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The Spineaphant charged towards several T.Gear users, but most managed to dodge, leaving two who didn’t have strong agility type T.Gears but more so durability. They barely got out of the way, but the force of the creature’s feet still managed to hit them, causing them to fly for several meters before one hit the ground and the other against a nearby boulder, which nearly shattered.

With but a kick, they were both unconscious and on deaths door. Leona roared out “Sean, get Kiana. Lyrim, stop standing there like an idiot and grab Mita” Having no choice but to rely on Lyrim, she clenched her teeth as she ran towards the Spineaphant in an attempt to grab its attention.

She only managed to succeed by slashing at the back of the creature’s knees, where it was sensitive. Causing it to roar before turning, trying to hit her.

Lyrim quickly rushed over to the female who had been smacked across the ground and was lying limp. He checked to see if she was alive, but saw several lines of blood from her mouth as well as her T.Gear being badly damaged.

He panicked a bit but mustered up the courage to pick her up using the strength of his own T.Gear and began to run over towards where Sean was taking the other to safety.

Lyrim glanced back to see the students combatting the Spineaphant. Sean then turned and ordered him “Make sure these two are safe and don’t go anywhere!” For someone who was teasing him before, it seemed he placed a bit of trust in Lyrim to protect the injured. Then again, there was no choice.

Lyrim glanced at the Spineaphant and saw that they were struggling with it. He bit his lips “God damnit…” At that moment, one of the Tuskaphants that wasn’t killed came charging towards Lyrim, seeing that he was easy pickings with two injured.

Lyrim turned, and at that moment, a black figure came and punched the Tuskaphant head on, causing its body to reverberate slightly, before it was moved several feet back and fell down limp

The figure dressed in dark grey armor with a red horn on the head of the armor turned to gaze at lyrim “I..It’s you…” The figure was Kyta, but he didn’t look so good. He was bleeding all over and fell to his knees, clutching the arm he had just punched the Tuskaphant with. “S..Shit, I underestimated that beast..How can I mess up now of all times…”

Kyta seemed to have thought his team could handle a small herd with one Mega Beast, but it seems the Spineaphant was more than he bargained for. It was a creature that was so close to the peak of turning into a Demon level creature, it’s own power had been sitting on that barrier.

Lyrim rushed over to Kyta to check on him. “Kyta, what happened? Where are the twins?” Lyrim asked, to which Kyta clenched his hand “They’re fine...I managed to save them in time and draw its attention. That bastard…” Kyta looked at Lyrim. Seeing it was him, he quickly stood up, trying not to show weakness. He then gazed at the two.

“Good..S..Stay here and prot--” Just then, he turned to see the Spineaphant charge towards them, it’s eyes blazing with fury as it recognized the one who injured it.

The creature used one of its abilities. Its long trunk stood up before it utilized Sonic Tremor, an ability of the Spineaphant. The force of the roar was so intense, it knocked back everyone within 30 meters of it, clearing its path to charge at the injured Kyta.

Kyta gazed at Lyrim as he narrowed his eyes “Get...them to safety…” He spoke, motioning  towards the two injured members. If it was after him, he wouldn’t put his group in danger. As Lyrim nodded and stood up after looking at the kneeling Kyta, a voice echoed within his head. “-Filthy creature…-”

Lyrim quickly looked around before seeing no one. The voice was indeed close, and was quite deep. Having a demonic sort of tone. It frightened him enough to draw his attention from the Spineaphant and Kyta who was charging forward towards it.

At that moment, Lyrim’s right arm raised on its own accord before a dark green aura engulfed it “What the fuck!!” He called, out causing Kyta to turn back and face the scene with horror.

As if Lyrim’s body had a will of its own, he jumped up several hundred meters in the air with ease and smashed down like a meteor towards the Spineaphant, which stopped dead in its tracks after feeling the intense energy this new individual put out.

The energy engulfing Lyrim’s hand extended before it formed into a large claw that spanned nearly 30 meters in diameter. The green claw then plummeted down towards the Spineaphant, not only crushing it with ease, but causing the ground around to rumble as the ground shattered, causing cracks to form spanning meters in length and shooting in all directions.

It was as if the planet itself was splitting apart, but it soon died down. The claw of energy diminished, revealing only the shocked Lyrim and the pulp like carcass of the Spineaphant in the crater with cracks in all directions.

The area was quiet for nearly a minute as Lyrim stood up, his mouth shut. He looked at his chest to see the red lights he hadn’t noticed till now had appeared, but were just now vanishing, as if a threat was removed.

Lyrim looked around, seeing the looks of shock from all of Team Hawk, even spotting Leona looking at him with fear and fright as she crawled backwards on her hands while gazing at him.

