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Lyrim softly chuckled as he gave an annoyed smile that he couldn’t help but give. Although this smile was one showed due to the princess’s arrogance. “Sorry, but an apology from you means little to me. I dont even know why you would even bother to bring that up..It has nothing to do with you…”

Catherine was stunned at Lyrim’s aggressiveness. Even though she expected as much, it was harder to handle it when you were living the moment of the situation.

Lyrim clearly did not enjoy being around her or her presence. He wanted to leave as soon as possible before his mood was ruined. “If you will excuse me your highness...I’m returning now..” Lyrim then began to walk past her.

Catherine frowned and quickly reached over, grabbing him by the wrist. “Wait, I’m not done! Lyrim, how can you not give me a chance to explain..” Lyrim, in the beginning, had wanted to give her a chance, but she apologised on behalf of her father when she has no right to. Not that he would accept an apology from him to begin with.

He turned around and glared at her. “What you and my brother do doesn’t concern me. I’ve already left the Hytio Clan and cut ties with him. What you do from here on out doesn’t concern me, but don’t ever talk to me about my father…”

Such a topic, to Lyrim, was something he hated to talk about. His father was his hero, and the only person who had paid him any attention. His father’s words when he was 5 years of age during his birthday when his brother had showed signs of being a genius, his father spoke words of hope “Lyrim, one day, you will find that destiny never forgets anyone. It always sets a place for everyone, no matter how big or small”

The words that Lyrim still clings onto, because those words have showed truth. Lyrim was currently part of Lazuras. Someone like him, an ability had just appeared from god knows where in his body, as if the heavens had blessed him for all the misery he encountered.

Catherine let go of Lyrim’s hand, stunned at the turn of events. As Lyrim began to head to the entrance of the restaurant on the level it opened, a figure he didn’t want to encounter appeared. It was his brother, Ginta.

Lyrim stopped for a moment and Ginta also saw signs of surprise. Ginta then looked at Lyrim and saw catherine’s sad face before gazing at Lyrim again. “Lyrim, what..” Lyrim cut him off as he walked passed him. “Ask her yourself..”

Ginta was stunned. His brother was usually aggressive towards him in the past, but he showed a bit of respect. But now it was just aggressiveness. He had received notice from Lazuras on Lyrim’s behalf several days ago, to confirm that ties have been cut from the Hytio Clan.

The Clan couldn’t be happier to lose the black sheep of the family. It was as if you had dirt clinging to a gold nugget but now that dirt was removed. The only one who showed care was Ginta, but he knew it wasn’t his decision. Especially with the strongest force on Archia backing Lyrim’s choice.

Ginta walked over to Catherine as tears clouded her eyes that were somewhat more misty than before. She then felt her body embraced softly against Ginta’s chest, and she could only reply. “W..Why does he hate me?...He won’t even let me speak…”

Ginta clenched his teeth. He was clearly furious at Lyrim’s actions. This was the women he had betrayed his father and clan for. He cared deeply for her, more than anyone else. Lyrim included. How could he let his brother be so defiant? Especially to royalty like her.

Back in the restaurant, Lyrim had made his way to the bathroom to wash his face. The interior of it was really something. Lined with special ores and gems of high quality, as well as giving that cozy, homely feeling.

Not only did it have such positives, the restaurant had 10 high quality bathrooms wanting to give all its customers privacy, with 3 people on standby whenever someone exited so that they would give them a towel outside.

Lyrim clenched his fists and gazed at himself, staring at the mirror that had a gold frame and several gems embedded into it. Such a thing would be worth no less than 500 gold. Obviously, the gems being the pricey part, showing how high quality this restaurant was.

A voice resounded in Lyrim’s head. “-Finally, privacy. Boy, you lead quite a dramatic life, haha..-” Lyrim blinked, jumping slightly in shock, before he looked around on reflex. Sighing, he replied in his mind “-Ethe was it?..I wanted to ask you some questions...If that’s ok?-” The voice was quiet before it responded again.

“-I don’t feel like it…-” Clearly giving a lazy, uncaring tone. But this annoyed Lyrim. He knew he had to rely on improving his relationship with this being to grow stronger. “-Well change that now. I’m not in the mood so please answer my questions…-”

“-You have quite the attitude boy….If I want-” The entire room began to shake before screams were heard outside. Lyrim quickly ran outside to see everyone holding onto something. Even his friends were clasping onto something to balance themselves.

