so busy traveling and trying to find some good things, that I completely lost my motivation to become higher than a god-”

Lyrim wondered what the life for a God would be. Wouldn’t it be a lonely life, seeking power for no reason? Of course, Ethe, knowing his thoughts, spoke “It is indeed. Creatures only seek to be Godlike creatures. None of them, after living for so long, care about being higher. Only when a God has reached a peak stage will they have the ability to devour a planet’s core, as well as the cores of other Gods.”

Lyrim couldn’t help but wonder why. And of course, Ethe answered. “A planet can be said to have the energy of a peak God. We Gods are able to destroy them easily, but the core itself is unstable. With enough energy, even we can be hurt by a planet exploding. It would be a peak God exploding. Of course, the smaller the planet, the weaker the Godlike energy.

For a God ranked creature, you need to understand your body, as well as understand creation and destruction. You need to disassemble the core of either a planet or a God creature, and only take the pure natural energy that remains.

The chance of this refining process succeeding is extremely low. I tried it several times on small planets, and they all nearly killed me. I doubt there is anything in this universe higher than a peak level God like me. Then again, I haven’t explored it, so who knows-”

Lyrim nodded, and at this stage, was starting to feel his head hurt, as well as a bit of fatigue. “-Get some rest boy. When you wake up, I’ll have transferred the knowledge of the enhancing ability in your mind. Don’t go crazy with it, as it uses the energy I’ve saved, and I don’t accept IOUs-”

Lyrim couldn’t help but smile before he drifted into a deep slumber. A dark field with only shadows and mist. A place that held the stench of death and loneliness. In that field, Lyrim was standing alone, gazing around, afraid.

“Hello?..” He called out as he took a few steps back. The darkness was so consuming, his heart began to beat faster and faster. As if the air carried the stench of death, he was forced to consume natural energy to keep himself alive. But was starting to get thinner.

“Is anyone there?! Can someone help me?!” He called out, his voice carrying more worry as his mind began to form voices, laughs, and wails of sorrow. “Ha...just….a dream….Just a dream…” He spoke to himself, understanding that he was a lucid dreamer, which was quite rare. “Just...a dream….” He fell on his knees, his hands covering his ears as his eyes focused on the vantablack like floor (A.N vantablack is the darkest color/object on earth)

His mind was nearing a breaking point, but in that darkness, the voices as well as the feeling of helplessness vanished for a moment as a voice called out to him. “Lyrim...Why are you afraid?..” Lyrim, hearing the voice even though his hands covered his ears, looked up.

In the darkness in front of him was a near blinding light with the silhouette of a figure. But the voice was of someone he knew. “Father?...” He spoke. He had truly missed his father. As a young boy who was pushed around by the Clan, his father had always been there.

“Lyrim, why do you not avenge me?...What are you afraid of?” Lyrim quickly stood up “I’m not afraid!!” He showed courage, ignoring the dark around him in the presence of his father, feeling courage surge in him.

“Lyrim...Why did you let them exile me?...You have a God set, and yet you follow those who didn’t help me…” Lyrim’s eyes widened as he gave a worried smile. “T..That’s not it father. Ha...haha I...I will avenge you...I’m trying to become stronger…” Lyrim worryingly laughed as he stepped closer to his father’s silhouette. But in his mind, he knew it wasn’t real.

But to him, it was the closest thing he got. Tears started to well up in his eyes, how much he missed his dad, the one who protected him and treated him kindly, and had hope for him. “Lyrim...You have power...You’re just too afraid…”

Lyrim sighed and felt his heart quiver, but his father’s voice spoke. “I know you’re strong Lyrim. I always believed in you. I know you can overcome your fear.” As if a nightmare being looked down upon by his father, it had started to become a good dream. But his hopes would be cut short.

“F..Father, I..” The silhouette of his father was clear now. As Lyrim smiled and approached him, his father’s arms opened, and Lyrim began to move closer. But the eerie dark feeling covered the area again.

