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Lyrim had parted with his group just as quickly as they met, as Williams had needed to run some tests on his T.Gear. Although Leona was annoyed, considering she wanted to interrogate Lyrim to see how the fight went down. Kyta also showed frustration, but managed to use his own leadership to contain it and bring her away.

Currently, Lyrim is standing on a pedestal being examined by several dazzling lights of white, blue, and red. With Williams gazing at a monitor. “This is indeed interesting. You brought back a Catalyst level T.Gear and yet your T.Gear is weird. I can't understand any of the details it’s giving me”

Williams frowned as he began to vent his frustration out on the machine as well as his nearby colleagues. He sighed while folding his arms and gazing at Lyrim. “I guess I'll do it the old fashioned way. Lyrim, can you tell me what happened when you entered that path.”

Lyrim felt there was no need to do so, considering he had many reports from the others, but found that it may be just to link up the stories and continue on. As he went on to explain to explain how he ran from the Inferno Walker, he stopped for a moment, having a worrying flashback before continuing to speak.

“From there, it cornered me after blocking the way out and began to charge its attack..It was significantly stronger. Uhh, I think it’s called a Scorch Beam or something?..” Williams began to write all this down on a notepad. He truly valued all this information, even if it has yet to show the results he wanted.

Lyrim had went on to speak “The ball of flame energy itself was terrifying..I felt the entire area would explode. It looked so unstable…” Williams nodded “Yes, from what old reports from years ago read, the Inferno Walker truly is terrifying.. What happened next?”

Lyrim spoke on “When it fire-” A dominating powerful voice resounded in his head. “Boy...for your own sake and mine, do not tell them what happened…” A scientist then looked at Williams and whispered a few things to him.

“Sir, it seems his armor spiked for a few second before returning to normal..” Williams gazed at it then at Lyrim. Examining him a bit before brushing the spike off and speaking. “Yes, what happened?”

Lyrim was quiet for a moment “-My and your sake?...-” The voice didn't reply, clearly knowing they had picked it up. Lyrim, feeling something was wrong, decided to go on his instincts. This voice had saved him several times, so he obviously trusted it a bit. “Uhhh... When it fired the Scorch Beam, it imploded and blew its head off.. The explosion blew upwards. I guess I could say it was like fireworks gone wrong, haha..”

Lyrim gave a sarcastic chuckle, but tried to not make it seem obvious. Williams, writing it down, frowned. “I guess it only happened once then. When you saved the Spineaphant” Lyrim nodded “Yes.” Knowing he couldn’t lie about that since, it was in their reports.

“Very well, that’s all. We’ll contact you later. For now, go rest “ Lyrim nodded and left the pedestal after the lights had stopped rushing around his body. With the scientists talking among themselves Lyrim was somewhat nervous.

He looked around after exiting the examination room, and began to quietly walk down the hall after exiting his T.Gear form. “-Ok, who are you?..-” He spoke in a demanding tone, as if expecting an answer.

But he got no reply, which annoyed him. “-How can I trust you further… Obviously I’m inclined to know the name of the one who saved me?-” A chuckle then resounded in his head. “-Haha, boy, you sure are demanding. Fine, I guess I'll tell you a bit about me. My name is Ethe, I'm your so called T.Gear-”

Lyrim was stunned. He quickly replied in his mind “-That isn't possible! There’s no records of a T.Gear talking to someone not from a Sacred level…-” The voice in his head seemed a little annoyed. “-Do not compare me to such ants….My power was nearing a limitless stage before I perished-”

Lyrim, becoming more interested, was curious to speak on. But as he turned around the hall corner, he ran into Herifo, wearing a casual jacket, as if appearing to be a pretty boy. Herifo chuckled while gazing at Lyrim. “Just the man I wanted to see. I heard all about your little event.”

Lyrim smiled “It was something, I’ll tell you that. Hehe” Lyrim was quite comfortable around Herifo. Although older than him by who knows how much, he was like a friend. “Lyrim, the others and I have a little something for you. Come with me to Lys City“ Herifo said, showing a mischievous grin.