With glasses worth 20 gold a piece, as well as expensive bottles of alcohol shattering, the waiters and workers were doing there best to keep things under control. But as Lyrim looked outside the window, he saw not only was this restaurant shaking the buildings outside that nearly reached the sky could be seen shaking violently, as if they're about to crumble.

Lyrim could feel his body was emitting a strange energy that was different to natural energy. It felt almost ghostlike and non existent. He wouldn't have been able to feel it had it not been for him and the T.Gear fused.

As the earthquake settled down, the voice resounded in his head again, continuing from where it left off “-I can shatter this entire city like a cup made from glass-” Lyrim clenched his hand in fear. This being was truly something monstrous.

For it to have so much control even though he wielded the T.Gear was terrifying. Just what was its identity? The voice then laughed again “-Hahaha, but that would be troublesome. And you got guts to talk to me like that. So I will answer 3 questions..-”

Before Lyrim could ask, Herifo came rushing over as he spoke “Wow...This is the first time an earthquake has ever appeared in this region. I can’t understand what’s going on. I could have sworn I felt a sort of energy around here…”

Lyrim had to be careful. Herifo was a Catalyst level T.Gear wielder, so his senses were better than his own. If he had been near Lyrim, he had no doubts he would of sensed him as the source. Herifo continued “It’s good you're ok. Uhhh” He looked around and rubbed his head.

Doesn't seem like we can stay here any longer. Herifo spoke as he saw guests leaving in fright while the workers cleaned up and salvaged rare goods. Lyrim nodded, and as he looked up at the stairs, he saw Ginta and Catherine come down while she clutched Ginta’s arm.

Catherine gave Lyrim a glance before quickly looking away. It was obvious she was crying. Lyrim felt a bit bad, but he then remembered how ignorant she was about such a topic and no longer felt sorry for her.

“Are we heading back?” Lyrim spoke to Herifo, who was talking to the others from where he was. Herifo then turned to Lyrim and nodded “Seems like it. 2 hours... The higher ups don't like it when we take young members out, hehe.”

From there, the group began to make their way to the carriage, with Lyrim speaking to the others about what they think caused the event. He could only give an ignorant smile and just try to agree with them.

With night now in full control and daylight gone. Lyrim, after returning, had taken a shower and was lying in his room. The Lazuras rooms were quite spacey. They had large beds and gave every T.Gear user on site their own room. Considering it was an underground complex, there was plenty of space.

With Lyrim wearing a loose hooded shirt with stitched boxers, he gazed up at the ceiling and the dim light powered by the natural energy that Lazuras siphons from the area underground.

“-Ethe...My first question. What are you?-” Lyrim spoke, remembering the 3 questions. He now had time alone with this being, and wanted some answers. The room, as well as his mind, was quiet for several moments, before that deep ghostly voice resounded in his mind. “-I can be called many things. In the tongue of the creatures, I was called Fataria’Tempesta. In your language, it would be Phantom Tempest-”

Lyrim never knew that creatures could communicate with each other, but his thoughts were read by Ethe, who showed that he had the ability to read Lyrim’s mind “-Titles like that are only given to the top echelon of power on a planet. I got to say, your human mind is intriguing. I have learned so much-”

Lyrim blinked and quickly leaned up, forgetting to reply with his mind he spoke “Have you been reading my mind all this time??!!” He quickly quieted down, but the voice only laughed. “-Hahaha, you expect me to just sit around here doing nothing? I get bored to you know. Besides, it’s better. Like this, I can at least assist my host if you’re in danger-”

Lyrim sighed before laying back down. It couldn’t be helped, and he didn’t want to anger this being. Especially when they were underground, where Lyrim knew he could crush the entire complex. “-Ethe, on Archia, this planet is a C ranked one, but I don’t understand how you are so strong. You’r a T.Gear and you have so much power...I don’t think a creature that powerful has ever lived on Archia-”

Lyrim had spoken in a way as if lecturing the being which reads his mind. But Ethe only replied “-Obviously I know that brat...You humans are still young, and have only scratched the surface. I have been alive for several billions of years. You humans say that Archia is 9 billions years old. Although I have forgotten, I can estimate my age at around 6 billion before my physical body perished-”