Kytas eyes were shaking with fear and surprise at Lyrim’s effortless kill of the Spineaphant which had nearly wiped them all out “I..Is this the reason...Team...Deadly took him in?? Just what is he...What is that T.Gear”

As the dust from the ground that had been shattered settled down, Kyta, regaining his composure, first called out to everyone to check on the injured.

With several hawk members heading towards the two unconscious individuals, as well as a couple heading to the path to check on the twins on Kyta’s order, Kyta made his way down towards Lyrim and the crushed corpse of the Spineaphant, being careful as he grasped his injured hand.

He stopped several meters away from Lyrim. “I..I’d like to be the apologise to you...I underestimated you because..I thought you were weak...But I can see this isn’t the case... You’re clearly something beyond us..”

The remaining hawk members, who were checking on themselves, had overheard and were quiet, as if not daring to interject. They knew they also underestimated Lyrim.

Leona, who stood up, clenched her fists while gazing at Lyrim. “-W..Why….Why is someone like him so strong...He is so young...How did he get so powerful?...Did I not work hard enough…-” Showing anger and jealousy towards him.

Lyrim, of course, was still dazed from the events. Hearing a voice in his head before his body acted on its own and crushed the Mega Beast. And then Kyta apologising to him.

Several hours later, the group had set up camp in the mountain path where it was too narrow for large creatures to come by, meaning it was better for them.

With the injured recovering, food being made, and the scouts on guard, the hawk members were seated around a campfire.

Lyrim though, was sitting on a small ridge like edge that showed quite a view. Their position was quite spectacular. Not only was it a closed off path, but it also had an opening to  a carved out entrance that showed a great view.

Lyrim was gazing at his hand used to effortlessly crush the Mega Beast, wondering if this same power was the one used to kill those Divine level creatures. But since that moment, nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

Whatever it was, he considered he owed it his life as he knew the Spineaphant would have most likely gone for him next. He raised his head as he heard several footsteps. Turning his head, he saw a female out of her T.Gear, which was of no surprise considering C rank planets are all able to harbour oxygen like Archia.

The female smiled towards Lyrim, she was covered in bandages. Beside her, a male, who seemed to be also covered in bandages, appeared. She spoke after clearing her throat. “I..I’d like to thank you for saving my life...And defeating the Mega Beast…” She showed a hint of blushing. He didn’t know whether it was from shame or embarrassment.

The male counterpart gave her a gentle pat on the head and spoke after her “We heard you beat it in one hit..I’m truly sorry w...we laughed at you…” They then bowed towards him, before Lyrim smiled

“I..It’s fine. I was only doing what I could to help…I’m sure you would have done the same for me “He spoke when in his heart he wasn’t sure if the would. Especially because the nervous looks on their faces.

The female then spoke as if to lighten the mood “That must of been an incredible move. You’re T.Gear looks like nothing special, but you managed to beat it with such ease...They said you were hundreds of meters in the air before you squashed it like a bug, hehehe” As if enjoying violence, she gave a sort of innocent giggle.

From there, the 3 began to talk and seemed to have hit it off. The hawk members, who were guilty, had saw their friends casually chatting with Lyrim and were quite curious. One by one, they began to move towards them and introduce themselves before apologising and joining the chat. Leaving only Kyta, who was managing the food, and Leona, who was huddled up by herself opposite the fire of Kyta.

Kyta spoke softly to her “What’s wrong? Why don’t you join the others..?” Leona frowned and growled quietly “I don’t wanna..” She said, as if showing her inner child. Kyta sighed. “You know...Even I know when to admit my mistakes. That boy is something special. We all looked down on him, and he showed us up. It’s gone from us protecting him, to him protecting us.”

Leona’s eyes narrowed, her body tensing up. “H..He’s nothing special..” She mumbled against her forearm. Kyta only sighed before continuing quietly.

Later that night, as everyone slept, with guard duty being rotated, the hawk members had slept next to the camp fire, leaving Lyrim to sleep inside the cut out cave like entrance which also seemed to emit a bit of heat.

He had the chance to sleep with them, but choose not to, as he felt it would still be a bit awkward on the inside. He quietly began to think of things “-Remnants of a creature… What sort of creature was it? A Sacred creature has the ability to fight back in a T.Gear, but once the wielder’s soul overcomes it, then it submits…

Not only did I beat this armor, but I didn't feel like I was fighting a soul. It was more like I was trying to contain a raging fire. And then today’s events where my body was taken over...This is the second time...What sort of creature was it?..-”

Lyrim couldn't help but try to put several facts together to try and piece together what was going on, and what this armor was. He couldn't ask Williams, because his guess was as good as his. The information Lyrim discovered now, would be the latest he knew. He also had to tell Williams. If he didn't, the hawk members would in their report anyway.

Lyrim thought about this for a bit, before giving a sigh and slowly shutting his eyes as he mumbled to himself “Tomorrow's my birthday...13... I wonder if I should ask for a day off…” A soft voice that was familiar replied as quiet shuffling sound appeared near him.

