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Ginta was sitting in his office, his head in his hands, as he sighed while the princess gently rubbed his back while speaking “Ginta, I’m sure next time you both meet the 3 of us can sit down and talk” She tried to reassure him, but he only lowered his hands and released a frustrated sigh.

“Knowing the way he thinks, whats done is done. Whats more, I wonder what Lazuras is intending to do with him.” Kaia, who was sitting down, reading over some school reports, gave an idea. “Well maybe it’s to test some new T.Gear or help them with things others couldnt.”

Ginta began to think as he wondered what they were trying to accomplish. The princess then placed her hands on both sides of his shoulders. “We should probably get going soon. We have dinner with my father, remember?” She spoke with a soft smile, which made Ginta smile back.

“Agreed. No use worrying. I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything bad. I can only hope he is safe.
Meanwhile, back at the Lazuras main branch, Team Deadly as well as Lyrim were waiting inside one of the chambers that were used to send groups of people to different planets.

As Herifo and the others tended and double checked to see if everything was fine, they activated their T.Gears. A light of several colors engulfing their bodies before it disintegrated, as if the light had hardened like a metallic shell before it disintegrated. Like ash revealing the beautiful armor underneath.

Lyrim only gazed with awe. This was the first time he had seen Catalyst level T.Gears. They truly were on a whole different level. They seemed more detailed and even had a more powerful aura emanating from them. (A.N you guys will have to forgive me for now I’ll need to get an artist to draw these ;p )

While Lyrim’s eyes were locked on the T.Gears with envy, 3 scientists approached him with a box that emitted a faint light. As they stopped in front of him, one of them opened the box and removed the object that was inside. Lyrim could only smile happily.

What was revealed was the T.Gear that Williams had shown before. The scientist then handed it to Lyrim, who asked him to then place it against his chest. Lyrim was somewhat nervous. He had, after all, never experienced something like this before.

To make matters worse, all the members of Team Deadly were curious to how the so called unusable T.Gear would appear to look like. Lyrim, taking it from the hands of the man who held it, did as told, placing it against his chest.

As if it were alive, the T.Gear emitted a light before seeming to phase through Lyrim’s body and covering him in a silvery light. Lyrim felt a surge of pain before falling to his knees. “Gahh!!” The 3 scientists blinked in surprise. A T.Gear fusion had never brought pain... Unless...

One of the scientists quickly spoke “Lyrim, if you’re feeling pain, its most likely trying to attack your soul. You need to resist as much as you can!” Two of them knelt beside him while watching Lyrim struggle with it the light still engulfing his body.

Herifo curiously spoke “How many soul fragments did these guys use for it to be able to resist…” Zhane carefully gazed at the struggling Lyrim. “God knows...This is probably the first time they tried it with someone able to withstand it.”

Iria quickly rushed to Lyrim’s side and held him closer as she spoke “Lyrim, are you going to let this thing beat you? I’ve read your report...your usually bullied everyday...And you even look small and weak...Can’t even defend yourself.”

Lyrim clenched his fists as well as showed his teeth as he felt a small surge of anger as his soul slowly began to overcome the Assimilator T.Gear “I’m...Not weak…” Iria smiled and spoke again.

“Why did you come here….Didnt you have a goal Lyrim?..How are you going to reach it if you haven’t even taken your first proper step.” Lyrim’s anger surged more, as the light began to grow brighter. “Then..I’ll just have to grow stronger.”

Herifo then spoke with a chuckle. It seemed the T.Gear was losing the battle against Lyrim. “Then if you stick with us Lyrim, we will guarantee you will even surpass your brother.” The light surrounding Lyrim surged for a bit before dissipating.

What was underneath was a metallic like shell engulfing his body before turning into ash, revealing the cleanly detailed armor that had a silver and gold appearance. It was somewhat tight around his body.

Lyrim panted quietly before he stood up. He had felt pain before, but it had faded. Leaving only the incredibly powerful feeling he now had. As if he were reborn. He looked at his hands before examining all his eyes could see.