Lyrim thought for a moment before stretching “I guess after 2 near death situations, I’m entitled to visit out, heh..” He joked, which also made Herifo laugh. The two began to make their way down the hall, talking about Lyrim’s encounter, before they came across Leona and Kyta with several others.

“Uhh Lyrim? A..and H..Herifo!!?” Leona spoke. She rushed over to him, grabbing both Herifo’s hands as her eyes showed a shine. Even her other teammates showed surprise. Kyta just barely contained himself, his eyes still shining with respect.

Herifo chuckled before smiling “Hey there Miss, uhh?” Obviously unaware of her name, Leona smiled “Leona! Leona Prion” Herifo then smiled “Oh? The Prion Clan? I know your father is quite a figure in the kingdom. It’s nice to meet you. I guess there’s no need to introduce myself, haha”

Herifo obviously seemed to be used to such situations, as if encountering them daily. “You’re Deadly’s leader! How could I not know who you are.“ At this point, the others started to crowd around Herifo, while Kyta made his way to Lyrim and spoke.

“Lyrim, it’s good to see you’re ok. We didn’t have time to speak before you went with Williams.” Lyrim nodded, gazing at Herifo’s struggle to settle down the small group. He then turned to Kyta “It was really something. I thought I would die, hah.” Lyrim couldn’t help but give a soft laugh.

Kyta heard this and couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity. “How did you escape? Obviously you managed to kill it?” Lyrim felt there was no need to lie to a high degree after remembering the voice in his head. So he told him what he told Williams.

After Kyta heard this, he whistled quietly to himself and let out a rare laugh “Hahaha, it’s unusual to see such a dull minded Catalyst creature. Usually their intelligence increases as they rank up. But it seems this one really hated you enough it forgot to control its power”

Lyrim would usually laugh if such a situation was true, but in this case it wasnt, so he couldn’t help but let a small smile out. Leona then quickly went over and patted Lyrim’s shoulder. Her free hand obviously carrying a piece of paper with Herifo’s signature.

Lyrim could see Herifo’s eyebrows twitching as he was giving the others his signature. Leona smiled at Lyrim. “If you’re free, we are all about to head out to the nearby town to eat. Want to join in?”

Lyrim blinked, before Herifo, having finished, overheard this and made his way over, moving his hand around Lyrim’s shoulder. “Actually, me and Lyrim were about to head to the city to meet the others. Why don’t you guys come with us? Any friend of Lyrim’s is a friend of Team Deadly”

Herifo gave a sort of pretty boy smile. As Lyrim looked at him, his teeth were so white it was a little blinding in an annoying, funny way. Leona’s eyes lit up, as well as Kyta’s. But Leona was the first to speak. Her fierce, feisty attitude was now like a giddy school girl in the presence of a celebrity.

“O..Others!?!” She quickly looked at Kyta. Kyta was rubbing the back of his head as he quietly spoke “W..Well I don’t know...We made reserv-..” He looked at Leona and the other members. Seeing that a killing intent was surging, he quickly smiled and spoke “S..Sure why not!”

With the small group showing a sight of cheer, they went off with Herifo and Lyrim. It didn’t take long for them to reach the city on a high class carriage. Carriages in general were a sign of nobility or high class status. They used tame beasts that have been bred over centuries to lose their hatred of humanity. These creatures, which were a horse like creature, were more docile than most house pets.

Although carriages couldn’t be said to be the best way to travel, it was elegant. And nobles and the high class enjoyed to flaunting their wealth to the lower class. Even in a world such as Archia, a hierarchy of sophistication had to exist.

Herifo, who enjoyed himself, often flaunted it out too. Obviously no one knew if he hated the lower class. He seemed like a nice guy in general. Lyrim and the others were more or less used to the large carriage, but Leona was showing a smile as she gazed out the window, enjoying the merchants and peddlers who were selling their wares.

She spoke softly as she sat in between Lyrim and Herifo. “It’s been a long time since we last came to the city. We all had to do training for several years. I’m definitely going to buy a lot” With the others having the same plans, Kyta showed a hint of sadness in his eyes.