“If that’s the case, why don't I give you a present?..” Lyrim quickly leaned up before he felt two strong, yet soft, hands pin him down gently onto the ground over the sleeping bag that Team Hawk had carried as supplies.

(warning mature scene ahead read at your own discretion)

Spoiler :

Lyrim’s eyes could barely make out the females face, but he could tell the voice was from Leona. He struggled a bit, worrying she may come to hurt him.

Leona smiled softly and leaned down, her lips trailing up the side of his neck, her soft, warm breathe causing Lyrim’s body to wiggle and twitch slightly. Her silk like lips reaching near his ear as she gently bit his ear lobe then released it and whispered.

“It’s fine...I won't hurt you..Just relax…” Lyrim did as she said, unsure what she wanted from him. Such acts were still new to him. Although he matured quite a bit, it was for reasons other than sexual acts, so the thought of such things hadn't crossed his mind. His eyes widened as his heart beat faster.

Leona would slowly lower herself to his chest as he wore a simple shirt and pants that would reveal when a user was out of there T.Gear. Then again, each person had their own style they prefered.

She unbuttoned his shirt before softly kissing his neck again, her tongue slipping passed her lips before she pressed it softly against his collarbone, swirling around the edge of it before her mouth lightly latched on and she began to suck.

“Mnmm..Ahn..” Lyrim let out quiet, soft moans as his fingers softly clawed at the side of the sleeping bag. His body slowly shuffling under Leona while a soft bulge pressed against his pants from his crotch.

“L..Leona w..what are you…” His voice innocently called out, before her lips parted from his collarbone. Her tongue was slid out a bit with a soft chain of saliva linking her tongue to where she had sucked. She could barely see the hickey she had left before smiling at him.

“I...wanted to apologise to you...And this is how I’m going to do it…” Lyrim’s face was already a deep red that even seemed to show a bit in the dark moonlight. He spoke softly “Please stop...This...This isn’t something that should be done as an apology..”

He tried to reason with her, but it didn’t seem to work. Her hand trailed down his chest, that seemed quite flawless. He wasn’t muscular nor skinny, his body was shaped well and was quite cute. It caused her to quietly giggle before she kissed down his chest.

The tingling feeling of her lips against his chest echoed across his body, even being felt in his bones. And this feeling went on as it touched his stomach and down until it neared the top edge of his pants.

He was slightly panting at first, before his eyes widened at the feeling of his pants being lowered a bit. He leaned up and quickly placed his hands over hers.

“Please...stop. I don’t want this….” Leona gazed at Lyrim, seeing that he seemed afraid. Then again, he was only 13, and it was 2 am in the morning, with the sun not even showing a sign of revealing itself.

She was quiet as she saw Lyrim’s innocent afraid gaze. She smiled before embracing him in a hug, unable to resist her now new found likeness of this boy (A.N in other words when it comes to lyrim she became a shotacon?))

With his head pressing against her breasts, she laid him down with him still embraced against her as she laid beside him. “Leona...why….don’t you hate me?..” He worryingly asked, wondering what she was up to and if it was really an apology.

Leona quietly shut her eyes and whispered. They had done well so far to not wake anyone up or even alert the guards. “Lyrim...I’m jealous of you…” Lyrim blinked as he felt his face press more against her large breasts. The feeling was quite good, like he had a pair of pillows, and her scent was sweet and somewhat intoxicating.

“Why of me?...” He curiously asked, wondering what was so good about him. This made Leona give a quiet pout “You’re so strong...And yet you’re so young….I thought you were weak...and that I...I could show you what true genius was.”

Lyrim, still hugged against her breasts, thought to himself “-Because I’m strong?...-” He felt the need to clarify something, as if to cheer her up. “Strong?...No...I’m weak….I couldn’t save my father...and my brother betrayed me...Not even my clan wants me...I couldn’t do anything to change that. While everyone looks at my brother, they can’t even see me in his shadow…” He spoke nearly spitefully as his eyes shut a bit, almost forgetting he was in the embrace of a beauty.

Leona blinked and whispered quietly “Ginta is your brother right? I forgot...I had heard about your father….I’m...not really sure how to respond to that Lyrim..But...I’m sure there are reasons...Kyta isn’t too fond of your brother either..”

Lyrim blinked as he looked up to see her his face, nearly covered by her breasts. She looked down and placed a soft kiss on his forehead, as if he were an adorable pet of hers. “I never knew..” He whispered quietly.

As he looked up, he couldn’t hear another word from her. Looking closer, it seemed she was fast asleep. Then again, she looked exhausted, not just physically, but mentally. Maybe she had something on her mind, Lyrim wondered.

He tried to get out of her grasp but found her monstrous, ape like strength was even strong as she slept. He gave up and just quietly decided to remain her prisoner for the night.