Iria smiled as she clapped quietly. “You look handsome Lyrim. You should feel proud of yourself, you just fought off what could be comparable to a Sacred level soul” Lyrim gazed at her before nodding and clenching his fists. It was the first time he had made an achievement that was worth something in his entire life.

The scientists were also somewhat shocked. They had nearly lost hope when they knew the T.Gear was capable of what it was, but it seemed like the words of encouragement had lit the fire in his soul.

Herifo gazed up at the control room where a large glass window was. Bray and Rina were looking down. Bray nodded while Rina seemed to let a sigh of relief out. Bray’s words then came to the man who was seated at a control panel next to him.

“Lock in Shadow Chasm..” The man nodded before inputting what appeared to be coordinates. The large field portal, which was in a rectangular shape, began to spin slowly on a set axis. The metal frame around it began to emit a light similar to that of the T.Gears

Maria, who was silent up until now, was the first to act.  “I'll go ahead and see if it’s clear.” In the center of the rectangle like frame that spun on axis was a condensed energy ball that spanned several meters and pulsed out to the length of the frame.

As Maria approached it, she passed through the frame as if it were not even there, and as she got closer to this energy ball in the center, she became more and more transparent until she vanished.

A minute later, Maria returned and spoke out. Zhane and Iria both made their way towards it, before vanishing back with Maria. Herifo looked at Lyrim who had just walked by his side. “You ready kid?”

Lyrim gave a look of confidence. If he could fight that and survive this, he could change his habits and become strong and never looked down upon again. He could even work his way up and see if he could find his father.

“Lets go then.” Lyrim, following Herifo, approached the field portal. With each step, the current surroundings seemed to blend with another. As if two realities were in one. With each step the second reality becoming more dominant.

Until Archia was no longer visible. The field portal was now behind them in a rocky area, still active. “Welcome to another world Lyrim.” Herifo chuckled before patting his back and making his way to his group, who seemed to be taking cover behind some rocks.

Lyrim looked around. The sky didn't seem any different, but the atmosphere he felt was nearly intoxicating. If this was truly an A ranked planet, the natural energy must be even more abundant than on Archia.

Considering his ability, it would mean that he benefited. As he walked over to the group who seemed to be taking cover, Lyrim’s armor began to emit a quiet pulse and hum, as if acting like a mini, quiet vacuum.

Lyrim figured it was absorbing natural energy from the area for god knows what purpose. He gazed at the group, who seemed to have a serious look. Lyrim figured something was up “What’s wro-” He was cut off by Zhane, who gave an expression as if to be quiet.

Lyrim went over and took a look. He widened his eyes a bit as he saw a herd of what appeared to be large Wolf like creatures. Iria softly spoke “Gemini Wolf.. Catalyst level” She huffed quietly.

Herifo softly spoke “I count 16 of them. Not a good idea to go for it” Lyrim looked at them. This was the first time he had heard about the Gemini Wolf. There wasn’t much information on King level and higher creatures. He had no idea why it was a tightly kept secret.

Herifo spoke again “Lets take another route..” The team nodded and quietly went down the rocky area, heading towards the opposite side of the field portal. As Lyrim had begun to make his way down, he tripped and fell down a few large boulders.

The sound echoed from the clanging of his armor, and as it ended, he softly sat up and mumbled  “Well..Didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.” He looked up to see the look on the groups faces were revealing shock and tension.

“What's wrong guys?” Lyrim spoke silently before seeing them take a battle stance. Maria spoke fiercely “Lyrim...Don't move” Lyrim instantly froze up. He figured what she meant, but if one is faced with certain danger right behind them, how can they resist not looking.

He slowly turned to see a large Gemini Wolf with several scars on its body. Although it appeared like it wouldn't bother anyone, it had a sort of smile on its face as it looked around, wondering what that sound was.