Behind his dad, a shadow had formed before revealing a sinister smile. It was the tyrant King that Lyrim despised. “Father!!” He called out, but his father showed only a smile, as if unaware of the presence behind him.

A long, dark blade formed in the tyrant King’s hand, before he slashed it across his father’s waist. His father’s figure distorted before slowly vanishing. “Lyrim...take care…” A tear formed in his father’s eye before they slowly closed, as if life had left him.

He heard the sound of the laughing King, as if victory had been assured. “And now I took him from you twice!! HAHAHAHAHA” Giving a maddening laugh. Lyrim stood there, frozen. His heart seemed to have stopped.

Outside his body, Ethe, who had been exploring the Lazuras complex in a ghost like mist that was invisible to those without the strength to see him, and even then they wouldn’t be able to touch him. “These humans are pretty smart...They have nice toys…” He then gasped as he felt a strange sensation. “Shit...Don’t tell me…!”

Lyrim’s figure in his dream began to roar with anger, as energy began to encircle his body, causing the dream world to shake. As if a mirror, the shadow world was crashing down, his eyes shining a deep red and green as anger overtook him. The energy around his body lit the area up so violently, that the tyrant King, who was smiling, was slowly incinerated while uttering his last words.

“Such a nice anger…” Lyrim’s mouth and eyes began to emit a light as he fell to his knees silently. The anger of losing his father a second time, even if just a dream, was too much for him. But this anger and surge of power was leading his body in real life to emit the same violent aura.

The entire complex and area spanning several hundred miles, even reaching the cities and towns around it, shook violently. Much more than when Ethe displayed a show of force. This was the power of the God set when not even displayed.

Ethe had rushed back to see the aura Lyrim was emitting. “Dammit boy….Can’t you control your nightmares..” He spoke, reading his mind since he was a part of him now. Ethe then entered his body and was beginning to control the surge of power, as well as Lyrim’s anger, by calling to him.

“Lyrim, it’s a dream!! It’s just a dream, control yourself!!” Ethe called out while the energy Lyrim’s body emitted was steadily calming down. Although Lyrim was angry, compared to a God’s soul, it was still nothing.

Lazuras had gone into a panic. Bray was yelling out commands. “Where the hell did this earthquake come from dammit!? Don’t we have tools to stop this from happening!?!” Williams was also issuing out commands. “Increase the energy ratio to the stabilizers of the complex. We can’t let this go on or it will be crushed!!”

With worry not only in the eyes of the people and workers going around, even Hawk members were not allowed to leave their rooms. Leona sighed. “What’s going on….No earthquake can be this strong…” She worryingly looked around.

Kyta hadn’t been able to sleep for several hours due to meeting Ginta in the restaurant. He was already drinking some tea, but also showed nervous signs. “Hmmm….” Before long, the panic quietly began to settle down as Lyrim slowly broke out of the anger due to Ethe’s voice.

“D..Dream..” He quietly and weakly spoke. Ethe let out a ghostly sigh. “Boy...You know you almost caused an early apocalypse for every living soul in a couple hundred miles…” Lyrim looked around. By now he was already awake, feeling mentally weakened but slowly coming together. It was 6 am in the morning, and the complex had suffered quite a bit of damage.

“S..Shit…” Lyrim moved his hands over his face as he couldn’t believe he lost his cool like that. Ethe gave a soft laugh, as if trying to make him feel better. “Don’t let it get you down...I’m sure if I had a father I would feel the same… If it makes you feel better, when we get stronger, lets decimate that guy’s kingdom, hehe”

Ethe spoke, as if trying to incite ideas into Lyrim’s mind. But Lyrim only smiled faintly, knowing he was trying to cheer him up. Maybe it was because he was his only lifeline in this world, or maybe because he was starting to like him more. Who knew. “Thanks…”

Williams was looking around, asking about status reports and damage with Bray beside him. Williams though, wanted to know where it originated from. “Where the hell did that earthquake come from? Any ideas?... We shouldn’t be near a tectonic plate’s edge...Or even a volcanic ley line..” He spoke, wondering what had happened.

