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Several minutes passed and Lyrim was taken to a smaller room where a tall man in a ragged lab like uniform was looking at some papers. Bray was allowed to enter, but Rina wasn’t. Most likely a clearance issue. The man spoke as he fixed his glasses. He looked unkempt, as if he hadn’t slept for days.

The man looked at Lyrim with a sort of annoyed anger. “This is the boy that made me lose 2 days of sleep..?” He glared at Lyrim but still seemed to examine him up and down. In his hands were the papers that the scientists from before had written down.

Bray nodded and gave Lyrim a pat on the back, but it made him nearly lose his balance. “The one and only. I trust you have it ready Williams?” The man called Williams nodded and then smiled. “Never thought I’d see the day when we found someone who can use it.”

Bray and Lyrim followed Williams into a room that was attached to his own. Inside it was quite dark, but what lit it up was a metallic object in the shape of a piece of jewelry. Lyrim had never seen one before, but he guessed at what it was.

“T.Gear???..” Williams nodded. “Not just any T.Gear“ He grinned. Bray sighed “Oh boy, here we go..” He spoke softly to which Williams then spoke on. “This is the Assimilator Model. It was made specifically from the parts of Demon Beasts that are best adept at absorbing natural energy. Do you know how long it took to make this?..”

Williams stressed before continuing. “Countless years and many hard fought failures as well, they had piled up..Year after year after year...And in the end, when we had a breakthrough, we found out some stupid detail.. That couldn’t be helped..”

Lyrim only made a confused expression. “????” Williams clenched his fists and went on. “Because it’s made from the pieces of the most selected parts of natural energy absorbing materials with the intention of being used as a storage tanker and scout, the energy required to use it was immense too.

You see boy, when someone is infused with a T.Gear, they gain the ability to absorb natural energy, but only a bit of it accumulates and grows stronger. That is how people are able to use skills from creatures. But it draws from a pool of natural energy. We use devices that replenish the natural energy reserve, but those are non moveable and too large.

This T.Gear needed someone with an immense reserve or someone capable of absorbing quicker than it used.”

Lyrim figured this is where he came into play. Williams turned to see Lyrim look as if understanding. “That’s you boy. You’re the ticket to using this thing. You should feel honored.”
Lyrim examined it as if he had bonded with it on sight.

“This must be really strong.” He spoke curiously. Williams then laughed. “Not at all. It has so many parts from so many different creatures, although its capacity for natural energy may be more than any other T.Gear out there, its durability is questionable. At most, it’s a Mega Beast level or a bit less. Like I said boy, tanker, as in storage tanker, and scout.”

Lyrim frowned slightly before speaking “What do you mean by scout?” Bray then began to speak with a soft smile “Lyrim, what I’m about to tell you mustn't leave this room. Only a handful of the strongest warriors on Archia know of this, and if it got out, people would question Lazuras’s advancements.”

Lyrim  listened carefully, as if being in a new class he had taken an interest in. “Half the reason why we are unable to pass an A rank planet is not only because we know one Divine creature is more then enough to bring humanity near extinction. But starting from A rank planets, there are places where the natural energy is plenty. Like that mist we put you in. We can’t enter it without caution or at all.

We discovered several S ranked planets, but not one of them were suitable for even exploring.”

Lyrim had remembered that mist. To them, it may of been dangerous, but for him, it was refreshing, and even stopped him from being hungry. “You can’t explore it? Why?” Williams then chuckled and sighed. “Put two and two together boy.

The reason they couldn't explore any, was because an S rank planet has an immense amount of natural energy. Enough to create Divine and Celestial creatures. The entire planet has that mist. It would kill our strongest warriors in 10 minutes or less.”

Lyrim stood quietly. He thought for a moment. “-If i'm a scout...They couldn't mean for me to go there..-” By Lyrim’s look, Bray and Williams seemed to have discovered what he understood. Bray spoke again. “Lyrim, we aren’t asking you to die for us. We will be taking the most caution as well

It’s not like we would be sending a boy with a valuable T.Gear alone. We will be constantly in contact. As the field portal is open for several hours, we even managed to open one in a small cave thats quite sheltered.

Every time you are done, you will return through. You and your partner.” Lyrim, still thinking, was brought back to reality as he heard the word partner. “Partner?..”  Williams then went over to a nearby wall that seemed like a mini glass vault.

After waving his hand over it, the glass like vault emitted a blue pulse and retracted, revealing a black and white square object inside of it. Williams took it out and pressed a few buttons on it to which the square object lit up with a dozen lights and began to hum quietly.

It would then begin to float, and make its way towards Lyrim as it stayed quiet. Williams then broke the ice with an explanation. “This is an advancd prototype of a T.Sphere, although it’s not a sphere. We call it T.Link. It helps us keep in touch with you and also has the ability of a T.Sphere with some extra gadgets.”

Lyrim gazed at it and poked it to which the T.Link began to buzz quietly and float around him. “Why does it move like its alive?..” Lyrim had never seen a T.Sphere before. Bray only cleared his throat, not sure how to explain it. So Williams spoke again.

“Because it is alive. I’m sure you heard about the great Leoph Vargis and how the Sacred set denied him.” As lyrim nodded once, Williams continued. “You see, soul fragments were not discovered in sacred sets alone.”

This somewhat shocked Lyrim. Why was this information hidden? For what reason? He wondered. Williams began to explain some more. “Soul fragments start off from Demon level creatures. It means that they are so much more powerful that they can keep a small part of their soul there and stay alive in a way.

As the creatures get higher in level, so do the soul fragments. But its only when a creature reaches Sacred level where its able to do any harm. We found a way to harness these souls and made the T.Spheres you know of.