Herifo spoke “Lyrim, stay still…” Lyrim shook quietly as he looked into the eyes of the Gemini Wolf “-Shit...Why do these things happen to me? Haha-” He couldn't help but laugh at his own misfortune.

After half a minute passed, the wolfs face began to twist slightly. Zhane quickly ran towards Lyrim “LYRIM, RUN!!” The face of the wolf went from that sort of smile to a twisted menacing devil as it roared, causing the area to shudder with its energy.

It even stunned Lyrim, who fell down due to the immense force it let out with its killing intent. The Gemini Wolf rushed with incredible speed towards the fleeing Lyrim, slashing its claw that seemed to distort the area it cleaved through.

As it neared Lyrim, Zhane had punched his fist towards the claw. With two Catalyst level opponents going at it, the collision of these attacks caused the ground to shatter in all directions, a crater appearing under the two.

The Gemini Wolf seemed to give a shocked expression before Zhane was quick to act. “Pick on someone your own size..” Zhane raised his right hand in a claw like manner before natural energy began to channel into it, turning the gauntlet that covered his hand a deep crimson red before he slashed it downwards towards the Gemini Wolf.

To the Gemini Wolf, who had thought it was getting a free meal, it had never expected to face a life and death situation. The attack had sent a shockwave of energy towards it. This attack was one of a familiar predator, the Red Mane Lion.

The Demini Wolf’s mouth began to shudder and channel its own natural energy before it opened nearly 2 meters as opposed to the creature total 10 meter height. It had used its own attack, emitting a shockwave roar that collided with Zhane’s attack.

The two forces collided before Zhane’s attack, the Red Claw Strike, had proved to be the more overwhelming, piercing through before hitting the Demini Wolf, which was blown back several meters.

Of course the attack was weakened due to colliding with the shockwave, but it still injured the Gemini Wolf. Zhane smirked before Iria and the others had rushed to Lyrim and Zhane’s side.
Herifo spoke “You got stronger. You must be at, what 50, 60% harmony?”

Zhane grinned “65% since yesterday” Maria gave a soft whistle, almost as if congratulating him. But their celebration was cut short by the Gemini Wolf, who emitted an ear piercing howl, that caused the area to shudder.

Lyrim had blocked his ears. Not that it mattered considering he had a helmet on that only revealed his face. The howl though, was too much. The entire area after the howl had gone silent. Before, the area had a strange feeling.

Herifo gave a nervous laugh “Today isnt our day…” The 4 of them circled around Lyrim, as if to defend him. Lyrim, who had just recovered, had seen what Herifo had mentioned. Circling up around them were the entire pack of Gemini Wolves, some with their soft smile like faces, others with that twisted menacing gaze.

The ground began to shudder, as if an earthquake were about to occur. The front group of Gemini Wolves moved apart, making a path. A large wolf like creature with black and white fur, as opposed to the white fur Gemini Wolves normally had, made its way towards them. It had a straight look as it gazed at the 5 of them, before looking at the injured wolf.

The wolf seemed to pout and lick its wounds, almost as if seeking pity from the larger one. And it seemed to have worked well, as the larger wolf growled, gazing at the 5 of them, before emitting a soft grunt.

The entire wolf pack had at that moment changed into their twisted 2nd face as they charged towards them.

Maria glared as she began to emit energy into her legs “These unfair bastards.” 8 wolves had just reached them and jumped in the air, about to attack. But at that moment, a green-blue blur appeared for a moment before all 8 wolves were smashed away, hitting the rocks.

The green-blue blur didn't stop there. It had hit 10 other wolves, cutting a few in half and killing them, before it cleaved the ground around the field portal and around group 5.

Herifo blinked and smiled “You're late, my Lord..” A man in what appeared to be a T.Gear that was adorned more beautifully than that of even the Catalyst set appeared. In his hand,  he wielded what seemed to be a menacing saw like whip spanning several meters.

