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Thell began to make his way down as he approached what appeared to be a large rocky outcrop at the start of the chasm. “Lord Thell, shall we try to scan its depth again?” Zhane spoke, to which Thell shook his head. “We won’t risk it. T.Spheres are annoying to make from what I hear.”

Zhane nodded and the group proceeded to go further down the hill. Lyrim could see in the distance many large and incredibly large creatures. This was life on the planet. Something they were used to. Although, the closer the group got to the surface, the more he understood.

The reason why the creatures converged on this location was the transparent mist that appeared to flow from the chasm. The deeper it was, the darker the mist got. But on the surface, it was somewhat transparent.

“Natural energy..” Herifo nodded “In its rawest form. Not that near synthetic stuff they used on you” Lyrim frowned at the memory of him being used as a test subject, but he put that in the past. There was no use getting worked up about it.

As they neared the rockier part of the outcrop, a small cave like entrance was revealed behind a large boulder. “Just where we left it.” Zhane smiled, to which Thell looked at it and then gazed at the others.

“From here on out, we are entering the unknown. I’m not sure what may be inside here, or even if it leads anywhere. I want you all to keep alert and stay quiet”

The group, including Lyrim, nodded, and Thell was the first to vanish into the darkness of the cave, followed by Zhane, then Maria. Lyrim was sent next, while Iria and Herifo would guard from behind.

In front of him, as he entered the darkness, they had all raised their hands, emitting natural energy to use as a torch. Lyrim could only gaze with delight at their control over it.

He had then attempted to try it to an had succeeded on his 2nd attempt. “-So it’s not that hard. It’s all about controlling the flow of energy and expanding it out like a torch.-”

Although the others seemed quite impressed. It usually took several weeks to learn. For him to learn it on his second go was commendable. Although they didn’t let him see their expressions.
The group began to venture deeper into the cave system.

“At least it seems natural” Iria spoke, not really seeming impressed but still cautious. The cave system appeared normal, with some water dripping down it and stalactites growing from the cave ceiling.

This view had seemingly gone on for a half hour as they traversed in a sort of downward manor, before Thell stopped and gazed in front of him to see another natural entrance. But this time, for 5 of them, it was a dead end.

The group converged around it before Thell put his hand inside of it. It was as if his hand was slowly becoming numb, but it was still bearable. He then looked at Lyrim and smiled. “I’m not going to force you to enter Lyrim.

When you decided to agree to don that armor, you began your path to become stronger. This is your choice. Do you want to proceed down this path where none of us can follow?”

The entire group was quiet while they gazed at Lyrim, as if expecting him to chicken out. Lyrim began to think about things. His past mistakes, his regrets, his pain and suffering. And then the more recent events that had unfolded in his first battle experience with the pack of wolves.

“If I go..I’m sure I’m going to encounter danger, knowing my luck..” Herifo chuckled and spoke “I guess it’s sett-” He was quickly cut off by Lyrim “But I can’t be a coward and show weakness. I need to man up and advance for my own sake. I’ll do it”

Herifo widened his eyes and even Maria seemed to get all giddy at seeing Lyrim act like a man. Iria only smiled and showed him approval, while Zhane gave him a pat on the back.

Thell smiled and nodded in acceptance. “Well said boy. That being said, you need to be careful” He handed Lyrim a second T.Sphere he kept at his waist “Were not sure if it will work or not, but on the negative that it lasts a few seconds in that mist.

Activate it and use it to tell us if you’re in trouble. I’ll rush in there and try to assist. I can probably last 16 minutes in my current form, and I’m certain at top speed I can reach you.”

Lyrim nodded, taking it and placing it on a sort of edge on his armors waist. As he approached the mist, he took a deep breath and stepped in, waiting in it for a moment. At that point the 6th light on his armor turned on. The 4th and 5th having turned on during the groups sleeping and the trip here.

Lyrim felt somewhat energized. As if he could run a marathon. And the armor emitted a somewhat louder vacuum like sound, which he had no idea to which part it came from. Lyrim gazed behind to see them before they nodded and wished him luck.

He then proceeded inside, vanishing into the mist. Herifo spoke quietly to Thell “My Lord, I’m sure you have noticed those lights on his chest. What are they?” Thell shook his head. “Your guess is as good as mine. Lazuras doesn’t know what sort of main abilities that armor has other than it is good at absorbing natural energy.”

Lyrim began to venture down. The mist itself was somewhat transparent, and the light made from natural energy had turned a sort of greenish blue due to the reaction with it. But it also helped pierce the mist. At most he could see several meters forwards, but still placed his hand on the surface of the cave wall as he continued along.