Lyrim was astounded. This creature was ancient. Beyond ancient. An incredibly old being that wielded massive power. “6...b..billion? Holy shit…” He whispered quietly to himself, and then continued. “If you have lived that long, you couldn’t possibly be a-” Ethe had cut him off to finish his sentence. “-Yes, I’m a God level creature. I was at the peak, ready to open the door to the next level as well. If I hadn’t died...Damn my luck…-”

Lyrim’s body trembled. This T.Gear was of a God level. Although it was made from the remains that have been aged for a billion or so years, it still had the creature’s power, and it was as if it was reborn.

Ethe spoke on, seeing Lyrim’s thoughts “-When my soul passed on, I was ready to reincarnate and forget my memories. It was truly tragic for me. Although, since I was a peak God level being, before my soul can reincarnate, it takes many, many years to weaken its powers… That shity system was going to punish me for being so strong-”

Lyrim curiously listened. This was information he couldn’t fathom. Who knows when Lazuras would obtain a Divine set? Maybe a thousand years or so, and a Demi God set would probably be several hundred thousand years. Ethe chuckled at Lyrim’s thoughts. “-Hahaha, don’t think those creatures so weak, boy. From what I know, a Divine creature can barely scratch a Celestial, and a Celestial can’t even scratch a Demi God. That power gap is too insanely huge. Your race will die out before they make a set out of a Demi God hahaha-”

Lyrim couldn’t help but shudder in fear at the thought and lesson this God creature was giving him. It seemed like humanity was destined to reach a standstill against an unbreakable wall. But Lyrim felt annoyed when Ethe underestimated humans, so he joked.

“-I guess we can’t touch a Demi God, but we made you into a T.Gear, Hehe-” The room rumbled a bit and this frightened Lyrim, but a voice of laughter clouded his mind “-Hahaha, you do have guts...If I hadn’t perished, humanity would probably be worshipping me. If I had allowed them to live-”

Lyrim knew Ethe wasnt kidding. A God like creature definitely had the mentality of a God. He then spoke out of curiosity. “ is it you died?..-” The room and his mind was eerily silent. “-None of your business… Ask something else…-”

Clearly he didn’t want to tell him how, but from the annoyed and angry tone of his voice, Lyrim dared not ask again. “-Hmm, well... Why Ethe? Did you like that name, or is it part of your race, the Phantom Tempest?-”

The voice laughed again and spoke “-Phantom Tempest is not my race, it’s a title. Only Gods are given titles like that, as they are worthy. As for my race, I was an Ethereal Dragon-” Lyrim raised a brow and replied “-How do you know the name of it? Don’t we give you guys names?-” He ignorantly spoke.

Ethe then replied annoyed. “-Damn brat, we God creatures have intelligence far beyond you humans. When we reach a stage in intelligence, we are curious about ourselves and race. When I reached the Celestial stage, I titled myself Ethereal Dragon, and no one could say anything because there wasn't anyone around to talk back to me..-”

Lyrim felt something was wrong at his last words. Lyrim was the sort of boy to pick up on small details. With his mind free from burdens in Lazuras, it was nurtured by his own willingness to learn and improve. “-No one around to talk back to you? You must be the only hermit dragon ever, hehe-”

Lyrim couldn't help but laugh at his own joke, but Ethe had a somewhat sad but annoyed tone. “-Don’t be stupid…What I mean is, I was the only creature on Archia...The entire thing was a ball of rock and flames. A lonely inferno, and my domain-”

Lyrim felt his heart strings being pulled. This God creature was not only the only one of its kind, but there were no other creatures other than itself on Archia. “-I, umm...I’m sorry-” Lyrim’s father was a man of importance to him. Someone he cherished like a hero. But compared to Ethe’s life... He had suffered beyond anything Lyrim could imagine.

Ethe replied as he noticed a change in Lyrim “-Don’t let it get you...In fact, I must say, I owe you one. When the T.Gear was forged, my soul was pulled out of the reincarnation pool and fused into it. Haha, I bet whoever pays attention to it must be cursing-”

Lyrim chuckled with Ethe. That would be funny if there truly was a ‘one god’. But from what Ethe says, there is only reincarnation where souls gather and weaken before being sent away. Like being recycled.