Iria smiled happily “Lord Thell..”  Thell, who it seemed had appeared from the field portal, smiled softly “Seems like I made it in time. You lot are quite lucky” Zhane chuckled softly. “We couldnt wait any longer to show Lyrim here what an A ranked planet was like.”

Thell, making his way to the front of the group, glanced at Lyrim for a moment, as if examining him, before putting his attention towards the larger Gemini Wolf. “This one is interesting...It seems to be close to reaching the Sacred level. I may get some good exercise out of this”

The large wolf, which showed nervousness, had taken a few steps back, as well as the entire pack, as it roared towards Thell. After roaring, it then began to channel its natural energy into its entire body, before turning into a black and white blur, charging towards him.

“Fast..” Herifo mumbled. As it reached Thell the wolf was suddenly locked in place. As if it couldn't move. Paying better attention, one would see it was covered by a thorny saw like whip that seemed to begin to pierce through its fur and skin.

“You’re pretty fast. But compared to this whip, you’re way to slow..” The whip, which was the result of 100% harmony from a Sacred set, was one of the most powerful weapons at humanities disposal. The leader of the pack had no chance.

With but a flick of his hand, the whip covering the large wolf’s body seemed to squeeze like a snake crushing its prey. Bones could be heard shattering. Most likely the spine of the creature. It made a large yelp like sound before its eyes turned white and it frothed a bit before going silent onto the ground, limp.

The wolf pack, seeing their leader die with such ease, couldn't help but be frightened before they all dispersed in all directions. Thell’s whip, as if alive, returned to a dormant state, growing smaller and smaller before seeming to enter the wrist armor piece of the Titanic set.

Thell approached the wolf and gently patted its fur before reaching to his waist, taking out a sphere like object. “Initiate T.Gear condensing procedure.“ While the 4 of them watched curiously, Lyrim was more shocked at how they had entered a life and death situation before being saved by one of 3 legendary heroes. The sphere in Thell’s hand emitted a faint light before floating off his hand. It then began to scan the wolf before firing a steady pulse of blue energy towards it. The wolf’s body began to grow smaller and smaller, as if liquefying, before a few seconds had passed, and what was revealed as the result was a T.Gear

Thell went over and picked it up, examining it curiously. “I don’t recall us ever having a Gemi set before. This will do nicely” He threw it over to Herifo, who caught it with a smile and placed it in a small box on his waist.

“Lord Thell, this is the first time I have seen you use your weapon. It truly is incredible.” Iria spoke, complimenting him.

Thell, along with Zhane, were examining the remaining corpses spoke “I was lucky that it wasn’t fully a Sacred variant. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to guarantee your safety. There was still quite a difference in power. I’m sure it would have became one in another 20 years” He spoke before sighing, patting the corpse of a Gemini Wolf that was cut in half.

Zhane also sighed before gazing at Thell. “My Lord, which direction shall we head to?” Thell looked around before a voice called out. “Lord Thell, it’s truly an honor to be in your presence. “ Lyrim went over and bowed. When would he ever see someone like him again? He was also saved by him.

He was in his debt. Thell gave a soft laugh before smiling “The wonder child. You know, I should be the one thanking you. You may have given me the opportunity to meet another Divine creature.”

Lyrim was somewhat confused, but he just went along with it, even though the thought was scary considering meeting one was surely death. Lyrim gazed at the corpses of the wolves as the now complete group headed off. “Why aren’t we turning those into T.Gears?”

Herifo, who walked beside him, spoke “A T.Gear can only be made from a complete corpse. A tail being cut off is nothing, but cut in half like that or losing a head, its power would be severely lowered. It isn’t worth the time for a T.gear that may as well be as strong as a Mega Beast.”

Lyrim nodded and followed the others. His armor though, continued to emit that vacuum like sound. He also saw on his chest was a sort of core that had several lights in a circular pattern around it. Before there was only one light on, but now there were two.