Lyrim had thought he entered a completely different world. The water that dripped down from stalactites was a glowing blue color. Most likely infused with natural energy. The stalactites themselves were glowing green, and the walls were beginning to also glow a faint white.

The further down he got, the brighter it became. He wasn’t even sure he was in the Shadow Chasm anymore. An hour had passed at a steady pace, with Lyrim making his way through narrow entrances and climbing down several edges.

He managed to reach a fairly wide area due to him trying to find the wall, but not being able to.

That was until he looked up. He could see a bright light as well as the the sun that this planet orbits around. Although it gave a red color, most likely due to the mist tampering with the light.

As Lyrim gazed in front of him, he saw that he was smack in the center of the black mist. He looked around suddenly in confusion as he panicked a bit.

“Shit...Where’s the entrance?” Lyrim quickly looked around before gazing down to see faint imprints from his armor. He gave a relaxed sigh before whispering to himself “I’ll just follow them back. I wonder how long I’ve been here for… “

At this stage, the 9th light on Lyrim’s chest had turned on. Needing one more before it had initiated its unknown function. As Lyrim had decided to head back, not bothering to use the T.Sphere since nothing bad had happened, he froze dead in his tracks.

A loud, blood curdling screech echoed around the entire Shadow Chasm area that Lyrim was in. It was as if death himself had awoken, and now sought to reap. A fierce wave of energy as well as killing intent blew across the entire area for who knows how far.

But what followed was the screeching and frightened sounds of other creatures, as well as the sound of them running away. Lyrim quickly looked down, as if to retrace his steps, but as he ran just a few meters, he was bumped and hit onto the ground.

He panicked and looked around to see several creatures, from the ones he could make out, he saw them running in the direction he came from. He huddled into himself, as if to guard from their stomping. And it seemed to have worked, as he wasn’t knocked down again.

Silence seemed to encompass the entire Shadow Chasm. Before, when Lyrim appeared, he was somewhat afraid of being in such an open area. Who knows what lurked inside. But this sort of silence as well as the event of the creatures fleeing made it even more terrifying.

Lyrim quickly turned his light off as he heard the sound of steps head towards him. These steps were like miniature earthquakes that put the large Gemini Wolf to shame. Lyrim kept quiet as he slowly backed away, hoping whatever it was couldn’t see in darkness.

As the steps got closer and closer, until the quakes made Lyrim’s teeth clatter, they stopped, close to him. He felt a somewhat menacing presence he knew was around him. He also felt what appeared to be a breeze of hot air, but it felt more like steam that stung his face.

He gulped and shut his eyes for a moment before clutching his lips “-If I die here..I’ll face whatever it is head on..I..At least need to look it in the eyes and show it I’m not afraid-” Lyrim seemed to build up courage as he remembered his words to the group before.

He raised his right hand and emitted the light. What he saw was something so horrifying, his heart had stopped for a second, his face turning pale. The mist forming natural energy seemed to vanish for several dozens of meters in the presence of this creature.

Jet black scales and a draconian look, its eyes a piercing red that seemed to stare into one's very soul. Lyrim’s body quivered and he kept that blank look. The creature seemed to be looking directly at him, as if it knew he was here and it could see him all along.

The creature opened its mouth to reveal a demon like smile, as purple flames seemed to come from the sides. This would put the Gemini Wolves first look to shame. This smile was one not of a creature, but the devil itself.

The creature, opening its mouth, seemed to emit its natural energy into a red sphere of crackling energy, as if angered by this little pest who dares stand in its way.

“Die...I’m going to die…” Lyrim clenched his teeth, a flash of images appearing on his face as he stood up in fear, barely able to stand. As if he wanted to try and run away.

The moment the creature fired off this massive blast which seemed to emit a deafening sound, Lyrim’s 10th light on his chest turned on. A massive light engulfing him as he faced the creature. The 10 lights changed to several different colours before activating.

From the center of his chest, a crack appeared, before a sort of whirlpool of energy was revealed. The attack of the creature had quickly been subdued by the pull of this enigma and been drawn to it before being devoured by this strange occurrence.

The mist that had been pushed back by this creature’s presence had been brought back into the center, being pulled into the whirlpool of light on Lyrim’s chest. The more it devoured, the stronger it seemed to become. Lyrim felt like an immovable statue. He himself couldn’t budge from it.

The creature growled as it felt the incredibly powerful pull, feeling it’s feet lose grip. But what made it worse is it also felt its own power drain into this mysterious occurrence.

Lyrim seemed to give a blank look as he watched this armor devour an immense amount of mist.

----------The moment the creatures roar reached the main groups ears--------

Thell and the others seemed to wait patiently and nervously. Thell quickly opened his eyes, and a second later they were bombarded with energy as well as killing intent felt from inside the entrance.