Ethe replied, as if to add some more information to Lyrim. He started to like this boy “-Those bastards indeed recycle. They take the thoughts and memories of souls and convert it to energy to make existence more stable. But I guess that’s how the universe works. It can’t be helped-”

Ethe went on after he remembered something “-Speaking of which, I’m actually quite proud of myself. When I was turned into a T.Gear, I had enough energy remaining to scan the planet. From what I could tell, the energy of my corpse had seeped through into the planet’s core and helped stabilize it. From there, I guess life other than me had a chance-”

Lyrim didn’t know how to react. His heart was constantly beating fast, and he had no words to speak as he couldn’t comprehend the information given. He knew this being was insanely powerful, but things like this, on such a large scale, were hard to adjust to.

That being said, who knew if humanity would have ever discovered the truth of life on Archia, or if they even wanted to, since there are so many planets. Lyrim wondered how Williams would react if he knew the truth about Ethe. But at this point, Ethe replied “-Don’t get any ideas boy. What I tell you, and everything about me, stays between the two of us…-”

Lyrim was dumbfounded. Why should he keep it to himself? This could help humanity, and help it advance and understand. This was currently Lyrim’s young age kicking in with excitement clouding his mind. No matter how old he was, he was still 13 years of age.

Just a show that maturity doesn’t come by experiencing things and forcing yourself to keep an open mind, it also takes many more years of experiencing life’s situations. Some things can’t be learned, but have to be experienced.

“-Fool. You humans are dumb and greedy creatures. I have no doubt that once you told them everything, they would force you to give me up and cast you aside with some lesser T.Gear. Or whatever you call it-”

Lyrim began to think with a bit more of an open mind. The situation seemed possible. “-I guess you're right...Uhh, I still got one more question right?-” Ethe quickly replied “-Of course I’m right, buffoon! And yes, one more question. Quickly now..-”

Lyrim wondered why he was in a rush. It’s not like there was anywhere for him to go. Ethe, feeling Lyrim’s thoughts, spoke “-With my power, I'm capable of releasing my soul to explore around you.

Think I want to stay in your body and share it with you all the time? Don't think of me as a lesser creature, I'm capable of exploring and even physical manifestation for awhile until I get my full power back. You are only a conduit that keeps me alive-”

Lyrim’s body trembled. This being wasn’t even at full power, and he was already capable of causing an earthquake that could shake a city, or even something larger. But with Lyrim now understanding Ethe’s rush to go explore, as well as if confirming why he is quiet or doesn’t help him every now and then, Lyrim just went on with the question.

“-I know that you don't like showing yourself to help me since people will make reports. Why don't we work on that by you teaching me some of your abilities?-” Ethe began to think for awhile.

“-Let me tell you now boy. I bet you're curious, and this will clear some things up. Those lights on your chest absorb energy, and when they reached their capacity, I was able to energize myself enough to use an absorb ability. Thankfully it finished right where you were in that chasm. That was quite a good meal, hehe-”

Lyrim began to understand a bit more about his T.Gear. It seemed Ethe was trying to energize himself, but he didn't know why. “-Do you have a goal to reach?-” Lyrim asked out of curiosity. Of course, he used up his questions and interrupted Ethe, who was explaining things.

Ethe replied “-Goal? At the moment, unfortunately, I can't get my body back...I'm stuck as this damn T.Gear. But it’s better than losing my memories and starting all over again. Anyway, be quiet, let me explain.

The reason I absorbed all of the Shadow Chasm, was because I needed the energy to make sure I'm capable of looking after you, my dull host and owner… But I don’t want to expend too much, so I have to use it only in life threatening situations until I find a way to generate natural energy like I could in my God body.-”

Lyrim had figured as much. He knew that whatever it was, wanted energy. But he didn't understand why. Thankfully the reason was not something bad. He was actually happy that its purpose was to look after him. But it still didnt answer his question, so he spoke. “-So, umm, the abilities?-”

Ethe gave an annoyed laugh “-Hahaha, since you don't get it, I’ll go on. Abilities cost energy. The energy I have comes from the Shadow Chasm. The abilities I can teach you are all peak God tier. Until you train your body and mind, I can only teach you one ability that I’m sure you won’t mess up with.