Lyrim couldn’t help but glance at it. To begin with, Kyta could have arranged a meal at the city, so why a small, unnamed town instead? He obviously had his reasons. “Were here.” Herifo spoke before exiting the carriage door the man outside the restaurant opened.

Leona and the others, after exiting, couldn’t help but show signs of amazement “Parched Fang restaurant…” Leona quietly muttered. Lyrim, who isn’t a city boy considering his clan is more on the edge of the border of the kingdom, wasnt aware of the name, but he took it as something important.

“Hmm?” Lyrim quietly looked, and one of the females smirked and patted his back. Her name was Syndy, a Hawk member with the Triple Claw Wolf T.Gear  “Lyrim, you don’t know?“ She spoke to him before Lyrim shrugged as he asked. “Sorry, not really one to eat out at fancy places, hehe”

Syndy chuckled quietly and spoke as the group made their way towards the entrance and inside. “This restaurant is the top in the kingdom. It usually takes years to have a reservation even looked at. Even more so, the only ones allowed are nobles or people of significant importance!”

She couldn’t stress that last sentence enough, as it took years even though the customer base was of noble and importance class. Lyrim couldn’t help but feel that such a place was indeed amazing. The waiter at the front, looking at the book of reservations, didn’t seem to be impressed by customers he has come across. So unless they were a king or someone who was equal to one, he didn’t really care.

“Yo!” Herifo spoke as he walked over towards the counter. The waiter frowned at the word, thinking it to be more so unetiquette like. And he gazed up to see Herifo, who seemed to be a pretty boy, as well as a group of teenagers and Lyrim, who seemed to be a child.

At first, the waiters eyes widened for a bit before he cleared his throat and spoke casually. “Name?...” Herifo chuckled. “I hope it’s ok if I’m a bit late. First time in such a place.” The waiter frowned even more and spoke. “Nammmeee?” As if trying to show his frustration.

Herifo smiled “Herifo. Herifo Tysi“ The waiter nodded and looked at the book before his body froze and his eyes shot open. This man was part of the strongest team of field portal travelers in the kingdom. What’s more, he wielded a Catalyst level T.Gear capable of turning a kingdom upside down if not handled correctly. What’s more, he was incredibly famous.

“L..Lord Herifo!!” The waiter quickly spoke, before personally walking around the counter, grabbing his hand and shaking it as he began to apologize and nervously lead them to the back. “Herifo sure is popular..” Lyrim knew Herifo was famous, but to see the waiter’s expression, it was as if he had underestimated his popularity.

Kyta spoke with a faint smile and whispered to Lyrim as they walked to the back, being overtaken by the members in the front. “Herifo’s team has been a source of T.Gears of great quality for many years. Obviously it takes a super genius or someone strong to wield a Catalyst set out of billions of people. How could he not be famous. I bet even other kingdoms would invite him to see their monarchs if he visited.”

Lyrim began to understand more about the way the world worked. In this world, someone who showed potential was valued greatly. And someone with potential and power was valued even more so. For someone on Herifo and Team Deadly’s level, they could be said to be an army of 100,000 each if not more.

Of course, in Shadow Chasm, every creature there could be an army of its own when looking at it this way. When two creatures of that level fight, it could be seen as something as if two kingdoms skirmishing or waging war against each other.

But this was everyday life on those planets. Lyrim couldn’t imagine how strong and how important anything above a Sacred level could be. And his T.Gear managed to effortlessly annihilate the Shadow Chasm as well as the Divine creatures with little trouble.

Lyrim, pondering this, began to think more about the voice that was in his head that claimed to be his armor. He quietly let out, as if day dreaming. “Ethe..”  Lyrim was then snapped out of his daydreaming by a familiar voice.

By the time he realised, it they were at a VIP area with a large table with several of Team Deadly’s members dressed well and already eating. He smiled softly, recognizing them. He bowed respectfully “It’s nice to see you all again.”

Leona and the others, whose eyes seemed like they were about to pop out of their heads, had already began to pester the other Deadly members, who showed signs of surprise. After they had settled, Iria had already been up due to signing her autograph. She walked over to Lyrim and embraced him tightly against her chest.