Thell bit his lips “Shit….A Divine level creature….” Before Herifo and the others could ask what had happened, Thell had vanished inside the entrance Lyrim had gone through like a green and black blur. He used his top speed, trying to make the best out of the time he could muster in an attempt to save the boy.

Travelling down the main entrance, he saw the sights Lyrim had seen, and 3 minutes in, he saw something different. The water and stalactites that were glowing as well as the wall were emitting a line of energy that seemed to be drawn inside the deeper part of the cave, as if being called for.

Thell looked at himself, only to see he was feeling his own energy being drawn. “Lyrim..Just what have you awoken..” Thell, fearing the worst, rushed deeper inside, feeling his body numb bit by bit.
Lyrim, right behind the center of the source of this whirlpool of mist, was dealing with the force of energy it devoured.

As the armor devoured more and more energy, new colored lights began to appear on the dial like armor. But this was right at the center and there were 4 lights. 2 of the lights had turned red while it continued to absorb.

The Divine level creature, significantly weaker, felt itself lose it’s grip before it was sucked into the vortex. The creatures body had drawn closer and closer before it was bombarded with the powerful gravity like crush.

It’s boned and flesh tearing apart as it released a screeching sound that was more frightening than it’s roar. As the creature tried to flee to save itself, it couldnt escape. Flesh being torn off, then limb after limb, before the creature had passed on its head, being crushed before its entire body remaining had its innards being thrown in the vortex before they to were crushed and devoured.

At this stage, more blood curdling roars began to echo. If one would look at the Shadow Chasm from the top, they would see the mist had nearly vanished completely in this vortex with a limitless appetite.

The sources of the roars were emitted from creatures that were drawn to the source. They also felt their energy being sucked away. At that moment, Thell had arrived from behind Lyrim, where the power of the vortex was minor and he wasn’t drawn in. Like a safe zone.

His eyes widened with shock and horror to see Lyrim’s chest devouring the mist as well as the countless red eyes of the creatures that remained in the minor amount of mist that was left over.

Thell yelled towards Lyrim “Lyrim, what are you doing!!!” Lyrim couldn’t hear him due to the sound of the roars as well as being so close to the vortex. He was slowly starting to feel like a puppet of this armor.

Creature after creature began to show themselves, as they were also starting to struggle with the vacuum like vortex. Thell narrowed his eyes and clenched his teeth, knowing he couldn’t go fight them. If he got closer to that vortex, he would be torn apart.

His eyes shuddered at the sight of the creatures. “They’re...A...All Divine level… Was this entire chasm a nest for Divine level creatures?...Shit..I’ve never seen any of these things before..”

Each planet had a new abundance of creatures and that brought about the new prospect of T.Gears, but Lazuras had done its best to make sure that T.Gears were regulated well, with not too many varieties being thrown into the mix for safety concerns.

But what Lazuras didn’t expect was that their careless tampering and fusion of soul fragments had birthed an armor with a taste for natural energy unlike any other. At this stage, the Divine level creatures which had charged their attacks, had fired of waves of energy as well as beams of devastating attacks towards Lyrim, in a joint attack to stop him.

But they were met with a terrifying sight. The vortex of energy had swallowed all their attacks into one around the main whirl of mist, and devoured it. From this stage, one creature had felt it’s anger reach its limits before it charged in a zigzag like movement before slashing toward Lyrim from the side

But it too was met with failure. As if the armor had felt threatened, the vacuum suddenly increased in size as well as strength to the point where Thell was starting to feel a pull. The creature which had attacked had been torn apart and had itself devoured by the vortex.

Divine creature after Divine creature was sucked closer until they too were torn apart by the force of the vacuum. Lyrim himself stood there, immobile and unaffected by the pull. It felt as if his body was welling up with energy.

It felt like in his veins no longer ran blood but natural energy, coursing through them. His skin began to show lines of several colors, as if he were nearing a stage where he himself was going to explode.

“I..can’t...t..take it…Help…” He spoke, trying to ask for anyone to assist him. Thell, feeling he had been responsible for this boy’s path in and having memories of comrades dying at his own greed, couldn’t stand idly by. He took the risk and approached Lyrim, inch by inch.

“Hold on Lyrim!! I’m on my way!!” He struggled for balance as he approached Lyrim carefully from behind. At this stage, the mist had all but vanished from the Shadow Chasm, and the light of the sun had shone down to reveal bones and the many Divine creatures that had lurked inside.

Thell, although shocked, had to focus on his task at hand, and that was to try and help Lyrim. As he reached his hand closer to Lyrim, Herifo and the others appeared, only to struggle to fight for balance.

Showing shocked expressions at the events that were unfolding in front of them. “What..the hell is going on..” Zhane spoke as he clutched onto a large boulder with the claw tips of his gauntlets.