They're all made from Demon level soul fragments. The higher the quality, the more advanced warriors use them. They are made from King level soul fragments. You should feel even more honored, because this was the first Catalyst level creature’s soul we were able to use.”

Lyrim felt that they were putting too many things into this. What could they gain by sending him as a scout or with a T.Gear that’s capable of holding a lot of natural energy? Although he was greatly impressed and excited, he knew he had to look after himself too.

“Why do you need me to scout S rank planets?” Both Bray and Williams were quiet. Williams spoke. “Bray I’m gonna get some rest. You handle the rest.” Infusing a T.Gear wasn’t hard at all, in fact, it was quite easy. Which was why Williams didn’t bother to continue on.

Before he left, he stored the T.Link back in the glass vault and headed off. Bray and Lyrim also walked out, and Lyrim spoke to him as they went over to the room they were previously in before.

“Lyrim, we need more information on their habitats as well as the natural energy that makes up the un-explorable areas. With that, humanity can better advance and proceed.” Lyrim knew humanity had a lust for battle. It wasn’t a secret.

“I’m not good at combat or any of that covert stuff. How can I survive?” Bray then patted his head with a smile “By working you until you collapse every day. Starting tomorrow, you're going to be going to A rank planets to train you.

Lyrim’s jaw dropped. He went straight into the frying pan. “What?! Isn’t that to much?“ Bray shook his head with a smile. “Relax, we have Herifo as well as the Titanic Thell” For Sacred set users, considering they are the current peak of power and are looked up to, they are awarded a special title to compliment their T.Gears.

In Thell’s case, it was Titanic Thell. Lyrim nearly fell on his butt. “-To think someone like that would be coming to help train me…-” Bray laughed and folded his arms as he looked at Lyrim. “Of course, we planned to ask the other two Sacred set users, but Thell accepted the first time we asked. He really must want revenge.”

Lyrim was quiet. He figured where those words lay directed to. After all, the Asura Phoenix had decimated them and their army. “He isn't going to fight a Divine creature if it shows up, right?...”
Bray shook his head.

“Not at all. We made a deal that we wouldn't risk any of our troops for his sake of vengeance, and he alone would go for it.” Lyrim nodded. He had a higher respect for Thell, who had the guts to want to take a Divine beast alone if it appeared.

“Lyrim, it’s still early. Why don't you go meet some of your team members.” Bray pointed to the room that was next to the one they had used to test Lyrim in. “Hmm, you’re coming?” Bray shook his head again.

“I have responsibilities. Besides, you know someone in there.” As Bray bid Lyrim farewell, Lyrim headed towards the room and knocked nervously. A small laugh echoed before a voice spoke “Come innnnn” Almost as if teasing him.

Lyrim slowly opened the door to see 4 people inside of it. All of them were living legends. Thorn Rose Maria, Red Claw Zhane, Sharp Sight Iria, and one who Lyrm knew best, Shield Breaker Herifo.

Maria grinned as she stood up and walked over to Lyrim. She leaned down and spoke with a smile “Hello little boy. Are you lost?” She grinned as she eyed him up and down. Herifo then spoke as if to save time and confusion.

“Maria, that’s Lyrim, the boy that’s caused all the buzz” He chuckled softly. Maria then grinned and placed her right hand under Lyrim’s chin, gently raising it. “Ohh really? Now that I look carefully, he’s pretty cute.” Eyeing him she softly spoke.

“I guess if you're here you must be prepared for the worst. You’re so young, you haven't even experienced a woman's body I take it. Shall I fix that for you?” Lyrim’s cheeks had gone a cherry red and he froze at the thought of this woman's words.

Iria then stood up and walked over, pushing Maria aside. “Pervert… “ She gently patted Lyrim with a smile and showed him inside. “Don’t worry about her, she just can’t find a guy who wants to be around her for more than a few seconds.”

Maria growled and huffed before taking a seat on the nearby couch. Lyrim was sat next to Iria but he was still shy and nervous. Not only was he asked to sleep with a girl older than him, but around him were heroes that not even kings would dare look down upon.

Iria gently patted Lyrim’s back, she was quite close, as if she felt attached to him. Zhan spoke with a glare as he put the paper like report down. “Iria, give the guy some space” He snickered, to which Iria growled towards him.

Herifo then spoke and stood up, bringing the attention of all 4 of them “Well I’d like to officially welcome Lyrim Hytio to Team Deadly. Zhane brought up the report. “Still think that’s a shit name”
Herifo then spoke with a glare.

“I..It is not..Anyway..Moving on.” Herifo, obviously annoyed by Zhanes words, continued. “Lyrim, I’m sure the higher ups have given you the tour and what your role is. But our goal is to make you into a man. That being said, you're going to be joining us tonight.”

Lyrim tilted his head. “Tonight? What’s going on tonight?” Herifo gave a sly grin. “Your initiation. Right, were taking you to Shadow Chasm.”

Lyrim narrowed his eyes. Surely the name was menacing, but where was it. “That’s uhh?..” Zhane spoke as he continued to read the report that was obviously on Lyrim’s ability “Its the latest A rank planet we discovered...And I think that name sucks too.”

Herifo glared at him irritated “IT IS NOT!!!...” Clearly the one to have named it.



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Superdoedoe @Superdoedoe ago

Zeph, dont rush the development of the MC. develop him as you see fit

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18/03/2015 05:42:04KageRyu19 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for the chapter, I only have one question and that's about the T. spheres. I'm not sure if I just missed something but what do they do and what are they made from? I probably just missed the tidbit on it at some point. Sorry!

t.spheres are made with monster material and the soul fragment of a demon level creature. the is made from a higher level soul fragment and materials :)

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As his weapon, I feel that similar to SR it should be a scythe for it will represent his path on redemption of his father and the vengeance of the mistreatment

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