“Lyrim, I heard about everything. I’m glad you’re ok…” She sighed. Her thoughts on Lyrim were obviously not of a romance, but more of a sister/brother bond. Even though they have not known each other long, out of the Team Deadly members, she was obviously the closest, even if it was a little one sided.

Leona blinked and pouted quietly for a moment after seeing this. Possibly a little jealous, even if she didn’t know it herself. As everyone took their seats and the appetizers were eaten, the orders were taken.

Zhane spoke “Lyrim, I heard about what happened. Hahahaha, who would have thought you would run into a nasty Inferno Walker. Not even I’m confident I could handle it by myself. You’re really something.“ He leaned closer and whispered a bit. “I heard the T.Gear you got from it is considered really valuable. Bray was pretty overjoyed after it was confirmed, and already began a test of potential candidates to see who gets it. Quite a bit of commotion you caused.”

Lyrim, over the past week, had seemed to have matured quite a bit inside. Although he looks young, over his life, he was a man in a boys body, with a boys feelings. Being around people that respect and are friendly with him had helped nurture his mind very quickly, to the point where he could be considered as mature as Ginta in his mind.

“If it had not been for the creature’s dumb mistake, I probably wouldn’t have made it out alive. Thankfully, the trip wasn’t wasted, and even a Catalyst T.Gear was obtained.” Lyrim spoke, as if it were natural.

Deep inside his heart and mind, he was secretly craving an environment where he could show himself and improve. He had felt in his brothers shadow for quite a long time. The group began to laugh and enjoy their situation. Especially after the food had come out.

Braised Ribs with a savory Mushroom Sauce. Tender Prime Steak with a lush, thick Gravy, as well as a duck like creature stuffed with all sorts of ingredients, to the point where the skin is cracking even minutes after being served. And many more.

They were truly enjoying themselves. But that joy for Lyrim was cut short as a familiar voice spoke. “Lyrim...What are you doing here?..” Lyrim, looking up, couldn’t help but feel a faint shock. It was his brother Ginta, beside him, was the princess, as well as Kaia and several other of his close friends.

“Ginta..” Lyrim almost growled. The atmosphere was quite tense for a bit, before Ginta cleared his throat. “Lyrim, it’s good to see you’re doing fine, and that you have made friends...Team Deadly no less. And even the upcoming Team Hawk..” He spoke as he looked at Kyta, whom which glared before facing away, drinking from a cup of a beverage he was served.

“Lyrim, when are you going to come back to the academy?” Lyrim frowned and took a deep breath. “Brother, I think you’re mistaken about something. I don’t plan to go back.” Ginta, frowning, clenched his fists a bit.
Lyrim had been quiet and never really caused trouble, but the past week or so had been quite a tense situation. Especially after Herifo had arrived. Ginta, glaring at Herifo, spoke. “Sir Herifo… I heard all about your accolades. We never really had a chance to talk properly”

Herifo knew Lyrim didn’t like his brother. Herifo could only give a sly grin at Ginta, and casually reply. “As interesting as it would be Ginta, I’m currently just enjoying time with my team and some new found friends”

These words made the current Hawk members a little giddy, but that was then cut short. A waiter arrived and smiled at Ginta. “Sir, your VIP table is this way..” Ginta sighed as he gazed at Lyrim, before he began to walk off.

Princess Catherine, who was clutching Ginta’s arm, showed Lyrim a sort of apologetic glance. As if she longed to talk to him and make things right. But Lyrim only showed her an icy glare, which frightened her a bit and she dared not look again.

As Ginta’s group was shown to another room, things on the table were quiet for a bit, before Lyrim spoke with a smile. “I’m sorry, I’d like to get a bit of fresh air..” He then stood up and made his way out slowly, before going to one of the balconies on the 7th story that they were on. The restaurant was indeed large, having 9 stories in total. The 8th being the super VIP room, and the 9th being the owner’s area.

Lyrim was leaning against the railing, gazing out into the city. It had become a little late. At least enough for sunset to slowly approach. Lyrim, inside, was feeling a bit harsh on himself. “Maybe I'm being a little too arrogant towards him...Maybe I need to give him a chance…” He began to quietly think as he sighed.