Iria called out at the two in the main event “Lord Thell, Lyrim!!!” Herifo, smashing his feet into the ground to try and gain balance, also looked nervously. While Maria stood quiet, but watched carefully.

As Thell reached over his hand to grab onto Lyrim’s shoulder, the 4th and final rainbow like light on the inner dial on Lyrim’s chest turned on. At this point the vortex of energy that swirled around stopped devouring and stayed calm.

The torrent of animosity and hunger had stopped in its path. The Shadow Chasm’s natural energy had all but been eaten up.

Lyrim fell to his knees as he stayed silent. Thell panted slightly, as he had also lost significant energy in the struggle, his own natural energy being devoured.

The group of 4 in the back rushed towards them, as they saw the several Divine level creatures that had managed to stay alive. The creatures were roaring with anger as they approached, as if to claim the energy that was stolen from them. “Not good…” Thell got up weakly and looked behind and called out.

“Herifo, get Lyrim out of here. I’ll try to hold these guys back.” Thell called out and as he touched Lyrim’s right shoulder to turn him around. Thell only watched with horror and fright.

The right side of Lyrim’s face seemed to have undergone a manifestation, as if he had half his face taken over by a demon. His skin turning pitch black, while his right eye was a deep blue with red and a weirdly shaped diamond like pupil with a green dot in the center.

“Ly...rim..” Thell whispered before he turned to look at a lion like creature rush towards them with the remaining energy it had left, as if to devour them both in one bite. Its strides caused the chasm walls around them to shudder slightly.

As Thell began to draw his weapon, the pupil on Lyrim’s right eye had condensed into the green dot before a beam of pure energy a few centimeters wide had fired directly in front, only barely noticeable by Thell’s eyes, as well as a little noticeable by the Divine creatures.

They still had no time to dodge. At this incredible speed, the beam pierced forward, and vanished into the distance. The lion like creature, as well as the others, froze in place before a half second passed.

The entire path of that beam had began to twist, as if space had distorted. The lion creature, as well as the others, were torn apart near instantly, and the area the beam traversed twisted and exploded with a ferocious fury.

The entire chasm, drawn into the laser that had seemed to caused a vacuum. This explosion of energy had caused a reaction a half mile wide with 20 miles in length and destroyed everything in that direction, leaving nothing but ash and the remnants of rock that survived.

One of the rainbow lights on Lyrim’s chest had vanished, as if being the cost for that attack just now. The pupil in Lyrim’s right eye had reverted back. And as if his armor had felt the threats were all gone, the right side of his face had reverted back to its original form.

The rainbow lights, on the denial, vanished, leaving the dark look they had from the beginning. Thell’s jaw had dropped as he was stunned at the sight. Seeing such a small, barely noticeable attack cause so much devastation, making Divine level creatures look like playthings, was unheard of before.

He nervously looked towards the boy as well as the armor he held. He saw that Lyrim was unconscious, but seemed to be breathing. Herifo had given a look of fright and had frozen in his tracks as he watched in horror at the sight of the attack of Lyrim take up an entire chunk of the chasm.

Zhane had begun to sweat as he looked at the aftermath, as if wanting to make a joke out of the situation. “ could see it from space..” Iria, although nervous and cautious, had still rushed over to Lyrim’s side, to check if he was ok.

Maria had also gone to check on things, as she too was also worried for him. She looked to Thell, who began to weakly stand up and make his way to a charred corpse of a Divine creature that was lucky to have at least died a visible death.

“Lord...T..Thell what...was that?” Thell was quiet as he used the first T.Sphere he had to try and convert the Divine creature’s body into a T.Gear “Tsk...Too damaged to be converted.” Maria, having her mind shocked by the situation, was in no mood to be ignored.

“L..Lord Thell!!” She spoke, annoyed. To which Thell rubbed his head, still shaken by the events that had unfolded. He finally spoke “I...don’t..k..know…” The 5 of them, clearly having no idea what had happened.

Thell then continued to speak. “Get Lyrim, we are leaving...It’s dangerous to stay here any longer. It seems the mist isn’t around anymore to pose a danger..” They all had been quiet for a bit, still trying to come to grips with what happened, before they nodded.

Zhane went over to Lyrim and put him over his shoulder, before the group of 6 began to head back.

A soft voice calling out. A fatherly voice that Lyrim knew all too well. “Lyrim, you have been sleeping for quite some time. When are you going to wake up and greet your father? Lyrim... Lyrim...” The voice began to speak his name after ending the sentence.

“F..Father?” Lyrim spoke as the voice continued to speak his name. “FATHER!..” He quickly opened his eyes and leaned up…



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