The next day, a few giggles and laughs echoed slightly, as well as whispers. Lyrim’s eyes twitched a bit before he opened them and looked.

He saw Leona more clearly in the sunlight, and even her appearance wearing a tanktop as well as shorts. It was more revealing up close and personal. But his focus and eyes turned to the sound of the voices.

He saw several hawk members, mostly the girls, giggling and waving to him as one spoke as she noticed his gaze “Good morning, Mr Breast Lover..” Two more laughed as another spoke “I hope Leona was gentle with you?..” Lyrim’s face turned a crimson red as he struggled to get free, but his struggling only woke Leona up.

She yawned and leaned up, releasing Lyrim as she looked around while rubbing her eyes “Nn..whaat’s going on?..” She looked at her friends gazing at her, before she looked at Lyrim, then back at them, her face deepening with embarrassment before she glared at Lyrim  

“D...Damnit I fell asleep..” She quickly got Lyrim in a soft head lock which was all the worse for him since he was trying to do up the shirt she unbuttoned yesterday night. “L..Let go!” he growled softly, which made her grin and try to pin him and get him to submit.

This caused the other hawk members to smile, as they were worried yesterday that Leona hadn’t come over and shared the most negative thoughts of Lyrim, but it seemed they made up and more so at night.

Meanwhile, Kyta, ignoring the commotion, was looking at the horizon, standing next to a scout. He spoke softly “Are you sure about that?” He spoke almost cautiously while the scout nodded “Yes, it shouldn’t be far. 2 miles away from the forest I saw it light up like an inferno. It was huge… Scared the shit out of me, especially when it looked this way...It vanished soon after. I would have screamed if Hason hadn’t covered my mouth…”

Kyta looked again, seeing only small herds of Beast level creatures that werent really up to their standard. Kyta clenched his hand and sighed.

“Fuck….How does a King level Nova Walker show up on a C ranked planet? Our luck is incredibly shit…” The scout then spoke “Should we tell the others that we are canceling the training trip?”

Kyta, who was thinking carefully, sighed before looking to see Lyrim in Leona’s grasp and thinking again. “No…” He smiled softly “We have a member of Team Deadly with us. What’s there to fear?” Speaking in approval of Lyrim as someone who has power greater than his own.

Several hours later, the group had packed up and began to move out, while Kyta spoke out “Were heading north towards the forest. I was thinking of keeping this a secret, but it’s too important to not worry about…”

Hawk members began to chatter to themselves, wondering what was up. By now, the entire team had healed due to the natural energy absorbing ability their T.Gear had given them. Kyta went on “Yesterday night, Yiro spotted a Nova Walker 2 miles from here….”

Fear was seen in the eyes of the hawk members, as well as denial as one guy spoke “Yiro, are you sure you weren't seeing things? Haha” One of his friends spoke, to which Yiro clenched his fist.

“I’m sure...It was huge...I thought it was going to set the forest on fire...I.It was scary as fuck…” The fear in Yiro’s eyes, as well as the quivering of his body, seemed to make them believe him then. Especially since in the whole group, his eyesight was the best. Which is a reason he was made a scout.

Leona, folding her arms, spoke as her eyes narrowed. She stood next to Lyrim “So what now? Are we calling it?...” She spoke in annoyance before Kyta remained quiet and smiled “Were fine. After all, we got a secret weapon. What’s a king level to a Catalyst T.Gear?”

Kyta spoke, assuming Lyrim wore one. The attention was focused now on Lyrim, who blinked curiously and gulped. Leona tilted her head as she gazed at him, as if examining him again. Lyrim spoke out.

“Are you sure you want to fight it?..” Lyrim spoke. He knew, most likely if whatever the voice was saved him twice, it would do so again. But he wasn’t so sure about it saving his team mates.

Kyta smiled “I’m sure...Besides, it’s only if we encounter it. We’ll be careful” Lyrim felt somewhat relieved and nodded before the group had finally finished packing and set out towards the north, heading to the dense forest.

The Beast level creatures seemed to ignore them, knowing the fight wasn’t worth it, and if they didn’t bother them, why would they fight.

The forest to the north was incredibly huge, spanning nearly a thousand miles of thick vegetation. But deep inside this vegetation, a creature whose body flickered with thick fire that emitted from it, touching the leaves but not burning them, as if it had mastered control of this fire, lurked about.

This creature huddled down, letting out a shriek that caused the forest to shudder, before its body began to tremble and mutate slightly. It’s pure, red and orange flaming body began to change color. As it’s mass grew, the flame turned a dark crimson and green. The creature’s eyes turning a ferocious blue as it then roared, the entire forest seemingly shaking.

The Nova Walker had evolved into a Catalyst variant an, Inferno Walker!



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Attempted rape/molestation of possibly underage (laws uncertain) child=Negative affect on characters/story

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