Several scientist looking at a monitor showed shocked expression. “S..Sir, the cause was a surge of natural energy…” The hearts of Bray and Williams froze. They had heard reports of a earthquake in the city no to far from here, but thought it unrelated. But to hear the words ‘a surge of natural energy’ made them wonder.

“Is it a creature?...” Bray spoke, and a scientist shrugged nervously. “We don’t know...In fact, its origin….is...uhh…” He was quiet as he looked at his colleagues, and they remained quite. At this point, Williams rushed over and moved them aside as he looked at the monitor and read the data.

His body quivered. “From here….It originated in the complex.. What the?….” Looking at a detailed map on the screen that showed a pulse spreading back and forth from the quake before, he was staring at one room.

The complex was a heavily fortified area that had several sensors. The closer it was, the better it could be detected. Right now, he was looking at a charter sheet of room arrangements. His eyes looked like they were about to pop out when he saw whose room it was. Even he remained quiet, which irritated Bray. “Whose is it?….” Bray spoke, waiting for an answer. Williams took a deep breath and looked at him. “Lyrim’s..” Williams hesitatingly spoke. Bray on the other hand, gave a sour look.

He then went off towards Lyrim’s room. Bray himself had a Catalyst level T.Gear, and since the quake was gone, he had no worry. But Williams and several others accompanied him without him asking.

“If something happened, what do we do?... He is able to kill many Divine creatures easily…” Bray spoke softly “I doubt he is that dumb. He wouldn’t do anything without a reason..” Williams gave a soft chuckle as they went down the hall, encountering repair teams who were fixing the damage caused. “You place too much trust in him...Even I was cautious about giving him that T.Gear”

Bray shook his head. “In the end, you were happy it was put to use, and even gave some results…” After a few more minutes, they were in front of Lyrim’s room. Bray knocked. “Lyrim, it’s bray..”

Lyrim’s voice resounded. “Come in..” The sliding door opened and Bray and Williams frowned, quietly met with a not really surprising sight. Lyrim was sitting on a table reading a book, and his room didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

“Hmmm” Williams spoke as he looked cautiously at Lyrim. Ethe’s voice resounded in Lyrim’s head. “The smart one doesn’t trust you much, boy. He is quite shifty...I don’t like him.” Lyrim tried not to laugh, and responded quietly as Bray and the others entered and looked around his room. “-I don’t understand people like him too well. They seem to like inventing and looking at reports a lot-” Lyrim deduced by his several meetings with Williams.

Williams sighed as well as the others before looking at Bray and shaking their heads. “Hmmm.. Well then. Lyrim, it seems a quake hit the complex. We arent sure where it was from, but it doesn’t matter. You have a mission to prepare for soon, be at field gate 1 in an half hour.

Lyrim nodded and the group left, still somewhat cautious. “-You can’t trust any of them boy...They show that they care, but I can read their energy...They want power...And a lot of it...-” Lyrim was quiet and didn’t respond.

20 minutes later, he went to the gate early and was sitting, already equipped with his T.Gear. Herifo and Iria were the first to arrive. “Yo Lyrim. What a morning wake up call, right? Haha“ Herifo spoke jokingly, to which Lyrim only smiled.

Iria went over and patted his head. “Today seems like an easy mission. It’s straight forward. I hope you won’t get mad at them treating you like an experiment...But what they do can help humanity.” Ethe spoke in Lyrim’s head. “-This girl is too optimistic….-” Thinking that, she was never thinking of negatives.

Lyrim replied to Iria. “Hopefully something good happens.” He smiled softly at her. As the time went on, all of team deadly had arrived, and they spoke about the events in the morning. Williams then arrived equipped with an interesting T.Gear. It had a scale like look that went over each other. It seemed condensed and made him look very thin and skeletal. He spoke to them.

“Don’t let today's events get on your mind… We have to focus on the mission at hand...Lyrim, when we arrive at that point, we will be quite far behind you, and hopefully the events at Shadow Chasm repeat themselves so I can get some readings.”