It enhances your body by allowing energy to flow. Thankfully, I can give you the power of a peak Celestial creature without expending too much energy-”

Lyrim’s entire body froze up with excitement. Although he would have the strength and agility of a Celestial creature, he didn’t have any pure abilities. It was more so just pumping energy in his T.Gear and enhancing him. “-It’s better than nothing, hehe. Oh!-” Lyrim discovered something and wanted to ask, hoping he would answer.

“-How much did the Shadow Chasm replenish your energy by?-” Lyrim couldn’t help but to want to gauge this creture’s power. Ethe could clearly be heard “-Hmm, I’d say around 1.5% of my full power. It’s more than I expected-”

Lyrim, who was bombarded with high numbers, astonishing facts, and many other things, was starting to get used to Ethe bit by bit. But it was still shocking “-Guess it’s not even an appetizer, hehe. But that’s to be expected from you, right? You did stabilize a planet's core..-”

Ethe chuckled “-Don’t be impressed. When I died, I only had 4-5% of my power left-” An astonishing godlike feat indeed. Is what Lyrim thought. He then nodded. This night has indeed been interesting. He had forgotten the encounter with his brother and Catherine completely.

“-Ethe...I’m curious. If you got a title, and you were alone on Archia, how is it you got it?-” Ethe was suddenly quiet before laughing for a few seconds. The laugh was enough to shake his mind a bit, making him slightly dizzy “-I’m a God level creature. You think I’m limited to this planet?

From what your knowledge tells me, there are 6 planets in this solar system. Weird though, there used to be 8. Hehe, I bet those two bastards killed each other, hahaha. But I’ll tell you that there are other God like beings who were in a similar situation to mine.

We used to fight against each other for territory, but gave up when we discovered we were all around the same strength. It was them who gave me the title-”

Lyrim immediately looked at the ceiling again, as if imagining it to be the sky. The planets were indeed far away, and Lazuras wasn’t even capable of going into space. Even with their technology. Truly, Ethe was incredible

“-To think there are Gods on those planets. I wonder why they haven’t come here-” Ethe’s voice spoke out again “-Don’t praise them too much boy. That was only when we were Demi Gods. We were all in the middle stage of it too. By the time I reached the middle of being a God, they had just reached the peak of the Demigod stage, with only a couple becoming Gods. Of course I was first-”

Ethe couldn’t help but brag. Then again, who could stop him? Not only was he a peak God level creature, he was a remarkable one too “-I guess even creatures have their geniuses. Why didn’t you beat them when you became a middle stage God?-”

Lyrim wondered curiously. At this stage, he had used more than 3 questions, but Ethe had started to enjoy the conversation, so he didn’t stop him “-Those bastards made an alliance with each other when they discovered I was powerful. You know, when you have 2 Demigod level opponents fighting someone who had just reached the middle stage of God level, it’s annoying.

Even against early stage ones. Of course, the Demigods are like ants to me, haha. When a creature evolves and gets stronger, the gap in strength between rankings gets larger and larger. Besides, we couldn’t fight against each other for long..-”

Lyrim knew that it would be a situation of mutual destruction, but Ethe’s last sentence caught him off guard. He wondered what had happened. Ethe had sensed his curiosity, so he spoke a little bit curiously “-We got bored, and as we aged, so did we mature.

Eventually, we just stopped talking to each other and slumbered. Its not easy for a Divine creature to become a Celestial. It takes hundreds of thousands of years. Can you imagine being a Demigod to a God? That takes billions.

I’m not sure how old the universe is. I was born a Celestial creature, and my planet was barely habitable. I only sustained myself using the cosmic energy of the stars, as well as the energy of the planet’s natural forces. Uncontested, it still took me a long time to be a God.

If I can say correctly, this solar system was lucky to have a God for every planet. It’s incredibly, very, very rare. 1 God is exceptionally rare for a galaxy. This galaxy, to have had quite a few, could be considered the best environment.

Lyrim began to think Ethe was truly incredible. For every bit of information he spoke, Lyrim understood that he had experienced a lot. Lyrim softly replied, he no longer used his mind’s voice.

“Have you been outside of this solar system?..”


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