The group had spent several hours hunting Catalyst level creatures, but had steered clear of the Sacred ones they encountered. The Sacred level creatures also stayed clear of them, as if knowing it would be a battle not worth it.

Nightfall had come and they decided to set up camp in a small cave that wasn’t too deep, but was good for shelter. The group began to tend to their own tasks. Some setting up tents in the cave, others preparing rations that they brought along.
Thell, who seemed to be meditating, was left alone, while Herifo, who was tending to a pot of stew, was interrupted by Lyrim. “Why don’t you guys eat the meat from the creatures we hunted?” Lyrim curiously said.

Herifo, who stirred the pot, seemed to figure this may be a good question and spoke “Well, the bodies of these natural creatures have their own sort of flow of natural energy. If we were to devour the meat, this energy could disrupt our own, or worse, poison us. Think of it as salt. Having the right amount is healthy, but having too much is bad.

Which is why we are used to eating Beast and Mega Beast level creatures. Anything above is too risky. We don’t have the stomach that those creatures have, nor the body.” Herifo then gazed at Lyrim, who seemed to listen curiously.

“Then again, maybe you could? Haha, want to try?” Lyrim quickly raised a brow and declined. “Sorry, I’m not one for such a risk.”  As night went on, the group had eaten before turning in. Of course, they remained in their T.Gear armors for safe measure. Especially in a world like this.

Although Lyrim had a question he couldn’t remove from his head. Herifo was on scout duty, while Thell hadn’t budged an inch from his former stance for several hours. “Herifo..Why do you call this world the Shadow Chasm? It seems pretty normal to me.”

Herifo grinned and spoke “You will find out tomorrow. Right now, get some sleep. You’re gonna need it.” At that moment, a 3rd light out of 10 on Lyrim’s chest had turned on, before Lyrim decided to sleep, even though it was slightly uncomfortable in the armor.

The morning that followed, the entire group was awake, even before Lyrim, who had woken up just to see what the noise was coming from, only to see them all packing up. He quickly got up and looked around. Iria saw him and smiled  “Good morning Lyrim. I hope you slept well?”

Lyrim nodded with a thankful expression, and went to see if he could help around. As he looked at Thell he had only just saw Thell open his eyes before standing up, acting as if nothing had happened. “Zhane, why was Lord Thell doing that?”

Zhane blinked as he was packing up the tent and spoke “It’s a way to increase harmony. Trying to feel the armor you wear.” Lyrim was confused for a reason and spoke “But isn’t Lord Thell already at 100%? Why would he continue?”

Zhane shrugged “Who knows? Maybe there’s a way to go further, hahaha “ He gave a sort of sarcastic chuckle before Thell called out to them all. “We are heading to the Shadow Chasm. I’m sure you’re all aware of the danger it poses… We would avoid it at all costs, but compared to the other planets, this is the only place where our wonder child can test his ability properly”

Lyrim knew he was talking about him. This is where the conversation before had come to his head. Where T.Gear users couldn’t enter, but Lyrim could. The entire group had travelled for a half hour before passing a hill. Lyrim, who was making his way up, was looked at by Herifo.

“You wanted to know why we call this planet the Shadow Chasm. Well here’s your answer” Herifo gave a somewhat emotionless expression, and when Lyrim made it up, he saw something that was incredible. He didn’t know whether to be frightened or amazed.

The entire surface in front of them had an incredible large chasm of darkness that spanned beyond the horizon and god knows how much further.

“Shadow Chasm….” Lyrim whispered to himself. Maria then patted his back “We sent a T.Sphere to scan it for our initial check to see how deep and how long it spanned for.”

Lyrim tilted his head with a curious face and spoke “What were the results?” Iria, folding her arms, gave a sort of huff and spoke “It extend for ¾ of the planet’s surface. As for how deep...When the T.Sphere got close to the entrance of the chasm, it malfunctioned and fell in. So we arent sure. We didn’t have a spare at the time, unlike now.



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Well I do hope that changes and we get a MC that is less that^ and more different

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