Lyrim only smiled and nodded “-Seems like he really only cares about readings…-” To which Ethe responded. “-Don’t worry boy. I got something interesting planned for that guy-” Lyrim replied with fright. “-You’re going to kill him?...-”

Ethe’s voice resounded in a soft chuckle as the group walked over to the field gate that was turning on “-That would be too, as you humans say, lame. He enjoys his toys a lot, I’m going to torment him a bit. When he gets what he wants, I’ll snatch it away, haha-”

Lyrim found that Ethe really enjoyed watching people fail and took great joy in it (A.N germans call this Schadenfreude) Williams looked up at the control room and Bray gazed at him, nodding, to which Williams nodded back. In Williams hand was a large, metallic suitcase, that seemed to hold quite a bit of machinery.

Several moments later, they began entering the field Mist Valley. A world similar to Shadow Chasm in features. But the exit was an incredibly wide and long valley. As the world of Archia transformed into Mist Valley’s reality, the group paid no attention, becoming used to the feeling of the transition.

Even Lyrim showed no care as they began to make their way. Lyrim curiously spoke “Williams, what sort of readings are you hoping to get?” This question also perked on Team Deadly’s ears, as they were also curious.

Williams chuckled quietly “If your T.Gear is capable of housing and using such abilities, it would allow us to store massive amounts of natural energy that we could obtain from planets.” Ethe’s Voice spoke harshly of Williams. “

-This fool makes it sound easy...Unless they develop at least a Demigod sort of tool, they won’t have the slightest hope of even attempting such a feat. If it was that easy, then for every planet like this there would be a Demigod or maybe even a God level creature. This man is crazy-”

Ethe couldn’t help think down on Williams. He had seen all the tools Lazuras had made, and was impressed a little. But for Williams’ hopes, they still had many, many, many years and lifetimes before they could dream of such a thing.

Team Deadly didn’t encounter any threats. Every creature in the area knew this group had overwhelming power that they couldn’t compare to. After what Zhane called a ‘disappointing trip’ due to them not being able to battle and being yelled at by Iria who said otherwise as safety is a top concern, they arrived at the main area of Mist Valley.
(PR Note: It’s probs a cliff)

The area was more of a large canyon that one couldn’t see the bottom of. Similar to Shadow Chasm. But Mist Valley was wider and the concentrate of natural energy was weaker but spread out and more plentiful. The Mist itself was similar to Shadow Chasm’s, but had a red and blue tinge.

“Man, that looks intimidating…” Herifo spoke as they gazed down. “Don’t let that worry you...I’m sure there may only be a few Catalyst level creatures. They’re nothing we can’t handle..” Williams spoke, not feeling impressed.

Zhane glared as the scientist who rarely saw action seemed to be braver than his team. “Lets go, no point staying here..” The team nodded as they went down. The area they came across seemed to be the den of quite a few King level creatures that roared at them, but dared not approach because of fear. They could only seem intimidating from afar.

Maria laughed. “How cute, they think they’re scaring us….” Maria raised her arm and large metallic thorns shot out in a diagonal slash. Their speed was incredible, and as the King level creatures whimpered away, several had their legs and hands impaled and they were injured.

Ethe chuckled quietly “-I like her, hehe. She shows no mercy..-” Lyrim shivered a bit. They both seemed a little crazy to enjoy tormenting others, but he figured those creatures deserved being taught a lesson.

The group made its way down the canyon like area, as there was a visible cliff side a quarter of the way in, and Williams had decided that it is a good spot. With their T.Gears on their agility and body, prowls was quite good and they managed to jump and dash onto rocks and areas that stuck out like bumps until they reached the nearly 30 meter long cliff.

Williams wasted no time opening the case, and began to set up machinery a fair distance from Lyrim. He spoke out “Boy, move over to the edge and face away...I don’t want to be caught up in whatever it is that happened in Shadow Chasm…” Herifo and the others gave nervous laughs as Williams was right. It would be a horrifying fate.