A voice then called out as it approached him. “Yo Lyrim.” Herifo spoke as he leaned his back against the railing near Lyrim. “I honestly didn’t know your brother was going to be here..I’m truly sorry…”

Lyrim chuckled quietly. “Haha, that’s fine. I didn't think you did.” The two were quiet for a moment. “Lyrim, tomorrow we are heading to the B ranked planet Mist valley” Lyrim blinked as he looked at Herifo and worryingly spoke. “M..Mist Valley?...Please don't tell me that-” Herifo chuckled, cutting him off.

“Yes. Its name comes from the natural energy it emits. It’s comparable to Shadow Chasm in size, but I guess not purity. Actually, this planet was hard to find. We needed something that was safer than an A rank, but something to test your T.Gear”

Lyrim gazed cautiosuly. “Test my T.Gear?..” Herifo nodded. “I’m surprised you even managed to guess the reason for the planets name. Hehe. But yes, Williams is actually annoyed that no progress has been made for your T.Gear, and after the events on, err..Shadow Chasm and Giant Plains, he decided to personally accompany us with several of his colleagues to see if the same thing happens.”

Lyrim clenched his teeth a bit before a voice resounded in his head. “-Hahaha, dumb humans. This is perfect for me…-” As much as Lyrim would like to reply to Ethe, who is the owner of that voice, right now he felt like something bad was going to happen.

“Herifo...Why is it im encountering the dangerous missions? Can’t I stay with Hawk until I get stronger?” Herifo chuckled and stretched. “Don’t be silly, heh. You will get much stronger with us. Besides, your T.Gear, from what Bray and Williams told me, is more or less mysterious and unique, so they’re desperate to understand it.”

Lyrim kept quiet and nodded. “What if it happens again?..I won’t be able to control it…” Herifo was quiet for a moment. “From what we know, as long as were a distance behind you, we can manage to avoid it. Everyone who is going is Catalyst level. This mission is also confidential, so I hope you can keep it away from everyone. Not even discussing it with the other Deadly members in the open.”

Before Lyrim could reply, a voice spoke out. “L..Lyrim?..” Both Herifo and Lyrim turned to look, seeing it was none other than Princess Catherine. Herifo looked at Lyrim, who looked back. Then he bowed down to the princess “Your Highness, I was just about to leave.”

Herifo gave Lyrim an eye of caution, as if telling him to not do anything stupid. She was the Princess of this kingdom, after all. Lyrim frowned before quietly looking away into the distance, as if ignoring her. But he spoke out after Herifo left, leaving only them.

“I’m not sure why you’re here, but I’m sure my brother sent you...Please go back, I have nothing to say to you.” Lyrim’s tone was heartless, icy, and full of anger.

Princess Catherine, who, inside, was sensitive, but had a strong will, took a deep breathe. “I came here myself. Ginta doesn’t know I’m here. He thinks I’m using the restroom. When I saw you and Herifo head here, I thought I could talk to you.”

Lyrim had to give her a few points for even having courage to face him without his brother by her side, so he decided he would give her a chance. This and he had probably thought by doing so he could remove any doubts.

“Ok, what do you want to say?..” He turned to face her while his arms were folded. Princess Catherine smiled as she saw Lyrim’s curious face. She couldn’t help but think of Ginta. They both looked a little alike, but Lyrim was more cute, considering his appearance.

“I wanted to apologize...For what my father did to yours… And tell you what I know about the situation.” Lyrim’s eyes narrowed. He held a lot of respect for his father. He was most familiar with his father. He didn’t know anything about his mother, and no one really told him anything about her. So to him, his father was his idol. Wise and strong, having an interest in science. He could be considered to be a colleague of King Rydil. Both of them contributing to science in T.Gears.

To him, his father was everything. He cared for him, he looked after him, he gave him courage and guided him. And here was this girl, who apologizes on behalf of a tyrant king who shows no care for his wrong. What value does this apology have coming from this tyrants offspring.

“Apologize?....” Lyrim, giving an icy look at Catherine, spoke.



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