Lyrim frowned a bit and followed. “-Ethe, what now?..-” As Lyrim sat on the edge of the cliff, it had been two minutes. The others didn't think it would be soon to activate, so they waited. Ethe then replied.

“-Before, I had to wait until I could gather sufficient energy to use the ability. But now I can use the energy from Shadow Chasm to initiate it. I just scouted down, this canyon is incredibly deep… It extends at least a hundred or so miles underground and much deeper I didn’t even bother going deeper.

No wonder I couldn’t detect the presence of a creature here...There’s no way for them to go down and sustain that pressure or even make their way down without falling to their deaths. As it goes deeper, the natural energy is more concentrated, hehe-”

Lyrim blinked as he looked at his chest, seeing the lights change. “-Wouldn’t that mean that the energy is more powerful for them to devour and grow stronger?..-” Ethe huffed and replied.

“-Boy, if you take something in moderation, its good for you. But if you take something in high doses and its more potent, it can destroy you.. Unless your body is able to handle the energy, it will kill you. The best these creatures can do for now is live near it until they grow strong enough to use it. A shame they won’t ever be able to though-”

Lyrim looked down into the bottomless abyss covered by mist. He doubted he could see the bottom even if the mist was gone. “-So, what now?...-” Ethe then spoke to Lyrim to answer his curiosity. “-Now?...Well, now I eat…-”

The pattern on Lyrim’s chest cracked open before the same vortex that appeared in Shadow Chasm began to open up. “Here we go..” Williams nervously spoke as he began to receive incredible readings already.

The other team members took steps back, and Williams looked at them for a moment nervously, before he took the machine and brought it back a bit. The vortex was already starting to absorb the mist at a quick pace, and it was picking up.

A minute later, it was like a mini tornado that was facing sideways, with the mist being devoured into the T.Gear, which began to glow, and dim, and glow, and dim. “Incredible...These readings...Magnificent…” Williams eyes shot up with wonder. It didn’t seem like they were affected by the vacuum other than a great wind.

Williams didn’t even focus on the event, he only looked at the readings with wonder and amazement, knowing he could do so much. “That T.Gear.. its beyond expectations. Whatever that creature was, it was incredible….My god…” He whispered to himself.

His amazement even made Herifo and the others appreciate it more. If someone like Williams was this shocked, who knew what Lyrim’s T.Gear actually was.

20 minutes later, the entire canyon’s top was absorbed, leaving the mist from the dark abyss to pour out. “-Hmmm, this is interesting….-” Ethe’s voice resounded in Lyrim’s head despite the sound of the hurricane like vacuum in his T.Gear’s chest. “-Ethe?..-” Lyrim spoke curiously.

Ethe nervously chuckled “-Boy, the energy here is more potent than I expected. It’s connected to the core...I won’t be able to absorb that sort of stuff unless I’m at full power. Remember what I told you about devouring cores?...-”

Lyrim’s body froze and he nodded. “-Got it…-” Lyrim, although incredibly nervous because of Ethe’s power, thanked his lucky stars he was on his side. He smiled, before an earth shattering roar echoed from the depths of the abyss. It shook the entire canyon and the sky turned a crimson red.

“-Urk...It seems there was a resident nesting inside….-” Ethe spoke, annoyed. Team Deadly had heard that roar and even covered their ears, as they felt their bodies tremble, and felt incredibly heavy, as if their hearts were about to implode. The roar and flow even caused the machine to spike.

A white shadow was approaching from the depths of the canyon, showing no resistance to the vacuum, as if it weren’t even there. The power it emitted, as well as anger, seemed to shake the entire planet. The creatures of the Mist Valley were screaming in fear as they began to flee from this creature, afraid to face its wrath.

The white shadow landed gracefully on the opposite side of the canyon, quite far from where they were, but it watched them. And Ethe could also see it.

“-Ooo this is good….-” Ethe chuckled quietly as he looked at the creature. This creature would be come to known as a Sovereign Qilin, an early stage God level creature.

“-Boy, this day may be our last, haha-” Ethe spoke with a somewhat unafraid tone.



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